Yahya Ibrahim – Road to Return #09 – An Enemy Within

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the shams and shameless actions of shaitan, who claims to be the enemy for everyone. He suggests that shaitan is not just a blip, but rather a force that can grab people and make them feel like they are just doing something. He also warns that shaitan is not just a blip, but rather a force that can grab people and make them feel like they are just doing something.
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In a shavon aleko model, the Shay thought is an enemy for data do what I do. He is an enemy, so treat him as an enemy. I do. rubine Allah says in another verse, He is a clear enemy. There is no hiding that fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala says us with Sophie so Dori NASS shaytaan at times will try to influence your mind and your inner dialogue to invite yourself to hold on.

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I want you to know that there's a difference between you choosing haraam and the shavon inspiring you and whispering to you to do hot on how do we know the difference because not all mistakes is because shaitan influenced you most of if not, the vast majority of mistakes we do is because of our own bad habits. So the first type of mistake that's from your own self, are the mistakes that you do regularly. So if every morning you miss badger shaitan has nothing to do with it. That's just you. It's just yourself not waking up. It's just you making a decision to not get up when you should. And that becomes important for you to correct stop blaming shade on shutdowns, like hey, why do you

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blame me for everything, right? It's important for us to be careful with that. But the mistakes that are from the shaytaan are the ones that are opportunistic. So there you are, you weren't intending to do anything wrong. And all of a sudden, your parents say, Hey, we're gonna leave you for half an hour. So I'm just going to go to the store. So it's an opportunity. And this shaitan comes and says, Hey, why don't you do this? Why don't you watch this? Why don't you read this? Why don't you go there? Why didn't you hear that? And it's something you didn't plan on doing earlier. But the shaytaan kind of sparked it. And then your soul convinced itself? Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna do it. I

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can't wait until I get this done or do this or do that. So be careful with the shaytans opportunities to how long that he opens a door for you gives you an invitation, and you're the one who walks through it. shavon is going to give a lecture when he's in Hellfire with those who are in it. And shaitan will say on that day fella Teddy Mooney will do more unfortunate Kamala quotes what will be said in the future. shaitan will say to his people, don't blame me, but blame yourself. Matt and Abby will sit at home. I didn't make you do anything. Well, Matt, and don't be more sleepy. You can't help me today. And I can't help you today. This is your fault for what you did. In the end, I

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want to come first adaptively All I did was give you an invitation. You're the one that walked through the door, you're the one that came and did the haraam and chose it yourselves. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from a sinful inner dialogue and from the second danger from the shavon being an influence in our life. No, of course that the shaytaan is not just a whisper inside. And shaytaan does not just simply mean the one who is an unseen evil presence. But a lot tells us in the photo and Sheltie Nell ins well gene that there are shaytaan from human beings, it could be your friend, could be that person who calls you and says, Hey, do you want to go out tonight? Let's get

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in the car, we'll go visit there or do this. It could be someone who's in your class who keeps crossing the boundaries because what does the word sheath on mean? The word Sha shelta means to go past the place, you know, you shouldn't to go into transgression, to go to a place you everybody said don't cross that line. The shaitan says I'm going to go there, no one can stop me I do what I want. So if you have a friend in your life, if you have someone who lives their life that way, where they feel that there's no rules, no boundaries, nobody can say to me what I want to do, or I'm going to do what I want to do when nobody's looking, that person is a shape on and you want to limit their

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influence on you. So you want to limit their texts and their messages and you're going out with them to be careful that the shaytaan is not an influence to you in a physical form as a friend or as a human being or as a whisper into the hearts May Allah protect us from shell Tina ins well Jean welchen Allah amin

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