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The Prayer of Acceptance of our Deeds

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh and hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam ala while he was selling more than two brothers I have brought him with another Ramadan therapy hamdulillah This is number 20 We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make these a means of our healing of our Shiva over a cure Allah Ameen in this blessed month of Ramadan We ask Allah subhana wa tada to give us Ramadan after Ramadan I love him I mean today we have a derived from the Quran to beautiful dirt from sawed off in a buffer. And whenever you have a derived from the Quran, it's always important to know the context of the day. So this is this is found in verse 200. At sorry in in

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chapter two, verse 127. And this is in the Dr. Ibrahim alayhis salaam and it's Marielle as they are working together in the building of the cabinet. Now this is also mentioned by the Imam and Bahati in the authentic hadith, in in the Sahaba in the chapter of the prophets, and in the chapter of the prophets, it's about the statement of Allah subhana wa tada

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in sort of a buffer where Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed to Ibrahim alayhis salam, the command to build the kabah Abraham and his alarm comes and gathers with his son is married, and they begin to build the house of Allah. And as this man is giving the rocks to Ibrahim, and Ibrahim is standing on the Mocambo of Ibrahim, and he's building the Kaaba ever higher and higher and higher and it's getting higher in its elevation. Every time they put a rock, they say, or bene the hub Elmina in NACA and the semi earlene. Oh our Lord, except this service from us, Oh Allah, except this action from us this service from us this intention from us, you are the one who hears and knows in NECA,

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and a semi who allegedly Allahu Akbar, or benna, Taco Bell Mina in Dhaka and the semi are running. And I want you to say this now just within your heart, within your life, within your being within your consciousness, that I want this to be a constitution of your life, that anything that you do for the worship of Allah, whether it's celada, or cm, as you are fasting now, whether it's zeca that you've given, whether it's the head you're performing, whether it's the law, if you're making, whether it's just sitting on your bed, and contemplating the creation of a law, or a banner to compel me no law, except this from us, indicate and test me on. I mean, you were the one who hears

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what we've said, You're the one who knows what we're doing. subconto Donna, so let me give a thorough explanation of this particular neuron. First, notice they begin by saying Rob banner, and it's the plural word of saying, Rob, be my Lord. It's not just for me, but it's for everybody around me. And sometimes you're in your home, and you've just finished and your wife is busy in the kitchen, your children are doing their homework, but as you sit with a loss of I don't want to Ana, don't sit there and say, I'll be my lord alone. Remember them all. And this was the habit of the drought of Ibrahim. I've been at Taco Bell in the in the contest semi or any? Or have been in Nikita

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Alamo manaphy woman Norland and soda to Brian oh my lord, you know what he didn't within us and what we declare, when I asked Allah He when I thought, I think Amina Shay and nothing is hidden from you online. I'll be Johnny multimaster masala women, the reality or LA mink, me one who prays and also my children and their progeny. Therefore, you see this example of Ibrahim and Nora and others, that they would join others in their collective Duran robina Our Lord all of us those who believe in you and those who don't. And Ibrahim In fact, and sort of the Brahim he says, women are assigned either in their cars or form Rahim all other one who disobeys me and won't believe in what you've sent to

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me. You are the most forgiving your most when I leave them to you, oh, Allah always had good in your draft for others or I've been at Taco Bell we now accept why except because there's many actions that you and I do that are bereft of blessing that are not accepted by a loss of hydrodynamic Allah protect us from this, either. There's a problem with our Nia there's a problem in our formality of it in how we functioned it. Even that the the people who lead us in prayer at the end of solo theater, we are in their dorm, most of them if not all of them, and I hope that they would remember to say Oh Allah except from us what we have recited and whatever we've made of a mistake, we asked

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you all lots of panatela to pardon us for it. I love MFI lineitem or bentota hub Elmina Ola except for most of the month of Ramadan, except from us our fasting will still have it for six months after the month of Ramadan they will say a lot about general Ramadan I mean, I will accept the month of Ramadan from it therefore the Constitution of a believer first lesson make the drop for everyone rather than a taco bell expected from us profitable and gives us a warning and authentic hadith he says rubella Julian karma for use only perhaps a man will stand up and pray for lm yoke tabla at the end of the prayer all that is written for him

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Ha, ha ha ha. For some of them at the end of the prayer only half of its reward will be written for others a quarter for others, even a 10th. May Allah protect us the autumn, you stood up and prayed only a 10th. For other people, they're fasting all day at the end of it nothing else you are when only hunger and thirst, as is in the heart of any momentarily about law protect us that the one who doesn't control their tongue and acting upon falsehood and false words. fellay said he has written any adult Iron Man Who shall obey Allah and no need of them to leave out their food and their drink. May Allah protect us from such a state. And therefore ask a law to accept a Boolean Iman is as

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important as the woman that Allah accepts our deeds is as important as having fulfilled it or have been at the hub any minute except from us. In NECA now single Oh Allah notice in Mecca you alone Oh Allah in nikka enter its Tokyo you Only you in Africa and you Only you

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SME or lolly is the old hearing and all knowing so Panama you say oh hearing because your presumption is that Allah sees you and hears you in any condition. Well low calorie boom in a baggie and Allah is nearer to his servant of Cordoba la comin heavily worried is closer to you than your juggler. So Hannah and with Anna, he's not within us in this room hasha that Allah subhanaw taala is transcended from his creation baton on Huntley munez, that subhana wa tada transcend and beyond comparison, he's not confined to this space that has been created by him suparna with Anna, but his knowledge is here his hearing is here his understanding of our condition, his knowledge of what will

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be what has been what will and what will happen even though it could never happen because we made an alternate choice, he knows what our other choices would have arrived that some kind of went to either a semia He is the old hearing or hearing of what is in the hearts Yeah, let mohar unit allow you to do he knows what the eyes may try to hide in are able to see and what are still buried in the chests of men. Somehow no went to Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah knows what is even more hidden, meaning that not just what's in your chest, but what has not yet come to your mind in your chest, what you have not yet thought about. He knows what you will think before you thought it, what you

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will intend before you intended it to Hana with Allah. And this is from the statement of Allah in sort of Baja.

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Allah Subhana Allah, where, you know, Alicia, one man, one man, what is even more hidden than what is buried beneath the earth level math. And math is similar to mine for the art of war, math,

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and what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and everything on the earth. And what is even more beneath and what is more buried in the chest of men that has not come come yet into formulation in NACA and you Only you a semia is the old hearing allele. Your knowledge extends beyond what I've done, to what I will do to what I have done and what I could do for LaHood Subhana Allah Allah mama who will and women who were can were men say akun when I say a coup, we're in Lem Yaqoob subhana wa Taala. He knows what was what is what will be and what could be even though it will never come to being because he has not given it its ability to come to being but what its outcome would have been

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his in his knowledge apana with Allah, a half of the condition in therefore this drug is a powerful tool to build sincerity between you it's the job of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam as he stood building the cabinet and Musharraf. The Hello shut up and well Connor, it is that you're out of that MBA. It's a drop of the side of it is the heart of our interview Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in following the footsteps of Ibrahim alayhis salam made sure today be plentiful with correcting your intention by saying that I've been a duck I've been mean now or like except from us in Mecca into semi or not even what I've done at the hub Elmina in NACA and SME already have been at

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the hub Elmina in Mecca and SME owner leave your brother your high Brahim with another Ramadan therapy curing our intentions. This was number 19 derived from Solomon Bukhara, verse 127 of the second chapter of the Quran, said Mr. Deacon what happened to lie here warahmatullahi wabarakatuh