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Mr. De Kumara Mottola here what

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam O Allah Hafiz lahardee he was a little more about

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that's the unique and beautiful sound of the kookaburra bird. I'm currently down south in Western Australia

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at a farm hamdulillah with the family

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and it's a little bit after it's a little fudge just six o'clock at the moment. And I'm about to do my morning Vic.

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I thought I would have you join me along the way in sha Allah.

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Allah, Allah below him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen off man on rocky Maliki on Medina. He cannot he cannot Stein

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did not sir autonomously rapala Dina and I'm Danny Hema you didn't mock him one bore Lee I mean

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I would have been no human a shaytani r Rahim.

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Allah Huda who will hire you We'll call you later who cementum well known lahoma is somehow to marfil or demon the levy are showing devil in the evening jamoma in AD him warmer hotter home. What are your Hito namshi in me in labby Masha was our kurisu somehow it will auto lo la Oh, whoa, whoa man. Whoa, whoa and Ronnie you and all the smilla rahmanir rahim Allah Allahu Allah Whoa, Solomon Lamia lead. Welcome you will lead well me Aquila, who Cuf one

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smilla rahmanir rahim Allah Allahu Ahad Allah Sloman lemmya. Li dwolla mula dweller Mia Camilla who cough when I had hula hula hula had Allah. Samad lemmya lead well let me know let me know who couvin had

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smilla rahmanir rahim kulambu bill fell upon me show you the map I mean short haul so you can either work on women's shelter in DC local women's shelter has seen either has said we'll do gerbil fell off women shall remain Falak woman Shall we lost you can either walk up woman shallow enough to be local the woman shall rehearse it in either has said will enter the room bill fell off women shall remain. Woman shall reverse you can either walk on women shall run. TP lower body woman Shall we have seen in either has said swindler hemlock Manor Rahimi

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Robyn menokin sila in CMU Shatta Wale was was farming last Allah the US with Sophia sudo in immunology in 81. will have been semi mannequin

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ILA in seemingly short real was worth

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a living he was a police officer during nurserymen Elgin 81, as well as Robin as many in as ILA in Simi Shatta Wale was was in fun as a leather us with Wolfie sudo in Simi Nalgene 81.

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Also back now what else behind monacolin while handling

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Isla de la la hula Sheree killer lagoon Nicola hamdu hawala kulesza in coding,

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OBS Luca hydrography her Dahlia Hari Rama bada Whoa, where are we coming? Sure we have the Leo Meo Michelle Ramada who are ob ob commonalty SLE wosu il cube. Are br will be Kevin either bill Cabrera either been in

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Bermuda Canada been in either been fatal copper. Aloma because wahana were weaker. I'm saying where we can here we can move to LA and mfu Allah in us back to shibukawa Shido hammer lotta oshika woman he ketika with me a holiday and neck and Allah Isla in an hour. Sherry collect one now Mohammed and ibeju kawara Sue look

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allow my mouse Bahamian Dr. Martin lb Hardiman. Hello quick firming ca deca luxury kolak pallekele hamdu Allah cash

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To vertical hamdulillah Shukria or hammer walking

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buffer now on our feet total Islam we're Kalamata airfloss wala de Nabina Muhammad, Salah long Ronnie he wants a limp. While I mean Lottie ebina Ibrahim. Honey, can I mean no more shrieky

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Allahumma Fini FIBA Danny Allahumma Laffy nifi summary Allahumma Fini feeble sunny La ilaha IL Allah Hama Allahumma imia will be coming alko free well * are what are all the weekend in other video club Illa Illa and Allah Fini fever Danny Allahumma Fini fee semi Allah Fini feeble sorry, La ilaha illa Allah and Allah who met in our all the weekend in Elko for a while when we came in either bill club

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ILA and allama Fini fee but any alone fee fee so my alarm fee may be borsari illa Illa Allah in me Rubik I mean al cofely Well * what are all the week I mean other we look up

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Illa illa

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husby Allahu la isla in Houma la hit our culto Arambula our shell all the

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as we Allahu Allah, Allah who Allah Hito carotovorum bhullar Sheila Salim has to be Allahu Allah Illa Illa who Allah Hito culto Balaam Shinobi has to be Allahu Allah Allahu Allahu Allah Hito culto bhullar chalav he has to be Allah hoonah Inna inla who Allah Hito caldow Arambula shalabi has to be Allah hula illa inla huali hito culto Arambula Sheila alim has to be Allah houda Inna inla, who early Hito Kaldor bhullar. Sheila, has to be Allah who the ILA who hit our caldow or bhullar. Sheila amin Allahumma inni, Luca LA for fear for dunya well, Farah Allahumma inni as a Luca la fear fi Dini where dounia le y money Allahumma Stoller our RT M and ro it Allah homophobe naming mania Yo, I'm in

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holvi why Yemeni? One shrimati woman filthy you are oh there will be automatic and after loving Dottie

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aloha My name is Flavio Shahad.

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It will rub with Alisha in women Inga eyeshadow Allah and are also becoming shadrin fc women short race shy on women shomrei shaytani y shirkey one author of Allah en FC Su and

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le Illa Illa and Illa Illa and Illa Illa and Bismillah in la de La Romana asked me he shall you fill out the lF is semi a was semi Iolani smilla he loved the layout Robert has me

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on Phil on the left is Emma who was semi hanani Bismillah in la de la humorous me she fell out of the way life is summer with me oh now me

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well the to build her up the webinar Islami Deena will be Mohammed in Salalah. While he was a luminary Yamato Sula are the two wheeler here Robin Robin Islami Dina Wahby Mohammed in Salalah while he was a lemon Abby young huaraz hula yahaya for your mobile automatica le Ostler, Alicia Nick Nicola, who will attacking me ila nfcu thought of that I yahaya for your MOBA hermetica study. Yeah. And we are Rahim.

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azwan our honeymoon Colin Swapna was the honeymoon kulula hero bilad I mean, Allah in me as a Luca Hydra heavy Leo Fatah who were not Sora who were Nora who were Baraka who were who were will be coming shortly Murphy he was shot Rama one shot remember that who we are on camera. I mean, Asana alpha total Islami one Kalamata philosopher Allah de Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while I mean Latina, Ibrahim honey

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Can I mean Alma shrieking

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Isla in Allahu la sharika the hormonal cola will have the ohana coalition called the Subhana Allah He won't be handy either the halki he wanted one FC he was in uttarkashi Why me the kidney Mati Subhana Allah He will be handy he either the whole thing he wanted on

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FC he was in uttarkashi he went mi De Lima Subhana Allah He will be handy here are the halka he wanted one FC he was in uttarkashi he want me the Kalima de la magne as I look at him and what is country even when I'm alone moto cabela A Salford LA and all emo went to LA. I stole from La La VMO a toolbox IE, I still feel La La vema adorable la Subhan Allah who IV Hamdi either the halka Hayward en FC he was in authority to me the Kalima Subhan Allah He will be MD here are the halloweenie ordered on FC he was in a thought of Xiaomi does that tell him Subhan Allah He will be handy here.

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with NFC he was in Arusha, he won me the Kadima de

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la in Allahu Allahu Dasha. He

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will come to a coalition cornea

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Illa Illa Allah

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hamdulillah coalition in Kadir the ILA in La La Jolla Sri

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coalition called a la

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ilaha illa Allah who

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hamdu bioaccumulation Kadir, La ilaha illa Allah who surely

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will come to wahana Coalition for the Lahaina la hoonah.

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I don't know when I when I'm doing water coalition in Casa de la Hua Zhu Li

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hamdulillah coalition in Cali, the

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Lola hackery in Cologne Monica hamdulillah coalition calling the ILA in Allah who Honda Sri Lankan moon cola hamdulillah Cooley in Cali La ilaha illallah wa. de calor, lone moon ko Al hamdu Al Khalifa in Cali. Illa Allah who should

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have called I will do a Malaysian calling La

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ilaha illallah wa luxury

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coalition Connie Subhana Allah He will be handy and other the holiday he ordered on FCW he was in a tower shimmy de Cali Subhan Allah He will be Hamdi he

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laughs He was in ethology, wamena Colima.

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Subhana la he won't be here either the hallway or the one I've seen he was in pathology with me there and I can't imagine Subhana Allah, alim inla hu l molekule. Hakuna moving

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llama Sanjana Mohammed Allah only Mohammed income so late Allah Ibrahim Allah and Ibrahim Allah vaticana Mohammed Mohammed income dollar Ibrahim Allah

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Brahim I feel our learning machine. Almost Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed in kamasan laietana Ebrahim, Ernie Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Mohammed income abakada Ibrahim Allah early we're all Haemophilia. Let me name Nick hamidou Majeed, Allah ma Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed in Carmel sonlight Rahim Allah, Brahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed income abakada Rahim Allah The Ibrahim phenol Amina in Mecca hamidou madain Allah Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed in kamasan Lane tada Rahim Allah Ernie Ibrahim Allah

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The Mohammed income about Ibrahim Ibrahim

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let me know in Academy Jean Aloma Sanjana Mohammed Mohammed in kamasan lightoller Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim phenol amin in Dhaka Hamid Majeed, Sanjana Mohammed Mohammed in kamasan laietana Ibrahim

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Ibrahim phenol Amina in NACA hamidou Marine Allah Hamas, Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed in kamasan late Allah Ibrahim

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phenol amin NACA Hamid, Majeed, Allah ma Sanjana Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim Ibrahim Filomena, NACA hamidou Majeed allama, Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed in kamasan laietana Ibrahim

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Ibrahim eflyer let me know in Mecca hamidou Majeed, Allah masala Liana Mohammed

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Mohammed income are some later on

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Ibrahim Ibrahim athalon Amina in NECA hamidou Majeed. So Pamela he won't be Hamdi, I'm Allah Hello Javi Subhana Allah He will be handy to have a line Subhan Allah He won't be Hamdi Subhan Allah Hill rbwm Subhana Allah who will be handy here Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah He won't be Hamdi silverhand Allah Hema all the aim Subhan Allah who will be handy to have Han Allah Hill Eileen Subhana Allah He was a Hamdi, Han Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah He won't be a handy Subhan Allah Subhana Allah He will be hammondi Subhan Allah Allah Allah Subhana Allah He will be handy to pan la him the Avi Subhan Allah He will be having the either the Falco one FC he was in 1000 He won't be

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but they said he Mati Subhan Allah He won't be handy he

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will go on up see he was in authority when he died, they can humanity Subhana Allah He will be having to hear the

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NFC he was in authority. He want me the company Mati.

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Illa, Allah

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah coalition co de la ilaha illallah wa hoonah sharika the Hmong cola will have the only thing called the

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Illa in Allah who Idaho nursery Cara moon cola al hamdu hawala coalition in kadhi.

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Rasulullah Zilla he will not be he won't be known coluna will he want

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to work to be emotionally learn over 100 members of a walk follows me on our Aparna Veronica Roberto Amen kalamansi la you can live on Epson in musataha the hammock hammock test habit or benalla. Two feet in nesina.

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Rob Ben Miller Eileen is wrong camera hamata one Levine I mean Kobe Lena robina 200 million

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for Atlanta. One of One World War

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and demo Leanna phones from Catherine

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Wellman so Nana Coleman caffine now hammer rock I mean, a lot of klonowski Esma in our applaud you know what Enya or Hamas I mean Aloma vertically we mean Illa into sapan okay income to mean of volume in rubble Philly virtually the only remaining is

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Illa Illa Allah when Allah

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subhana wa barakato bill is that ami LC for now I sat down with Mark Cerny you know when hamdulillah he'll be in LA and I hope you enjoyed our long Let me take you for a little bit of a spin.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala greenness beauty always in sha Allah

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Allahumma indika into semi onone moto body in a mo Nana in NACA and Rahim also Lila Hama, wa Sallim wa barik, ala Habibi, now whenever you know Mohammed in lebih me.

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Also meeting was sent into Sleeman kathira The sun is rising from there my shot lot of Article rock man

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I hope you have a blessed morning or a blessed evening wherever you are in the world. May Allah subhanho wa Taala always join us in good

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Allahumma me