Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L291D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the potential consequences of disobeying a law on a sub doesn’t, including destruction of the Earth and destruction of the "air flying" concept. The speakers emphasize the importance of following guidance and following rules, as well as protecting animals from disobeyments. The segment also touches on the use of "monkey lfu" in warfare and the potential for disrefinement. The speakers emphasize the importance of following instructions given by Allah and avoiding distraction.
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Sounds a bit lame in a shift on your gene Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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and number 15.

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Who are lead ijarah Allah Allah como Alberta loulan. It is he who has made the earth team for you, Fung Shui, FEMA and akeeba. So walk among it slopes, what color images 3d, and each of his provision, what la he new shoe, and to him is the resurrection. In total milk. So far we have been learning about the qudra of Allah subhanaw taala, the milk of Allah, Allah, how great he is how glorious he is. And people on the other hand, they have no power compared to him. And in these eyes, we will learn about the special favors of a loss of personal data that he has bestowed on people, which are a part of his model, which are a part of his being great his being Malik.

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So far, we have learned that he is the harlot, he is the Malik. And here we learned that he is also the logic of people. And if he wouldn't take care of people, if he wouldn't provide this to the people, then they would not help themselves at all. And the first thing that is mentioned is the earth after the sky, what is mentioned the earth, that is He who has made for you the earth, and how has he made the earth for you, the loulan The Loon is from the roof fetters, that land law. And the rule is that which is obedient, that which is humble. And it's also used for an animal that has been tamed, a tamed animal, it's different from a wild animal, how

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that it listens to you, it obeys you, you command it to do something, it will follow your order. Like for example, if there's a dog, it has been tamed, and trained, what's going to happen you instruct the dog, it's going to listen to you immediately, isn't it? Oh, but another wild dog, you give a command and it might start barking at you, isn't it so it might threaten to harm you. So there is a difference between that which is humble. And that which is not humble, that which is stained, and that which is not deemed, Allah says that the Earth has been made tamed for you. What does it mean by that? That it is humble before you so you can do whatever you wish on its surface,

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you can dig it, you can construct buildings on it. You can drive heavy cars on it, right? You can walk on it, you can jump on it, you can sleep on it, you can rest on it, you can plant your fields on it, right? You can do so many things on this earth. You abuse this earth, you use this earth, when you're living you use it, when you die, you're buried in it, this earth, this ground beneath your feet is completely subservient to you, it's completely submissive to you. So you can do whatever you want to it. It's not such that the earth is inaccessible, that it's difficult for us to use it. It's difficult for us to deal with it. No, it's very easy. And Allah says feng shui man

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akeeba, you walk on its shoulders on its slopes from shoe, meaning it's so humble. It's also method that you can go walking on its mountains on its slopes, and it will not stop you.

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The earth which is so huge, so massive, you walk on its mountains, which are like its shoulders, and it will not stop you it will not create any difficulty for you. Just think about it. If there is an animal, a huge animal, and you want to ride it, okay, you may be able to sit on its back. But can you sit on the neck? No. Can you do anything with its ears? With its tail with its legs? No, there's only certain things that the animal will allow you to do with itself, isn't it? The moment you start fiddling with its neck or its feet or its legs or its tail? It's going to get so annoyed, isn't it? Like for example, if you have a cat, you can pet the cat but the moment you pull the tail, it's

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gonna get very, very upset, isn't it so it might scratch you. But the earth Allah says functional theaman akeeba. You walk on its shoulders. minhagim is authoritative monkey. And monkey is used for shoulder and over here, the monocular the shoulders of the earth, what are they? Some have said it refers to its mountains. And some said it refers to its slopes, its pathways. And some have said that it refers to its sides. And what it refers to is that all over the earth because this shows that the earth is in fact round. Because as you keep walking on it, it keeps bending, bending, bending, you understand because it's not flat, but rather how is it round, so functional for you.

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When you walk all over it. You are covered mountains and it slopes and it's pathways. This earth doesn't stop you work with Luma recipe and you eat of His provision meaning the provision that

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Allah has created for you in this earth, where he lay the new shoe, and to him is the resurrection. So over here loss upon God is telling us about the earth, that how he has made it subservient to us how everything that we need is placed where in this earth, we can walk on it, we can travel on it, we can have our food from it. And then when we die, we are buried in it and from it, we will be resurrected. last panel, Dr. Johnson, sort of the masala alumna journal of the key factor here and what I'm working on this earth is a container for who for the living and the dead. While you're alive, this earth contains you how you don't have to go anywhere outside to get your food, isn't it

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so and when you die? Who is it that provides you a bed, this earth as well. So it's a container, what he lay in the shoe, and to him is the resurrection to him is the return. This is a sign of Allah subhanaw taala his kindness as well as his might, his kindness and his mind that look at how kind he is to this earth that is massive. You can walk all over it, you can do whatever you want on it. This is a huge blessing on you.

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And why is this mentioned over here in particular earlier we learned about the sky, and now we're learning about the earth. And about the earth in particular what we learn is that it is the rule it is obedient. So what's the lesson in this for us that we do? Should Be obedient, that all people learn from the earth? What obedience and submissiveness is. This earth teaches us what submissiveness is. You walk on it, you dig it? It doesn't shout back at you. It doesn't say why. It doesn't say go somewhere else. No, do whatever you want to on its back. And it doesn't demand anything from you. So this is how people should be as well. With their Lord. I mean, don't do you

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feel secure? Memphis summer, he that he who is in the sky? I mean, don't you felt secure? That Memphis summer? Who is this referring to Memphis summer, Allah soprano, that he holds authority in the sky? And yes, if I recall, that he could cause the earth to sink with you for either here to move. And suddenly it would sway this earth? Yes, it's very submissive, which is why you're able to do whatever you want to. But do you feel secure? How could you feel secure, that you could disobey a law on this submissive Earth? This earth that is so obedient, you are disobeying a law on its back? You are disobeying Allah on its shoulders on this earth. If you disobey along this earth, He can

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cause the same earth to swallow you Josefa Komal Alba Josefa Holocene phallus, and what does it mean to sink so he could cause the earth to sink in with you collapse and sink with you swallow you up for either here tomorrow. And suddenly, it would sway the mood from newsletters. Meanwhile, we have learned earlier yo moto moto servo motor. And what does that mean when something huge moves from side to side switches back and forth. And it's also used for movement with fast speed when something moves very, very fast very quickly. So for either here tomorrow, when it quakes, meaning it moves beneath your feet, and suddenly it opens up and it swallows you in.

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In this ayah is a warning that this earth which is stable, it is stable at whose command at the command of Allah, this earth which is submissive, obedient to you that you can do whatever you want to. How is it so at the command of almost panatela if you disobey Allah on the surface of this earth, He can cause the same earth to swallow you.

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He could cause the same Earth this way beneath your feet. Then how can you dare to disobey Him on this earth? When this earth is loyal to him? How can you dare to disobey Him on this earth?

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And this is also a warning that a law can punish you at any time.

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A mentor momentum, how can you feel secure what makes you feel secure? We learn in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us follow us it Allahu nasaa be Mikasa boo, Metallica, Allah, Allah, him in depth, that if a lot more to hold people accountable, if longer to seize people immediately for the wrongs that they're doing. He would not leave even one single creature on the surface of this earth.

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He would punish people and as a result, not even a single creature would remain alive. If they're alive. Why is it so? Because Allah is tolerant, he is an haleem that he does not punish people immediately. rather he gives them time. But many people they get deceived by this rest bite and they think what they're doing is okay, they don't need to change their ways.

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Or do you feel secure Memphis summer he that he who holds authority in the sky and usila alaykum howsoever that he could send against you a storm of stones, firstly, he could cause this earth to swallow you, punishment coming from beneath your feet, and then a punishment coming from above you a user alikum house lever, what is a house like

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a violent wind, which also has small pebbles in it.

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And then the word House of is also used for a hailstorm because hail stones What are they like? rocks, right? And similarly taught to use for a tornado, a cyclone. So a new scenario Akin however, it could be hard, it could be called it could be carrying different types of pebbles made of ice rocks, so on and so forth. He could send this upon you for satara Muna, then soon you will know. Okay, finally, how was My warning? When this punishment comes upon you, then you will know how was My warning? Meaning my warning was indeed true. When I warned you in the last panel data center warning, he meant it. Because many times when we read about the warnings that are in the Quran, what

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do we think it's for somebody else? It's not for us, isn't it? Or we think, yeah, it might happen. However, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. But Allah says, he can send the punishment anytime and when it comes, then you will know how my warning was meaning it was true.

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I meant it.

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What is it show to us, that we should always remain in fear of the punishment of Allah.

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Because Where are we in the milk of Allah soprano.

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As long as a person is in the country,

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then he has to abide by the rules, isn't it? So, if he does not abide by the rules, then he could be caught any time and if he is caught, then he will have to suffer the consequences. If he goes out of the country, then Okay, he can say whatever he wants, he can do whatever he wants, but even then, many times people are caught even outside of the country, isn't it? So we are in the milk of Allah subhanaw taala then how can we dare to disobey Him?

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You know, if a person wants to disobey Allah, that he should go out of the milk of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala challenges as and sort of recommend that innocent authorities and 10 for domain authority somehow it will often go ahead, but you cannot. So you are limited here. You are over here you cannot escape. And when you're here, then remain obedient to Allah. We learn in the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says FM into an EFC fabrikam journey will vary. A user Aleikum house lever, so mulata to do local work ILA Do you then feel secure that he will not cause a side of the land to swallow you up? Or that he will not send against you a violent Sandstorm? Then you shall find no trustee

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meaning no one to help you. Similarly, instead of an arm is 65 Allah says Allah who will call you Allah and ever artha la kamadeva min from Kiko Omen data of Julian he is all capable he can send a punishment on you from above you and also from beneath your feet, he can send a storm upon you from the sky, and he can cause the earth to quake beneath you as well. Well across the chasm and Medina makaveli him and already have those before them denied. This is not the first time people are denying people have denied before as well. Okay for can indicate that how terrible was my reproach? Meaning Have you seen the consequences of the people of the past? When they denied when they

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disappeared on this earth? Did Allah spare them? No. Okay for Canada QID. What does that mean over here, punishment? And Nikki de my punishment and why is it called Nikki? Because it's from the ruthlessness known Kapha. And this word gives the meaning of not recognizing something not accepting something, not liking something. So nichy terrible punishment, that no one wants to even know no one even wants to witness unimaginable horrible punishment. So forgave again and again. How is my punishment that I sent upon those people? Meaning it was terrible? How terrible was it, that it turned their cities upside down? It drowned every single one of them. Not even one person remained

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out of their homes lay bare and the streets that were bustling, are now laying empty and desolate. The houses that were well kept, now no one is there to look after them.

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Where there was life. Now it's all dead. where there were people now it's all empty. Okay for Canada kid how horrible was my punishment. And Nikita is also understood as my denial my rejection, meaning how was My refusal to accept their offer?

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They disbelief but a lot refuse to accept it. they disobeyed a lot refuse to accept it.

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And eventually, He punished them. So over here last panel data is telling us to take a lesson from who, from the people of the past,

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from the people of the past.

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First, a lot warns us, this earth beneath your feet. The punishment could come from there, then the sky above you the punishment could come from there. Okay, you don't that look at the people of the past, how the punishment came to them from beneath their feet, and also from above them. take a lesson from them.

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I want them you know, in a playful Cahoon? Do they not see the birds above them? Do the people not see the birds that are above them?

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Meaning that are flying above them in the air? How are these birds saw fatten with wings that are outstretched. So fat is a plural of sofa? And sofa has two meanings. What are they? First of all, to be in? Rose was soft, fatty, soft? What does it mean? those angels who are arranged in rows who when they worship Allah, how do they do that? in rows? So soft fat first of all means those in roles those lined up? What does that show? discipline? Order organization.

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So these birds, when they fly, how do they fly? in rows in lines, many times you may have seen that they fly in a V form, isn't it so that how for hours and hours are constantly flying in such perfect roles? Sometimes you will see even straight rows. Right? This recently you may have noticed as winter's coming in, birds are flying, right. So as they're migrating, you can see them that they're not migrating individually. Right? Or in the form of a crowd know, even when they fly, how do they fly in a perfect v form? So affecting? Secondly, the word software is also used for a bird whose wings are opened up, whose wings are not closed in, but how are they open? And if you think about

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how many times when birds are migrating or when they're flying for a longer period of time. How do they fly with their wings outstretched for most of the time, like for example, even eagles, right when they're hunting, you see them that their wings are constantly open. rarely ever do they close them in? Isn't it? Similarly, seagulls, seagulls you may have seen how do they fly? As if they're floating on wind? Isn't it? They reach a point where they just leave their wings open so far fat and with their wings open. Isn't that amazing? If you try to open up your arms,

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leave them open. Don't close them. Leave them open and jump off a cliff Will you fly when you no matter how windy it is? Or how light you are.

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Still, you will fall down isn't it? So Allah subhanaw taala is questioning us LLM Euro in a plane evohome sa fatin. And not just software thing but why Jacobian and they also fold in Jacobian This is a Ferran from path belt club and what has helped me to retain, to grasp, do folding. So they have their wings out open. And then they also close them in. It's not that if they have them open, they cannot close them. No, they can close them as well. But I want you to notice something. The word soft fat is ism. And jacobina is Ferran.

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What does this show that for most of the time, they have their wings open. And occasionally, what do they do? They close them. And when they close them, they open them again, isn't it? So when I'm yellow in a tiny focus off team, where they close their wings after opening them after spreading them? A lot of questions as my MC governor who holds them up in the air flying with their wings open in long man except the Most Merciful. It's only a man who holds them in the sky. That when they fly, these birds don't fall. When they open up their wings. They don't fall. When they close them. They don't fall. Isn't that amazing? Maryam sicoma illawarra man in Hobi coalition embassy, indeed he is

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seeing of everything. What is this show to us? The fact that the birds are flying with so much ease, they don't fall down from the sky. What is this show to us that Allah is watching every single thing. Every single bird that flies in the sky, who keeps it afloat? Who keeps it flying? Allah who prevents it from falling? Allah?

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What does that show that every single bird is under whose observation and care

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Allah. So every single person and every single thing and every single leaf whose observation is that under Allah soprano in the hooby coalition embassy, if every bird that flies ally is the one who holds it, then how do you think you can hide anything from Allah, you cannot hide anything at all. Instead of the natural is 79 a lot of panel data tells us and amuro in a tiny Moosa harati fijo with summer, may MC Kahuna Illa MA in the feed Alec Allah Ayatollah Khomeini me noon? Do they not see the birds controlled in the atmosphere of the sky? They're masaharu in the sky? None hold them up, except Allah indeed in that are Signs for people who believe. And sometimes birds when they're

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migrating. How much do they travel?

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miles, isn't it? Oh, miles and miles? And for so many hours they're flying? And how are they flying with their wings outstretched? Isn't this amazing? If they had to constantly move their wings, meaning if they constantly had to open and close them, that would take so much of their energy, isn't it? They would be exhausted. But it's amazing how they can keep their wings open and still fly for so long. Because it preserves energy, right? They can fly for longer periods of time, they can fly for longer distances. So who has given them this ability, who watches them who guides them? Also primadonna in the homie Khalifa embassy, he is watching everything. So when he is watching a lot of

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these birds, he's also watching you and your actions. We listen to the recitation

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of modelu Fung Shui mana ke Bina coup de la

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si fabby como either

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while I'm young enough,

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these birds when they're migrating from one place to the other, it's amazing how they find their way.

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They don't have any GPS with them any compass with them.

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But it's amazing how they travel for hours and hours, miles and miles. And they get to the perfect destination, isn't it. And if people were to guide them, they will probably lead them astray.

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There have been times when certain birds, you know, they've had to migrate from one place to the other. And because that particular species was going extinct, so they were worried that they might not be able to make it. You know, people let them people were trying to train them and take them from one place to the other. And at one point they lost track of them that where did those birds go? And when they found out when they checked, the birds are actually taken a shorter route

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to their destination. So Isn't that amazing? Allah is the one who has guided them, right? He holds them up in the sky. He is watching everything, everyone.

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Yes, and even that is amazing that they know when to migrate, that as soon as winter is approaching, you see birds flying constantly. And how do they know that they have to go south and not east or west? The direction the time. All of that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who guides them.

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Yes, it shows us our weakness that when it comes to us, if we have to travel somewhere, we have to know the directions, we can get lost so easily. We don't even know when to go. So many times we are late or we go early, right? Then we get tired on the way we have to take so many supplies with us. We are so weak. Similarly when winter is coming, we see their birds that are so small, but they're not wearing any extra layers of jackets or anything like that. But people they cannot survive without those jackets.

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We see that these birds, they are submissive before Who? Allah subhanaw taala, whatever Allah tell them to do they do it. Whatever schedule Allah has set for them, they follow that. And when they follow that schedule that in the summer, go here in the winter, go here, go in this direction and not in that direction, aren't they doing? Well? Of course they are. Similarly for people as well, if we want to be fine. If we want to be successful in our life and in the Hereafter, then what do we have to do follow the instructions that Allah has given what Allah guides His servants with that is the best for them.

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It shows to us unity as well, that when birds are flying together, not you know, one is going separately, and another is going separately, but rather they're together. And in a V form, especially, they're always as a leader, they follow the leader. And sometimes you may see, you know, a lot of birds flying together. And it's amazing how quickly they move, you know, how quickly they move, they change a direction, all of a sudden, they're flying, right? And then they're going left, and then they're going up, and then they're going down, and then they're sitting and they're flying. Within seconds, they change the direction, how is it? So it's because they're together? They're

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following the leader. Right? This is why there is unity. And because of that, there's also beauty.

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And if you look at the birds, they look so beautiful. Why? Because they're doing what they're doing in the best way. And that is, according to how Allah has taught them. So similarly, the same thing is expected from us as well.

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Yes, that even if you look at what people have made, like, for example, airplanes or helicopters, all of these things that people have made, they have taken inspiration from what from the birds isn't. A long run with the story is true or not. But I remember, as a child, I read the story about these two brothers, they would watch the birds laying down on the ground, they would watch the birds. And from there, they figured out how to make a plane and eventually it evolved and grew. And so the same method is being used over here as well for the planes. And who is it that keeps the planes flying as well?

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Okay, finally.

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Take a second and a key Nikki.

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Let's continue.

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And then head and Lenny who agenda lucam? Or who is it that could be an army for you, a man? Or who had is this lady, the one who who are jundo Lacombe who could be an army for you? Who is it? That could be an army for you, young soracom who could help you who could support you who could save you men do not rush man, besides the Most Merciful Doodle, man, what does it mean by doing besides meaning of Allah decides to abandon you who could help you. No one could help. No one could help you. Which rescue team could come and take you out of the problem rescue you. No one can any encirclement Don't ever do. Nevermind also gives meaning up against the Most Merciful.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:59

Which army is it? With supporters are they who can actually help you besides Allah, who can help you against Allah? In your cafe Luna lfu rude. Indeed, the disbelievers are not except in delusion, meaning they are in delusion, when they think that the punishment of Allah will not befall them. So in this ayah, Allah is questioning us, that if Allah decides to punish you, if Allah decides to send some disaster against you descend, some calamity, your way who can come and defend you? Which army which forces can save you? No one can save you. We see that people

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Sometimes they have huge armies in their countries, right? rescue teams. But when disaster strikes, what happens to those rescue teams? Even they are rendered incapable, even they cannot do anything. They can barely help themselves, how can they help you? So the forces that people have those whom people rely on other than Allah, can they fight the punishment of Allah? They cannot, can they resist the punishment of a lot they cannot not at all. And if a person thinks that so and so will help him such and such will help him, his money can aid him, his friends can help him, the one whom he prays to can help them besides Allah, then that person isn't great deception. Because ultimate

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power is who's Allah soprano Dinah's this earth this guy, who does it belong to whose milk is it in Allah soprano Tada. So when it's his milk, when he is the one who has father, then no one can fight him, no one can resist him. No one at all. We have learned in the story of the two men into little calf write the story of the man with two gardens. What happened to him?

00:31:11 --> 00:31:34

What happened to him when disaster struck his garden? He could do nothing, isn't it so? He could not help himself? And he had no one to help him either. In a cafe owner, a nephew rule, what does it show to us? that people have no protector? No helper besides Allah. There's no refuge except with a law.

00:31:35 --> 00:31:37

Not against a law but rather with a law.

00:31:39 --> 00:31:47

And this is with regards to the smallest of matters to the biggest of matters. In smallest affairs even. There's no point in turning away from a law.

00:31:49 --> 00:32:02

A person is only saved when he runs to Allah, when he's obedient to Allah. And in the biggest of matters, even again, a person's salvation lies in what taking refuge with ALLAH, not against him.

00:32:03 --> 00:32:50

A man had a lady or Zuko come, or who is it that could provide you a man? Who is it had this lady The one who years lukaku could provide you in an Sariska if he withheld His provision, the provision that you have, who gives it to you? Allah soprano, tada, it's this guy who His provision, what does it show to us that anything that we enjoy? It's given to us by whom? Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore he has the right to give it to us and he has a right to withhold it from us either. Take it away from us either, because it belongs to him. It's his property. It's not our property. We're only benefiting. It's actually his property. Because people think that just because they're living on

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this earth and this earth is very dim, is very humble before them. It belongs to them. No, you're only it's temporary owner. Anything you enjoy. It belongs to Allah. So if Allah decides to withhold your risk from you had a lady Zuko come in am Socrates called if Allah keeps his risk with himself? Then Can anyone give you and it is? No. If Allah decides to withhold rain, can anyone else bring rain to you? If Allah decides, do not let any plants grow?

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Can anyone else cause the plants to grow? No, if Allah decides all of the animals to die, can anyone make animals know? A man had a lady or Zuko come in? Um sagaris meaning no one can but let do fear or two we want to fool rather they have persisted in incidents and aversion. Instead of humbling themselves before Allah, becoming more obedient and submissive to Allah, what is the reaction of people that they persist in incidents and aversion led you lead us from the fetters lamb gene, Gene, and legend is to become stubborn to persist on something.

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And ludger Lydian we have learned earlier about Balu deep, deep, deep water.

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And from this, because deep water no matter how deep you go, you don't reach the depth right? You don't reach the bottom. It's extremely deep. It's very dark. And from this the word ledger is used for stubbornness. When a person becomes firm on something he doesn't move. He doesn't accept anything, doesn't take any advice. So the same way these people been led up to we wonder food What does love mean? disobedience, such disobedience that is out of arrogance, out of arrogance that a person does not accept at all does not listen at all. And before before is on the newsletter is known for what is new for me a version dislike

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Running away, flight going away. So, instead of obeying, what has the behavior of people then of disobedience, arrogance, instead of coming to Allah running to Allah, what has been the behavior of people of running away from Allah, but let's do fear too we want to fool.

00:35:22 --> 00:36:10

The signs are crystal clear. But still, many people do not believe still they do not humble themselves before Allah subhanaw taala over here in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala warns us that this is you have thumbs to you from who? Allah and if he decides to take it away from you. No one can bring it to you into the tuber Ayah 24 Allah says Allah many years ago communism RT will Cannella who provide you this from the sky and the earth say Allah instead of alpha three Halloween Harlequin Rola here Zuko communism evil all liner Allahu Fernando Kuhn Is there any creator besides Allah who provides you from the sky and the earth there is no god but him, for him not to focus on

00:36:10 --> 00:36:56

them from where you deluded into the shadow is where we learn Lahu Macaulay to semi wet you will have yerba suta risk elimination wire coded in hobo Nietzsche in early all of the keys of the heavens and the earth who do they belong to a loss of private data and keys. What do they represent ownership? Right? That he is the one who has the control the possession of all of the storehouses of risk, meaning everything that comes to people comes to them from Allah alone. into the Shura, 19 Allahu Latif, I'm very bad at yours, aka my shadow will who will cover your disease. So what do we learn that Allah alone? Is the Razak? When it comes to our food? Who do we depend on Allah? And if

00:36:56 --> 00:37:14

we depend on him for our food, what does it mean? We should be extremely obedient to Him. Because just think about it. If even one meal, we skip a day, or we get only one meal a day, how would our life become extremely difficult?

00:37:15 --> 00:37:17

So just think about it. If

00:37:18 --> 00:37:28

it was such that we disobeyed and Allah did not give us any food to eat, any air to breathe any water to drink? How would our life become extremely difficult?

00:37:29 --> 00:37:49

So he's warning us that he could take it away from us. And this also shows to us that when we want to risk Who should we turn to Allah alone? This is why Allah says insulted Anca Buddha 17 Fabrica who are in the law what is that secret from who? A law word Whoo hoo wash Garuda who in a hidden Jerome

00:37:51 --> 00:37:54

FM am shimo kibin Allah wa g he

00:37:55 --> 00:38:13

then is one who walks fallen on his face better guided ammonium. She's a weekend, either sort out and we'll stop him or one who walks erect on the street who is better guided to people that are being mentioned over here? completely opposite people.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:31

One is He who is walking him she How is he walking? McKibben? Allah witschi mckeeva is from the roof veterus gaff Baba, cub and Maki is one who is upside down. One who is leaning forward.

00:38:32 --> 00:38:35

cabal inner is to put a container upside down.

00:38:37 --> 00:38:49

What does it mean to put a container upside down? cup befallen is when someone throws themselves face down, you understand like falls forward, throws his face down.

00:38:50 --> 00:39:29

And a crab is a person who falls on his face tripping, like he tripped and as a result he has fallen and how has he fallen forward on his face? Why is it so that a person would fall because he tripped and why is it that he tripped because the path was not was not clear or it was not even it was not straight? And also because he was not looking? You understand? Because if a person is looking, he has his eyes open. He is careful that even if the path is not straight, even if it bends even if there are difficulties, how will he walk?

00:39:32 --> 00:39:34

He we okay, right? He wants offer.

00:39:35 --> 00:39:46

So mocha is someone who has their face down who is not looking here they're not looking straight, but rather he has his face down.

00:39:47 --> 00:39:50

Then the word mocha is also used for a blind person.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

It's also used for a blind person who said a cup befallen Allah g meaning he was blind Kabbalah who

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

Big meaning he became blind. So FMA m shimo Kebun, Allah wa G,

00:40:06 --> 00:40:09

a person who was walking with his face down,

00:40:10 --> 00:40:28

blind, he's not looking in the front. He's not paying attention to the path that he's walking on. He doesn't care where he puts his foot where he steps, what's coming before him what he might trip over, he doesn't pay attention to any such thing.

00:40:30 --> 00:40:40

Is that person better guide? No, I'm mine or the one who young she he walks. So we yen straight is an autumn was the theme on the street.

00:40:41 --> 00:40:58

So we want to say we mean that which is straight that which is proper that which is upright, one person has bent forward, another person is walking straight. Is there a difference? Yes, the person who is walking with his head down?

00:40:59 --> 00:41:30

Will he be able to see any obstacles on the way any hurdles on the way you won't be able to notice them. But a person who's walking straight, then he's able to see anything that comes on the way if there's any rock or anything that should be avoided, you can actually avoid it, isn't it? So, so we is move the person who is walking straight, not falling on his face. So as a result, he can see the path. And on top of that, what is he walking on, slid out and was talking on the street.

00:41:32 --> 00:41:48

The path is right, the path is leading to the destination. So who is better guided? Who is better guided? The second one is an utter. So two kinds of people are being mentioned over here. One is He who walks with his eyes open.

00:41:49 --> 00:41:52

Who reflects uses his mind

00:41:53 --> 00:42:36

uses his eyes. He's paying attention. He's alert, he's conscious, he takes every step cautiously carefully. He recognizes a straight path and he's walking on the street. He's going on the right way. And on the other hand is a person who is walking blindly with his eyes closed with his face down. He's not even paying attention to where he's going, what he's doing, what he's stepping on, what he might trip over. What is he doing? He is going wherever somebody has led him, meaning wherever somebody has told him to go. So like for example, then we should have Mako what were they doing when it came to their Deen they were just following their forefathers blindly, without using

00:42:36 --> 00:42:57

their mind without accepting any evidence without looking at any evidence. So what is a person who looks at the evidence? I'm doing this? Why? Because of such and such reason? I'm doing this Why? Because it will lead me to such and such and another is doing things without even any evidence he's just doing because everybody's doing it.

00:42:58 --> 00:43:16

So out of these two individuals who is better guided the one who who is going straight, the one who has his eyes open, the one who is walking on the straight path, he is straight himself. So we get and on top of that he is on the straight path as well.

00:43:17 --> 00:43:54

So over here, this comparison is being made. Why? To make us think to make us reflect what is your way? Are you living in this dunya with your eyes open? When it comes to some evidence? Do you take it? Or do you turn a blind eye to it? Are you just going with the flow? Are you just doing things? Because that's what you've always been doing? Or do you actually use your mind? Do you actually use your reason? The people of Hellfire what will they say local Nana small owner Caillou. So one is a person who uses his hearing and his intellect another is the one who does not use it.

00:43:55 --> 00:44:07

So we have to be of those who use their minds, use their vision, use their hearing, and use it for what purpose to just excel in dunya. Know to excel in the matters of the earth.

00:44:08 --> 00:44:31

So this is a comparison between who the believer and the disbeliever. This is their state in the dunya and this will also be their state in the hereafter. Because remember a person's spiritual condition is his physical condition in the hereafter. So we learned from a hadith that under Sivan radical the man who said that it was said O Messenger of Allah, how will the people be gathered on their faces?

00:44:32 --> 00:44:50

How will the people be gathered on their faces? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam replied, is it not he who made them to walk on their legs able to make them walk on their faces? So we see that on the Day of Judgment, some people will be made to walk on their faces Mukesh turned upside down. Why? Because this is how they were in the dunya as well turned upside down.

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

You understand? They weren't straight. They weren't looking at any evidence. How were they upside down completely opposite complete.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:24

Wrong, whatever was supposed to be done, they did completely opposite to that. Whatever was right, whatever was arson, they did that which was completely opposite to that. So when a person is living like this on the Day of Judgment, he will be raised like this as well, he'll be made to walk on his face. So this is how I wondered how is it possible to set the one who can make people walk on their feet can also make them walk on their faces?

00:45:26 --> 00:45:27

will listen to the recitation

00:45:55 --> 00:45:55


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we will all

00:46:17 --> 00:46:19


00:46:22 --> 00:47:01

if you think about it an animal like for example, a goat or a sheep? How is it? Okay, Balaji. Right, the face has been forward. Now, these animals even when they're walking, aren't they careful that they use their eyes? How much ever they can to see the way and which is why they're able to save themselves from a lot of harm. But if a person does not look to where he's going, there's not look at what the truth is what falsehood is. He's just doing things because he's doing them. When the truth is presented. He doesn't accept it. What attitude does is show of being stubborn,

00:47:02 --> 00:47:24

isn't it being stubborn, that whether the truth is presented or not a person does not change his ways does not reflect does not use his mind. But lead up to when when they have persisted in or two. So the behavior that Allah subhanaw taala likes is that a person opens up his eyes, his mind, his ears, he reflects

00:47:25 --> 00:47:25

that's the

Al-Mulk 1-30 Tafsir 15-22

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