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Road to Return #00 – Intro

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Yahya Ibrahim

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transgressions, all of us have them and all of us want to limit them. And all of us need to learn how to return to Allah Subhana Allah once committing them, it's only the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that can remove it permanently from our records. It's an incredible journey that I seek to set upon with you in understanding what are the common transgressions, sometimes ones that we are not as attentive to as we should be. And some of the things that can add as small minor errors, to become the size of mountains of sins, in our scale, on the day of judgment, I hope in sha Allah through this journey, that we can learn the important lesson that Allah Subhana Allah sent out

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to be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with to teach us how to pick ourselves up once we've stumbled, and how to return to Allah, even if it is one step at a time. I hope in sha Allah that you will share with me in this journey, as we discussed transgressions, how to avoid them, and how to return back to Allah from them. So that we can be from those who rejoice and be called by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as those who he loves, in Allah how your head would tell where been where your hibel Matata hearing. Surely Allah loves those who return back repentant to him. He loves those who returned to him in purity.