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The 2 Suras that protect from the evil Eye & Jealousy

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at the level salatu salam ala rasulillah sal Allahu Allah who either early he was happy he was sending him to Sleeman kathira to Brother Rahim with another Ramadan therapy, a lot of medical. This is Ramadan therapy number 15. And I thought I'd make it a special one. So hamdulillah we're going to take three schools of the art that are incredibly, incredibly important. And the three sutras are linked together chronologically in the order and they are the last three sutras and you obviously are smiling. You know which ones they are hula hula who had sort of floss, hula hoop or bill Fela color with a little bit now bidness. At the last two

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suitors have a combined name of Elmore with their time. The two suitors that we read to protect ourselves at dow would means I seek refuge and protection and more I'm with attain means that these are the two suitors that I asked a law for protection through it. Now, there's many Hadith about these two suitors about this great drought of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But a little bit of a background the Prophet is lm says, and this is narrated in many different books of Hadith, but of them the Prophet is lm says that the one who recites three times por la had Kula dorabella polara verbenas, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam names those last two suitors more I will

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attain it his statements Allah they will sell them, the one who reads Hola Hola, hola had one more I will be there tane Hina Hina tomb z where Hina to speak before you sleep. And when you wake up the prophets. I seldom Normally he would say about when you wake up and then when you sleep. But in this particular case, it's very unique. He says before you sleep and when you wake up. Now I want that perspective to settle in with you. The Prophet is making a prescription for you. He's writing a way of healing a way of settling your heart of removing jealousy or protecting yourself from anguish of having a restful sleep. One of the things that you need to do is before you sleep selasa Murat three

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times before you sleep is Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Gracias, horrible fella called arrow going bananas with a Nia of seeking the protection of Allah of seeking healing and therapy with a loss of Hannah with Allah tech fee coming coolish a look into the prophets I sell him he says this will suffice you from in all respects from all things this will be enough of a medicine enough of a healing enough of an increase in your bottlecap enough of everything. If you did it with that intention of seeking Allah subhanaw taala inwardly and outwardly. Now put a willow had the prophesize lm says in an authentic hadith tabula rasa horahan is equal to one third of the Orion which is powerful because a

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third of the total and is revolving around who is a lot and what does and what is a lot to us and that's what the whole suit was about putting who Allah had. say to them. He is Allah who is alone in his uniqueness. He is the one who there is no one like him to pan out with the ANA Allahu Sloman he's the one that all lean and rely upon them yet it was muted. He hasn't been forgotten and hasn't been introduced into this world has been a crate it hasn't been created. Well let me echo cufon add and nothing is like him Subhana Allah so Allah who had where he will add he is the one they alone the unique in His Majesty soprano with Anna and while we attain both sources are really incredible.

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And I invite you to go on to my YouTube page I've done a complete Tafseer of those two suitors that you can find in the plateless section inshallah I will add it there if it isn't in the playlist, but you can scroll through my videos and you will find that Tafseer of them it's also on my Facebook page in chat alive you go through the videos, but and why we detain there are two important aspects. The first surah is about the physical needs. What are the berbil fella mentioned we Mahalla on Joby hos woke up woman traveling a pathological alpha who has it in in the hazard. It's about things that people can do in the hate. It's about the the wrath of others the anger of others, it's a cloak.

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Therefore this sort of from then the other one called agreeableness, relatedness. It's about the power that Allah has given to other people in the dominion. So there is the spiritual things that we worry about the things of the movements of the heart, and for that other fellow cause for that, to blind the eyes that are jealous to turn away the hearts from craving what we have and to give them sufficiency and to give them blessing for not wanting and for Allah giving us protection in what we have been blessed with. And then coloratura bidness is the physical, the Lord of mankind, a law he knows the master of mankind Maliki naskila, he knows I mean, surely was was a harness from what

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troubles men in their chest from that unseen lurking devil who seeks to influence people to that which has caught on. So these two sources when you combine them together with Oklahoma law had, it's a

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faces you from everything. It gives you an uphold your toe heydon Allah Subhana Allah and removes doubts from your heart, it solidifies you if you contemplate it and study it. And then the two sutras is about your interaction with other people and the West was that within yourself and the envy of others outward to you. use them as a nuclear for yourself, for your family, for your children for your home, study their meaning and implemented into your life and process. Notice that the last two sources are linked together and the number 11 verses together. And they were used as a medicine by the prophets I send them that was prescribed to him by gibreel, in authentic hadith

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narrated by demandable had a Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he wasn't feeling well. And the prophets I seldom saw in his dream gibreel speaking with the angels, and they were deliberating What's wrong with him? And they said that this is a touch that has come upon him. It's an evil that has a seeking to bring harm to him. How does he do it? He should recite these verses and they recite them the angel jubilees taught the prophets I sell them and more I will attain holy Agricola bill Falak Mitchell Rama Hala puja certainly though often, women generally know that even O'Hagan Chara has it has it, that real and present danger of other people and their craving towards

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us and call out have been as many nurse Illa? Jimenez mean surely loss was a Hannah's that internal whispering that internal doubt machine that internal negation of that which we know is good? that precedes us that makes us jealous of others, coveting of others and envious of others and greedy for the things that we shouldn't be greedy for. In total, we must

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live us with Sophie. So Dora NASS, Minh and Jean Nettie, when asked that a lot protects us from the evil meanderings of the gene the unseen nefarious forces and those of the shale team of humankind, you know, a best friend who incites us to evil who calls us to that which is wrong, who invites us to that which is a committing of sinfulness and lewdness. May Allah protect us from both levels of devilish behavior alone. I mean, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it a constant in my life, especially before we sleep. And when we wake up that we join it with the idea of accuracy, the last few verses of abakada that we studied in the first two sessions, and these last three sources of the

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Quran, put them together as a medicine and increase upon it sort of alpha male lawmakers give us an opening between us and our enemies along the mean. Well, suddenly lahoma was sending was it what verticality. Now Mohamed made this Ramadan, Ramadan of health and therapy and prosperity. May Allah give us many more like it. A lot of them I mean, it's your brother. Yeah, hi Brahim with Ramadan therapy, number 15. was said I'm only going to lie on a couch