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After praising Allah subhanaw taala under sending immense greetings and salutations, when the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we find that the desirous need,

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or the urge to remain young.

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In the previous few, a hadith that we mentioned,

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that a human being has this urge within himself,

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that longevity or long life is given to the individual, or extra wealth is given to the individual.

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And this desire to remain young,

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isn't just a desire amongst men,

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is also a desire amongst women as well.

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To remain young. Rather, they become more overwhelmed and conscious about it, about the external beauty or display of the beauty

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and the worry of becoming old.

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And as you can see that even a modern world amount of people, the millions that they will spend, on trying to change the appearance, changed your Outlook, change your perception,

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basically not

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accepting the lifespan

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or accepting the age.

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And this disease, if you can say, is unfortunate, also spreading amongst Muslims as well.

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They're spending their wealth in trying to do certain things that I think that will beautify themselves, or give them some extra external beauty

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as to the beauty of the woman that we find

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the Quran and Sunnah desert negated

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by the Quran, it affirms it, but it just channels it in a certain direction. A woman unit shelf in heylia tea, Have you not seen the one who's been nurtured brought up in a state of Zener.

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And it's quite strange. Even this verse itself is placed inside sort of sort of the 43rd chapter of Quran speaking about the golden ornaments,

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the commodities, those that have value,

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that is up something strange about the Quran. Rather, for us it is strange, but it's the wisdom of Allah Subhana Dally places certain verses, certain words and certain passages, certain places inside the Quran.

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So, many have gone to exert the efforts in trying to make

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a relationship between Iraq Badal at what I about to have or sore or a surah what comes after it or the ending of a sore or beginning of another surah is a is a deep science,

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that many alum of alumina karanpura seem to exert this effort to try to see the intricate meanings of certain passages certain verses, certain words inside the Quran, why they place their what meaning they have

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this verse that we find our manga show failure

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or eliminate the fussy dimension shows that the natural state of the woman is to adorn yourself with beauty

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to have a care about beauty to have a worry about beauty.

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Our book a Jerry inside he said he mentions

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and if he had an area, delila Elijah was at the hub will hurry Harry lindesay. The in this is in evidence

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that the wearing of gold the wearing of silk is something which is permissible for women. Why did he marry oma? And this is the consensus view that we finally have some quality shots that we find. But the general consensus of the fuqaha is that gold and beautiful ornaments and silk etc is specifically for women.

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Something which is pleasurable to them. So the Quran is speaking about the nature of the woman that we find in those things that he likes.

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From what the Quran rebukes or what the Hadith rebukes is overstepping the mark.

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Because we live in a world that many people think that if I go over the mark, that maybe it's not that bad, maybe it's just a sin. Maybe it's just something trivial.

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But some of us who fail to understand that some actions when you go over the mark. They don't just become sinful.

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It doesn't just become dangerous.

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You become Malarone, you become cursed.

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That's what the danger is that if you read these a hadith read these wordings, there may be a perception towards that will be slightly different.

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that a person is under the curse of a law.

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Now there's punishment. But a person The Punisher may come later on May Allah forbid, but once they leaving at that moment in time, they are under the curse of Allah subhana wa Tada. That's today's Hadith that we find is narrated by our Isha Ronnie alota and Anna and Umbra

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Milan sari is a widget cabinet to her. A woman from the inside she got her. Her daughter married for Potomac, Potomac. But America shout out to her. She began to lose her hair. Her hair began to drop drop out.

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For jet ala Nabi Salas. He came to the port of La system and she mentioned for darker than the color who she mentioned that to him and said that for color in the Xhosa, a Moroni and asila fishery her

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and her husband has told me to connect

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at add braids make attachments to a hair because she's losing her hair.

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What was the response of the Prophet Allah Islam Allah no lo inner mu sila to Hadith inside Buhari. He said no, the woman who makes the attachments

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Lord in it has been cursed. And as we need to look at various a hadith whereby mentions le and Allah, Allah is cursed, or Lorena, that person has been cursed is not something trivial.

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Remember there have been mentioned from a sign of a scene being menial cupbearer.

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The signs that you can recognize that this This scene is a major sin is whereby the law of allies be mentioned inside the Quran inside the Hadith that says there have been his works on Tibet, collect some 80 or 90 my memory serves Creighton different sense that some of us may seem them to be trivial or small. But they're classified minute cabaye. That if amongst a major sense, like what a monster contemporary works is when you find a collection of major sins. And indeed the Shara is there whereby that the curse of Allah Subhana Allah is upon such and such individual. Another more clearer Hadith

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which is probably more relevant to our times and the world that we live in today. Not just yesterday, guess what some people I think, a certain practices that people do today. They haven't been discussed previously, or the previous generations people previous people didn't understand these sins. And that's very, very strange.

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Because it shows the lack of reading of the sources of the Quran and the Sunnah because you find many things inside the Quran Sunnah. If you look at deficit of the Quran, you find many things that people are, if you can say such as a debate you were discussing today about and musi about music about affiliate, free mixing between men and women about haram things or chaos of certain haram things. You find classical earlimart discuss them in great detail.

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Just the title and the name may be slightly different. But as I mentioned, don't pay attention to titles. Look at the essence. That is the essence of something that exists inside the Quran and Sunnah and has been warned against person used to stay away from it in this Hadith, refine, learn alone and where she met, while Moscow she met allies cursed those women who perform tattoos. And those women who get tattoos done one Missa tee while metonymy shot those women who plucked eyebrows are those who get their eyebrows plucked, while metafile jt lisney and mocha irati. Allah, those women who play spaces inside their teeth, make gaps inside the teeth to beautify themselves,

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changing the creation of Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find that these individuals we find in society in general,

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people not content.

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People are not happy with the external

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body, the fact of themselves,

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is become a great big industry at the moment to change your outlook to change the way that you look externally inside society to become more acceptable to what society says is acceptable.

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This person in essence, is actually arguing with Allah Subhana Allah is actually saying that why did Allah Subhana Allah create me in such a manner? Why do you have such features?

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And as you change these features, there's a different discussion about a person who may who may have been burned or may have been hurt or damaged in certain way that I've discussed where a person needs to carry out certain forms of plastic surgery or whatever it may be to rectify themselves. That's a totally different dimension.

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We're talking about people who are sound in general, what need do they have to go and begin to change themselves? Who will let the calaca come from income Catherine woman coming inside so to

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the 64th chapter and the surah begins by speaking about a takabuti asthma and asthma of amongst the names of the hereafter the mutual loss

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when people will be in a state of loss and loss support as created individually

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Some amongst you are disbelieving individuals, which we have to accept. You can't force the whole earth that the whole earth would become Muslims. We have to accept that there's going to be disbelieving individuals. And there's going to be believing individually believers on the face of this earth will not be met that maluna Basia a life old seeing or whatever you do, has knowledge and sees whatever you do

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Kanaka some avati while other will help, Allah created the heavens and earth with truth, without any doubt. And then what concerns us was so overcome, overcome by La Masia. Then Allah model you, formed you

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paste your this ever created the best mode and made the best mode about you. That is Allah Subhana Allah, Allah His mercy, and the return is to Allah Subhana Allah. And as you find certain that Hadith in such a Muslim, not mistaken that Allah created the human being in His own image, even the Bible speaks about this realm of Hadith shahadi the disgust is what it means that Allah Subhana Allah has given honor and dignity is amongst the morality of this Hadith, or was given certain, certain things that we can we can do, that the title of seeing of hearing, etc, is there. But it's not like the seeing and hearing loss of Hannah Diana, as you mentioned, the names can be the same

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but the entity is totally different. Lisa committee she was semi bossy. Nothing is like unto Allah Subhana Allah, he's all hearing the old seeing. And so you find those people who deviate from the creative and assume that he will jamara they say that you make this distribution for Allah Subhana Allah to be like, human beings, this is false. None of the relevant and assume that he went to this view, they negate they totally negate this perception that Allah Subhana Allah, it has shared the same qualities as human beings. Just because the names and the titles are the same. It doesn't mean that this is equating this with Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is far beyond his creation

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far beyond our comprehension. Allah Subhana Allah gives us a glimpse of certain karma that may be from a distance we can understand the dust of these Kadima, Allah Who knew somehow what he will earn? Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. person could spend their whole life trying to understand what is it mean that our life no matter what you will have, now no one can perceive and understand that. But desktop that can be understood that he's like, encompasses the whole earth or He guides to whomever he wants to that light of Allah Subhana Allah. So whenever we speak about Allah and Allah, we're not equating the Creator with the creation. Allah is far away from anything

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to do with creation that is placed upon this earth.

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Likewise, we find that unfortunately, what is existing inside a society that has gone just beyond making cosmetic changes, that some people are no longer happy with the agenda?

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They're not happy with the agenda, they want to change the agenda once again, or Islam speaks about people there may be some default inside certain faculties about them, and what realm should they belong? Should it be classified as a man or woman a discussion about this amongst fuqaha and this is very rare. But as for person physically, to go and try to change the agenda. This is going against

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what Allah has laid down on the face of this earth. Yeah, you are insane. Now hora Kabira. Become Kareem and Lady halaqa. for social worker for Adana, VA sorting, Masha acaba kettlebell to cut the buena be yummy de Yeah, and you have insane and lost pounds I didn't say oh believing individuals. Once again Rockies will

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focus upon the word the Karima the Quran, Allah doesn't say Oh, Muslims are believers. Oh Quraysh oh I will kita Allah says yeah, you will insane.

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All Mankind, what is deceived you

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from not paying attention to the most noble the most Karim Allah Subhana Allah? What is it with you? And lady Kanaka The one who created you and molded you and structured you and made you the best structure the best way? What is it what is the matter with you, that you're deviating away from Allah subhanaw taala without deviation is away from accepting belief in Allah and Allah or deviation in changing yourself.

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Because that's what can be taken extracted linguistically from this ayah you're deviating away from the natural structure that Allah made you lack of incentive fee as an attack when we created the human being in the best structure

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and the best manner through more than no us philosophy mean, then via his own actions, his own practice, you become the lowest of the low

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carrying out these evil actions in Sarasota Nyssa we find reverse. Weber Allah mentioned that this deviation is entered into human beings, what are the London What are many unknown, I will miss guide them is a belief shape on saying I will begin to misguide these individuals, I will give them false aspiration the hope well, I am more unknown for you but

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while I am known for Yokozuna Allah, I'm going to command them to slip the age of the cattle

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and I'm going to command them to change when you hear una cola. I'm going to command them to begin to change the creation of a

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deep discussion exists amongst contemporary mfrc

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for a year una colada to change the creation of a muscle penalty, and in that is this deviation of changing one's body

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and even even intense as well. It may sound strange for some of us, some of us in studies verse it contains a modern day interpretation. They're going to change the creation of a last time that Anna is gay, they're going to shave, men are going to shave take take away the natural creation of Allah. Allah made human beings the man with a certain nature and they're going to deviate away from that

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and like or define woman duck reshape pannonian Min De la de La Casita kasana mo Bina, whoever takes shape on to be the ally,

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to be their friend, to be the comrade to be the advisor, study shape on inside the Quran. What is the advice human beings to do? Everything opposite that Allah Subhana Allah has told us to do inside the Quran. Allah told us tells us to pray. He deviates us away from the prayer. Allah tells us to live a righteous life. He commands us to come towards

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Yamato bill fashion tells us to go towards alpha hush elicit practice a behavior Allah tells us to spend to enrich ourselves shaytan leads us towards alpha cursing is going to be a state of poverty. Everything inside the Quran you find the shape one goes the opposite path wants to take people away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. And so you find unfortunately, Shelton Jean de Waal ins

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there is not just going to be shouting devils from the jinn, which have their own attacks on human beings. There is going to be physical devils, human beings, who are devils, who want to instill in such society inside people that this is a common norm. This is a common practice that we need to carry out inside our lives.

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And what is this common practice law and alone where she met while most ohshima allies curse those women who do tattoos and those who get their own bodies tattooed?

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Now, even in this Hadith, the strange thing about this hadith is speaking about actions of women.

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But this is become actions of men today. And even unfortunate that Muslim men, they begin to do these actions as well. In this hadith is being specific about women and the practices that they do.

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tattooing that you find if you studied the history of, of what is tattooing that we find some historians speak about Captain James Cook in his discovery of Australia traveling through the land going to Tahiti, etc. They use the word tattoo, which because they used to practice tattoos, it existed 1000 years ago. But they began to have this practice and Traveler with with the with James cookie vote this is what is this the practice of these people.

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And you know, certain practice of people that may exist when he discovered Australia 1770, whatever it was, that hundreds of years later becomes common norm.

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There's a lesson for this for us, common practice of Muslims,

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we should have a long vision, that the impact of things that we do have the sadhana or how we live in such society and leaves remnants it leaves affects the people say look, I remember such and such people doing these actions, or Muslims do this. The symbol of Call of prayer, how many non Muslims they may 1 use it, some form of derogatory language. I hear this wailing sound every morning when I traveled to Muslim country.

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But how many of them acknowledge that after a few times of hearing that code of prayer, which you may have discovered afterwards, they found serenity, they found peace, they found tranquility, we run away from the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah, we shy away from displaying ourselves as Muslims adorning ourselves as Muslims, looking at Muslims carrying out practices of Muslims, because we look at a short term effect that how would people perceive me we should look at it

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Long term impact that how will it impact people in the future? Because that's what happened to these individuals. The discovery Australia has led today that you find that the majority 25% of Australian men, under the age of 30, have tattooed themselves.

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The impact of what we find of tattooing that began to take place.

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You find that inside this country, one in three people tattooed themselves, there's approximately 20 million people.

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before it became a sign of a sign of deviation of rebelliousness. Now, today's become a form of art. Even if you look at the concept of tattooing that you find is carried out by people who travel sailors, they'll tattoo themselves with certain things that, for example, a turtle would resemble a person traveling through the Atlantic or an ankle resemble them traveling through Asia, whatever it may be, these became the symbols of the becoming a traveler. And now then people classified a sample of a low class of individuals, people in a circle said that people done this today is the thriving people, the rich people, a common practice

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in a European country defining the highest number of percentage tattoos 48% inside Italy, then 47% inside Sweden in and in 46%, in South America, and people are content with just one tattoo. On average, three to four, five to six tattoos, people would adorn themselves with this as a symbol of what a symbol they may claim to be a symbol of. One's that their love of family members, etc, that we find. Even the Bible is that the Book of Leviticus is an Old Testament it mentioned you should not make any cuttings in the in the flesh for the dead, no tattoo or mark your body. Forbidden inside the own text that you mark your body or to place anything on your body is something

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forbidden. So this is a practice amongst Arab women that they would make these marks or place color dyes upon their body, permanent dyes as a symbol. And this is prohibited inside Islam, for a woman to tattoo yourself or person to go and tattoo another individual. And then what comes off that when you said when Madonna Musa Misha, a common practice,

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inside a society amongst women, for women to pluck the eyebrows.

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The woman who carries it out and the woman who is done to above curse about last panda Other

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people may bring bring the excuses of say whatever you want to say.

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But it's a common practice among amongst Muslim women, they don't think nothing of it. And as we began with the Hadith mentioned, Latin Allah, Allah is curse. So it's not even something a minor sin or something trivial. It is under the curse of Allah subhanaw taala. And especially people who even practicing Islam, they it's become such a pandemic. Practice in such society. No one thinks anything of it. That this is a normal, this is normal practices normal way that we need to do this, even if we mentioned many times the whole concept of hijab, or because this is the society around us, this is not a job according to fuqaha.

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His job is not supposed to be flamboyant colors and designs and labels and tight fitting or displaying your body or to be attractive. Study any of the works of the folk art, none of them except this. None of them have accepted it doesn't exist inside books of fiction. But because this is as we began with the modern world that the society has to tell us, society has to indoctrinate within us that this is the way you need to live as a Muslim. Not the no Seuss of the Quran and the Sunnah. Not the text of the Quran. So now what they what they govern and tell us. So these women who speak about that we want freedom and liberate ourselves. You are not liberated yourself, you're

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following the text of what they want you to do, how they want you to dress how they want you to behave, and likewise definable motif polyjet rusney. And Mahabharata Alcala, those women who make spaces inside their teeth,

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to beautify themselves,

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not being contented with a decree of Allah Subhana Allah and likewise you find amongst amongst Muslims as well and men as well, that people will remove their teeth.

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For what purpose is to place a goal a goal to for whatever a diamond to fix it for what purpose? These are fashion trends and cultures of these people are lost to a stray what are the unknown?

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misguide these individuals, they fall away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah powerful shape on

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but Muslim youth they begin to they begin to praise this. They begin to want to emulate they want to imitate they want to be like these individuals. They want to dress like them. They want to carry out the same slogans that they have.

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And a rising Gods even Muslim carrying tattooing their bodies. For what purpose This shows how May Allah forbid how shallow some of us become that we don't have our own our own understanding of perception of life, of a man of faith and find character behind

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We find and as we find that maybe we find excuses are presented a strange thing by this hadith that the psyche of women no disrespect of is mentioned that they may begin to present excuses.

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So this hadith

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came to a woman by the name of Morocco

00:25:18--> 00:25:20

and when she heard this lady she came to our beloved Miss road

00:25:21--> 00:25:55

and she said, What is this? That I heard this that you are she's a woman can choose to recite the Quran? She said what is the statement that you're going around saying to the people, my Hadith and Bologna and unaka Anna Alba Shima in a few Hadith, or kalimat was the statement you're going around saying to people like curse? That was a woman who tattoos or body the woman who plucks her eyebrows a woman who places spaces, gaps inside the tooth for beautification. Why, why are you going around, cursing, such women are cursing such people.

00:25:56--> 00:26:07

And here also we should stop and reflect. As lm I've had Ethan mentioned that to curse a person if they're carrying a certain practice. And the person says that these people are cursed, that's not being rude.

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That's not saying to this specific person. You're saying that these are practices which occurs but Allah Subhana Allah because sometimes we become so tested inside our life so passive inside our life, that we know something is wrong but you know just just turn a blind eye be complacent be use wisdom just take it easy on on people, for how long should we take it easy upon people. We can see for how long we take easy people people go, you give them give them inch, they take a yard as they say liberty is practice their own faith, practice their own Islam because there is no point of check. There's no point of check.

00:26:41--> 00:26:55

There's nobody reminding reminding ourselves reminding us of these are practices. So we have to remind us of these systemic practices that we need to stick to. So she said What is this that you're cursing people for called Abdullah Romani

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and Mallanna law. He said What is the matter with you? Why Why should I curse those? There are lots of pounders curse. Well, Wolfie kita Bella, and it's in the book of Allah Subhana Allah. She said I've read the Quran.

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I've read the Quran and I don't find these words inside the Quran. Well, how can you don't find these words inside the Quran? These words don't exist inside the Quran.

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But look at extraction of the Quran.

00:27:25--> 00:28:04

Abdullah Massoud said to her low karate called Allah subhanaw taala. If you've read this verse of Allah Subhana Allah you would have found it. What is this verse about lots of pound and inside salted hash at the 59th chapter, verse number seven, one man attack Kumara Sulu, woman, how come and who fronto whatever the messenger tells you to take, take it, whatever it tells you to stay away from, stay away from it. It's inside the Quran. If the messenger said that stay do this. Stay away from this don't practice this. This is cursed, then that is as if Allah subhanaw taala is saying it himself.

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That's what Quran and Sunnah means. And as we become people known as qurani, you just believe in operando we only follow what the Quran says. The Quran explicitly doesn't speak about certain things it doesn't use as we began with certain words and terminologies that we live in today's world, so I can do this practice.

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And as we mentioned at the piano, people don't really understand the Quran.

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The Quran doesn't speak about this, the answer is simple. One ma takamura, Zulu Taku whatever the messenger tells you to take, take it, whatever it tells you to stay away from, stay away from it, for the sake of completion.

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And very Paramount is because we mentioned the psyche, the nature of certain individuals,

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that this woman omya

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then she began to make a personal attack a personal rebuttal.

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not accepting the Hadith, or accepting his advice in a state of frustration, maybe some of us the psyche of many of us human beings and sometimes maybe a disabled person is coded, then they rebelled and they may make certain comments not to accept something that we have to understand the nature of the human being or being able to advise them and being able to correct them for quality Morocco for any Arusha. minha Allah erotica. She this woman said, Oh, Jacobi said that I see some of these practice amongst your own family members.

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There is no point in you advising me you need to go and check your own family members.

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So belay must rotate it hubby from glory.

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He said, Go and check my family members. So she entered upon his wife. For them Tara Shay and Sasha called Mariah to Shannon. She said I didn't see any of this practice on your wife.

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And here we find that the role of of any Muslim is just to advise people.

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But advise people when you try the best

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there is no question

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going around telling other people do this and do that and do that.

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Because that's unfortunate. It's another sickness amongst us. We just always want to find mistakes of other individuals. And we want to exploit them. We want to expose them, we want to find some default about them. If something happens to appear in front of you advise people you shouldn't go out of your way. to defame people to make them feel bad inside their lives. That shouldn't be a culture that exists. person should be always worried that what I'm encouraging people to do, do I carry that out inside my own life? Do I tell my own family members to the best of my ability, obviously, Lisa lado de la kinema demon Yeshua, isn't upon you to guide people, unless the one that

00:30:41--> 00:30:53

guides but as long as a person exerted the efforts to tell their family members tell the people around them. He turned on he said to her for color, Mr. lagana, Derek Lam Naja Mira.

00:30:54--> 00:30:59

If this had been true, I will I will not basically can be translated as I would have not been married to I would have divorced her

00:31:00--> 00:31:12

that this has been her practice that I wouldn't recognize this isn't a good woman, I would have stayed away from her. And as we find in conclusion that we find that the nature of people, at times you find as they say that the truth is better,

00:31:14--> 00:31:38

is difficult for people to accept the truth, it takes time for development at times. But there are certain practices which should be common inside a society that people should know that this is wrong. And you mentioned that the plucking of eyebrows is not something that we should just say it's because we can see the practice in such society where it's led to people bring excuses that may be because there is for the pleasure of the husband or beauty in front of the husband, folk have spoken about this.

00:31:39--> 00:31:58

She called me Natalie speaks about it, there is no dire need for a person to carry the carry this out, it doesn't affect their marriage in any way. But this has become a culture amongst people, that people need to carry out these practices to fit inside the modern world, the society that we live in. And as we find also what we need to take away from our lives that so and so does it

00:31:59--> 00:32:11

This is common amongst us Muslims to such and such individual does it? Yeah, I'm going to go inside my own grave. You're going to go inside your own grave. There is no point saying on that day that so and so does it

00:32:12--> 00:32:15

there is no point saying that so and so does it so I made will follow suit

00:32:17--> 00:32:34

into the experiment will be you DeLuca. And Sabina if you obey most of the people around you, they'll take you away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah, you find from 100 people 99 we go to Jana mophie battery wired, from every 1999 we go to Johanna.

00:32:35--> 00:32:57

So we shouldn't fall into this trap that so and so does it. So there's no home, or even religious people do it. That's not an excuse. Because if a religious person does it, or a member of their family does it, we're human beings. We falter, we earn, we make mistakes, we sin, if a text of the Quran, and Sunnah is tested, that's a benchmark.

00:32:58--> 00:33:29

Obviously, some people may want to look at religious people create as a benchmark, there's no harm, but they are fallible, they make mistakes, we all make mistakes, we make mistakes. So that shouldn't be the benchmark that religious people should I should be able to carry out this action. Or as you mentioned, everyone is doing this action, or it's a common practice in society, or it's a modern world. How are we going to fit into the modern world? This is another perception that we have. Or people say oh, but we got bigger worries. In it, you're speaking speak about shaving the beard, plucking the eyebrows.

00:33:30--> 00:33:36

You're worried about this, whether a person should wear a garment like this, whether they should be like this with a bigger worries.

00:33:37--> 00:34:09

The Muslim world is in turmoil. The Muslim world is suffering. And you have the audacity to speak about this. As I began with the answer is their low inner law and the law that is part of the cure. Because the practices that we're doing if you find them so So firstly, you find him so petty, if they're so trivial, linguistically, anything which is petty or trivial, is something easy to accomplish. So why don't you do it inside your life? And secondly, if it is so petty and small,

00:34:10--> 00:34:54

then why are you not paying attention towards it? When the Quran is saying that Allah has cursed these individuals, so as far as the Quran and Sunnah is concerned, it's not petty. It's not something small. It is part of the jigsaw of the collapse of this Muslim ummah. That's what it is. Just like you have oppression you have when you have torture, you have Sarika you have stealing cheating, Zina lying, fornication, adultery should will Hummer Heba shatter learn. All of this is a jigsaw puzzle. All if it is one great big jigsaw, you take one piece away, it's incomplete. So this is part of the puzzle. And it may be the easiest part of the puzzle that we can do inside our lives.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

If it's supposed to be something that we shouldn't really be worried about, or we should be worried about the length of our fold the length of our bed.

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

delivered this, this is an SS gamma takamura fufa. Whoa, this is you, the only word that comes to mind is blessed for me.

00:35:09--> 00:35:18

This phrase is blessed for me. Read works. Of course, it is classified as blasphemy. If a person sins and says that I know I'm sinful.

00:35:20--> 00:35:22

I know I'm being Haram, and leaves it at that.

00:35:23--> 00:36:03

For Andrew Illa know that he belongs to Allah Subhana Allah. But a person has the audacity to say, but you know, this text doesn't mean this, it should mean this. And the professor is speaking about a medieval practice. Medieval people may Arab culture, it doesn't relate to us. It doesn't really affect us. This is a modern world, we live amongst non Muslims, we should be like this. In your heart is a sickness in your heart is a disease that needs to be cured. Because this disease will carry on till eventually, then you begin to your mind would be boggled and say, but how did a professor marry a young girl at the age of nine? How did he allow this? How do you allow that? Why

00:36:03--> 00:36:45

do you do this? Why do you do that? I can't comprehend it. The modern world doesn't accept it. My non Muslim friends don't agree to it. This person doesn't like it. My contract isn't accepted. So what are you doing? You're shredding away Islam. And that's what they've done. Look at colonialism, imperialism, look at the impact that our began with that though they common practices that they've done inside our lands in our people, has become now norm, normative inside our lands, lands where we find that the English and French language had nothing to do with our country. Nothing to do with our people. But we speak this language because language dismantles people. The language of Muslim is no

00:36:45--> 00:37:28

go to Quran is a language of the Quran. You dismantle a language you dismantle their culture, their heritage, their people, their deed, their email, and they face you dismantle everything, because an average person can't pick up the book of a bar. The average person can't pick up the book of a lengthy one. Tacoma rasuluh man How come Andrew, Santa who can't see that, can't see the impact of that verse of the Quran can't see that inside their life. Faster, can't see the impact of the Quran. See the words of Allah Subhana dies we began with, about the glory of Allah Subhana Allah, the names and attributes of Allah to Allah, the path of success lies inside the Quran. And as you find that

00:37:28--> 00:37:35

the companions, every single thing, if it's something trivial, every single day, they would always get upset.

00:37:36--> 00:37:48

When they were almost collapsing, there was hardship and difficulty. They didn't sit there and just just start having that we have political discussion that will determine beyond that and, and just have these talks.

00:37:49--> 00:37:54

They sat there and they asked one another, which sooner Am I missing in my life?

00:37:55--> 00:38:06

Where am I deficient inside my life? Am I missing any praying of any summoners during the day, in the evening, something I'm missing inside my life. They lived in a world like us.

00:38:07--> 00:38:13

They were worried about the destruction of the Muslim Ummah, the coming of the disbelievers attacking them and spilling them apart.

00:38:14--> 00:38:52

But they made time and effort to reassess themselves to see that these are the things that will give us glory once again. And here we go on the political dimension say that this building is never built from the top. A building is built from his foundations and our foundation so to say a corrupt, a diseased, a full of sickness, when our foundation is sound and powerful, that once again, once again and now the building to be built and developed once again. So everything is important for us inside our lives. May Allah give us all the topic and ability to go back and to live true to these words. And likewise, a disclaimer no one should go back home and have a rant in a rage towards their family

00:38:52--> 00:39:31

members or their sisters or their mothers or their daughters or their wife to say something this is like this person will love and affection and courage and these are practices which go against the Quran and the Sunnah. Our intent isn't to create upheaval and hatred inside homes and in our community amongst people. And 10 is to better serve as Muslims. That when we meet Allah subhanaw taala before we meet Allah Subhana Allah there is no curse upon us in this dunya there is no plus upon us in our in our daily life, that when we meet Allah Subhana Allah, there's no anger. There's no rough, but there's this contentment inside our lives that we tried our best to serve others and

00:39:31--> 00:39:34

to become good believing individuals in the law.