The Sins of The Summer

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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the benefits of themonster time during the summer, including distraction from traveling late and opportunities to miss important events. They stress the importance of planning flexible and avoiding harm, avoiding job-related embarrassment, and being aware of one's body to avoid giving false information. The success of hip hop and the importance of not disobeying someone is also discussed. A call to action is given for young people to be up to them and receive their prayers.
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how are you?

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam O Allah Milena ba bada Who Am I bad or praise you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is lost on Final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters, as we entering the summer, and I guess we all feel it.

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Summer is a time that not only a plenty of time for our children who get off school, but even those who don't have children's, those even who don't go to school anymore, they still feel the summer and they feel naturally because the whole entire society around them feel this is summer, this is vacation time, this is a relaxing time. And it became a lot of time on our hands. And since we have a lot of parents, a lot of young people listening to my show today, I decided to talk a lot about summer a little bit. And from an angle, which is unfortunate. A lot of people during the summers unfortunately don't use this time and utilize it in a way that will benefit them in the after.

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Rather, actually they use it in a way in a way that it will harm them in the

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end, it will be against them in the AHA and that's very sad, and very unfortunate. We notice in the summer, certain sins and and

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increased during the summertime.

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And we know we noticed from ourselves and from neighbors from friends, that there are certain mistakes are often committed and sins often committed during the summers more than other times. So I hope that this will be a reminder for each and every one of us. And I guess one of the most clear one and most common one, in my opinion, is leaving the obligations. So many people because they are so distracted by traveling distracted by watching in the night staying late in the night that they basically missed the obligations and on the top of these obligations will be Assad. You will see the young man and one young woman out people will travel and they will miss Salah Salah they will not

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pray on time and they will stay late in the night and they will miss celestial fudger they will be distracted with the moon in the gym exercising and also is done was done and they will be completely missing one Salah after another. So many of the obligations are neglected during the summer because when people get distracted, they go to the beach and they go have a good time. But guess what the Salawat are, you know messed and that's something that should not be

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something that we take it lightly. Allah subhanho wa Taala said where you lil mo Selena Latina humann Salah teamster Hoon Allah premise a great deal of punishment for those who will be forgetful.

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About the Salah, those who don't care about the Salah, and let me tell you, crystal clear sleeping is not an excuse for you to miss the Salah. If, if you're sleeping is basically combined by negligence. If you don't put your alarm, if you don't sleep early, if you know that you're going to stay until 2am, then you go to bed, you're not going to wake up at 450 or five o'clock to pray fragile. It's gonna be almost impossible. If you go to bed 4am you're not going to be able to wake up to pray fragile. So that means there is no excuse to say I was sleeping out what at afraid of unknown there is no, no, I'm not. And I will not be accountable for missing something due to

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sleeping. No sleeping here. It is something intentionally you ignoring? Or you're not taking the preconscious under requirements. Yes, sleeping is an excuse. If you put the alarm you tried to sleep early. You ask someone to wake you up and you didn't wake up. And guess what you wake up while you have that regret in your heart that you missed the Salah. You know, I forgot about a lot of love. Yeah, you forgot about that a little bit. You know, if you're going to go watch the movie in the theater, after awesome, you're not going to be able to pray mount up, are you going to miss us a prayer.

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You need to organize your time and to make sure that Salah take precedence over all these activities that you do. So this is something that is important to be our day. Some be basically based on the follow up the five daily prayers.

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And same thing people go to, you know, weddings in the summer a lot. And during the weddings, a lot of these obligations also neglected. And some of the sons are openly done. Like for example, the hijab, or discounted in the summer discounted in the weddings, and neglected the rules of it. Just because it's a wedding wedding is not an excuse for that seeing the harm increased by watching what is haram and listening to what is haram, the gathering that it has gathered. And in it so much gossips, lying, backbiting, you know, also the issue of cashville I want the issue of not covering are our men and women during the summer, you know, going to the beach and wearing these shorts where

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it shows your thighs and show your you know, the lower part of your abdominal area, these are part of your hour shouldn't be covered

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it the hour of the man and just from the navel all the way to the knees or some scholar said at least some of the some of the scholars debated over that. But you will find everybody said, the thigh area that surrounding the private part, an area must be covered. So that at least a part is something that agreed upon from the navel, not from the you know from the area of your private part or wherever you're, you know, swimming trunk. s. And the same thing with sisters, also the issue of the hijab and the issue of covering your hour in public, it is something obligatory, and leaving the obligations assent.

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Also, in the summer, a lot of young people want to go to work, looking for a summer job. And there is I know a lot of you guys in high school. And that's a good thing that you look for a job. But you have also to consider something important. Is this job halaal or not Hello? Is it allowed or not allowed? And I know that are you going to grow up soon and you graduate from your college. And this is will be something a challenge that you have to deal with. But it cannot be completely ignored. Like one young man was talking to me about the job. And I said but this job had he said, Oh, is this how I'm in jobs? It's not even register in the mooches. Okay, that he doesn't know she doesn't know.

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But something that is also often been seen if young people from now where they necessarily work because of necessity work because of necessity from now money is more important the rules.

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What do you think when you grow up? They will do?

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What do you think when we get older the case will be

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so that's another thing that you should ask. You know, there is a hamdullah flexibility in our Deen but ask consult, go to someone of knowledge said shuffle, Brahim, shift command shift. What did you know? Can you tell me if this type of job helot that's what has 123 things which is I know it's not right. But what can I do? What does

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The requirement for me if I want to take this job, so they will give you the answer, they will tell you the solutions how to deal with it. But the complete negligence or not caring about halal and haram that's not correct. That's not the right course of actions.

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It is a great problem and it's a big problem. A big problem when people they have no respect for the rules when one sin after another, leaving one obligations after another, and it becomes something natural, something normal, something not a big deal. See Sahaba della animun once they miss the future, they wake up angry and sad at themselves and they will crying in tears but when somebody has doesn't care anymore

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doesn't even care about it.

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You know when it became feasible neutral assess, it doesn't hurt any more that you know what, I saw something How am I touched something hold on? I said something Hold on. These is no Neff slow, warmer, there is no you know, accountability.

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That's way way more dangerous than the sin itself. And this happened usually because when people ask Allah Subhana Allah said in the Quran,

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Allah how Papa dirty man akula total Dune and in.

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In these two verses Allah explained to us why people do such sin. Why people disbelieve why people break the rules. It's because the nor no respect, no fear from Allah subhana wa tada and Allah tells us in the Quran, when you have zero qumola when EFSA Allah warning you about himself. Warning you see don't come into dev gender zero I didn't know nothing anybody tell my servants any analog order Rahim I'm the most forgiving and most merciful that said know what another be who and I dabble in. And also my punishment is the most severe punishment.

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The one who enter a woman and Jenna because a dog that she provided water to also the same one who entered a woman Hellfire because of a cat that she didn't provide food for.

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One of the reasons that people also have this kind of feeling of you know, not caring it is because people always try to click play tricks and games, it to highlight Mohamad short cuts, cutting corners, you know, they're not serious, they trying to find any way to break the rules, any excuse to break the rules. I never forget one of my teachers

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who shaved his beard, he shaved completely. He was teaching us

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in college Sharia.

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And somebody asked him a question. We're studying, then the issue of growing the beard. So somebody asked him to the straightforward. He said, Jeff, what's the ruling and shaving the beard? He said head on.

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Everybody. When we looked at him, I remember first eucalypts shehryar. Everybody looked at him and he said something I will never forget

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panamericana Ember he lived in sunny and yajima Urbina. So it'll call you a tsunami.

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You don't combine between doing bad and saying What is wrong?

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If I'm doing something wrong, I shouldn't also say what is wrong and change the rules.

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I had met.

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You know what, that's that person. That is a great hope for people like that. You know, I know that I'm not perfect. I know that's wrong. And I'm working on myself. And I'm serious and honest and sincere about that. But those who tried to find all kinds of excuses, you know, finding riches justification for lying, for cheating justification for their sins by saying, you know, whatever excuse that they can come up with, and one of the common excuses. That is enough, Najib and Allah and zelicah Mashallah, a year later found enough under Al Quran was sin a lot of al Qaeda if it's been nice enough, Saba

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Allah Subhana Allah made the Quran and Sunnah evidence to resolve the disputes. Now any matter of dispute is the reason for you or for us to dismiss the Quran and Sunnah. The opposite was shouted me Rahim, Allah have a very beautiful talk in his book and more of a part when he talked about a scholar who introduced that concept, as long as there is difference of opinions at

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Doesn't matter anymore his name Oh, so as you know, he wrote a very beautiful refutation to that idea that concept. Today many of the sins are become so easily committed because maybe

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maybe nobody speak up nobody give advice nobody say that's wrong it's starting from the parents when they see the children lying when they see the children doing the wrong things going all the way to you know to the community members going to the friends going to the virtual friends all the way

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Jeep somebody commit a son a sister that died she can decided to go on the Facebook take off her job to cover displaying yeah and even way more than a person who don't have a job like you know, part of her upper chest unlike kilo cotton like so. It's it's not someone Okay, that's my choice. Okay, no, no, there's somebody coming openly to challenge the community and feeling like you know what? I never do I'm proud of you that you make your own decision I'm proud proud of you ish

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that's that's not how does

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when a father see his son lying and he's uh, why are you being smart? cheating? Oh, you did good job. No, ma'am Sophia Sophia, both younger.

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And yonekura Baba on a bath. Safina 30 said, the people who gather drinking alcohol, it is obligatory upon themselves to tell one another by the way, drinking is haram.

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And as I said, that die

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in the tahirul Moncure will come when you say in your heart inhibition Sallam said change the monkey with hand with tongue and with your heart with heart Ganesh to hit the monkey heart Your hating of the monkey will not really change the evil practice that's right do not change but the point and in the base of solemn or odd bit of hearing bunkerville Allah urachal monka

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Inaba Sallam wants to make sure that when you have that feeling in the heart, rejecting the evil doing to make sure not because you're going to change the evil action No, because an obese person doesn't want that evil action to change you.

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So you keep your heart in the right place.

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When you see your your wife, your husband, your your family member, your community, you should speak up you should give the advice. We should as a community never cheer for someone who disobey Allah who do openly what is how long, just because they want to gain some political game or 10 seconds of fame. And we just cheer for them.

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We should not do that. What is wrong is wrong. And it should be we should say it in the right way in the right manners and the right time with all the wisdom.

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We couldn't one of the trick that people say they give things, different names just to, you know, mislead

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all these things, and how easy sins are today to be committed. made it so easy for people to be involved in the Haram. Make sure that you be aware of that. Don't ever underestimate the power of the minor sense. I know some people very aware of the big things major sins, but don't underestimate the minor sins no end with this interview. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he Kumu haka to the group for inadmissible Maha karate group committed Coleman nezu Bebop, neuadd infigen Adobe Rudin Weatherby Rudin Hector Gemma oma amber Joby HUBZone. Well in the Mahabharata do no matter how do we how Sahiba Sahiba to liko. He said Salah Salaam, the example of small minor sins is like when you go

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want to start a fight a fire, what do you do? You bring, you know, a small branch from here to eat from here, you put all them together, then you start a big fight. He said that's exactly your sends one here and one there until the gather against you until they will destroy you. May Allah Subhana Allah to protect all of us, eponymous me to mostofa Allah howdy welcome pistol fellow

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hamdulillah headhouse Allah salatu salam, ala Nabi abajo, that my brothers and sisters, one of the things that I noticed sometimes in social media, people post on the said,

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I'm free.

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I finally did it. I don't believe in Islam anymore.

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Somebody said, You know what, I took it off. And I'm okay. I'm enjoying my life. I'm not wearing Hijab

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But I'm still very happy my life. You know what I don't pray, I don't go to the mustard I'm not anymore doing all these things that you know they keep telling us if you disobey Allah you will have anxiety and you will have bad life and you will have all this things happen to you nothing. I'm like enjoying my life. I'm having the biggest fun of my life. I never felt that way for years.

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Have you ever come across people saying that online? People saying that all the time? You know what, I think that they're saying the truth.

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Check on a shockless right now I do. I do believe that's what's the saying is true. I don't think then at least good amount of them not lying.

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Hmm. Because Allah subhanaw taala told us that Allah subhanaw taala told us that a shepherd made a promise for those who disobey Allah and obey them. What he will do to them. Was the yen Allahumma shaytaan. oma, can we are Milan

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FM and Xena Allah who Sue Imani for Hassan,

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Cavalli kazoo unilin mustafina McCann we are Maroon Catholic is a young Nanakuli Medina Menachem

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was the yellow chef.

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In many verses in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala taught telling us that the shape and will make their sense scenes and feels so good. So relieving, so enjoyable, so much fun, so relaxing.

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And that's fair, that's fine. In the beginning, yes, they feel that. And that's one of his trip to pull them away from the straight path.

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But as those people later on,

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when they hit their 40s and their 50s

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ask them when they are at their deathbed.

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Ask them maybe even a year after that people are on different levels, you will never see the same answer.

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And we have millions of stories, millions of evidence that we can provide through history if people have reached the top level of fame, but unfortunately,

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things turned around.

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So for all these young people who listen to me are old.

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Don't ever let the ship on deceive you but that false feeling. May Allah subhanaw taala protect all of us and keep us on the straight path. Now last Mandela Hall will help us to always fulfill the obligations and to stay from the harem as much as we can. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us and our family and our parents to forgive our sins. Allah melphalan our home now if you know if Allah humans are earlier Okay, are you up to you? If you could leave McCann alone and so on equally McCann almanzora frequently McCann Allah modifiable man and mobile Amina if you could Lima can along with a module here lamalfa limit mininova Minato Massimino Muslim

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was so happy he was a limit lomita Sleeman kathira also Hello Maria. You know I've been and now and who shall fit and motherhood I mean how I've been to Hong Kong