Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 28

Yahya Ibrahim
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Yeah, Ibrahim with another daily Tafseer at hamdulillah. We're doing a juice a day and we've arrived at Jews number 28 Allahu medic, and one of the Jews is referred to as

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PUD semia, which begins with the very first statements of the Jews. Law has heard the petition of the woman who has come in debate with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the surah begins saltalamacchia data with the outcome of the heart, which is a husband treating his wife unfairly. Second Law speaks about, you know, secretive consultative discussions that isolate other people as being sinful behavior. Law speaks about the importance of obedience to our parents, obedience to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and that there is no closer friendship with people who disband from Allah subhanho wa Taala or who seek to ridicule a law and the prophets I seldom who seek to

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harm the believers, that there are two clear parties in life there is the party of shavon and the party of a law of man. The next order is sort of tallahatchie which is a beautiful surah It has many of the 99 Names of Allah subhana wa Taala. In it begins around the time of the Battle of

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weave, some of the tribes that had relegated against a prophet Isaiah limb that used to surround and Medina they had fortified themselves and Allah subhanaw taala says that their fortifications will not help them from a loss of kind of water either. And the descent of laws revelation, there's it speaks about the superior qualities of God and those who travel to the prophets I seldom gave up everything to be with him and the qualities the superior qualities of the unsolved those who receive the refugees that came from Mecca and surrounding cities. It also speaks the surah about the qualities of the hypocrites and that they are those who make false commitments that are those who

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have a likelihood to the shape on in terms of their whispering within us doubtful things about God and His Messenger Mohammed's eyes tell him, that there are people for Hellfire and there are people for gender and they cannot be made equal. Allah speaks about some of his characteristics and His Divine Names and attributes. And of them is that he is a VA hit a wall belt and he's that he is the knower of all things. He's the apparent he's the unseen, he's the merciful, he's a compassionate, he's the king and the owner of dominion, the holy that the provider appease the provider of security. He is the guardian. He is the Almighty, He is the dominant, He is the Lord of all

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creation. He is the Creator, he's the initiator, and he is the one who non is like him, the next oldest hotel room diner. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah speaks as instructions that are given to the believers, men and women, not to make close allies with those who are enemies to you. And Allah gives the example of Ibrahim that although he had a great fidelity he disbanded from those who rejected God. Allah speaks about the test, the believing women that have come to my cage or to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that they will be willing and able to maintain what has been asked of them by Allah. And Allah over the test is that they must make a vow that they will not

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associate partners with a law will not steal will not for indicate will not commit infanticide and kill their children will not slander will not disobey Allah in the messenger Muhammad Ali Salim and the surah ends up where Allah says, You won't find anyone who has greater allegiance to along the messenger than the believers. The next order sorbitol SFX. Once again, it is about the best actions in the sight of Allah, which is to purify your intention for Allah to do what Allah subhanaw taala is commanded to obey the messenger Mohamed Sai Selim, to not be like those who have harmed Moosa as his companions used to harm him and make so many requests of him and those of Jesus. It speaks about

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the message of Jesus that he conveyed to humanity and he foretold of the prophets I seldom want to be in yet team embodies Muhammad, the name of the Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in the Quran, that a lot of talks about the best trade that a person can make with a law, which is that they're willing to give their sacrifice their life and their wealth for that which is right and for the defense of those who are weak, and for the existence of the weakest amongst us in humanity speaks about the rewards of that trade that it is Jenna, and paradise and happiness in this life. And to be that we are asked to be like those who were the followers, the true followers of Jesus, and how are they in

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the disciples, sort of the Juma is one of those beautiful Sutras, or law speaks about the blessing of knowledge and the weight of knowledge that previous generations they carried knowledge on their backs, but it's like a donkey carrying books, it doesn't benefit from them. So it asked us to be from those who have pure in insight and intention, and therefore then we can begin to access what Allah has revealed in Salta Juma is an injunction to be from those who maintain the the congregational prayers to leave off trade and commerce and all distraction

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to come and answer that prayer every Friday at the noon hour, and that is what is blessed by Allah and once that prayer is done to go back out into the earth, and to see from the bounties of Allah subhana wa tada the next chapter is titled on one after moon, meaning the hypocrites and Allah speaks about the incident of Abdullah evening obey me as a dude who was the chief hypocrite in the city of the prophets, I sell them he was of those who lied and gave false oath he made a he was very attractive in his speech and very attractive and his demeanor and his wealth and everything around him. And the law says don't be confused, that a person who appears well that that means inside them

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their heart is alive and right. And Allah Subhana Allah condemns him and those who have a like mindset in the Quran, then a lot advises the believers to stick to that which is firmness of faith and allegiance to the messenger, Mohammed Salim and to follow the tradition that leads us to paradise. The next order is sort of bizarre when Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the day of gain and the day of loss, the day of judgment. The law speaks about purity of intention, and to be a person who has intention for Allah subhanaw taala and truthful with a law that that is the one saving grace for us on the Day of Judgment. Allah speaks about the creation of men and the stories

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of those who came from us in the past, before it's in the past as something that we should use in our life and to make it material as something that we can benefit from. in our day to day, Allah speaks about the Day of Gathering yellowman Gemma on the Day of Gathering and Yamato Baba Malika montalban, the day when we come back, and it's a day where we find those who have great success from those who have suffered the greatest loss and those who are lost or those who have treated their wives and their children as enemies in this life by not calling them too good and praying with them and being developed with them and leading to them to that which is pleasing to Allah subhana wa

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Adana. So our children, our wealth, our wives, our spouses, our husbands are a test for us in this life. And if we can pass it within our homes, then we can have security outside it. Allah speaks about the merits of spending in the cause of God and being from those who are willing to bear the burden of society's needs and being able and willing to assist. Then, second, last Surah indigitous assortative talaq, it has many of the verses that relate to divorce, and that some of the rituals of it and the ethics of it, and in it, a law speaks about tequila. And that's a very intuitive and very insightful and important point. Because one of the greatest things that happens at a time of divorce

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is that people forget a law and they begin to act in a callous, hateful manner. So a law here in this area, he says Romania, tequila Jalla Maharajah, the one who fears Allah, Allah will give him an exit from all difficulty, while the document titled after save and give him or her was consistent and from where they did not assume a lot speaks about the rulings of la de meaning the period of purity that stays after a moment of divorce so that we can be sure that there's no paternity to result, what is normal of it and those who do not get their menstruation and those who are pregnant, what are the rules or regulations of divorce. In those cases, a law speaks about providing

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provision, and an alimony that is given for the women who are divorced and of course, our children, that may happen of it. Now law speaks about the benefit of tough law as it is overarching statement in all matters of life. The very last chapter of the Koran, sort of Jews in number 28 is sort of the same

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as sooner number 66. And Allah subhanaw taala. It's called the prohibition it's where the prophets wives, made comments with a privatized cell and that made him make a vow that he had prohibited something lawful for himself, just to make them happy upon himself. And Allah says yeah, you're gonna be able to handle the moment Allah Allah like, Why do you make her amatola has made highlighted for you, is it to please your women, and instructions to repent? And Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the virtues of repentance, a Latina, M and o tubo. In the light over the sofa, repent in a proper way. Then Allah give the examples of righteous women with their husbands and

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sinful women with their husbands. The example of the immoral were the wives of Noah and loot. imperata loot whenver attorno and the wife of righteousness was the wife of Pharaoh. And therefore you see, the wives of prophets were led astray and the wife of a tyrant was led right and finally it ends with the example of money and Allah has said and I hope you'll join me for another daily tip See, this was a daily Jews by Jews FC a just a day for Jews number 28. A lot except from us. So can a whole lot more behind the shadow line and stuff are going to be like it's your brother. Hi, Brian. What's up Mr. decom? What I want to buy over a cat

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