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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And this is your brother Abraham with another daily taxila hamdulillah. We are in doing a juice a day and wearing juice in number 27 Allahumma Callaghan just number 27 is in order to better yet and soda to there yet is a powerful surah. In the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes a number of oaths to begin the surah he makes an oath by the wings by the clouds by the boats, that this the ships that are able to sail the seas, by the angels. A law speaks about an oath by the Day of Judgment, an oath by the creation of the heavens and the earth. And Allah gives these assigns for God fearing people, he speaks about some of the signs for those who

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have piety of heart as being something that there will be rewarded for their good deeds, and the signs of a person. You know, being a righteous person from the signs of their righteousness is that they fulfill their prayers to Allah in the depth of the night when others are asleep, that they're awake, that there are people who pray for forgiveness and ask him for penance, that there are people who give the poor their right. Allah gives an example of nations who came before us in the past in the example of Ibrahim and the guests that came with him, and how he was informed of his wife going to conceive and how joyful she was, and that it was a miracle that was sent to them by Allah. Allah

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speaks about Lu to Allah His salam, once again, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and their destruction of the angels were sent to destroy them, for their excesses. Fit I went and Moosa are mentioned as are the people of their mode and the people of not all of them are signs of the people of the past, for the people of Malaysian mankind to pay attention to the power of Allah. Then Allah speaks about the purpose of life while I'm out to dinner with him say early afternoon, that neither the jinn nor mankind were were brought into existence, except for them to serve and to give in their submission to a loss of Hannah to Anna. And therefore everything that has been created is to fulfill

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that great aim, that we are from those who fulfill that aim and purpose of worshiping Allah. So that's the purpose of creation. And the wrongdoers therefore, are those who do not understand it. Allah speaks in the next surah in this beautiful juicy number 27, which is called sort of a tour. And the law speaks about the mountain of tour which is where revelation was received by Bousada Salaam, wa keytab. In the book that was given to him, and meaning it's a symbolism for all the scriptures that were sent to humanity, that there was a populated house elevated amount more than angels, the prophets I seldom describes that they come and make pull off around at 70,000, meaning a

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large number of angels, incalculable in those terms of numbers, and then never have an opportunity returned because there's always more waiting to honor and serve a lot. Law speaks about the the signs of a law as being from the heavens and the earth and the sun, the seas that have been created, and that no one can avenge or assist anyone that a law has allowed to be in difficulty and strife. A law then speaks in the third section of the Soto about the Day of Judgment, and he speaks about its, you know, the sky trembling in the mountains will be moved in swayed, and that those who reject faith will be forgotten as the P as they had forgotten the Word of God, while the people of jedna

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will be celebrated and remembered by a lot, a lot then speaks about how he defends our profits, I sell them from some of the false accusations that the people of Christ levied that he's a soothsayer and a madman and a poet that he forwards the Hold on, he spoke it with his own tongue. And Allah says, Be patient, yeah, Mohammed, keep your patience with me, and you will earn its reward. And in the same way, Mohamed follow his tradition, you will always be persecuted to a certain extent, a law then proclaims

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the purity of a law as being distinct from any of the false accusations that people have made about him that he has a son or that, you know, all of these statements that have been fraudulently stated and levied about God are thwarted. The next order is an agent when this sort of has essentially that in it in the last area. And here a law speaks about the signs of the prophets, I send them that he wasn't misguided. He doesn't speak from his own volition, his own desires, that he had a meeting with the angel Jabri and that he was given the ascension to Allah and Allah Subhana Allah speaks about sin, little Telemundo had that was a boarder that the Prophet was able to cross that even the

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angel gibreel could not. Allah speaks about the attitude of the people who hear about these signs. There will be those who disbelieve in them, but they're willing to believe in other ridiculous things. Something that is ridiculous is easily believed by them, but something that is material and real in the statement of the prophets. I send them who is unblemished in his truthfulness, they reject it. They believe in a lot when there is a woman that they follow their worldly desires when it's convenient. And then

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They claim to not want to accept other things when it is inconvenient for their

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because of its truthfulness, the ones who disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah are those who fall into, you know that archaic belief of submitting to other than Him. And those who believe in nothingness, it's still a belief in something other than Allah. Allah speaks about the nation's destroyed of ad and for more than the others who came before them, and that it is because of their sinfulness that they were dealt with in that way. The next order is El kamar. The moon club is set out to one chap called karma, that the moon was split, and it was a miracle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that on the Day of Judgment, the eyes will be humbled, people will be restrained, that they

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will be we will be like scattered moths, you know in the wind, everyone will be fearful for what will happen on that very difficult day. And the Orion is therefore the advice that everyone needs to hear to say for them themselves on that day for Helman would decade But who will give that it's their attention, examples in it are given in the previous nations of new an ad and slyly or home elute warfare I own one Musa alayhis, salaam, all of them are given as examples as nations that perished because of their unwillingness to accept the whole and as advice and as the legislation from a law for Helman would decayed, but who will take it as advice and who will ponder it is the

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theme of sort of karma. It ends as a segue into solotaroff man, theme economy. So in the Mulligan, moqtada, that the righteous who have heard the word of Allah, they will be seated in a seating of righteousness with a loss of Hannah and with Allah, and they will be honored by Allah as well gel. solotaroff man comes next, and a law in the surah it's the only name of a law that stands alone as an attribute that doesn't need explanation in other places and high volume there. intendant. But here our man is very self explanatory. He is the Lord of mercy soprano to Anna, he gives us the signs that he of his creation of the art of the speech, that he has blessed mankind with the sun and

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the moon in the sky, and the scale and the earth and the fruits and the dates and the trees. All of these are signs of the creation of man, the creation of the jinn, the two E's the two West, Allah speaks about, you know, the ships that float in the water, all of this is by his power, so don't disobey me. And remember the destruction of the world is at hand. That majesty in the honor of Allah will never be relinquished, you will be questioned, he is not questioned, you will not you are not able to penetrate past the barriers a law has set. And there's a loss of Hannah to Allah, Who is in charge of heaven and hell. What do you mean hoffa McCollum moto behavior, Natasha, Allah speaks

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about the two destinations, the two gardens of delight. You know, there are two gardens that are full of happiness in the day of gender agenda to matter. And it's for those who feared the station of their Lord that they will attain it, and those who didn't will be those who will be punished by Allah subhanho wa Taala. The gardens of Genoa are described as dark and lush and green, full of springs and fruit and happiness and date palms and pomegranate. All these different descriptions that are similar to what we experienced in the dunya are made as a Boolean manner to make us understand the joy of it, not to say that that is its definition. solotaroff man has a repeating

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area for a man to have the band which of the favors of your nor do you then deny? It's a question that you and I are to ask ourselves, so Littleton, wafaa. I'll come soon after in this juicy juicy number 27 speaks about the calamity that befalls the Day of Judgment, the truth of the day that everyone who questioned everyone will experience it. Earthquakes are for those who are alive on that day, but the quaking of the earth when everyone exits their grave. There are three types of people those who will be the foremost with a law, and they will be those who were honored then there's all cibola mean that people have the right who did right things, and the people of the left who chose

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that the path of deviance, all of them will be given their reward by Allah. Finally, Allah speaks about the creation of men the creation of the seed to become plants, fire kindled by trees, and that Allah Subhana Allah has destined things to cycle the very last solar solar cell Hadid and this is where the juice ends, speaks about the attributes of a lot in the hypocrites on the day of judgment and that there is salvation. Aloha McMillan and orada Allah complete for us our light that there is light for the believers and in it is the verse that says that iron was sent down upon earth by a law which is geologically sound, I asked you to join me for another daily tip. See, this was the Tafseer

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of juice a day job number 27. With your brother Abraham was said Mr. aikman want to lie on a cat