A Minute with the Aware Academy #02 – Relapses

Wael Ibrahim


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In this video, Wally Br reminded discusses the difficulty of relapses and mistakes in making decisions about life. He suggests that people should stand up and stay focused while they go back to their original path of action. He also warns that the journey of relapse is not the end of the world and that people should continue on their original path of action.

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Welcome, everyone. My name is Wally Brahim. And this is a minute with the aware Academy video series. Today we're going to talk about relapses or mistakes in general, that sometimes put us into that state of depression, anxiety and sadness and mood swinging, where it prevents us from actually continuing the journey towards recovery and towards purity and towards a life that you've always wanted. And this is a big problem that I have noticed among people with porn consumption and porn related problems when they relapse. And when they go back to their undesirable behavior, they sit there expecting that things will change on their own, what you need to do is to stand up, stand back

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on your feet and continue the journey, just like making the wrong exit as you drive sometimes. And once you discover that you made the wrong exit, then you started cursing everything around you. But those who will reach the destination are those who come down, start reflecting, thinking, asking and make a U turn and get back to their destination. So remember, when you relapse, it's not the end of the world. Stand up back on your feet continue on the journey of recovery. It will happen so long as you persist, and so long as you throw these mistakes behind your back. So stay focus and stay away.