Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 14

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The loss of culture is the main contributor to the loss of Iranian society. The importance of culture is discussed, including the use of words like "brack he'd" and "brack your heart" to convey emotions and events. The speaker also touches on the Prophet's words and how he talks about blessings, including the creation of animals, water, and food, as well as the return of the sun and rain. The importance of blessings for personal health and personal growth is also discussed, along with common tipping points for Jews.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Yeah, Brahim with another daily Tafseer Alhamdulillah. We're doing doing a juice a day and we're at number 14 nearly halfway through the whole on when Elijah Hill Hamed juice number 14 begins at the beginning of salt and hedger. And sort of the hijab is one of those majestic pseudo supanova. It begins by Allah Subhana Allah speaking about his vow to protect the poor, and in an akuna xenophobic. I'm the one who has revealed this revelation on to you, when Allah Allah, Allah have a loon and I vow Allah subhanaw taala to assure its protection and longevity, and therefore this sets a very decisive role for the prophets, I tell

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him that he is undoing years of corruption that have entered by the hands of men and mis translations and misinterpretations of previous scriptures. But that this Oran would be kept intact in this native Arabic language that would be passed on and protected in the hearts of people in the most Huff, adding the practice of humanity. A lot also speaks about his magnificence and his presence and the dominion of his creation that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who is irresistible and the one who cannot be contended with and therefore he gives this a discussion where he speaks about what he has created, and he speaks about the resurrection. It's as if Allah subhanho

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wa Taala is saying, the one who has brought things out of nothing, surely you must understand that he can bring things back in the way that he seeks and in the manner that he seeks Allah subhanaw taala speaks of himself as the provider. And the loss of Hannah to Allah speaks about risk in a variety of capacities. And that risk is something that is non human induced, so your risk and prosperity all the economies of the world that we have, in one way or another, they go back to a divine providence, the rain brings down water, and therefore the earth

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is irrigated agriculture grows from it, you look into the depth of the earth and you see from the creation of it the ores that you extract that are the basis of your economies and resources and fossil fuels. All of it in one way or another is beyond human capacity to bring it out of nothingness. We are only there to enjoy the Nam and the blessings of Allah. Now this is important because the previous Soldier Soldier to Brahim, which we heard Lee spoke about last time ends with a loss of Hannah to Allah speaking about voting, don't believe those who commit corruption on the earth and oppress others. That aloha Feelin Me I'm in a volume in is unaware, rather in ma Akito,

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whom do a lot differs it for a day that they will be questioned by him soprano to Anna, and in the middle of this surah, in this surah, the beginning of this juice, Allah Subhana Allah speaks about his blessing, don't think that you are so deserving of the things. And in the next chapter, which is also in June number 14, so little to none He will speak about, it's about the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala and how mankind at times, have forgotten their place, with their maker, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, a love and also speaks to us in salted hagey about some of the important stories that he shares with the Prophet Mohammed. So I sent him to strengthen his heart to

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give him a conviction to show them the right way. And that there were people who were great who were tested by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and that Allah would use the word Bushra glad tidings for them in a test that was coming. And Allah would give Bushido to Ibrahim about you know a son that he would be gifted but Subhana Allah you have to leave him out in the desert in Mecca with his mother had young it's a great test. You're going to be given a son of a shock now hubby is half and we gave you you know a son his heart and we gave you his marine and so Pamela you're going to be tested in all of them. It's mainly you're going to be ordered to slaughter him. So Pamela amazing statements

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from Allah subhana wa tada with that regard a lot also says in is number 49 and 50 and I'm very bad the unhandled off hold Rahim in for my servants that I'm the most forgiving the Most Merciful when neither of you will I will let him tell them I'm forgiving a merciful but that my punishment is equally great and magnificent. And that will also kind of want to Allah will test us with that regard. A law speaks about Ibrahim in great detail it speaks about looting retail, and that sexual immorality and those kinds of things are things that were dealt with by Allah subhanaw taala in the most severe way, and it's as if you know, the greatest test for Luke is that he's calling his people

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to purity but they reject him on account of that purity and yeah Mohammed you're going to call your people to purity and good and you may be rejected by it so continue in the right way. So Allah gives us a final statement to the prophets I send them Weatherford not Alamo and naka de casa de Luca de Maya Colonia Mohammed we know that you are at your heart is Caesar's and his anguish at that what they say when they reject the truth in the end and the righteousness you're calling them for subject behind the Arabic

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All I asked you to do is to glorify the name of your Lord the most hi subconto to Allah welcome minister Dean and maintain your schedule to me maintain your obedience to me. It's not about whether they believe in you or not, it's whether you've delivered the message or not and whether you've maintained a righteous life while Rebecca had to clean and maintain your a bad day until you're you're clean comes your clean is your death comes your eventual and your certainty arrives. And then Allah begins sort of the nan amarula that arrived, it has arrived, the instruction of Allah, and that day of judgment has arrived. falletta statue, but do not be waiting in earnest for it. And it

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says if Allah saying it's already come, you just don't know it in your timeframe, you you are waiting for it. But my orders already been given. Everything has been set in motion, the final messenger has been sent and everything has been decided so little to know is a powerful, powerful sword up. And it focuses on the blessings of Allah, near the near term of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and Allah speaks about his blessings. And that the greatest blessing of them is the hora en la mentions this in three places and sort of the greatest Nirvana of the of Allah subhanaw taala is His revelation and reminder. And therefore Allah says, I've given you these blessings. So have you

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been thankful more speaks of of blessings in different ways, speaks about the sun and the moon, he speaks about vegetation and the rain, he speaks about our mind and intellect he speaks about faith, and he speaks about the whole and the spirit of Revelation. So what are the blessings mentioned, the creation of men, the creation of animals for us, water, fruit, night and day, the alterations in the sun and the moon, the earth, the oceans, the stars, all of those are given as signs from Allah. Then Allah Subhana, Allah asks us that these are blessing things that I've given you. And these are blessings from Allah. Those are things that are blessings in general, then he becomes specific, he

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speaks about the blessings of Allah in terms of cattle and honey and the bee, he speaks about risk, and that is in his control. He speaks about our wives and our husbands, our children, he speaks about the parable of a person who's been given wealth, and has, you know, a share of influence over others. And he speaks about the, you know, the parable of being a free man compared to being enslaved and in bondage and, and put under the thumb of others. He speaks about the one who's unable to hear and understand comparing to the one who has rationale and thinking and it clear sightedness. All of those are things that a lot claims as blessings that he has bestowed upon us, then allow us

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to think critically, to be logical. And Allah Subhana Allah says, is the one who created Can you be made equal to the one who hasn't created cow can you create? How can you make equal this stone idol to the Creator of the heavens and the earth? Can the one who has no faith be equated with the one who has belief can the one who has migrated and struggled in the path of God be made equal to the one who has sat back at home and done nothing? Can the one who has created

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mankind and spread them on the earth be made equal to one who was brought nothing, subpoena who went to either a law is elevated above all that they estimated, so then Allah after transitioning from blessings, to thinking clearly about the blessings, he asks us to be observing his creation, he says, Look into the womb of your of your mother, look into the the creation and the floating and the and the flying of the birds. Look at that, upkeep of, of even the shadows, and the shade that Allah has provided. Look at the clothes that you wear, look at everything that you have the materials that you clothe yourself, it's come out of a fruit, it's come out of a cottonseed the skins of the

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animals that you are everything is provided for you by Allah up to this day. And examples then are given an example of a town that used to believe and then a capital B anomala. And then began to disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah tested it with pestilence and difficulty. A lot gives the example of Ibrahim mccanna Almighty Brahim was by himself was a nation of faith, calling to that which is righteous soprano into Anna so convey finally Allah then gives a final advice to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam oduro lsvt big let people understand this call them to the path of righteousness the way of your Lord bill hikma with wisdom when Moravian still

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has center with good counsel which ideal home Villa to us and show them the best of your manners. May Allah bless us with the Koran. This was another daily tip see Jews number 14 of our Jews a day with your brother. You have Rahim once said Mr. Deacon. Not a lie. What a cat.

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