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Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The segment discusses a woman who wants to become a worker for her father's housework. She explains that her father received prisoner of war, and she wants to get a worker to help her out with the housework. She also mentions a woman who wants to become a worker for her father's housework and shares information about a woman who wants to become a worker for her father's housework.
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Welcome to the daily reminder network.

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Go revival by magic Mahmoud.

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Make dawn be certain and take action

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Assalamu alaikum This is your brother magic Mahmood recording for the reminder. Brothers and sisters one time father, my mother in law and as she went to complain to her husband a little bit about the lawn about how exhausting and tiring the housework has become on her, you know what the family alley and the amount of the lawn Houma was a very poor family actually, unlike many other homes, they had no money to afford to have a servant or a maid to help out in the housework. So for me to do everything you can to appreciate that because there were no washing machines, no dishwashers, no vacuums, nothing. It was all physical work. So I started hearing this, he says, Yeah, Fatima, how

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about you get a servant? How can you get a servant who don't have money for this stuff? He tells me about him. I have heard that your father Mohammed sallallahu, wasallam just recently received some prisoners of war. And why not you go and request from your father Mohammed Salah, to give you one of those people to be a servant for us. Why not? And this was one of the ways where you can deal with a prisoner of war. For like the idea. She never knew that Prophet has received such group of prisoners of war. And she wants now to go to the house of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And she heads there right away. she knocks on the door eyeshadow, the line and the wave of Mohammed Salah Salem opens

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the door and they greet each other and Fatima asks, yeah, Aisha is my father there. And he says, No, he's not here. Then Fatima basically wants to tell her exactly what the request is like, and she doesn't really know what I heard. My father is received some prisoner of war. And I was hoping I can get one like to be like a servant for our family. They'll be really nice. So I just says, You know what, the moment your father comes back, I will surely let him know of what your need is. Beautiful. Fatima goes back home. The prophet SAW Selim, after some time comes back to his house and he tells them exactly why Fatima came. And the request. You know what she's looking for a servant to help her

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out with all the housework, receive a license and being an amazing father. He did not delete for two three days. He says, You know what, I'm gonna go right now to the house of Allah, Allahu Akbar. Also a laser last night, I'm headed to the house if I need a bit by the brother lon. As he gets there, Ali and Fatima. They would like to stand up and greet the father the purpose of what he was saying. But the Prophet says Allah mechanical and this now virgin isn't so alcoholic. He says the mechanic must stay the way you are, stay in your bed, no need to stand up, relax, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He comes in he sits on their bed in between Fatima an alley or the alarm on her. And he tells them how do lucuma Allah hated me man said to me, shall I not guide you have something that is better and more beneficial to both of you then whatever you have requested, ie having a servant. Whenever you're about to go to sleep either away to my elf theological ama, you shall say the sub behalf latinautor 18 cents para la 33 times madatha Latin was added in say 133 times were kept bureaux, our bandwidth at 18 as a 34 Times had hire local men hire them a lot. But this is better for you than having a servant a lot of sisters prescription for Maha masala before the invention of Red Bull and

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all these new energy drinks and all these new steroids that came up, no say so panela 33 times 133 times a lot but 34 times before you sleep. And Allah will boost you with physical energy, that you're able to work in shower The following day, as if someone is supporting you as if there's a servant helping you out. That's how much energy you will have in the lab. And some other understanding of this narration is that you will not feel as exhausted whenever you do the actual daily work that you're used to, because of that, which you've said the night before a while back but I dedicate this draft for all the brothers and sisters, every student every mother every father, and

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who here is no need of energy to serve for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah reward you don't forget to share this video share the energy with the brothers and sisters. A lot of Colombia comedies like Malala Hara was set up Miley compartmentalising Baraka

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