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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of arrogance and how it can lead to negative behavior. They also touch on the history of the Hadith and its message of peace and happiness. The transcript describes a woman who felt sad and lost after being tested for a deficiency and not being allowed to spend her money on clothing. The woman describes a man who spent time in jail and later found a way to pay off a loan. The speakers also talk about the consequences of shaming Muslims and the effects of their actions on others.
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In Al Hamdulillah my daughter Serena want to stop futile whenever we learn him you should already have foreseen I mean, say, Dr. Medina, Mayor de la who for la mala mama, you will who follow her the Allah? Or shall Allah Allah, Allah who watched the whole luxury color? Jolla and he shall be he will Mythili will coffee one allele. Why should you under Muhammad Abdul Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku. Allah Takata What else am Otona Illa one two Muslim on all praises due to Allah subhanaw taala who knows what we reveal and knows what we can seal and even knows what the animals feel. We thank him we praise Him and on him we have Reliance it is to him we

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only turn to for guidance. We asked him to send his peace, his blessings, His mercy on the best of human beings and prophets, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on whom we praise until the very end of our days. We asked him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy, and to never lead us astray and for him to save us on Judgment Day.

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us sin which the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are described as whoever has even a grains worth of it in their heart, or has done an action of it will not enter or smell the sense of paradise, a sin which we may have heard of its consequences, but it's so pervasive that in fact, it is one of the root causes of why people may not even accept Islam because of it. A sin which our Lord Allah subhanaw taala has spoken about in the Quran as a description of those people who will be very distant from him very distant from the reward of the Hereafter, and a sin which our Lord subhanho wa Taala gave us as guidance as one of the first things a believer should cleanse their

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heart from it is so integral that whether we teach it in our Islamic schools, or we remind ourselves of this even daily or weekly, it is that important for a believer to be aware of its evil and for that to not fall into it. And the reason Allah hottie was reported in the Hadith escenario develop the lovely Mr. Liberal the Allahu Taala angle, and Sahih Muslim, where he is he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said Allah He had the whole Jana mankind if he called him is called a non Muslim in a kidmin kingdom

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that there will not enter paradise the one that has even the eat the weight of your equal to have a mustard seed or an atom's weight of arrogance in their hearts.

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So forgot about during the module you hit on your corner cell but who has an onError Allah who has center for call in Allah Hi, Jimmy on your herbal Jamal al cable button on Hakoah completeness. So a man said to the prophets, Allah cinema wanting to know what is the practical application of arrogance? What does it mean to be arrogant? Because in the mind of the person listening, many things can be arrogant, arrogant can be the way you dress. Arrogant can be the way you walk, arrogant, B can be the way you respond to people. So this is an important question. What does it mean to be arrogant? And the first thing that came in the minds of the Sahaba was something that you

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see among people on the outward perspective. many white people usually dress luxury in luxury in decades. And that's what came to mind. Maybe if you dress that way, you are considered arrogant, and then the prop and the man said to the prophesy Salam jasola, a person or a man likes to dress in good clothes and nice shoes, is this arrogance. And the Prophet I used to love to sit down and he looked at the way he responded. So Allah Allah said, he did first of all, didn't chastise the man. No, that's not it. But he responded in a way for him to make him understand. And he said to him, Allah is beautiful, and he loves beauty. But rather pride and arrogance comes from rejecting the

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truth. And looking down upon people. Looking down upon people, rejecting the truth and looking down upon people, my brothers, my sisters, my students, those who are here to Islamic school, among the greatest forms of disagreement, and family disillusion, marital problems, relationship issues is this right here, where we think that arrogance is to look down upon somebody alone just because of the color of their skin, or because of the country that they come from, or because of the tribe that there is or the language that they speak or that any of these things these are the outward appearance forms of racism, which is worse than what I'm about to mention to you. But among the

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forms of of arrogance is the one that is pervasive in every single one of us. And that is Haiti to be corrected. When we have a mistake in ourselves, despising someone standing up to us and saying you have this problem you need to fix it, or looking down upon people which every

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One has a major issue within the Muslim community when they come to the Muslim community or they come amongst us, and they say they're looking at me with the eyes of judgement. You know what that is? That's

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that is looking down upon people. It can be even pervasive for those of you who are in Islamic school here, oh, that person doesn't go to Islamic school a stuff that Allah What did you just do? You just looked down upon somebody, or this person doesn't wear hijab or this person doesn't have a beard or all of these forms, I had to call after a completeness.

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This is a Hadith the prophets I send them a focused on to such an extent, he built it into the Sahaba that a person could come into the masjid.

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And they would not react based on their outward selves, they would not judge them, they will not look down upon the individual. Ali's sloth was set up. It is so pervasive, that and the vessel Allahu Allah said of another Hadith. He mentioned that he was sitting in, in the, in the gathering of the companions, and one companion was recently accepted, Islam came. And he said, I saw a man in this gathering, whose opinion was accepted by people. They were gathered around and listening to him. He was new. And he said, Whatever he said, they submitted to it. So he said, I asked among people who is he? And they said, This is the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam.

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So he said, I came to the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, and I said, Oh, you who Peace be on your a messenger of God.

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Peace beyond you if you're from from Allah, meaning what you say the revelation is from Allah subhanaw taala. And I said this twice out of his excitement and love. This is a man who God speaks to may Allah have peace on you, may Allah have peace on you. And then he said,

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Do not say on up peace. Don't say I Lika salah.

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The problem corrected and he said he said say while Aiken a setup, is there aleikum wa Salam is the response of the people in the graves alayka Salam is this is from the unseen so he said don't say I like I said I'm saying Why likoma Salah be corrected him and how to how to how to address meaning be Peace be upon you. I Lika salami be upon UPS As Salam is one of the names of Allah subhanaw taala. It refers to something of the unseen. That's the explanation of the Hadith, anything beyond that, Allahu Allah. He said, say why they call Mr. Lamb don't say I like yourself, that's it. Then he said to him, I asked, You are the messenger of Allah, he he said, I am the messenger of Allah, whom you

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call when I calamity befalls you. And Allah subhanaw taala removes it. Meaning I am from that messenger from that, Lord, that if something evil happens in your life, you call to that Lord, and He answers you, and I am from him and receive revelation from when you suffer from drought. You call to that, Lord him. He grew up, he brings them out for you food. And when you are in a desolate land or in a desert, and your she camel or your ride, ride, strays and runs away and you call to Allah, for helping you find what you have lost. He's the one who returns it to you. So the man said, give me some advice. So here the messenger, how can I go to Jana? How can you give me some advice in my

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life, listen to the advice of Rasul Allah. So I sent to a person who just accepted Islam, He's new. He said to him, Do not abuse anyone. He just did. What is he going to abuse? He just accepted that do not abuse anyone

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celluloid. I mean, he said

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that he did not

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abuse a free man or a or a servant, or a camel or a sheep. After this, the one who heard this, he said, I never abused a single person after the process and said, Don't abuse anyone.

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Then he said, Do not look down on any good that's ever done. And when you speak to your brother, show them a cheerful face. This is among the greatest good that you can do. Have your garment when you were close to at least be towards beyond or to your shins, meaning don't show your outline, don't show your private area. And if you can, all the way to your ankles.

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And he said, Beware of trailing the lower garment for it is a sign of conceit back then. And the 10 the Arabs among them, when they would be

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a shine of their arrogance and pride is that they would wear very long clothes and robes that would drag in the streets. Among the most I've ever met all the Allahu Anhu they said he's close with Dragon and st he would wear it once twice and throw it away. I have met people they do the same thing and this time today. And this time today, they were one to their selves once twice, throw it out, buy new clothes. So he said beware of that it's a sign of conceit. Is it a sign of conceit? For you to have clothes and I suppose No, it's a sign of conceit for you to wear clothes for the intention of pride and conceit. Okay. Then he says

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and if a man abuses and shames

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You for something somewhere you're abused and you're ashamed. And in something he finds in you, He says, Do not shame them for something which you find in them, because they will bear the consequence of it and you meaning that the explanation is you will bear the consequences of yourself, blah, blah, know what I did wrong, somebody shamed in abuses, you don't shame an abuser, that they will bear the consequences of their actions, and you will bear the consequences of your own. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also mentioned in another Hadith as narrated by binominal, the Alon who do not harm Muslims, nor revile them nor spy on them to expose their secrets, Allah for whoever

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tries to expose their brother's secrets or the fellow Muslim secrets, Allah will expose their secrets wide open, even if they were in the depths of their house. And then the student of the lung, Yamato Natha, he said, One day of an aroma looked at the Kava. And he said, What is it that is more honored than you and whose honor is more sacred than yours and the believers honor is more sacred that to Allah subhanho wa taala, then that specific honor, my brothers, my sisters, I end with very important advice. There's something called Shillman maxsea Shillman. Maaseiah means the effects of sins that you do. We have all just heard these a hadith you've probably heard before, but I want to

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draw your attention to something very important. The effects of sins, come back to you. You look down upon somebody, the effect of that sin will come back to you over what you look down upon them for. I'll give you a simple example. One of my friends has happened to in front of me, one of my friends, may Allah bless him, he's a righteous brother. And he still is, but he was tested with this. We came to the University Masjid in Medina. And I sat there talking to him, and he looked at the front line and then seemingly empty and some brothers over there, these are students of knowledge that would be people are going to become scholars in their countries. And he looked at

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them and he says, A stuff that Allah look at the state of the Ummah, where is the front line filled, and the students of knowledge, competing with each other, for the reward of those who pray in the front line, as you know, the Prophet Muhammad SMSL. There's angels that are specially assigned to those who pray in the front line, they pray for them. So he said, he said, the students of knowledge should be the first ones to to be competing with each other. And what is this? Is he saying something evil, not necessarily sharing a hadith, but he's looking down upon other people for something he thinks is a weakness is a deficiency, whatever it is, it's still looking down. I swear

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to Allah in front of all of you, he did not come prefetcher in congregation for an entire week after that.

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Meaning one, I would ask him, like, everyone's like, why are you sick? Allah caused him to sleep and miss the congregational prayer for an entire week. This is the effect of looking down upon you will see it. And we have seen people who spoke about other people's families,

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about other people's families, why are they wearing the hijab? And why did they do this? Allah tested them in their own family that somebody would be tested with that.

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Allah tested them in their own family because they did not to hold they did not hold their tongue from this. Among them, you think that this is free from the righteous? No, even the righteous were tested with something like this Mohammed bin serine, one of the greatest scholars of the tabby regime. He said, Allah punished me for a sin that I committed 30 years ago. They said what was that? They said that I went to prison for bankruptcy because I I said about somebody or how can this person be bankrupt 30 years later, Allah tested with him with bankruptcy and he ended up in prison, how he took a loan of 40,000 denims. And for him to pay it back he bought that for business, he

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bought a a barrel of oil, and in that oil, he found a mouse. So he said that if I take the mouse and sell the oil, this will this will be this will be evil people have a defective product and that's not allowed. So what did he do out of his righteousness? He poured all of the oil out how's he gonna pay the loan back? He didn't have the money to pay the loan back the guy goes to the judge this is one of the greatest scholars in Islam righteous person.

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He brought him to court Mohammed CD we don't carry your island your turkey you pray in the front row, you went to Hajj 99 times where is the money to this guy? 40,000 denominations. I don't have this okay, this fella, you go to hajat first of all, all of your all of your wealth is hijacked and you're not allowed to spend it until you pay it and you're going to prison. So he spent time in prison until he found a way to pay it off. He said Allah

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gave me the consequence of a word I said about one man 30 years ago

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and that's why we're all human. Even adhan, he says, In Nila Allah che in Allah Allah shape for Akron winery, Bahama HAFA to an open potente or tele fee be. He says sometimes I see something and people are

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are in the street that people do, or the actions of some people, I will never open my mouth and dare to open my mouth out of the fear Allah will test me and punish me in the same thing that I looked down upon another with May Allah protect us from this yada yada me, may Allah protect us from having any semblance. Do not allow your soul

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to even feel like you're better than a human being walking on the street. One person.

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We're walking in Medina, and one of my friends when I first got there, he said, I want to show you something. I said, What do you see this man? I said, No, I don't know who you're talking about. So this snap, I still he pointed to me like three times. So now it's a community grabbed my hand. We went and walked to the guy and even then I said, This guy said, Yes. He said, Do you know who this is? I said, No, he's a great Island. Is he? Somebody famous? Somebody who somebody we should see he's like, No, he's an average person.

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But I want to share something with you. He grabbed his hand, we started talking to some article, he ended up being from one of the stand countries. And I said to him, you know, how are you we're and I realized he's blind. He walks from his apartment. He's counted his footsteps from his home, alone every single day five times prayer for him to pray in mesh to the number week for the five satellites. No one helps him he's counted his footsteps blind.

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And he said to me something, he said, Look, this man, no one on earth, will know who he is. They don't know who he is, but in the sight of Allah. I think this man has a mountain of faith. And his reward is something we can't even imagine. But guess who only knows me because I know who's really my father and now you do no one else does. Don't look down upon a single person. That feeling of even looking down upon Maybe Allah will test you Maybe Allah will test me May Allah protect us. Record Hello suffered a local

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small hand the loss of customers without writing savage man and the visa Allahu Allahu wa sallam said to the Companions in the Hadith scenario by blocking our model, the Lord said, I know certain Timothy, that he ascended the member of the prophets, I said, and he called out with a raised voice. He says, Yeah, Mara Shadow Man had a snowmobile. He said he was a mule, fling Iman or either Kobe, or you have accepted Islam with their tongue. But faith has not reached their heart.

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He says, Love Zulu Muslim in order to our hero whom what? W our RT him he says do not harm the Muslims, nor revile them nor spy on them to expose their secrets or indeed whoever tries to expose Muslims secrets, Allah exposes their secrets wide open, even if there were the depths in their house. And then on the visa Allah hottie and Selma mentioned, as as a final of what a believer truly feels for another is that when you are corrected, whether it be your child, your wife, your husband, whoever you do not reject the truth.

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You accept your deficiency, you accept your shortcoming, you do not what they what they call gaslight. You know gaslighting is reject someone's feelings you shouldn't feel this way. There's no such one feelings honeybee learn to understand how to accept your harm on someone else. This is called arrogance when you reject the fact that you've harmed someone else. And lastly, do not allow yourself to not apologize because of the fact your arrogance and your ego does not allow you to reconcile. May Allah protect us from that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about one of the highest and worst punishments in the hereafter for all about Allah He Tilak has now been adopted you I'm not

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fitting in today to call me a volume in the believers they said, oh, all Allah, on you we rely on our Lord do not make us the objects of creating and being a fitness for other people who oppress. So what about those who cannot even hold themselves out of their own arrogance and oppress people with their own arrogance? May Allah subhana wa sallam protect us Europe? datamine Allah man is that Islam was me Allahumma taralli Ania from Allah Amin Allahumma Rosana tilava Few Denecke al hombre Rahim Allahumma ina Nehru becoming a cable while Kibriya Allahumma in an arrow to become an akuna minal Mata Kabir in Allah merciful is loss of polio with Amador, Stefania, Aloha Muslim while in a wash

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water Muslimeen Allahu Allah has been you know, while it's been a poodle Bina Allahumma

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Tiago Rama Nina Yara, anime, Allah Missoula Ginetta for those who are already in this having what has happened in other words of normal Africa, have you been on every impermissible audio cinema? A lot of modifying and while I know about your anatomy Allahumma couldn't manage one enough equally McCann Allahumma so while I mostly mean if you call him a Ken was sort of one of them Salafi if you call him okay, well

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similar How have you been whenever you know hello I used to have a dream