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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and importance of Islam, including its implementation, use as a means of achieving the ultimate goal, and the use of the Day of Jgment as a punishment for actions. The speaker provides examples of how people have experienced the impact of Islam on their lives, including the transformation of Islam into a deity and the use of Islam as a means of achieving the ultimate goal.
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set them on equal water from local law heat or water care tool. It's your brother Yeah, hi Brahim with another daily tequila hamdulillah. We're doing a juice a day and we're using number 29. The second last use of the bottle and this juice is referred to as juice. Tabata, which is the first word of the first soda in the juice, salt and malt. Soda number 67. Allah subhanaw taala says about Olivia the blessing and most elevated is Allah, who in his hand is all power and dominion. And this sort of speaks about the attributes of a law that he is the owner of all kingdoms. He is the creator of life and death and the one who brings death from life and life from death. He's the Creator of

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the heavens, he's the creator of the earth. He's the one who has put the stars where they are. He's the one who has created the expanse that we enjoy in life. And the law then speaks about those who disbelieve in him and how they will be questioned on the day of judgment that once they see Hellfire and once they hear it's terrible sound, they will be questioned lm yet to come the video did not a messenger come to you. And they will admit Yes, we had people who came in reminded us that Deb net, but we're the ones who chose to stray from truth. Allah speaks about the earth and its provision and the punishments that are set in as being a balanced to the corruption that people have caused on the

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earth. So if you live a clean life and have faith in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you are from those who will be given from the kingdom of Allah. And if you choose not to you might be given from the kingdom of the world but be deprived from the kingdom of a law in the coming life. Allah says in total total column the next surah he speaks about the truthfulness of the messenger Muhammad Ali Salim the surah begins with the letter noon, while column you managed to ruin the oath of the pen, how important the pen is, and learning is the prophets. I seldom is stated that he's not a person of a lewd character. He's not insane. He's not a soothsayer, he's not a criminal. He's not someone who

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has ever been ridiculed by anyone previously in his society. Why have you begun now when he's come to call you to purity? He has an exalted character. What you know Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a law speaks to the disbelievers. And he discusses the qualities of their disbelief that they're unwilling to hear they're unwilling to open their heart they're unwilling to allow a person to speak and provide that insight from the prophets I send him a law speaks about the about the massiveness of the day of judgment and what its weight is and how it will be of effect on those who rebel against the truth. Allah says that he's given respect to people in

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this worldly life to adjust themselves and come back to truth. But if they don't come to their senses, that eventually Allah Subhana, Allah will hold all accountable, the very end of the surah Allah calls us all to patience and perseverance in the face of atrocity. The next order is enhanced by the calamity that reality, the reality of the calamity of the Day of Judgment, as has happened to people in the past, the stories of the mood and add the story of an island, the story of Noah are all shared, that these were all people who were destroyed by a law in what were considered natural occurrences, but they weren't directed by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because of their sinfulness.

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And then Allah says that this is a punishment in the dunya. But what awaits them in his work more worrisome, the day of judgment is a day that is to be a day of reckoning, there will be a blast and a heralding for it. And the people of the right and the people of the left will be separated. Those who chose to do the right course of action from those who chose to take a different path. The next order is sort of an adage meaning the ascent in the staircase, and to ascend to a law to ascend to good deeds. It's a it's a mammoth task. And Allah subhanaw taala said that the Day of Judgment is 50,000 years it's an incalculable number, the skies will be dredged, and, and and the mountains will

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be like, blown pieces of of fabric and wool that is scattered in the wind, that there will be no friendship on that day except in matters of piety. People will run away from all of their family and all of their loved ones, seeking protection from others making a claim against them for having harmed them.

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The law speaks about the torment of Hellfire, and the law speaks about the attributes of a weak man compared to the attributes of a righteous man. The attributes of a weak man is one who is weakened in his constitution in his soul and his desires, fulfilling them while the man of strength is a man of patience and endurance, fidelity and love. The next chapter is called numa. And this is part of number 29. So to know is that all of the messengers are in the characteristic of Noah, he was sent as a warner to his people. His message was to worship a lot alone to free yourself from worshiping anything other than Him, in both public in both private life to be a person of substance and

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honoring to God in the path of God. To be a person who conveys wisdom to others, and new audio sent him his wisdom shows in this sutra, he says to his people, worship your Lord worship none but he he will open the heavens with its charity upon you. It's rain will flood with you, you

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will be a person who will given strength in wealth and children, everything you asked for will be given. But if you disobey, that same rain will come in destruction, his response to his people was a rejection. And therefore no one invited the destruction of a loss of piano to honor upon them, and a loss saved him, his people from that region and transported them by the ship to another place where they can begin afresh in the path of a la SoTL. telegin is the next surah and it's a conversation between the the conversion of many gene into Islam. And this is a sort of that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions to speak about the reality of that unseen world that

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there are other creations other than us as human beings. And there are many creations from Allah that we're not privy to. as Muslims, we believe that there are other beings that are not within our tangible presence. And this is one of the sources that speaks of them that they have a rational Intel intellect that is similar to ours but different. They have a creation that is similar to ours but different, but their obligations to worship the one true Allah is the same. There are two types of Jean the believers and the unbelievers. And both of them are accountable to a loss of power to Ana solten resentment. Oh, one who is wrapped it speaks about the very first day of revelation of

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the prophets I send them he descended from the mountain shivering, and his wife wrapped him and here is the instruction Yeah, you and Muslim men, cumin Laila kalila, stand up and worship your Lord. The next order is yeah even more dusted. Oh, one who has wrapped himself up, come, the end there, go up and invite people to the truth. And it's as if Allah saying, You will only invite people to the truth, if you're a bad day and your worship of me is solid. Both of them go hand in hand, to be a person who will be able to influence others to good you yourself must assure that you're good with Allah. Allah speaks about the importance of the text of the Quran, the citation of it, and reading

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it in a precise way in the right way as was taught to the Prophet by God. And as we are taught by the Sahaba, how the Prophet recited it does read is an essential type deal and its meaning to change and to alter the things that are not meant to be altered. The destruction of the Earth is heralded and that the day of judgment will arrive, that there are more instructions about the prayer at night and to hedge it and it's important to give extra voluntary acts of worship towards a law and to spend in the sake of Allah solten one deathbed Oh, one who is wrapped up once again, go out and preach and after you've been ensuring your prayer is being solid, teach other people to pray. And

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once again that descriptions of the Day of Judgment is described in particular as it relates to an arrogant, vengeful person. And Allah subhanho wa Taala warns them of the punishment of hell not to have that pride that detracts us and deters us from having faith and humility before Allah. And Allah speaks about the people of the right. The people who choose the right path, the people of piety has been different to the people have succumbed

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to creola Tada you know, the people who will be destroyed and Hellfire are those who chose the deeds of morality and to stray from a path of truth. Sort of glioma, once again, is about the Day of Judgment, the final hours of a person in their death when the soul reaches their throat as it is exiting their body. A law speaks about that there will be no refuge from a law except with him. And the instructions of the Prophet regarding the Koran that there will be faces that are glowing with light and faces that are gloomy on the day, they returned to Allah. And then Zora is sort of a double edged sword of the incense is another name for it. It speaks about the favours of a lot to

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humanity and the creating that's from nothing and showing us the right way. And then Allah speaks about condemning the deniers of the truth, and they will be shackled and they will be entered into fire. But the believers they will be given a beautiful drink from Jenna and a lot of describes gentlemen that the qualities of the believers in it are those who fulfill their vows they fear their Lord, they're people who feed the hungry, they're sincere to Allah, they will have gardens of bliss, and they will be given vessels of silver to drink from and hanging fruit and everything will be of delight for them, may Allah make us of them. Final surah is sort of Telemachus, Allah, that Allah

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Subhana Allah sends the heralding wanes and Allah makes an oath by the winds, by the clouds, by the angels by the Day of Judgment is a truth by the destruction of earlier people alone makes an important statement about the creation of men out of nothing, that the earth and the mountains and the springs are all created by a law and that they are of a greater creation than, than us to reflect upon that which is inanimate around us as a reflection of our last creation of us. And to prostrate to a loss of Hannah with either male lawmakers from those who are carnitine saggi. Dean allama mean this is your brother. Yeah, hi Brahim. With us, number 29 of our daily tipsy at us by

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day. May Allah allow us to complete the whole and we said our motto motto motto, my overall cat