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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother. Yeah, hey, Brahim, continuing our Islamic q&a Alhamdulillah This is brought to you by Islam channel and I pray the loss of panel which Allah continues this Blissett service makes us tools and conduits for good and carries righteousness through us and our actions towards others, that it cascades into our communities into our cities, towns, and countryside a lot. I mean, it's your brother, yeah, Brahim coming to live from my home here in Perth in Western Australia. May Allah subhanho wa Taala connect our hearts even though we may be distant from each other physically a lot more. I mean, I'm going to receive a few more of

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your calls in sha Allah and if you have your calls, please do queue up. I know at times, it can be a little bit of a wait, when we pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes it easy for all of us, Allah. I mean, I did want to continue with the overarching theme of our discussion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where we said as Muslims our commitment is into his lifestyle. His habit is our attitude towards him. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is one of deference, love, obedience and care and compassion for everything that he has brought towards us that we seek to carry it forward towards others Allah Ameen. May Allah make us complete and true followers of the tradition, the sooner and

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the habit and the lifestyle of our interview Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we spoke about making our Sadat Salomon de Rue de Palma prophets, I send them about being from those who accept what he has arrived with, and it will being those who emulate practice and seek to take on the habits of the prophets. I seldom, most importantly inwardly so that they can begin to show outwardly, in our attitudes, our lifestyles, our words and deeds a lot. I mean, number four, I did want to speak about the importance of us, rejecting that which seeks to tarnish the image of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so Pamela, ever since the life of the prophet SAW Selim,

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there has always been those who have accosted, insulted him to himself and the prophets who came before him to their faces as well. It is a tradition of the people of righteousness, to need to learn to put up with the ridiculous assertions, the mistaken understandings the aggressiveness and the ignorance and insolence of those who reject the truth, and it causes within them an agitation towards the believers and those who are a man's and leaders of the righteous. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a person who had people who would say to him, that he was a wizard or a sorcerer, that he was one who was possessed that he was one who was unable to,

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you know, produce miracles that were tangible for them in the way they wanted it rather than what Allah sought for them to have. They wanted to have him bring down gold and jewelry from heavens and make the angels be seen and to display God in his reality. Allah Subhana Allah Harsha work Allah May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from arrogant and ignorant hearts, Allah Ameen. But what we see in the habit of the prophets I send them was that his response was always measured by the divine revelation of a loss or penalty, and a loss and sends us and orders us to act in the way that his prophets I send them with nurtured and taught to act. Allah says in Surah tosylate indefatigability

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here Asad push back in towards those who have accosted you insulted you sought to harm you in a way that is more gentle, more peaceful than what you have received for either lady Bay nikka where he never had our perhaps between the one and you there is animosity, the one who has hatred for you can be leveraged and turned into a close and vowed protecting friend pay the lady Reina kawaii No, I know I can never well you and Hamid Subhan Allah, the prophet Isaiah lips whole life was an example of showing beauty when others showed ugliness. His example was one of mercy when others showed excess oppression and injustice. I want to be your son Lola, while he was selling them was the

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standard bearer, the flag carrier of being of those who ordered righteousness and justice even if it was to be committed against one

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A one's own self. Allah tells us in the Quran Subhana Allah to Allah, Who knew our mean and his daddy Shahada a bit of crispy whenever Allah unforeseeable, be upright stand up for the truth and justice and speak a straight word, even if it may be that it is against your own self, the prophets of Allah while he was setting them standard of morality, and ethics is unblemished and untarnished. Even with the innuendo, the slender the insults, and the lies of those who lived in his time. And those who came after not having met him Salalah while you were selling, our job is to defend the profits, I sell them in the way that he defended himself, not to go to access not to go to extreme

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not to practice injustice, not to be of those who are rebellious, and of those who go beyond the limits set by him sallallahu Sallam one of the great principles talked to us through his action. So I sell them is that you cannot make a wrong right by committing another wrong, you cannot make something right. That is wrong by doing wrong to try to make it right. two wrongs do not make a right as a part of our faith. It is only through willful intentional, rageous conduct as sooner centric practice, that we can bring happiness, peace into the world. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala inspires our heart to that which is pleasing to Him and makes us from those of who are

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spreaders of righteousness amongst our fellow man, Allah whom I mean, number five, from the traits of the prophets I send them and in us being upholders of this Kelly map, la isla de la and as we speak today, Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being willing to sacrifice herself for it. The Sahaba they used to have this really famous state where they we say feedback at EBI, we're omiya rasulillah. me my father, my mother be rents and be sacrificed to bring you protection or safety or messenger of Allah. In fact, on that fateful day of hubbub around the Allahu anhu, I thought, one of the great companions of the prophets I send them who's about to be executed

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wrongfully unjustly by the people of Quraysh. As he was about to be called forward, he was mocked and he was told, would you not have preferred that Mohammed was in your place today? Rather than being with his family away in Medina safe and sound while you were about to pero? Would you rather trade places with him? hubbub, he said, love Allah? No, by my Lord Almighty. I would rather be here where I am facing what I'm about to face. And then the prophets I send them is where he is, and that I can prevent a thord from touching his skin sallallahu it was.

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This was the love of sacrifice of Sahaba. And you and I, today might think, well, how can I sacrifice of myself, for the prophets, it said, well, sacrifice for the things he sacrifice for he sacrificed to protect the poor. So sacrifice from your wealth, to change the life circumstance. If somebody could be even a family member, that you eradicate their debt. You'll help them get themselves organized and ready for marriage. You assist them with their student fees or with accommodation, that you're a person who will sacrifice it's not something going to be easy. It's not something that's readily available. Money doesn't grow on trees or rain down from the heavens, but

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because you love the prophets, I said live and he would sacrifice for others, you can sacrifice in accordance to his tradition. You can sacrifice from your body, that you wake up in an early hour when others are asleep and stand even if it is just to rock out to honor Allah Subhana Allah as the Prophet was ordered Kumi Lila Lila, stand about few hours in the night sacrifice for son Lily Rob Baker, one house sacrifice through your worship of Allah and sacrificing and being devotional to him so kinda went to Allah sacrifice by offering the band to Pamela we have the month of July hedger coming now all of us are getting our little band ready. May Allah Subhana Allah allow you to fulfill

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it on behalf of your household and your family. Allah amin sacrifice of your time, my dear brother, my dear sister, you see that somebody needs help somebody is in a place and it's just as simple as you walking to the hospital visiting them in their home, caring for them good news, assisting them in one of their concerns, looking for a job, not because you're in need, but the

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Because somebody else is looking, seeking for them good as you would want others to seek it for you sacrifice from your free time in the betterment of other people's life. And you will see that Allah will enrich your home, your household, your family, and all that those that you love, on a consequence of that sacrifice of yourself in love of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by doing what he recommended, even though your desire may oppose it, even though you may want something, but you know, it's not entirely right. And you've had it and you've experienced you feel, you know, this is something you've you've held on to it could be any legitimate relationship

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or a sinful practice or something you viewed or ate or heard or invested in. But then you hear the prophets I send them has forbidden or has recommended against, now you can sacrifice of yourself from that thing you desire and want to go towards that which is purity, and the way of righteousness sacrificing for the Prophet sallallahu it was, that is what distinguish the Sahaba from us. See, the Sahaba were people were willing to make material sacrifices for their love of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and we are those who seek to emulate them in that regard. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us

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in the Quran

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he tells us that righteousness lace and Bill and to when you would you happen to be a little better if I weren't Muslim. righteousness is not that you're tearing your face and your prayer from one side to the next and you know you're doing so many acts of well our kingdom Robin and Avila he will your

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righteousness is that you'll have a commitment in your heart, in your belief in God and the coming of the next day.

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Right you believe in the books of the Scriptures you believe in the novia, Mohammed, salah and he was selling and that entails that you follow his methodology and are willing to give up so that you can be from those who are counted by him. Allah says in the Quran in the verse it sort of Allah abroad, which is referred to by their own ama as a to link to Han the verse that is of the test where Allah tests us. And Allah says, say to them in quantum to a boon Allah factor be Rudy say to them if you are truly those who have committed themselves to believe and a light for God, then Follow me Follow my example sacrifice from all things to be one of my people, for Debbie Rooney,

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follow me not follow the Word of God Follow me. So a lot of you are saying that you have been qumola in turn because you follow me. Your Lord would love you to have had went to Allah, we ask Allah to love us and that we love the things that it dearest to him the drought of the Prophet that would which was also made by our Prophet Mohammed I sell them it's so powerful Allah in the Erica hope back Oh Allah, I asked you I beg of you, I beseech you, to grant me your love will hold them at you a book and the love of those who love you will help Bella Hamel and the love of the actions and leather you're currently booney illa phobic that will draw me nearer. Oh Allah, to that which will

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be loved by you. Oh a lot. Make me more love to you and make my love for you. more important to me than even a sip of cold water shovel but embeded Allah I mean, look at that drop of the great prophets of Allah. Sacrificing of yourself is one of the great hallmarks of commitment to our nebbia Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we pray them lots of kinda went to Allah, grant us clarity, in our attitudes, in our habits, in our behaviors, in our commitment to the prophets I send, and finally in sha Allah, as we get ready to take some more of your calls in holding on to that Kelly ma of Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to recognize that the prophets I send them was

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always meant to depart us. And that his departure is one of his miracles sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that even though the Prophet left us alone, he was selling physically, his lifestyle remains alive today, that you and I today, when you and I stand in front of Allah, and say Allah Akbar, we judge the movements of our prayer, not according to what other people do, but according to what the Prophet did. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam suddenly will come around to Mooney Sunday, pray as you've witnessed me pray sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I've never been honored to stand behind the prophets. I said, Let me pray or in real life, but I've been honored to be led in prayer by those who learn

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from those who learn from those who learn from those who learn from those who learn

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All the way back from the prophet SAW Allah Allah, you know, face faith on the earth today, you can ask your Christian friends, you know, just go up to you know, you know somebody who's a devoted Christian and say, Can you show me how Jesus prayed?

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You know walk up to a one of your Jewish friends said, Can you show me exactly how how rude Aaron prayed or how Moses prayed or how David prayed. Where did they put their hands? How do they, they have prayers, but they're not scripted in accordance to the actions of their profits, the words of the Prophet, there are things in it that have been added by people who have come thereafter. Ask a you know somebody to make, you know the prayer that Jesus prayed in the language that Jesus actually prayed it not in a translation from a translation of a translation, and you will see therefore the value of having been given what we refer to as the tsunami of the Prophet Mohammed, Salah when he

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was selling. Let's begin with our callers in Chatelet we have a caller on the line SLM. Why do you want to live in market?

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probably good to hear from you, my brother while he was set out what

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if you're outside, it's our fault. If you miss

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when you come home, and you're into the time for the next prayer, do you have to do the mist prayer first? Or

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cover the

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I have understood the question. Let me take the first question my brother and then I'll get you to continue with the second one in Shama. So for the first question, I would rather is asking if somebody has missed their prayer, for whatever reason, a valid reason. And then they are coming to pray to make the football or to read to to do the prayer that they've missed in its proper time. But the next prayer has entered which prayer should be done first. Now, in fact, there's no Hadith of the prophets, I send them that kind of cuts through this. But we do have statements from the Sahaba. And they are contradictory in one sense or another. But the general consent and the general

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understanding of their own ama is that the prayers should be done in the order that they have been delivered to us by a lot. And if the next prayer has time before it comes to an end, so just say, you know, you you've missed those. And it's now just now the time for us all to Lhasa, and there's still another three hours for us to go, then you should pray your prayer first in your follow up and make your adaptive comment for us and pray the awesome in there after because you have time there after each block. Can you go on with your second question my brother has

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close to the end.

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So if you're close to you, and and you fear that you will miss another prayer, then pray that one first.

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Right. So you don't want to if you can prevent missing the second one.

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And also for

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this period, I learned that you know,

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previous years and wiped out as well. If we do certain things, I'll be grateful if you can highlight that

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scar car and what sort of price we can do to achieve and attain maximum reward in

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10 days.

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Just like a martial law. Thank you for that my brother.

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The other brothers asking what are some of the ways that we can earn reward in these coming last few days of little Florida and into the ledger? Allah subhanho wa Taala says well fed you Well, I added ash by the Breaking Dawn and the 10 blessing night. In fact, the 10 days of the ledger, the first 10 days of the month of the ledger, which will be coming up soon. The next coming couple of weeks. They are the most important days of any time in the year. Some even say that the worship of Allah in the 10 days of the hijet is even greater than Laila to the Father itself which had a defined amount but these days are that are left open to Allah Subhana Allah His generosity. Well who is joette He is

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the most generous to Hannah who went to Anna.

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There is a talk that I will be giving and Siobhan you can follow along on my social media streams as well, where I will be talking about earning the reward of hedge while remaining at home. So Pamela, there is a way for you and I to earn the reward of hedge

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Even though we're prohibited due to, you know the medical illnesses and Coronavirus, and COVID at the moment, ask Allah to remove the harm and to protect our homes, our communities, our countries above my mean. And those of us who have been regular and have been have been blessed with Hajj and crave to return to HUD. You know, you can earn the reward of Hajj even though you stay at home. One of the simple ways Subhan Allah is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and I'll talk about this inshallah, in the coming weeks as we get closer prophets, I seldom said that the one who goes to the masjid and praise in Japan, they arrived to the masjid for jamara and they prayed with

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the Imam. And then they sat for so long to failure. They prayed in Jamaat for Salatin fetch, and they sat in the masjid until the sun rose, making mention of Allah. They weren't either with chit chat or on their phone. They were men making mention of Allah, they earn the reward of had Allahu Akbar about tamma tamma completely, completely, completely sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's a beautiful thing to hear from our newbie, peace and blessings be upon him. What are some of the ways that we can earn great reward? Well, one of them is to maximize our charity. And it's not about quantity. Rather, it's about quality, what your heart intends, who you seek out to bless preparing

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the little band that you seek to prepare, making sure that your your wealth is Hillel that you spend from halaal and you feed others from parallel. All of those are ways that you galvanize and get greater and greater reward in these final 10 days, in these 10 days of the ledger that are up and coming to us as we prepare for the hedge. The third thing that I wanted to leave you with, because it's such a wonderful question coming for you, my dear, dear brother, may Allah reward you and make easy all of our affairs above. I mean, the the third point that I wanted to make is that the greatest way to connect with Allah is by connecting with others, and many people they make they

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forget this, Allah subhana wa tada puts other people between us and him as tests in life. So if you want a positive relationship with Allah, try to have a positive relationship with your family, with your husband, with your wife, with your children, with your aunt, with your mother in law, your sister in law, because how can you ask a law for kindness and forgiveness when you are unwilling to provide it to others that are near you, and you are not one who is more aggrieved than others in life? Allah subhanho wa Taala receives from us so much insolence and so much sinfulness. And yet he is our rock man over him. And we asked him for his mercy. Subhana Allah, The least you and I can do

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is humble ourselves to the majesty of Allah, humble ourselves, in our treatment and in our behavior of others. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned to us that Allah said were Jabba mahad Betty, my love is compulsory is obligatory is a must, for who, for two people, to have bad feedback for two people who loved one another, only for Allah. Now you and I, we miss understand this heavy Oh, I love my children. I love my wife, my husband, my father, my mother, know, what's being spoken of is to love someone only for Allah because there's no other reason that would make you love that person, to be able to go and look past those who are unlovable, and to show them love

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and compassion and care. That is a measure that leads to gender. So when your heart closes towards an individual, remember that Moses, you know Moosa hated for the pharaoh is the one who pushed him out of Egypt would have murdered him if you hadn't fled unjustly.

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And on that day, Moses said, rubbish rally Saudi all open my chest meaning, heal my heart. Allow me to believe in this mission that I can carry forward in the truth in life. May Allah bless your days and your night and bless you as you come in as you go and those who you interact with with how you I look forward to seeing you every Wednesday 7pm UK time at 12pm UK time in Sharla. Your brother your Hey, Brahim was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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That is,

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in a law you you're most moody

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Sup everybody. Welcome to life