The Cure for Ignorance & False Knowledge

Yahya Ibrahim


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My dear brothers and sisters at ITV in South Africa and Jazakallah hair for having me once again for morning rush, I'm honored to always visit with my brothers and sisters in the blessing land of South Africa, even though it is virtually until I meet you in person and gain a lot of money, amin, my dear brothers, my dear sisters, you know, I know I understand it's the first day back to school and there's that morning rush to get back to school. And

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I think that, for us, this is the cure of ignorance. And this isn't a word that I've coined up together into the default status. And therefore what I

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mean ability

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is in the right perspective, a form of infinite you put things in the right perspective, a form of infection, it's an illness that can grow from one community to the next from one permanency to the next for one person had this eloquence where he would say something really short, but I had a profound patients, the province I sell them, there was one of his companions who was traveling, he hurt his head, it began to believe in his cranium.

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And he regains his consciousness at the time, he is a logical person, he's a learned person, and he asked him a question he says,

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maybe I shouldn't watch her for my will do. Because if I uncover my head and watches it by Panda, they say to him know about,

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blah, blah, and they're in layer mammals or even pay you back you.

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Almost as in his understanding of that, as the way he died, as a consequence of return to the prophets like Selim, and they informed him of what had occurred. The prophets I send them was upset. He said Cthulhu they killed him

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to death request further ation and have

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been taught and studied and learned. How dare they think to access the word of a law simply by what they think rather than what they've been taught and studied and learned from the bonafide and the skilled amongst us to interpret. And then the prophets I seldom said the same sentence we begin this series with, in the dice lm said the same sentence, we begin the series with a lot quotes their questions. And they would say, Oh Allah, you are going to place Adam on this earth. And we know from the previous creations that roamed the earth from the gene and others from the knowledge you've given us, Larry and Milena, 11 and 10 of the knowledge you've given us that we understand that yes,

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because human beings are gonna lie and harm each other. Why Allah will you make them your halifa, who will inherit the earth generation after the next and Allah subhanaw taala says in the Allahu Allah to Allah moon, and therefore we have this understanding that there is knowledge that is certain to Allah. But other than that, it is knowledge that can be acquired and taught and studied and deliberated on and the prophets, I seldom have the first words that were given to a more Eco, read, deliberate study, understand this Milan, big in the name with the reason for the pleasure of your Lord and let the holla The one who has brought creation into being Buddhists in our Deen that

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the word caught up. And the word come from by

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Anders and the word I fill out. Our AI dev is not found in the Quran as a word, and the word hudec. It's used one time in a good context and one time in reprehensible context at one time in a praiseworthy context. And therefore, when we have this emphasis on our children, you have to have good luck. You have to have them. It has to come back to a place where we can find it. And if you look in the forum for that word, if you say where's the word? It's not fair. Does that mean that the forum does not teach us etiquette and manners and behaviors and you don't find the word holyoake in the Koran, but what you do find is that Allah shows us its meaning Why has Allah subhanaw taala

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spoken about?

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Not only me, you did manifest a lot of other things, ethics and morality and conduct What is this quote? You are from the Hulk of Allah means you are a creation, it's a physical outer being konak is the necessary internal mechanisms to make your external, righteous and therefore education for us is about bringing out the inside to the outside using what Allah has blessed us with, to bring about clarity clarification to how we use the tools and the narrow method.

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has given so hosting on kotak. And the importance of its relation to knowledge is important in Ms. She found the cure. Look at the word shift the cure to ignorance in Ms. Shiva, Elaine, so cute is to ask, why does this part of prophesize Ellen speak about a cure because an illness, it's an infection. It's one that goes from one to the next. And people can become infected with a bad idea infected with a false ideology, infected with something that goes against and it should never be infected with a treaty. And I believe that that isn't based on the doctrine that the Muslim Ummah in its entirety, past and present, have come to accept as representative of the truth of Allah and His

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messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teachings. But equally important, when a person is mind is not critical and thinking correctly according to the light of a law, and what we learn in science and maths and that and the things that are around us, it makes a person susceptible to acting out of their own violent, emotional moment, all of a sudden, something comes to your mind, and it comes from your toe to your head and you act upon it. There's no tangible and therefore even in knowledge, when we speak about the removal of ignorance, when we speak about knowledge, it's not just the word of Allah subhanaw taala. But it's everything that leads to it and the prophets I send

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them said, Allah would aim to speak out instead about on a path to acquire knowledge, or the law is an obligation and that could be a module in one bra for every man that couldn't be Muslim in one Muslim of every man and woman, men, a believer and a female or male, it's something that everyone is in need of the prophets, I send them in his Sahaba you had the wisest men and the wisest of women. You have that delight.

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Bob, I'm delighted that Bubba Sullivan, you have the eyeshadows in the center

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of the of the Prophet Mohammed Salim were represented at you know, in both categories of male and female, and that was encouraged from the profits by seldom Isha was a puppy, her and her Myra are the Allahu Allah manmohini, la, Mina, la he and Wilder who are open, I mean, so it's something really, really critical that we open begin to open our mind to what it is that we seek in life, what it is that we want, and what it is that we want to cure, and, therefore is a basis. But above all, there are levels of loss as well, could be the same for every there's a more prescribed kind of medicine, you find profits online, we'll sell them long gives us enough of an where he speaks about

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two of the most honored profits of a lot of thought and suddenly

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he was set up. And a lot of describes both of them by saying, well, could you add a new member in both of them, I gain wisdom, in judgment. And both of them had in both of them had wisdom as the in that comes from a lot as a novel. It's from Allah subhanaw taala.

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Yet a lot describes that there were a mess that would allow you setup. And the law says what I have now had Sulaiman, I gave him the discern ability, man, you're staying away from age, it's not about you know, life experience alone, there are a lot of enemies that general

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location. And you find that some of them

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they would even speak about those who did not

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sell them, although they

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are the upper class. And the fuqaha are the upper class. But within them there were some of them are the those who would rise heavy, who didn't really get any wood from some of the greatest of the band and who is apathy. And

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he would say about those who hadn't studied the hands I send them

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meaning he will perform

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the doctor

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that is being prescribed, powerful, powerful statement from the people

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around the same thought.

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And it's key to the illnesses of our society and make us from those who are representatives of kin of knowledge tradition of Europe we can learn a lot access to all of our students who are returning to their schools and their loss of Hanover to either make them as sorts of pie parents do or important. Cut off losses. I think our that is a part of our your inside show on our side as it

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A testament of our knowledge of the Koran and the tradition of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Once again I'm honored to visit with my brothers and sisters recovered on it. And may Allah to Allah join more honor to visit with my brothers sisters and convert it And may Allah or invite me to take on all of this. The left

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alone should do it

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some shallow