Abu Bakr Zoud – The simple response to every false belief and ideology

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the ideology behind the current "igrams of change" and how it is not something people can do. They argue that people should not be surprised by the name of a person or their social media accounts, as it is not something they should be exposed to. The speaker also talks about the "igrams of change" and how it is not something people should be exposed to.
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He said to them, or to share the loony via smear in some may two more.

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Oh, come now Angela Allahu Byham. Insofar as people sick, are you people arguing with me about a smear concerning names of idols that you people named them idols? In other words, this is the response that destroys every belief and ideology out there. It's just the name. What are you honoring? What holiness Have you given it? These idols or names, You call them Gods. But today, if there are no idols, it is beliefs, even though in the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the idols will make a comeback at the end of time. And you know, the people of the past, they used to make an idol, right, we get a stone covered, make the shape of an idol, and they would carry it, and

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they would go with him, wherever they travel, if he got too heavy, they'd throw him off. And if they come back, if he's still there, they pick him up and take him with him. That was a god. And if you look sort of distorted, someone will come and make a change, right? Another curving yard carving in here, make it look better, right? And this is what modern ideology is. It's like the statue, someone wakes up all of a sudden from asleep, and brings us something called liberalism. Hack. Who called it a snare, some beta. Whoo, Hi, I'm Tom, you people call that why are they Oh, come now. And Zen Allahu be Hammam Sultan. Allah never revealed something like this, called liberalism, and communism,

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and atheism, and feminism. And all these beliefs and ideologies. Allah didn't send anything like this. This is something you call it and look at who that he said, how he's belittling this thing. And what you understand from this is that people today, what do they do? And how do people follow these ideologies? The founders of these ideologies, they give it a holiness, they give it sacredness. And this is, this is liberalism. This is feminism, this is philosophy, this is atheism, communism, this is it. They give it a holiness a day, you're supposed to do what, first and foremost, you're supposed to destroy the holiness. How do you do that? You say to the me, and Theo

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telling me about liberalism, and communism, and so on, who gave this name, someone who's is someone, search him up on Wikipedia, who found that communism, you'll get a name and you'll get a date. This is the person you want to follow.

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And then as I set the machine, and those in the past, if the idle didn't look good, they'll make a few changes was same as the ideologies and beliefs of today, something doesn't look good, let's make a change in it. Remove this law, bring this one in. Now actually, let the small meant this. And this is what we're actually calling to not not this. This doesn't look good. Bring this in. Here. This is what you're going to follow. How can mankind follow mankind? How? How will decide who to follow who chaos, the only order that will ever happen on earth is for people to follow Allah, then people will rest. Because we have a Lord from above us, that is the all powerful, and he will control us, he'll

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tell us what to do. We're happy to follow it. And he follows someone who just woke up from sleep and a Shavon delivered to him a new Diem, and he came to the people and delivered it. And I hold it hold it in sacredness has is the founder is such and such. Who is he? Auslan. So look, how who died. He said he destroyed the holiness of the idols. How did he do that? By seeing a smile, some may do more. It's just names nothing else.

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It's not a religion. It's not something you sacrifice your life for.

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This is just names. A you people call you gave it the name. But even the name didn't even come down from above.

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Welcome you people that a week that a fallible, that are insecure, that arrogant or foolish, that were born and didn't know how to speak and write and nothing. And then all of a sudden, 20 years later, he came up with a religion.

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foolishness, and we laugh we're lucky we laugh. But you know when we laugh and the Why do you laugh? When we hear something like this? Why do we laugh? say Alhamdulillah that Allah has always been guided you and showed you the truth from the falsehood Allah he will laugh but the reality is people don't know this. People out there actually believe this is this is a religion. This is something worth dying for. That democracy they killing themselves over it and they're going to wars for it. It's a holy concept. It's a holy religion for them. And they are dying literally dying for it.

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Gives Pamela How did the chiffon for these people and play with their minds? How when it was only a mean name that you call it and your forefathers called it the Tony was?

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Some may Tamara and

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Manzella ma who be having some fun. Allah never revealed anything like this. So we're learning is that we're supposed to only take guidance from what Allah reveals. This is what he's teaching that

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