Tazkiyah Through the Quran #13 Sorrow & Distress

Yahya Ibrahim


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hosen sorrow and distress Subhan Allah, the Quran was sent to cure the hearts shifa only manifesto door. See most people they just assume is that the sound of the Quran? Is it the words of the Quran? Can I just recite the Quran and I'll feel better? Yes, there's elements of that of course, and nobody can deny the miraculous nature and the intonation of the Horan. But the real removal of distress of the Quran is the practice of its message she fell on the map is so door that if you commit to a viewpoint of putting it into your life, it will take away some of the worries, anguish and stress of your heart. If you make the Quran the thing that judges the halal and haram choices in

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your life, then it's not you making the decision but it's a law who you are following step by step along the way through the message he has given to his neighbor, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you remove from yourself the worry of what will come tomorrow, because you understand that there is color and faith that is into play. You allow the Quran to build in you a resilience to the difficulties because you've learned from all of the morals and the stories of the prophets before us how they remained resilient and patient and enduring and hardship. You recognize where virtue belongs and where transgressions are, and you recognize how to come closer to the virtuous, guide

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yourself towards Allah and guide yourself away from the shavon you recognize that there's an avowed enemy who seeks to disturb your inner be peace and inner being that you recognize in nasze, Thawne, Illa Kuma do photography do who I do what he is an avowed enemy towards you treat him as an enemy, you allow in your heart, the compassion that was meant to be the source of the raw Hammer of the Quran, when there are certain NACA ihlara maternelle. Allah mean, you're you are an expression of the mercy of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the main reason of your messenger ship. Oh, Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him for that our bell.

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And eema globin fontawesome new Holly has Salam. he invoked Allah He said, Oh my Lord, I am overwhelmed support me. You know Salah, his Salaam, La Ilaha Illa and de Subhana kidney contaminant vada mean, admits his mistake and that Allah is the only one that can help Yahoo Valley his Salam who had lost his son in NEMA ash kobus bethey, wa Hosni Illallah, I only raised my complaint, in my fear. And in my moment of sadness to Allah subhanho wa Taala. I complain to Allah, not about Allah, that my sorrow is channeled into that one who is able to sustain me through it, not to those who are unable to assist me with it, and therefore that sorrow and distress becomes a theme that we see in

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the Koran, where Allah shows us that it's removal it through our resilience and reliance upon his message, and the Quran is a shifa, only math is so adore the message of the Quran, the reading of the Quran, the Baraka of the Quran, is a removal of all the trials and tribulations in distress and sorrow that may find itself in the heart lsvt karela dogma in your group, is it not by being reminded of what Allah has obligated and what Allah has forbidden in practicing that is that not what will give you tranquility and give your heart rest