Musleh Khan – Prophetic Dua #06 For Every Aspect Of My Life

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The door in the Bible is a door that touches every aspect of life and offers the ability to pray differently. The trend of over-earthing in social media is also discussed. The importance of commitment to one's life and protecting from harem is emphasized. The importance of balancing one's life with the Prophet Muhammad's words and not giving up on one's feelings is emphasized. The segment also touches on the use of language to describe oneself and build a bond.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah barbaric so today's Dora is a little bit of everything for everyone. I know probably all doors are like that, but this is a door that touches every aspect of your life. So take a listen. This Hadith is narrated in Muslim and it is narrated by Zaid Ebner outcome or the Allah one, and he says, I will never say it to you, except the way it was taught to me by the prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, then he reads the door. He says Allahumma inni are all to be communal ages while castle Well, well, ball was jobina while harem why the bill cupboard, let's go through this one by one, okay. Because

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usually when I say the storm, I like to say it just in how I remember it. So sometimes it's not exactly in order and that's okay as well. Now the first point about this story is there are several versions of this Dora so the words or the wording is always mixed up like any signal Malik what are the Alamein? You know, the Hatim or the servant of the Prophet? It starts with saddam narrates the exact same Dora. But it's in a different version. And it's kind of summarized. This is the longest version that I found of this door, because it'll continue to there's actually three parts to it. So this is the first part. So listen to what you asked for. Number one, you asked Allahumma inni

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aerobic, Oh Allah, I seek refuge with You. So I seek protection with you from the following. Number one, Elijah's alleges is one of the words that we use to describe the elderly, but it specifically means somebody that's helpless. So why is the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam asking that Allah protect him from being helpless? Well, it doesn't just restrict now itself to old age, it also refers to just that Gen Gen state of not being able to do things for yourself. And particularly with respect to worship, like you can go into a real core on your own, you can go and pray on your own your own, you constantly need help from others. And you might be thinking to yourself, well, what's

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wrong with that, or you can pray differently, Phil allows us to alter our prayers to an extent to accommodate people who just can't pray, like how we normally do. The point here is it's about just feeling that sense of independence, that you can do it by yourself. And the way that you can understand this fully, is just talk to somebody that is restricted to performing rituals or doing the actions like everyone else, ask them how they feel about it. You know, most of the times they might say to you, you know, I feel fine, but I wish I could, but I wish I could make myself do longer, but I get a headache or you know, feel the blood rushing into my head and it gives me pain

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or something happens. So that's what the prophet Ali's little Psalm is asking. So again, the first point is about just overall decent, good health, that allows you to be able to not to depend on others to do things, that you're able to do those things on your own. Everybody wants that. And you know, even for myself, as I'm getting older, I'm starting to feel like these aches and pains here and there. If I'm going down for my sedge when I perform omona I start feeling it that it's it's coming it's there, you know, you're getting weaker, your bones are getting more frail. And no matter how much I'll exercise or tried to just keep myself as healthy as possible, with this door, cures

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all of that. With this, Dora will cure all of those aches and pains and I don't mean that you won't feel it anymore. But somehow Allah subhanho wa Taala will do one of two things, either give you the strength to do the things that you want to do for his sake, or help you to feel content in however, whatever state you're in, you're content with the fact that you're doing your best. So either or you still win in Shell number two, you ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect you from a castle castle is one of the words it's the most common word that is used to describe laziness and we talked about this word when we talked about some of those c fat or traits of the mafia * are hypocrites. And

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so that and they said Allah describes that one of the prime traits of the mafia Cohen is that they are lazy, particularly in worship, like the camo Illa sada whenever they stand up for prayer, Paul muku, Salah different versions of the same word, they stand up and they stand up lazy so you know what this looks like. It's just like a HELOC. And they're just kind of dragging themselves going along with the prayer.

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Like, when is this email, I'm going to finish this surah. And he's reading like in our clinical CalHFA, you know, and you're just waiting for things to be over, or you're listening to a talk and you're like, God, this is gonna be just painful. And it's only been the first seven, seven minutes of the talk, right. And unfortunately, this is a trend that even happens very commonly on social media.

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One of the new trends and people tell me this all the time, and I'm sure every one of you listening to this, you hear you hear this, people say this all the time, keep your videos short, keep your talks short, people don't like sitting there for 1520 minutes. Now, I'm not saying that everybody who doesn't want to sit for 1520 minutes and listen to a reminder is being lazy. I don't know people's lives and what they're up to, and how they can do that. Right? It's up that's between them. What I'm saying to you is the trend, it's the culture, that now this new wave of it's got to be short, 30 seconds, one minute. I mean, I don't know about anybody else, it's almost impossible. to

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really give a strong, meaningful reminder in that short amount of time, you might get across a point or two. And that's great. Anybody can do that in five seconds. But when we're talking about a reminder, that's wholesome, that's meaningful, that can take you from A to B, it's very selective in our Deen to do that, because why everything about over religion is so comprehensive, every Hadeeth every a as a matter of fact, not even an A every word in the Quran is so comprehensive, you could literally sit there and talk about it for hours and hours on end. So the point here is you're asking Allah subhanho wa Taala, that you want laziness to not be a trait in you not be something that

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people can associate. Yeah, that person when they start something, they get lazy, they don't commit to the end. I mean, you see this with a lot of classes and conferences and things like that, that go on for several hours, days, or even weeks or months, whatever the case is, that you start up with, like 400 students, but by the time four months later, you end up with maybe what 100 students, maybe 50 students, you know, like 90% of your class just quit for various reasons. Profit alley cycle, salon was mindful of this stuff. And the point here, so it's not just about laziness. It's also about commitment. It's also about that when you start anything that you follow it through, because

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why our Prophet Alayhi salat wa sallam always told us that the person who gives up shade line is at the other end, shade time is the one that makes us feel lazy. That doesn't mean that every time you feel lazy, just blame shaitan. for it, it also means that that influence that was so it's it's working on you, you know, it's actually influencing you, it's actually having an effect on you. So you want to try to prevent and protect yourself from that Westwater. But also that whole general idea of just being lazy in life, you don't want any of that you'll always want to be somebody that strives their best in whatever scenario, whatever circumstance number three, what a juvenile

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juvenile is, is more like the coward and this was important to the parf prophet Allah His Salatu was Salam is that somebody who had this trait of cowardice or you know, you are always afraid to take on a challenge and but particularly for the Prophet already slept with Salaam, when the battle was announced, he wanted those that he knew could be take part in an expedition or take part in a battle or confront the machete corn or the Portrush to actually do that to stand up to stand up for your religion. Now, our version of that is obviously we're not in battle anywhere, but we are in a spiritual battle within ourselves. So confront your own weaknesses, don't be a coward to your own

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weaknesses. So if you know you struggle in certain areas of stand up to it, confront it, if you know you have a problem, and you need to talk to somebody about it, you need to get counseling, you need to somehow get the help that you need, then go ahead and confront it. You know, every expert that you talk to, to help you navigate through problems in life, that's one of the first things they will teach you is you got to confront your fears. You got to confront your struggles, you got to be able to admit and stand up to and say, You know what, I have this problem. That's the first part of healing it. So the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam is asking Allah to protect him from the complete

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opposite of the person who was always in denial. The person is always rejecting none and I'm not like that. No, I can't be like that. No, no, I'm not going to go there. I'm not going to stand up for my Dean. I'm just going to go into somewhere now what alternate but not for a lot is profit, or least that was slumbered for everything else. Promised hourly slot wassalam as a load of protected from that

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continues, while borehole, borehole stinginess, we've already talked about borehole in previous episodes as well. But stinginess, again, is not part of the etiquettes of a believer, right? You do your best you do your best to be balanced in everything in life. Usually when we think about stinginess, a lot of people have this idea is that stinginess is a good thing in the sense that you know, you petty pinch everything in your life. You know, there's a show that actually just, you know, commercialized this whole attitude I think it's called extreme couponing or something. I was watching it uh, just a while ago, but it was crazy. Like, you know, people or Expo No, no extreme

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coupon It was called extreme cheapskates. It is what it was called. But it was crazy. Just some of the things that people go just the extent that people go to to save $1 to save a penny, you know, and some of the things were very extreme. But the point here is for a believer in the sight of Allah, Allah loves when you're balanced, it's okay to have nice things. It's okay to enjoy things. It's okay to buy. Once in a while you buy something expensive, you treat yourself you treat your family, whatever the cases, that's fine, just don't make that the lifestyle. And at the same time, the opposite. It's okay to watch your money. It's okay to save the Prophet alayhi salatu salam used

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to save so it's okay to do that. But don't just save in Penny pinching every little thing in your life. So that's the that's also the next thing that the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam asks Allah so in other words, you want Allah subhanaw taala to bless him with some sense of balance. Here's one interesting point about bull in this new era. Pretty much every companion was poor.

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Every single companion literally was poor. And the poorest of all of them was the leader himself. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the poorest. And this is captured in so many a hadith but one that stands out that's common is the one day the Prophet alayhi salatu salam went out after Lahore and Abu Bakar and the aroma of the Aloha and home saw the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam outside at that time. And so they're surprised because in the desert to come out after vocoder is literally the worst time because it's the hottest time of the day. So usually people stay under shade and they sleep they relax and they kind of Wade out that burning point of the day. So when they saw him, they

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asked me out also low, what brings you out at this time of the day? And the Prophet Ali said, well, actually prophets, I seldom asked them first What brings you guys out at this time of the day. So what they did is they lifted their garments, and to show the Prophet Allah subtle, some that they both had a strap around their stomach, a big rock, that they would tie around their stomach and squeeze, to sort of restrain the hunger because they were literally starving. And Abu Bakar in the middle of the long run, they both had these rocks tied around their stomach. So panela and the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And now they asked him the same question. And he sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam lives of his garment. And he has two rocks tied on his stomach. That's the leader is starving more than his followers. Now, with that being said, he is still asking Allah Don't make me stingy. If you were starving, to that extent, wouldn't you Penny pinch and watch every grain that you have? Every data that you own every fruit, every ounce of water. And still the profit is what was termed as SQL. Don't make me stingy. He has every right my point is he has they have every right to be stingy under still asking Allah, I don't want to be stingy. So Pinilla it's just amazing. So compare that now, to this day and age, you know, we'll have like a whole closet full of clothing

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will have a whole fridge full filled with food. And still still, you might open up the fridge one day somebody and be looking like oh, there's nothing to eat. You know, I don't know what to wear. You know, these are things that sometimes it's important to just take a moment and kind of think, what am I saying? What am I? What am I talking about? I don't have anything to eat. Maybe I don't have the things I prefer to eat. But man, I've got a fridge full of food. What do you mean, I don't know what to wear. I've got like 100 different outfits. So I just have to just be content and tell myself put on something and think about people that live off of one or two outfits their entire

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life. And then this beautiful Dora continues. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam asks a lot to protect him from well Haram. Haram is actually not Haram, with the hair held on with the hair. How dumb here is feeble old age, Prophet alayhi salatu salam asks Allah to protect him from that

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Does that mean that he's asking a lot to make him die early before he hits old age? No, it goes back to how this all started. When you're feeble, when you're old, you're dependent on others. You need others literally for everything to eat, to drink, to put you to bed, to change you to, quote, set take you to the washroom, all of these things. So the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam is also asking Allah to put that burden on others is just something that is difficult for that individual to accept. And also for the people around around you to do you depend on them. And all you have to do, again, just talk to people who do this, who take care of either their parents who? Well, by the way,

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you know what, let me put parents aside because there are separate rulings for that. So when you're taking care of your parents, and you know, you're nurturing them and helping them do these things, that's a separate scenario. There are special laws and rules for that the blessings for that are different if you do it for anyone else. But the point is, is it's as if the Prophet Elisa was putting himself in the shoes of these people who are dependent on others. And to put that kind of strain and pressure on others, he sallallahu ariosa just didn't want to do that. So he asked a lot. So a job to protect him from reaching to that point where he's dependent on others, not that he so

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he can die early, before he hits that period. So let me just tell you, an example of this is there are people who are in their 80s, who are in their 90s. As a matter of fact, there are even people who have reached 100. And they're still walking outside or running. As a matter of fact, I have a good friend who who is in his mid 90s, and he's just driving around, he's driving around, he owns a business, he's just going about doing his thing, just like any 3040 year old would do. So these are some of the things to just keep in mind that just because your number has reached that high, does not mean that your activity and your dependence has to reflect that age, you can still somewhat do

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many or most things on your own. Sure you have to change the method of how you do that, but you can still achieve those things. That's what the prophet Allah Azza wa sallam is asking for this. This duel continues, what are also becoming either bill public womanizer be now. I also seek refuge and protection with you from the punishment of the grave and the punishment of the Fire. And finally, this Dora concludes Allahumma acting new fusina taqwa herb, Zeki her antihero menza

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enter Whaley you have one more Willa her. So Allah azza wa jal teaches the Prophet talisa to serve to continue. Or Allah asked attina fusina taqwa give my neffs my heart and my soul, my inner you just might have spiritual inner peace. Give it telkwa decorada attina fusina taqwa give it taqwa and consciousness for you Zeki has decorated zakia or purified and to humans that

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you are the one that is the best in purifying and we've already talked about test kiya to neffs intense gear to Upolu the purification of the heart and the purification of the soul. Then he continues Allahumma inni eraldo became in a min Llanfair Allah or Allah, I asked you are overdue became in a lemon law. In fact, I asked you to protect me from seeking knowledge that has no benefit. Keep in mind, it does not say knowledge that is not Islamic, or Islam has something to do with Islam that isn't beneficial to me. profit out of socialism is asking for anything and everything that I hear. And I see and I learned, I just want the things that are useless. The things

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that might clutter my mind that have no benefit to me, oh, Allah protect me from that. This is very possible. You might be thinking, there's so much that we see and we learn and we absorb, how is that possible? Like, it's almost impossible to sift out the things that are of no benefit, actually.

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It's very possible. Try it for one day, focus on just the things in your entire one day 24 hour period that are useful to you and beneficial to you and see what happens and see if you're able to do so if you hear somebody talking about you know, something that's just useless to you, you know, you don't care about it, it doesn't do anything do is make you a worse individual or a better person. Try to ignore it and see where your attention goes. You know, these are some of the things that we're taught that it's impossible but actually it's very possible to restrict your time to things that are beneficial for you. And it's all about the commitment

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It's all about the total via the training process. You're able to do these things. The door concludes, allow me to narrow the becoming I'm in LA Yennefer. Woman, Neff, Sinhala, Yesh, Bear, woman, hello bill to share. Woman there were two legs the jab hula her. So the last couple of things you asked the last panel with either also for woman called bin Yoshida and from a heart that doesn't possess any fear for you or Allah protect me from that kind of heart. You know, maybe your actions don't show that you're conscious and you're afraid of Allah subhanho wa Taala Island, but your heart you get those like, you get that feeling of Oh my god, something just doesn't feel right. That's

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what you still want at the end of the day. So the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam is asking Allah

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protect me from the heart that doesn't feel that that doesn't feel sensitive, that doesn't feel for others that doesn't feel the guilt, the pain and the remorse we're supposed to feel so that we can develop love compassion for one another. And when you do that, when you focus and concentrate on your heart that way, then of course that would manifest into action. So that's the point and the wisdom behind that. So women coming nyesha woman Neff, Silla, Yash bar, and from a soul law, Yeshua that

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so Lashkar e eschborn means somebody that's filled like if you're fully for stomach is full, you can eat no more USANA you know, Yesh, Berra, and a cheban. I'm full I can't eat no more. So basically, you're saying to Allah is that you want from within to never feel full? To never feel as though you know what, I've had enough poor egg for today. I'm good. You know, had enough reminders. You know, I've heard enough lectures I've got I've got so much. I'm good. I think I'm I think I can just stay on cruise control for the rest of my life. Until I go. You don't want that. And this is the thing that what they're in does, it builds the sense of humility. The more you learn, the more you live,

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you realize, oh my goodness, how did I not know that? And this is what the mammoth chef Rahim Allah once said that the more knowledge he gained, the more he realized how ignorant he was. So panela that's Imam Shafi. You know, he as he continues to learn as you and I continue to learn, you just think to yourself, everything that you learn that's uplifting and beneficial to you. How come I didn't know that? Why didn't I didn't take the time to learn? That's where you want to be. So you want a neffs that never feels full and complete to the point where I don't need to learn that stuff anymore. And finally brothers and sister, woman Darla Tila, use the jab, Willa her, Oh Allah, we

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seek your protection from the Dora that you do not answer. Because we want you to answer everyone. And the thing is, remember the word Dharma? Dharma? Just one Dora? What are you asking a lot. And even if I don't pray, I don't fast. I don't do anything in my religion. But one day I say to myself, enough is enough. I gotta change. So you just make $1 in your own language, and you just say to Allah, Allah, could you just change me? Make me better? I mean, that's Darwin to Allah. And that one Dharma, or either solitary birdie or nifa, in the aquatic ouji Buddha, Allah.

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Allah says, I will answer. You just make one door just just do it once. And that's the condition you have to do it, you got to talk to Allah. But when you do that, unless this is just once, even if it's the first time that you're talking to me in the last like 10 years, so can you just do it, and I'll respond, it's incredible. So once again, this beautiful beautiful Dora. I know it's a bit long but it applies to everyone. these are these are the things that I appreciate. And this is this is what I look for when I select these doors to share with you is I try my best to select a door that I know can be meaningful to each and every individual that hears it no matter how much knowledge you

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think you have or don't have. No matter where you are in your life. This door is important to you. Because obviously we know that some doors concentrate on certain things and others are much more generic. But do eyes like this where they tap in to you in the most personal and intimate way. These are the doors that we want to concentrate on. Because what you do is you purify you first before you concentrate on everyone around you. What better way is there to build a wonderful family, a wonderful community and a better oma With that being said, Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us our doors. Those of you that haven't memorized this Dora again, I will post it I will post a link to

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the translation. I will post the Arabic country

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Allah with this video Bismillah hytera Allah so with that being said, I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala continue to teach us this beautiful Deen teach us some more of the prophetic traditions and doors of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, I pray that Allah azza wa jal accept our doors or Allah we ask you to accept our door as we are trying we're doing our best that we can. Oh Allah, you know me better than I know myself. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala you know that I'm trying you know that I'm putting an effort, or Allah accepted from me, accepted from me, increase me, protect me from the things in this world that are of no help to me of no benefit to me and bring me closer to the things

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that you are pleased with you out of love. I mean, second level higher than everyone May Allah so which will protect you and keep you safe and healthy. Mmm can wherever you are. Tomorrow will be Episode Seven, we just have three of these in sha Allah left. And I don't know I guess it's a little early to say this, but I'll just say it anyway, I've already got our next topic ready. In sha Allah hotelera Allah so let's go through with three episodes or so maybe three or a couple more after that. And then we're done with the Series B is Neela hytera. So stay with me guys. Today you've been reminded I've been reminded you know, when we start something try to get to the end. So in sha Allah

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hotel and let's try to get to the end like how like we've done with all these series we've been doing since the lockdown. Let's keep this rhythm going. Let's keep this commitment going and shut love so that we continue to strengthen ourselves, strengthen each other, build a bond for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's where we want to be. So we'll learn so which will protect you and bless you and I will see you again tomorrow. Bismillah hytera Allah right here around the same time in sha Allah, Allah, just like mellow Clayton's setup Marley, Latina to LA he will about a cat

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