Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Dua 20

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The dua of light

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu it's your brother Abraham with another Ramadan therapy. A lot of medical Hamza, this is Ramadan therapy number 20 we finished 20 days in the month of Ramadan We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us its Baraka, its light, and its blessing allotment amin that the month of Ramadan becomes a month of healing, that washes away our ceilings but also moves us towards that which is best for us in this life and in the next life in sha Allah, Allah. I mean, this had he is in such a Muslim, and that your honor that is contained in it. It's such a beautiful diet. It's one of my favorites, and it's the drought of the prophets. I send them that he would use

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when he would wake up to pray to Allah when others were asleep. Now the person who witnesses in your eyes not only him but this is one of the key narrators of it is I'm delighted now about some of the Allahu anhu of the lightning Ibis was a young man, as I've described to you earlier, who used to be have access to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because it was related to the messages I sent him so he could stay over in his home and he was relatively young. So I'm alive now Bessie reports that the prophets I seldom woke up. And this this is found in kuttabul sada in a Muslim and it's part of a longer Howdy, so I'm just going to paraphrase the most important part. He says for high

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metal suits alcohol, he was a limit. He looked good, but he he to his quarterback for a second Birmingham kotoba welcome you theater Salalah and he was elemental Malamute surfing although the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he got up and he went to his water vessel his water jug which was a water scheme and he took out some of its water and he made with with water that he did not take out too much water that anything was left behind and he did not have any did not take too little amount of water that he didn't have a good rule on the law and he was selling this reminds us of the importance of being very very careful by not being exaggerating in making our will do it with

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too much water that if you're in the middle of a river don't wastewater there's a rewire that is narrated. I'm sorry, I'd be a student me that would with that regard. Even though there's a little bit of issue with its chain its meaning is correct. So the Prophet made this proper we'll do it and the Sahaba would analyze this and I'm delighted Gamble's although a young man, he notices this cod without a pseudo law, his on the law and he was a lemma and at that moment the prophets I seldom began to make.

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And in this gap, you know the narrator who narrated from Abu lahab neon bass and who narrated from others

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conda Cinema that korai boo Karim who narrates this hadith for me, who narrates this hadith who he narrates this hadith from, he says that the love now best told me there were 19 invocations that the Prophet made, but he only memorize 12 of them. Now that shows you the honesty of those who are reporters of Hadith, he says, Listen, there were 19 different derive the Prophet main, but I only memorize 12 of them, and I forgot the others May Allah forgive me, right? It's an important part of being very careful what you narrate from the prophets, I send them the hadith of Chateau de la Mancha into a Muslim family a tempo what Maha domina Now let the one who missed speaks about me in a

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way and says I said something that I did not say let them be prepared for a seat in Hellfire male law protect us from this subtle alarm. There's a weak narration you say it's weak. If it's not from the words of the prophets, I said, and don't raise it to him sallallahu Sallam but these words are known as being words of the prophets I sell them in the authentic so here are really mammals and what are they may Allah give us healing? Some of the most beautiful statements of the prophets I sell him He begins by saying a lot how much I leave your hobby Nora Oh Allah. place for me in my heart nor light when you listen in order and in my tongue light when he said Mary Nora and in my

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hearing light was the boss sorry Nora and in my sight light when we invoke the Nora Allah place light above me woman daddy Nora and from beneath me, shroud me in light when Yemeni Nola and right light to the right of me. One Shomali Nora and to the left of me light woman mania they Nora and from in front of me before me Let there be light. Women healthy Nora and from the back of me Let there be light. When Gylfi NFC Nora, I know Allah, please within my soul in my neffs light. What are Lim Leonora and Oh Allah grant me an abundance of light Allahumma amin alarm I mean, what a beautiful, beautiful Heidi. The context of light of course is very important. Whenever you speak

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about light in assignments only. It's always singular. It's not a noun. It's not plural lights. It's one light. Therefore the Prophet repeats the same

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Drop by asking for the same light that light is the light of guidance in the prophets I send them in saying Oh Allah let my heart choose your guidance let my heart see what my eyes failed to see. Let my tongue speak words that are from your guidance that are pleasing to you. Let my hearing only be receptive to that which is pleasing to you. Let my sight only fall upon that which is pleasing to you let there be light above me make guidance shroud me from above, from beneath from the right from the left or law shroud me all around me with your guidance and those who are around me who will lead me to you when we may need a new one ah and put in front of me My Lord light and behind me light

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were Josephine FC Nora Oh Allah in fact make my very soul crave your light its guidance. What Alvin Lee Nora and Oh Allah make an abundance and over abundance of light make it alim so great that the light is from before me. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us on the Day of Judgment Yamato BMW who wants us What do we do? There will be day on the day of gentlemen there will be faces that will be brightened with light and others darkened with with the Wrath of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the hypocrites on the day of judgment in Surah Al Hadid that they will see the believers of radiant with light, and they will say on the road and a tabernacle. Wait for us, let us come

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nocturnus may normally come so that we can share with you the light you've been given Cleveland jerawat ah acoem felt me Sue Nora, and we said go back and find your own light will do the above at home be sore and that barrier will be put between those who are genuineness of faith and the hypocrites in their purpose. Light is something that radiates from the heart and that's why the Prophet begins a lot of modality calbee Nora Eman begins in the heart. I taqwa hoonah piety begins here light of Allah is begins here. The loss of Hannah with Allah begins they are an insult and Baqarah the very second page the moment you open it, and loss of Hannah with Allah warns us about

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those whose hearts are stamped from the light of Allah. P Hulu be hymns even in their hearts, there is sinfulness there is a darkness looked at and so that in the Hadith every Muslim that every time a person does something good. an NGO puts a drop of light in their heart. Every time they do a scene a drop of darkness enters their heart. And if the darkness overwhelms the light, the heart becomes enveloped with Iran with a rusting can level ranade aku be him rather there's a rusting on their hearts. That's why they do not understand the verses of Allah. Allah subhana wa Taala tells us to open our hearts or arbitrarily somebody will not open my heart open my chest so that I can have like

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a woman can meet and vacutainer give them the example of the one who was spiritually dead for now I resurrected I gave them my nephew

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vehcile Today he Nora and I placed in their heart in their chest light and therefore they drive the prophets I seldom I repeated to you one last time. I love my job to Albion Nora Oh Allah put light in my heart with he certainly nor was he seminary nor was he vasarely Nora por la put light on my tongue in my hearing in my sight involved in order I mean that dinorah wine yummy me know what I want and chameleon What are all law plates like above me and beneath me to the right and to the left of me when we mainly as a woman hopefully Nora women nor are women healthy Nora Oh Allah put light for me in front of me and behind me which is the NFC Nora Oh Allah put within my very soul light.

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What Alvin Lee no Allah Allah put light in abundance for me. May Allah subhanho wa Taala lead us to his light so that we can lead others to it. May we be like as our prophets I said Lem was described Suraj and Iran and lit Ember of light in the darkness that surrounds alarm and mean well suddenly level mo and suddenly was it robotic Allah say you didn't know when maybe you know how do you even know Mohammed? sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother? Yeah, hi Brahim with another Ramadan therapy. This was number 20. Then do I have light metal accepted from us and light our way to him alone. Me