Yahya Ibrahim – Road to Return #01 – Submitting to God

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of submitting to orders and not completely understanding why we may be caught up in a world where we are conditioned to be complete. The speaker also talks about the importance of being a person who submits to Islam and not just a means of acceptance. The importance of avoidingiber and not learning to be complete is emphasized.
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Islam is submission. And that's something I never want you to forget. The essence of our faith is not just something that we hold in our heart or feelings that we have towards Allah Almighty, rather EDIS a pathway of obedience, acceptance, and willing to submit to the orders of a loss of Hannah hota Allah, following the tradition, the Sunnah of his Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even when it seems that we don't completely understand why

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as you begin to mature and as you begin to mature, not just in age, but also in your understanding of life in your world experience, and as you begin to progress through some of the challenges that will definitely face you, you will grow to see some of the greater wisdoms of why Allah Subhana Allah has put certain structures in place for us. The over arching verse that we use as a guidance in this regard is that a law tells us in sort of Moloch, which is the 67th chapter of the Quran, Allah at the moment chanukkah wa, who will Latif will Javier is not the one who is the creator, most acquainted and knowledgeable of what his creation means. And he is the most complete in subtle in

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understanding of all of their matters. And therefore, it's almost as if you must assume within yourself you might not and must hold as a part of our belief that Allah Subhana Allah did not ask us to do anything haphazardly. chaotically and without purpose or reason or design. Equally. Allah did not ask us to stop at a certain point, and not transgress to cross over a boundary to go beyond where we should, except that there's a reason even if we're not yet able to understand it, and Subhanallah in my young adulthood as I proceeded and I'm getting older now Masha Allah, May Allah give all of us a good life and good health and good experience. As you begin to proceed in life you

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begin to see some of the great wisdoms in that which Allah Subhana Allah has demanded of us. Allah tells us in the Quran, we're called to semia. And we're Aparna that the instruction that we find in following the companions of the prophets, I sell them following the Sahaba of rasulillah. So I sell them that one of their greatest keys to success was that they were those who would say semir. Now what Aparna semina means we hear, but it means more importantly, we understand semia and I alumna I for him now that we understand we, we learned and we now comprehend what is important for us to do, what altana meaning we put it into practice. And therefore one of the most important rules in your

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life is to be a person who makes their Islam about submitting their will, their love, their fear, their hope, their everything to Allah, Allah tells us in Nakuru and to the prophets, I send them to conveys to us whole say to them in nasai 30, that all of my devotions and prayers when new Suki all of my rights of sacrifice and my rites of worship, when the Yeah, yeah, well, my Mati Lila, everything in totality of my life, and everything into my death is only for Allah, luxury color. I've submitted to Allah in that regard. Allah says to the prophets, I send them commending him to let us know that he is ordered to be the first person to submit to Him in Surah. Zoomer Allah

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Subhana. Allah says, Call me O'Meara to an abu allah mccollister nodine tell them I've been commanded to obey Allah, and to be sincere in my devotion, seeking only him, were all able to and I've been ordered an akuna Oh, well and muslimeen to be the first of those who submit as a Muslim to Allah, who was a macromol Muslim on Allah. So Allah muslimeen Allah is the one who referred to us as the believing people who gave themselves in submission to him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala orders us the Hulu facil McAfee to enter into submission to attain peace in its entirety, not halfway, not half step, not the things that are easy for us to do and avoiding the others not learning only that

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which were able and wanting to engage in and which fits our lifestyle and

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Ignoring other things, being a person who is complete in their submission to Allah is of the greatest ways for you and I to avoid transgressions and to lead ourselves to a path of righteousness.

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