Tom Facchine – Muslims Are People of Process

Tom Facchine
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As Muslims, we are people of process, we have to be people of process, because we can't control the result. And that goes with just about everything, all we can do is make our sincere intention, correct our orientation, and then take the requisite action, do whatever action makes sense and as likely to produce the result that we want. But then we have to let it go at that point. We can't follow it past that. If Allah wants that to happen, he's going to make it happen. And if Allah doesn't want to make it happen, guess what, there's no possible way it's going to happen. And this is, you know, in so many Hadith the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam was riding with him and Ibis. And

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he says, Get, he's gonna give us some advice. And one of the last things he says to us is that if the whole world got together to hurt you, or to harm you, they're not going to be able to do anything to you, except if Allah had already willed it to happen. And if the whole world everyone in it got together to help you in some sort of way, they're not going to be able to help you at all, unless it was something that Allah subhanaw taala already willed or already decided was going to happen. So we have two major theological problem or a hang up that a lot of people have is getting too focused on the results, we want the results so bad, or a certain type of results so bad, that

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we're willing to beg, borrow, and steal, and cheat, to win and do whatever it takes to get that sort of thing. And sometimes the end is a good thing. Sometimes you want someone to become a Muslim, sometimes you want somebody to start praying again, sometimes you want good things, but the ends don't justify the means in our religion, or in our faith, right? And we need to recognize the limits of our own power, and not in a way where we're just like, oh, well, if they didn't, if they weren't guided by my actions, then their heart must be sealed and they must be in hellfire. You know, see you later sign our sucker. No, it's not like that. Right? You know, you're a human being, you've got

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your flaws, maybe it's you, maybe you're the problem, right? But but to put that to the side for a second, we have to have this sort of peace with the results. We know that we have, we're responsible for Orient, orienting ourselves with sincerity and taking responsible action. And after that, there's nothing you can do, right? And everything's going to be sorted out and the Day of Judgment, who is sincere and who wasn't sincere and who was neglectful and who wasn't neglectful, right? But everybody just has to try their best

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