Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Dua 21

Yahya Ibrahim


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Dua for Curing our ailments & others who are sick


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the word "sallama" in the draft of the Prophet Muhammad's book, which refers to the healing process for those who provide it. The title provides a description of the healing process, including the use of healing materials and the use of words like "sallama" and "will" to indicate healing. The speaker also mentions the use of "has been" in the draft to indicate a "has been" or a "has been" message.
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Solomonic monumental life in our culture, it's your brother with another Ramadan therapy at hamdulillah. This is Dr. Number 21. Along with Vedic Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala give us Balkan this Blissett month of Ramadan and accept it from us or better to humble Amina in Mecca and to semitone I mean, along with the aroma Vanya, but I mean, today we are going to speak about a very powerful drop. It is generated from Chateau de La Hoya and how audible her and she makes a very important very general statement in the opening of this hadith. This Hadith is narrated by the Imam of pneumonia in the chapter of medicine, so this is considered one of the medicine and medical

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medicinal formulas of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of his forms of treatment, spiritually treating others. Pilate cannot also last a little while he was sending me that a done model that I let her on. She said that whenever the prophets I send them would come to somebody who was complaining, who was unwell, the Prophet would habitually use these particular words. These were the words of the Prophet with us, and he would say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Hebrew alphabet sort of badness. He would say, oh my lord, take away the pain or Lord of mankind. Why should we enter Shafi grant a cure you are the healer? Oh Allah heal them. You are the

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only healer less, less you've heard. There is no true healing except the one that you provide. La Johan de Lusaka, ma Shiva and laniado sama. Send upon them a healing that leaves no trace of this illness to the Prophet eyes, elements hay and the belly bats or rob the NASS or Allah, or I've been asked you are the lord of mankind remove this harm, which we enter chavi cure them, heal them, you are the only one who cures and heals Oh Allah, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, there is no healing, there is no cure, there is no medicine, there is no

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sustenance there is nothing that will benefit them, except that which you permit that which you allow. Shiva and La Johar do soccabet make it a healing from you or a law that leaves behind no trace of this illness. Once again, we say at the hibben bats remove and take away this pain or on benefits or Lord of mankind. Wish fee and the Shafi cure them with your curing with your healing Oh Allah, Shiva and when de Shafi is fee under Shafi cure them there is no cure except with you Oh Allah, it is only your healing. Last Shiva less you've had oh no one can provide a healing except with you. Meaning that even if a doctor provides it even if medicine is given, unless it is within

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your will that this medicine works, it will not work. For some people, it will work for this one it may not work, send upon them a healing that is a healing that you have allowed to work over a lot. Last Shiva Elijah, I believe that there is no healing except the one that you allow to be healed. Shiva and La Johan de la cama, a healing that leaves behind no trace to the powerful statement of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's worthy of reflection and analyzing. Now once again, of course, the words of this draft will be found in the comment section, and in the link that I will provide for you. As we have been added to heaven bets or live, remove, and rob the nurse

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or ally, you're the lord of mankind, remove this pain. And therefore the Prophet acknowledges that with sickness with ailment, there's a pain not just for you, but for others. And this is not one that you just say to someone who was severely sick, it's for any illness for yourself or for others. But as a medicine, the Prophet would say to those who we would go visit a lot he was Helen, which teaches us an important sooner first visiting people especially those who are unwell, visiting them not just in the hospital but even if you hear a brother is not well in these a few offices down in your workplace, go and pay him a visit. If you know somebody who's a neighbor who's feeling under

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the weather, go pay them a visit. If you can't make the distance call make a phone call make an SMS make a WhatsApp make it out for them below the line without them knowing. And this can be made in the presence of the person or outside the presence of the person. It can be made out loud that they say me into it or it can be made internally and it can be made for something that they're going to be offered to drink meaning water or something and you breathe on it this door and ask them to drink it. It is also something that is accepted by the actions of those who have been that have been in the tub area who either have either been bets or have been nurse, remove this pain take away the

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pain Oh lord of mankind. Why should we enter Shafi heal them for you are the healer Oh Allah lash if you bet Oh, there is no healing.

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That can come except if you permit it because you are the healer, Oh Allah, Shiva and lay your hydro sarcoma, a healing that leaves behind no trace of this illness. Make dua, that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just cure us, but gives us back our health in better than what it used to be. That's the loss of Hannah with Allah to make this blessed month of Ramadan, a month of healing a month of victory and a month of happiness for us alone. I mean, or suddenly lahoma Selim was it robotic is easy now Mohammed as he will bet sort of bananas. He and the sheriff of LSU LSU. Shiva and lay your head are stuck on that. A lot of them I mean for myself and you ask this with a Nia of healing for

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myself and you Allahumma amin, or suddenly now mo Selim was into a verticality named Mohammed, you brother Abraham with a Ramadan therapy to at number 21 May Allah bless us with the month of Ramadan and it's healing allama me