Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 22

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SLM it from Rahmatullahi wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah continuing our journey in learning, what a loss pantalla loan, and my goal and your goal is to learn these Sharla practice them, so I will qualify and gain the love of Allah. It is not surprising that we all love a loss pantai and how can we not love a loss pantalla with everything he gave us with everything, he showered us with everything he promised us. And the wonder is that a loss pantalla will love me or you from among all the billions of people. So I need to do things that will help me to be of those special people. And he Subhana made it easy. by teaching us the things you love and

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we went through many qualities are like your head would tell me those who repent Allah your head, as the one who are generous, Allah loves those who will repent to him. Allah loves those who will live with his conscious many things today is a 22nd character that we are learning today. character is a little bit different panela because it's applies to everyone and is not an act of worship only. And the Hadith goes like this and I'm sure many of you are familiar with this hadith. And the Hadith says like this and this is narrated by Seder Ayesha

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and Bharani in Allahu hibou indeed, Verily, Allah loves either amela Hakuna Hamelin, when any of you do an act, and act anything, are you going to do this thing or that thing to perfection?

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Allah your head biswal Allah loves, meaning I want to learn the next so I gained the love of Allah. Either Amita had a commandment when any of you do anything, any deed, an act of worship or an act, ordinary act, Animal, and specifically the hammer, the act here is a profession that in general, the word damage is a profession that we gain our livelihood from, or a profession if the mother is in the house, taking care of her children, or any act we are doing. Allah loves when we are doing it, and this is our daily life, we don't have to change. This is my daily life, and how many things in the day I do. He loves me and you when you do an act, do it to perfection. And what is it on

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perfection to the best of your ability to the best of your ability and of course, we are different, some are perfect, and they can do very good things and someday be able to do less, but at least my intention and my effort on putting everything I can to make this perfect, interestingly is this Hadeeth Where did Rasul Allah His salatu salam said it, which is really tells you and me, tells me and you and teaches us

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how important this act. In fact, this hadith was done was said from Ross Swati Sartre was another one he was in a funeral, they were actually preparing the grave. And as they were building the grave preparing it and they put one next to the other one block next to the other, and then they put the, as the person the deceased is already in the grave and they cover it put like a block next to block and then they put dust on top. As they were putting a block next to block there was a space a gap in between. and he said hold on, make it one next to the other perfect. And then he recited this study in the law your home, the family had to come home late or your printer Allah loves when any one of

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you do an Act to do what to perfection. You wonder what this gonna what what effect this will have. I mean, the person is already dead, is already in the grave is not going to add anything to him. And then they're going to cover it with dust, and it's going to be leveled with the earth. what's the what's the one I use the word what is the big deal. So Panama, but not in Islam, perfection, in everything I can do, in everything I can do in my house, with my children, as a student, as a teacher, as my profession, to perfection to the best of my ability as an ion

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I always say to myself, and we always say this to our children, you can do better, I remind myself, I can do better. Having said that, my intention has to be not to impress anyone, then it is not for Allah, and that Allah does not love anything that is not purely for him, as he said, in a hadith and other musharaka yani Should I am the most or the most rich or unmarried of any partners. So when I do my best to do things to perfection on time, to the best of my ability, and my intention is for Allah only whether people praise me or they did not, I am not looking for that I want him to reward me. So the best way to practice this Hadith, so we will learn it much better is when we are alone.

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When I'm doing something alone, whether it's in the kitchen, what's in the house, whether it's in the garage, whether it's in the yard, whether it's in my work, and I am alone, no one is seeing me as I am doing it, I keep reminding myself, Allah loves to see me doing this act to perfection. So paneled law in the law him had Akuma Hamlet a huge printer. A lot. Love is when we do an act and a deed to deal with to perfection, let alone the deeds of worship, our Salah, our slam, our fasting, our prayer, even our charity Seder Ayesha when she used to give charity she used to perfume it, perfume, the coin and when people are asking her you're giving it to a poor person. She said I'm

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giving it to Allah, I give it to the best in the best way. Let us all inshallah try to do the things the best because it pleases a lot not for any other reason. Your BM salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.