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Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The concept of "medicals and controlling one's behavior during colder weather is discussed, including the misuse of self-control and the danger of burning oneself and others with hot food. The speakers emphasize the importance of eating and drinking to prevent health and illness, and criticize the use of "median self control" and "median self control" to avoid healthy eating. The practice of restraining one's desires and values during quarantine is also discussed, with the hope of avoiding accidents and distraction. The segment also touches on the topic of smoking and setting boundaries, as well as recognizing false behavior and setting boundaries.
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Alhamdulillah harrowby alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Hill. I mean, we're early, he was happy at mine, um about

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the title of our hotbar today is the gateway to controlling desires. We're now approaching the month of Ramadan. And we all know the true fast. The true fast is about controlling the tongue, making sure we don't use profanity, we don't back bite, we don't lie and all the other dangers of the tongue.

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And we also know that Allah Subhana, Allah commanded us to abstain from eating and drinking. And the scholars give a very simple explanation of what not eating and drinking has to do with attaining taqwa.

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And they mentioned that when the stomach is full, the rest of the body parts become hungry. And when the stomach is hungry, the rest of the body parts are full. You can imagine, if someone is close to starvation, he's not interested in gossip, he's not interested in spreading rumors, he's not interested in looking at the haraam, because when the stomach is empty, the rest of the body parts become full. But the minute someone is full, they're relaxed. What is the latest gossip, the rest of the body parts become hungry. And the idea behind not eating and drinking during Ramadan is to help push down and suppress those other desires.

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But part of the practice of fasting is to teach us or give us this attitude towards food that we should carry on for the rest of the year. And that is being able to control our desires. And that starts with eating and drinking or controlling our eating and our drinking. It's training the neffs training yourself to not always be running after shahadat desires, running after shekhawat all the time. This is a description of animals. Animals, for the most part cannot control their desires. When they're hungry, they eat when they're thirsty, they drink when they want when they want to sleep, they sleep they never say let me abstain let me withhold for an hour or so they have no

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reason to do so. So the animal is always living running after its desires, even putting itself in danger trying to get after what it desires.

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But that is not the case for the human being. You find that many of our health problems come from not controlling how much we consume.

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have food. Sometimes there are people their life depends on their diet, and they still can't control their eating. We're saying the main difference between humans and animals is controlling their your desires. And it can't be that we're just chasing after our desires like the animals are.

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It can't be that we've lost self control to this point, there was in one of the magazines, an advertisement for a contraption that you put inside your mouth, that will not allow you to eat a lot of food will limit how much food that you eat. I've lost my my control to the point that I have to put a device in my mouth, just to limit how much I eat is Have we lost self control to this point.

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You know, goldfish, they tell you do not overfeed your goldfish because they don't feel full and they will eat until they're unable to swim at all. Or taking care of dogs. They tell you don't give your pet hot food. If it's scalding hot, the dog cannot control itself and it will burn itself and keep eating and getting burnt in its throat in its mouth. It can get severely burned, but it can't control itself. It keeps eating. And it's sad to say there's some people like that now. The food is hot. It's burning their fingers and it's burning their lips and they're eating and trying to breathe and good and blowing it getting burned while eating they can't control themselves to wait four

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minutes until it calms down. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said precisely this in the Hadith he said that you don't eat your food while it's scalding hot. You calm down, you wait until it cools down. And then you you eat it. Can we so we're not like animals who can't control themselves to the point where they're burning themselves and still continue to eat.

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The problem is we've let this desire or our desires in general go unchecked in sort of Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, Benny Adam, who those Xena Takuma in the Kula Masjid will kulu wash Robbo 1234 in the hula you have bull moose, Ruffin, in this verse, we only want this part of the verse, Allah Subhana. Allah says and eat and drink, but not an excess, eat and drink, but do not exceed Indeed Allah not does not love those who are excessive. Even though fame Rahim Allah He comments on this verse, he says and whoever leaves that meaning the advice of this verse eating and drinking, so if someone doesn't eat and drink and it comes close to starvation, he says it is extreme. And both

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of these prevent good health and bring illness Yeah, not eating, not drinking, prevents good health, and will bring illness to you. He says the other extreme also prevents good health and brings illness. By that I mean, this is a no claim saying by that I mean excess in eating and drinking. He says all of good health is in this short IRA. He says all of having good health is in the short iron, eat and drink but not in excess.

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There's a hadith that we all know, but many of us quoted incorrectly. That is the hadith of filling your stomach 1/3 with food 1/3 with air and 1/3 with drink. We mentioned this hadith as this is how you should eat but this is the beginning of the Hadith. But it's not the beginning. That's the end of the Hadith. That's the maximum if you have to, because and this holiday season and sooner intermediateness hasn't Hadi and maybe Salaam Salaam said mama the miyun Sharon Min bakunin the son of Adam has not filled any vessel or anything worse than his stomach, meaning the worst thing you can fill is your stomach. And as we saw earlier part of that wisdom when your stomach is hungry, the

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rest of the body parts are full and vice versa, or the effect it has on our throat. And we don't need to give examples. Every one of us have experienced a day in Ramadan where we ate little and went to turn away and how easy and light and how focused we were. And every one of us has experienced a day in Ramadan when we ate too much and the Torah was extremely long and it was heavy and we barely were conscious of what the Imam was saying. So the Prophet Selim began by saying the worst thing that you can fill is your stomach. Then he said be husband Adam akula twin Joachim number sufficient for the son of Adam are a few bytes to sustain him a few bites your Kim number to

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keep his back straight meaning to keep him able to stand straight sufficient for the son of Adam are just a few bytes so he's able to stand up straight for encana llama Hana if there is no other way and you have to then come

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Maximum, then comes the end of the Hadeeth for sudo su ami with sudo. Felicia Robic with sudo su Lin FSA, then if you have to, and there's no other way, then eat 1/3 that's for food of your stomach and the other 1/3 for drink and leave 1/3 for air, we quote this as the beginning of the Hadith. That's how you should eat. Now that's how if you need if you have to, and there's no other way.

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Getting full islamically doesn't exist. And there isn't anything for getting food. We just have warning of filling. But that doesn't exist the idea of getting full which is how the majority of us now eat. Have the left in the long run Juan Houma. He was invited to a walima and there were all kinds of food there was all kinds of foods available.

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And after he ate the host asked him he said Anna De Luca, beija Irish, she did not bring you joy Irish. So abnormal, says woman, Irish, what are your Irish? So the host tells him Shea on your palm either occulta he tells him something that helps digest the food that you ate. And you'd like what we have now the full word or the you know, these things that bubble up and sodas and thumbs and antacids and all these things to help because we we over ingest. So in our answers him, he says what law he Marcia better to Mundo Urvashi ashore, he says, Well, I have never been full for the last four months. I don't eat like that, that he doesn't eat that way. It's not the wave of the

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believers. I never filled my stuff to my stomach in the last four months.

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But look at his ability to control himself look at his ability to control his desire and to control his intake of food and drink.

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maravilla on Whoa, he saw Jabir ibn Abdullah the companion with some meat in his hand Yanni some raw meat that he just bought from the market. So he asked him my holiday a job. He said, What is this your job? He said, Yeah, I mean, well, lahinch the hate hula Manifesto. He said, Yeah, I mean, I desired some meat. So I came in, bought some meat. So Mr. dillo tells him our coolermaster hate is to write, adapt and play about to convey here to come with dunya was dumped out on behalf. He said our coolermaster hate history is that every time you desire something, you just purchase it

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the job or the law and will do anything wrong. He decided meeting went bought some meat. But Amara dilla was not talking about that. He's talking about something greater about controlling your neffs you're not just chasing after your desire every time you desire something, you go out and get it and this is exactly what has happened to us here in America because everything is available and everything is close by you desire strawberry ice cream, the grocery store down the street has it You deserve sushi, multiple places in the area have it chips there chocolate milk, all these fast food places. So it we learn them to just instantly gratify ourselves interest instantly satisfy

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ourselves. And what's bad about that is that it can spill into our acts of worship. Indra as one example. And Nabi sallallahu Sallam said use the jungle hajikko malami Arjun, your dog will be answered so long as you don't rush.

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So today people are used to things happening quickly and instantly and whenever you desire you go out and get it. So now you deserve something from Allah subhanaw taala and you make da and many people now are so impatient with da that they expect the minute they put their hands down the package is right next to them.

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But they become impatient when asking Allah azza wa jal and you're supposed to constantly persevere and insist and keep reprinting returning back to Allah and begging as a scholar said, just like a child when he wants candy from a parent, keep crying back to Allah and returning back to Allah. But people don't have patience anymore. So they come looking for shortcuts. And these are true stories, people will come and ask you what is a DA that if you do something alone and instantly respond to you, Allah will does not have to instantly respond to anyone. He responds, for lack of a better term based on his time and based on his wisdom, but we've become impatient. We're used to our neffs

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getting whatever it wants, whatever it desires, quickly, we barely restrain it. When is the last time for fun we just for just for no reason. We just restrained ourselves. I designed something but I just didn't get it because I don't have to always follow my enough's. I don't have to always rush after whatever my desire. Whatever I desire, just like the animals, they desire something they go get it. But this is a practice and this is a practice that we learn in Ramadan.

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it spills into other parts when we don't control and restrain ourselves smoking. What is smoking, its inability to control desires. Playing

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Video games until fudger. its inability to control desires looking at women its inability to control desires. lack of patience is the inability to restrain yourself because of something else or some other alternative that you desire. not putting on a job is inability to restrain your desire. Many things are related to an unrestrained knifes and Ramadan is the place to begin that practice of restraining your enough's and controlling your desires or portofolio however want to stop Rolando Lee welcome in Jamil, you know, first off through via foes almost offering ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness will prosper.

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hamdulillah * behind alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, earlier he was be a Marine, I'm about Abdullah have normally alone. He used to never eat unless a poor person came down and sat with him. So one day his food is prepared so he told NASA his servant who later becomes a great scholar of Islam to go out and find a poor person to eat with him for the man came he brought a poor person and the man even though he was poor, but he ate in excessive amounts so after he left

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of the love nama tells nothing. He says yeah, now a lot of hallelujah he says Oh, nothing. Don't bring him back again. Yeah, I don't next time. Don't bring this person again. For any summit to Rasul Allah is Allah Allah sent me a call and movement yet kulu fee, a female and Wahid will confer you will California Kofi is about it. He said I heard the problem say that the most the believer and some scholars said what it means here it means the true believer in one stomach, and this believer eats in seven. Now the scholars explained this is not what the problem was not saying that an atomically they're different. And no scholar ever said this that they have seven stomachs. But what

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it means is that the true believer from or even Hydra Rahim Allah is saying that the Hadith is supposed to turn off the true believer from eating too much. Because once you hear a description is that of the kuffaar it turns you off. So it says the Kaffir eats in seven stomachs meaning he eats a lot and each to his Phil, that's what it means in general.

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And meaning he's fallen that desire, while the believer just eats a little bit.

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So it's saying that the believer eats a little Well, the disbeliever and again, it's in general speaking. It's a lot. And then he mentioned that it goes with the verse in the Quran, one lady in a car for a year tamatar own wire coluna comma Quran and Allah subhanaw taala says and those who disbelieve they're enjoying themselves and they eat as the animals eat, eat to their film, eat whenever they want it whatever they want, where we have restrictions on what we can eat, and we are restrain ourselves even from the Halla

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and Nabi sallallahu Sallam saw a man with a huge belly.

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And he said, Locanda harder, he pointed with his fingers will also limp to the man's belly. And, and now it's important to understand when we mentioned Hadith like this, and maybe salsa, lamb is is the leader, and he is the Prophet of Allah azza wa jal, so he can do things like that. So don't go around pointing at people's bellies, basically. But the racetam can do something like that, because from his position is accepted. So it is also important to his belly, he said low can either feel a rehearsal McCann, like on a higher on luck. What does it mean? He said, If this word in any other place, yeah, and if all the food that you put in there was in another place, meaning one, that you

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gave it to the poor, that you ate with the poor, that you didn't just consume all of it until you built up a huge gut, it would have been better for you better for you in the dunya and better for you in the era. So with that, we ask Allah to make us over those who control their desires, and who restrain their enough's. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to control to accept our good deeds during the month of Ramadan, and to make us of those who recognize the truth is clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make us of those who recognize false hood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for lahoma and I'll have to hop on with Ducati ba, ba, ba to learn what is openness gennova Allahu

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Allah tala dunya guerra homina What are my beloved Elmina? Well? I don't know, you know, sirona for lahoma ambrym Lucha Hello, Mati. I'm roasting your eyes roofie. Arctic Duffy animasi. Arctic Murphy hibben maruf Wi Fi ullamco SME also lahoma

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Barak, Ambrosia maternelle alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Takuma Sato como Hong Kong la

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