Mohammed Hijab – 2 Smart Atheists respond to Muslim

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the scientific method used in Islam, which involves faith and logic. They also mention predictions for the future and the potential for musical instruments to be played in people's heads. The use of "verbal" in the context of Islam is discussed, along with examples of Islam such as a statement from the Prophet Mohammed and the use of "verbal" to indicate a belief.
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What makes the strongest of the scientific method because as we say, the scientific method depends upon some people to come in the future and to falsify it, to get it. So we have some certain facts. Now in physics, which can be falsified in the future, we don't know for a fact you can't stand up and say that this fact of science and physics and quantum mechanics is definitely going to stay as it is for the rest of my lifetime in your, your children's lifetime. However, what I can say, looking because I have the retrospective advantage, I can say that the Romans were defeated, then that's that, therefore that's not gonna change, therefore, my evidence is stronger than the

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scientific evidence.

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Nothing's like that. Okay. What you're doing, though, which is interesting is you're treating the scientific method, like it's some sort of dictated method, I think it's more of a sort of a method that's arisen from common sense and logic. So is it not better therefore to you know, I don't know how to say this, but judge yourself and do this by a sensible method, rather than the method that's being dictated to you by religious texts relies on faith?

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Why do you discount the scientific method? Why don't you spell that? I like it, right? Okay. So why are you pitching it against the so called correct method? I'm not I'm just using the Quranic method is better than the scientific method. Yes, I acetate in the beginning, but it's based on one book, whereas the scientific method is not based on anything in particular, I ascertained in the beginning with you What is your standard of truth? Math, you said mathematics is a standard of truth. I agree that it is a standard of

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science as well, to some extent, and therefore, now I've said to you, how, principally we find out facts in maths and science, and principally how we find out facts with the Quran. And I've showed you that actually, there is a superiority in the way that the way that the Quranic method, that's what I've done? Well, I disagree with that, because it's based on one book. So it's a scientific method. It's not one path that you have to take. It's just what you're referring to the scientific community and the way they prove or disprove theories or work out their theories. It's it's a very vague term, there is no scientific method that just involves following one path, one process,

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whereas your Quranic method is one process, you follow this exact

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same process with the scientific method? You one scientist put forward a theory. Yes, there is, but it's not a defined process isn't defined. It's not laid out in the book.

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If you do have to do

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it, there is

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no there is the scientific method is just a term, not a scientific method is there is a book that tells you this is how you do it.

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itself has undergone some kind of evolution. Right? Yeah, that's the first point. I mean, the last game something is actually quite ignorant about this. So not a slight look. I mean, I don't think you're ignorant. But this person is also i'm not saying that you. You're not my opponent. Okay.

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Let's, yeah, you're just a friend. Right? Yeah, we just someone that I'm having a conversation with her in the park, and it's not raining. So it's a good day for London. So I'm just telling you that this is, can you see that? I'm not saying be Muslim, therefore be Muslim, although if you want it to be, now you have proof. I'm just saying to at least see where I'm coming from. I do see where you're coming from. Yeah. Yeah. So when atheists I'm not saying that you want to use him to tell me an atheist, but I'm just assuming they are non religious people. They say that religious people, they believe in faith. And they really like I will say, they character or caricature this thing,

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philosophically in quite an embarrassing way. It's an embarrassing way of configuring it. You're saying that, oh, we only really, you know, we believe in science and mathematics as if this is free from any speculation. And religious people believe in,

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you know, faith, or making it irrational, illogical. It's embarrassing, because the word proof or evidence is the means a body of evidence means a body of proof. Yeah. Now, the body of proof that the Muslim is presenting might not be to the standard of the atheist. But the atheists have to realize that when they are saying that thing, they have to apply the very same standards to their own to the things that they believe in rationalism, mathematics, science, etc. Nothing can be absolutely proven. Everything can be absolutely criticized philosophically. But we work probabilistically. So if something works to a degree of 99%, probabilistically, or 80%, or 90%, may

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use me and you and me as reasonable people might come and say, You know what, that's enough. I believe this thing, and I'm certain of it, you see what I mean? And that's how we operate as Muslims. And that's why By the way, it makes sense for, like us, that's how I operate. I mean, I look at all of these things, and I say, Okay, well, therefore, it's most likely that the Quran is true, therefore, most likely, and I'm just giving you one example. I could sit I can stand there genuinely and speak for five hours, giving you an example of the example.

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examples where the predictions were wrong. Well, I mean, this is the thing. There isn't

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This is finally the contradiction challenge there is.

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No, that's the point seven predictions are talking about things that are gonna happen today in today's world, the prophets.

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prediction, I'll give you a couple of other predictions for the people, any sort of future prediction, I'll give you some more predictions that relate to today's world. And that cannot be by the way.

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Okay, let's do that. In a hadith narrated by Timothy, which is a Sahih Hadith, according to the majority of scholars, including

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your comment time,

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where people will be walking around

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while you're in Arabic.

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Allah regime is exactly what it says

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that on the head, musical instruments will be playing on that. Now, if I try to read it, I struggle with this myself.

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I'm saying to myself, okay, I'm a Muslim. Yeah. I'm thinking to myself musical instruments. I know, you got the saxophone. You got the flute? You got this thing? Yeah. If the Prophet is telling us, and this is one of the like, the end time results, yeah, he thinks that there's gonna come a time where there's gonna be musical instruments playing in your head.

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I'm asking the question, really? How does that take effect? literalistic Lee does? Is there a saxophone that you put on top of your head? Or is there some kind of flute that you play into my ear? on the head that says on the head, Allah? So the question is, what is this referring to today's easy? You just say it's talking about headphones? Easy.

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We believe that Mohammed Salah Salam

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Yes, but we believe that the doctor we as Muslims believe in two texts, the Quran, which we believe is divinely the Word of God, and the Hadees, which we believe is been revealed to the Prophet Mohammed through through the angel Gabriel from God. So information, I'll give you another example.

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wishes as well, the way the more than one text. And this says that, there'll be a time

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listen to this incredible heavy Yeah.

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It's actually in two different wordings. One of them is saying,

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there'll be a time

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that people will ride your Kahuna. And then this Suraj now this what sooner which comes from the Arabic word such, which, by the way, didn't know what it means. Yeah.

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This sewage, the prophet tells us what it's like to waste food. I'm not gonna translate it directly.

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He says, it's like the hand rehab. If you look into the old books, all dictionaries at the time of the Prophet, not today's ones because they can easily be changed. The old books, they tell us.

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It's basically like a ship. Some say some describe it as something with four walls around it. But the prophet gives us more information. These sort of, according to the classical dictionaries have leather inside of them. Leather interiors, jute, yeah, these leather interiors. According to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam, he says that there will be writing in these, he predicted luxury cars, I'm going to tell you some more things which are going to make you think about this. There'll be writing and there'll be understood by Muslims, Muslims will stop these vehicles, at the doors, webbing, my surgery on the doors of the massage, and then there will be some women that come out of

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it. And what is the description of the women, the IDF cast yet, they are dressed to naked at the same time, meaning that they're wearing very tight clothes, and he tells us what kind of fashion they're gonna have. They're gonna have this kind of fashion of this kind of just kind of Campbell, which is kind of like he's got hair like this hat to get it. So they put their head in the hijab, like the headscarf to put it like that, or it means that they put the hair up together. So

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women will come out of a sports car at some point in the future, something like that.

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What do you think?

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Oh, yeah, yeah, there's another

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decent, honorable Muslim, which is the second most authoritative Have you spoken Islam? That the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim said that damn

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it the Barefoot shepherds, they're gonna get a towel of Devonian. They're going to barefoot the shepherds means Arabs. But when Arabs are wet, they have got no shoes on basically. Yeah. They're going to compete and the rot into buildings.

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Now where the tallest buildings in the world?

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No, no, no, it's God's police language police. Right. And he's the one who made me look at these guys. They're just called the Arabs. They probably had wear sandals or probably even work shoes. And look at the way how it was 50 years ago. This is clear. I think this is very clear. Do you know I mean, if people are telling us you know,

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Arabs in particular.

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They're going to build no they're going to race with one another in the in the in the construction of high buildings.

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Once again, that's exactly what

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we're going to try and create something taller, that one's gonna come and say, No, I'm going to create this one.

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It's easy to interpret a prediction according to how things unfold. Let's say for example, if the Middle East hadn't had that explosion in two buildings, yes, you could apply some other interpretation to it to exactly say, but it seems to me, yes, somebody who doesn't really have enough commitment to

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me, they're just pretty vague, loose words that could be applied to perhaps an evolution of

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the word biologists clear and Arabic, though, it just means building or a structure, right? That means to grow something, or to make something to like, someone is to like myself, okay. So basically, you're saying that you're going to make something to like everyone's gonna make it to and then they got to compete with one another. And that way, you got it. So I'm just saying that this is clear text. This is clear text.

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And sometimes in Arabic, I'll be honest with you, there's some words that can have more than one meaning, but this is not a case of that.

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Because Nostradamus made many predictions, which came true, again, in fairly loose and convincing language, but again, how the future unfolded, click, that therefore means, therefore require some form of

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Well, I mean, the thing is, you could turn out to be true, if that was true. You know, infinity, at some point, you'll have Shakespeare's works in infinix. Nowadays, we have gambling shops.

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I hope you don't use them.

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But you know, William Hill, if people could genuinely tell the future, they put all their all their money onto you know, wherever it is, that wins the game, you know, I mean, I don't know how this thing works.

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Prepare 100% this is gonna happen, and then walk away. It's not like that, like, that's why probability is incredibly handy in this regard. So I've given you three examples. I'll give you a fourth one.

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That in the future I'm talking about today. Yeah, today's Well, not not like because he said that you're going to go into Egypt. He said, you're going to basically, you're going to you're going to dominate Egypt, you're going to be in charge of Egypt, you're going to be in charge of, you know, he alluded that he's going to be in charge of love Yemen, that Islam will spread to Pakistan, that Islam will spread to India.

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Pakistan has since an Arabic is called a sin, which is

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the region where Pakistan is as called a sinner. So a sin was referred to in the Hadith.

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And, and a hint is India, no doubt, yeah, Hindus, India and Arabic. And that's the reason a reliable Hadith that Islam was spread to that location. It's mentioned that the, the

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Hadith that you're going to

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talk, you're going to find that Turkish people clearly that that happened, and that's why the Turkish Ottoman Empire became one of the strongest empires, actually in the whole world history. And the longest reigning Empire I think, ever.

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Probably the most brutal as well.

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Thank you very much.

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