A Minute with the Aware Academy #05 – Pain

Wael Ibrahim


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Pain perhaps is one of the things that no one wanted to experience you're watching while Ibrahim A minute with the await Academy video series who amongst us wants to experience pain Raise your hand. No one I assume whether you're experiencing physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, any sort of pain is aboard and no one wanted to actually be in that situation. But there will be always a positive side for experiencing pain. Pain, perhaps is the one thing that alert you that you need to make a change alert you that you are in danger. And so if your attitude towards pain is positive by doing what is necessary to eliminate the pain or to live in peace within yourself in the midst of

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those painful moments, perhaps life will be better. So whether you're addicted to pornography or to other undesirable activities, or whether you're going through any sort of pain, remember there is a positive side it's an assigned for you to create some positive changes in your life by having the right attitude