Ramadan 2023 – Reviving the Spirit #21

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The Last Ten Nights: Seeking the Night of Decree (Laylatul Qadr)


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The upcoming season of Laila to Laila is seen as a powerful and beautiful season, with the Prophet peace be upon him taking it seriously. The season uses the nights of Decree to indicate a " nights of decree," where everyone has a chance to live in the fuller sense of luxury. dressing in appropriate manners and seeking forgiveness are key factors for achieving forgiveness and fulfilling prayers.

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Laila to the following.

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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh we live, Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was happy, he and my brothers and sisters were about to commence a season that is the most powerful season. From the seasons of the year. The most blessed night in existence, the most powerful night in existence is indeed the night known as Laila to Qatar. Allah Almighty says very clearly, the Laylat will cadre Hayyan mean l Fisher. The night of other translates as decree other and Jacques de also power, the power of the night the power of Allah. So Allah Almighty says this Night of Qadr or decree is better than 1000 months that is more than 83 years Subhanallah

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my brothers and sisters we've just about commenced this beautiful season.

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If you are going to waste your time in these last 10 Nights, then indeed you would be the loser. So let's take it seriously the Prophet peace be upon him. When the last 10 entered. He took it very seriously. Leila what a puppy? No, he got his family up. He woke them up. Hey, let's get up, let's pray or whatever it may have been. And he took it seriously, at your level means he livened the night. Many people live in the nights of Ramadan, but they play cards, they play games, they sit and watch movies, they do so many other things. We spoke about that already. They watch games and so on. There is a time for that which is permissible in terms of recreational stuff, but not in the month

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of Ramadan in the last 10 Nights. minimize it. Cut it down the games that you play, it's okay give it a break. Here Leila apriva Allah Who should or should the MISA. He took it very seriously. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him took it very seriously. You know, he tighten the belt

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that has a deep meaning. But what it definitely means is the things that you would normally engage in and you know, recreation or anything else, you become conscious of worshiping Allah seeking His forgiveness, doing acts of worship, maybe give out a little charity, maybe do something. Yes, we spoke already in one of the episodes about decaf. But now for every one of us. This Night of Decree is more powerful than 1000 months, it's better than 1000 months. I need to make sure that I'm using it. I need to make sure that I understand the favor of Allah.

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Through the years there is not going to be another night.

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More powerful than this. Why do they call it the Night of Decree? Because the Quran says fee ha you for Rocco Kulu Amin Hakeem in the decree, Allah Almighty decrees things on that particular night with his wisdom. And whatever your destiny is, for the following year, whatever is going to be predestined and written the details for the following year, according to the most correct opinion of the vast majority of scholars, is on this particular Night of Decree. That's why they call it a night of decree. Laila to other like we say, that is including the power and the decree of Allah Almighty. What decree is it while Allah is going to decree your future, that's what it is. Don't

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spend that night doing something crazy. Rather than spend it in acts of worship, spend it in charity, spend it with your family in a beautiful way. Subhanallah spend it reflecting, pondering, changing something like a shot of the Allahu Anhu asked the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and we've said this before. If I were to see or witness or be fortunate enough to be in this Night of Decree, what should I do? What should I say?

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He says, See Allahumma Inaka for one, two hipbone alpha five for me, Oh Allah, you are most forgiving. You love to forgive, so forgive me. So if you achieve forgiveness, it's amazing. It's the biggest achievement you could ever have from the month of Ramadan is to be able to have the blessings of standing in worship during the Night of Decree even for a portion of the night. Not every one of us can stay awake all night every night. Yes.

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So, not, not every one of us can stay awake throughout the night, on any night. There are some people who need their sleep, you may keep it minimum,

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it's sooner to live in the entire night. But if you really are a person who is unwell or you need that sleep Alhamdulillah it's not wrong, you may do so but at least spend a portion of the night doing something special. Is there not something special you're going to do? Going to read a page of the Quran that you don't normally do. Going to read a little bit more today, going to engage in extra acts of worship Subhanallah something to please Allah give a charity maybe make peace with someone,

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family members, and many others that they may be promised Allah to change your bad ways and habits. Any one of these beautiful deeds, the reward will be multiplied so much that Allah says this night is better than 1000 months

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Subhan Allah imagined plus given us favor, we have read like no Halle salaam, for example. It is said he lived with his people

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for 950 years and lived beyond that even more.

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And we have lives that are between 60 and 70 years plus minus the average lifespan is far less than what it was then. So Allah is doing you a favor, if you have to witness 10 nights of decree throughout 10 years or 10 Ramadan's it would be more than 830 between 830 to 840

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years of a battle and worship, can you imagine it brings a smile to the face? Mashallah. We Allah's blessing, blessings, shower upon us, always. I mean, so my brothers and sisters take it seriously. We've just entered the season. It's a beautiful season. It is powerful, it is amazing. It is the end of Ramadan, and it depicts the end of the two thirds 1/3 remaining. It is indeed a time of the mercy of ALLAH his forgiveness and freedom from hellfire. Those three things are the achievements that we are meant to be achieving through this month of Ramadan. So my brothers and sisters,

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Allah Almighty had initially sent down the exact date and the exact Night of Decree. How exactly he told the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, we don't know. But there is a correct narration that states that, as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him came out to inform the people. They were two people quarreling in Ramadan. They were two people quarreling because of that quarrel between two members of the ummah. Allah Almighty decided that I don't want the people to know the exact date or the exact date, or give them

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a hint as to when it is most likely, but I'm not going to tell them the exact so that knowledge was taken away by Allah subhanahu wata amazing. That is something very interesting. It shows us that disputes amongst us may take the blessing of Allah Hui. But in a way we have a gift, because if we knew it was this particular night, people would worship only on that night, and they would have left the rest. But because it's not known, it gives you that opportunity to worship Allah throughout the last 10 nights and throughout the odd nights, which more likely, and it is even more likely for that night to be the second half of the last 10, which makes it the 27th 29th perhaps may be the 25th,

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which also falls into the second half. Because you may just have Nine Nights as well.

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If you see them on early, if you see the moon for 29, then there's going to be nine nights but my brothers and sisters, that night of Eid as well is a blessed night. It's a night that's not supposed to be spending the disobedience of Allah, just because it's declared the end of Ramadan, but rather in the obedience of Allah Almighty. So here we go, my brothers and sisters, are you going to take these nights seriously? Are you going to engage in some act of worship that is unique? Are you going to seek the forgiveness of Allah? Are you going to strengthen yourself to quit the bad habits that you have been engaged in and you know what they are? By you going to become strong to fulfill your

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duties Unto Allah and you know what they are? May Allah help us to fulfill our prayers to be true for people to stay away from consuming that which is displeasing to Allah?

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be done in toxic and or something that's a waste of time. May Allah protect us from addictions and bad habits. May Allah grant us clarity of thought and mind. Always ask Allah for guidance, or Allah guide me to the straight path. It's the most powerful tool that we have been taught generally as Muslims a dinner Serato. Most again, it's repeated the most in the world. The DUA, the supplication that has been repeated the most in history is in a Serato, Masaki, guide us to the straight path. If you think about it, we all have to repeat that in every unit of prayer throughout the day. And there are billions of Muslims and trillions and quadrillions of them have passed through the centuries.

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May Allah Almighty bless us. So, in this beautiful season, we want the forgiveness of Allah, we will change our habits are you going to make an effort to dress in an appropriate manner, change the way you've been? You're going to be conscious of the fact that you have to return to Allah at some point very soon, you're going to be conscious of the fact that you're a Muslim, you're a believer, you should carry yourself with some respect. Or you're going to be conscious of this, of the fact that you need to adjust your life to suit what Allah wants. And Allah has guaranteed you contentment, to say the least. So if you'd like that contentment that everyone is searching for, then one of the

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ways or the only way should I say is to discipline yourselves, within the obedience of Allah and wherever we falter as human beings. seek the forgiveness of Allah. Don't forget to hit bull alpha is the word Allahumma Inaka foon to Hebrew alpha 510 Allah, you are most forgiving, you love to forgive, so forgive me. No matter what you've done, no matter how many times you've done, no matter how much you've repeated. Allah says I love to forgive so we send you love to forgive. Forgive me. Allah bless all of us and grant us true forgiveness. Akula probably had Osama who was salam ala Nabina Muhammad, Laila to call the

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