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The speakers stress the importance of protecting intellectual boundaries and creating a reward for lieership to achieve success in protecting Islam. They stress the need for support for their work and one-to-one dynamic to achieve success in protecting it. The Int recognition Institute is preparing for a year-long national holiday to teach individuals to use social media to reach out to others and encourage donations. The focus is on empowering people to lead a brighter future, finding a passionate person to defend one's beliefs, and connecting with students to guide them in their naturalism. There is also mention of upcoming events and streams related to naturalism and hamsterism.

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sny de como Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh hoon, brothers and sisters and friends and foes now we don't want any foes Of course. And if there are any falls you know what we're gonna do, we're gonna repel by that which is better as the Quran says, Allah says in the Quran.

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Good and Evil are not the same, repelled by that which is better. And between two people there's any hatred to attend to intimate friendship. If there are any fools out there, we will respond with what is more virtuous. And what is more beautiful as the earlier man, the scholars of Islam say, and for your reference. This was in sort of facilite chapter 41, verse 34. And what is interesting, the verse before that is a verse of dour. It's a verse of Tao. It says, Who is better in speech than the one who calls to Allah does righteous deeds and says Indeed, I am one of those who submit to God, submit to Allah. So brothers and sisters We have with us today our beloved use of ponders in the

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or the law use of wonders. If you don't already know him, you should know him. Go to YouTube use of ponders Twitter use of pondering or pondering the tag. The tag is right there at use of funders. And what's very interesting is well interesting was amazing. He wrote a mammoth of an essay for Sapiens Institute, part one of a naturalism as a poison and it's phenomenal. Please go online and check out his essays and he's just delivered a four week series course on naturalism and Islam. It was called the death of meaning as available in the sequence This channel is also going to be available on the CPA Institute website because we're going to provide for you Yes, drumroll

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we're gonna provide

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we're gonna provide for you

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the free downloads of the PDF slides insha Allah Now we also have with us brother support at med How you doing bro? Nice hair.

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Just Mashallah nons joined us.

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Your little bit pixelated? Can you hear us?

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He can. Yes, I can hear you clearly I'm trying to fix my

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so we have support. I've met with us Alhamdulillah PhD student in the philosophy of the biology al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. He's going to be quite active today. Because today's topic is on atheism and philosophical naturalism, also known as metaphysical naturalism, ontological naturalism. And we have with us, Adnan Rashid, Adnan Rashid is a historian at non Russian Rashid is a new numerous petition, he is a collector of rare books. His library, I think, is should be protected by the UN. You know, the UN.

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See, I'm not joking. I don't think I don't know anyone on the planet, personally that has a library like Atlanta, I'm telling myself I can attest to that. He has the most phenomenal library. I mean, he has all of these books on nursery rhymes and children books that are very kidding. Not has actually gone to explain to the world because not many people know this about not actually, I want a man to explain to the world, what his library is, and what it consists of. And one of his oldest books, I believe his oldest book is from the 1500s.

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It could be even early actually. So Adnan Rashid just introduced your library to us before we really get into today's topic, which is atheism, philosophical naturalism. And don't forget brothers and sisters, we're also giving you the opportunity to gain some amazing reward, but helping Sapiens Institute. This year we, we trained over 6000 Muslims to articulate Islam intellectually academically. We also developed over 33 academic webinars, and we produce 10 in depth seminars and workshops. And we produced 30 sapient. Four videos published three books, published essays and articles. And we launched our lighthouse mentoring project, which is a phenomenal project, which

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fulfills a gap in the Dow was explained about that much data. And after Ramadan, we're going to publish a website dealing with doubts, a book on doubt, another book on religion and Islam, we're going to have at least four intellectual debates and dialogues we're going to have a new learning platform of at least 10 robots in depth courses and so so much so much more. We want to be the engine behind the dour. So all the stuff that you see the Dow happens, we want to be the engine and definitely if you support us, you're supporting right in the beginning getting

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Southern Nigeria from the beginning. So don't forget to go to Sapiens Institute. org donate live. Let me give you three ideas to motivate you had these number one sadhaka doesn't diminish wealth Hadees number two,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala says like he Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah loves the consistent deed, even if it's small. And this could be the consciousness of the car, no matter how big or small you give it, please give as much as we can to be consistent with it. And you could do that by attending all the live streams and supporting us every live stream. The other thing I'm going to mention, which is this Hadith of the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which has totally escaped my mind now. So the first one was sadaqa doesn't diminish, well, oh, yes, if you call to someone, if you Cause if you recall to, if you if

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you caught someone to something good, you will get the reward of that goodness, this also includes support. So if you support Sapiens Institute being the engine for the dour, then you get all the reward or the impact or the reward or the Shahada is all the positive impact is on your scale, you get to share in that reward as well brothers and sisters and hamdulillah. So

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go to the link in the description and donate now, brothers and sisters. So while we're doing some fundraising and giving you the opportunity to engage with what we've been doing, we're also going to be answering questions. We're going to be answering questions concerning atheism and philosophical naturalism. Please try and stick to the topic. Some people last time, they actually spoke about so many different things rather than the topic itself. These are FEMA ties, and today is atheism and philosophical naturalism. So let's see if there's any questions here

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is lots of comments. So let's see if there's any questions concerning the topic today.

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I saw I saw boy I uploaded

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the conversation we did when we were reacting to optimistic nihilism. Oh, yes. It was back in the day when you had short hair.

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So Pamela was such a contrast.

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support is evolving into like the Pakistani version of darling. Yeah.

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I mean, you know, you wrote,

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you know, if your dissertation was on nihilism, but the link between nihilism and philosophical naturalism, I think that's also something that, you know, is worth exploring tonight. Yeah, definitely. The main point of it is, the question arises is whether or not what underpins reality is conscious or unconscious. If it's unconscious, you can't associate

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purpose or meaning to existence at all. It's just this fleeting sort of illusion that arises in consciousness, or like many conscious beings.

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Whereas obviously unconscious if the, the underpinning, foundation of existence itself is is conscious, and is creating things with a purpose and with a meaning. Then obviously, that floods the entirety of existence, everything has purpose, everything has meaning. Yeah, and by default, then you have purpose and you have meaning, which is very difficult to argue for. If you remove that, and it's just this blind dead process. Okay, we have a question.

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Oh, it's disappeared. Now. What is philosophical naturalism? That's a good let me pin up there you go. The problem is, I'm not gonna act as admin anymore. I leave it to the admin as when we were doing at the same time, so confusing each other. Okay, so Subodh what is philosophical naturalism, this question is by,

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okay, I can't pronounce that name. But it's nine key Stax

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philosophical naturalism. Okay, just before we get into what is philosophical naturalism, I have just

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in the link for Sapiens institute.org for slash donate live. Tonight in sha Allah, we are looking to fundraise 10,000 pounds, so that we can carry on the activities that we do as an institute. And if you benefited from our webinars, from our workshops, and from inshallah post crona the live sorts of things that we're going to be doing all across the world in Sharla then please get involved This is like comes I mentioned earlier, if you donate, you know, circuit doesn't decrease wealth, and if you are

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supporting a good deed, and then that leads to other good deeds, all of that goes to you in terms of your sub kajaani off so it's very important, everybody watching that you share you like you click and you donate and you also tell everybody

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About this also helps with the algorithm The more people that are commenting and liking as well. So what philosophical naturalism philosophical naturalism is essentially the idea that the

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reality can be broken down to physical matter and processes essentially that everything can be broken down to these bad things. And that there is no God, there is no angels, there is no in material mind or consciousness or anything like this. It's all.

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Rock Bottom, it's all physical. That's essentially the claim. And so philosophical naturalism is obviously a position that most atheists would probably subscribe to, but not all atheists. So that is the, the main, if you like, driving force of the new atheist movement, that this is the worldview that they want to promote. They believe that naturalism,

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metaphysical, whatever they want to call it, that type of naturalism, that is all of reality, reality consists of just matter. So yeah, that's, I think, a very, very good. Just to add to that, it's important to, to know that there is a difference between physicalism and philosophical naturalism. physicalism is the position that everything can be reduced to physical processes, or identical to physical processes, especially when it comes to the philosophy of the mind. But philosophical naturalism entails that we have some additions that somebody mentioned, which they say there is no divine,

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and there's no supernatural. And one would argue, they may argue that there's nothing outside of the universe, if there is anything outside and if there is anything outside, it doesn't affect the universe. So that was a good. That's a good working definition of philosophical naturalism. Alhamdulillah. And this is why many atheists are actually philosophical naturalist. Now they don't like labels. But if you say to them, Do you believe in God to say no? Do you believe in the non physical, they'll say no, that you believe in the supernatural? They'll say, No. Do you believe that things can be explained by physical processes? Yes, well, you're philosophical naturalist. And if it

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looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a giraffe.

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So, so that's why it's very important not to label people, of course, but just conceptually, you understand that most philosophic connections are atheists, however, to be very nuanced. Not all atheists are philosophical naturalists. We know Richard Dawkins is in his book, his fiction book, The God Delusion. On page 14, I believe he talks about what to be an atheist means that everything could be explained by physical processes. However, there are some atheists like Professor David Chalmers and others, especially in the philosophy of the mind. They are not physicalists they're not naturalist from that point of view. They they actually believe there is something like the non

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physical, spooky, yeah. And you have this in the philosophy of mind called Pan psychism, which we could talk about another day, another time. So what's your thoughts on this one? Mr. ponders?

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Yeah, it's just one of the problems is, is obviously, this

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epistemological claim that they end up making, whether it's like they tried to move towards, we were not making any claim.

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You know, we're just talking from

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you know, the lack of belief in X, Y, and Zed.

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But the the assumptions are there like that, when the making use of the scientific method and the right in their books, and they're critiquing

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theists and things like that, that it's underpinned by a lot of these assumptions. And, yeah, these are beliefs. These are claims you have to make positively. Absolutely, absolutely. Okay, we have a very good question here. So we'll take this question. And everyone also can comment as well. What is methodological naturalism? How did even a hidden view the whole thing?

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This, okay, I don't I don't want to get into what have been the haters view was because I thought I knew what his view was. But then I was corrected by someone. So I don't want to talk about this again, until I research it in more detail, it seems.

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I mean, if we ignore a bit hate them, but we look at the overall paradigm, which is that a Muslim can be a methodological naturalist, right. But they don't have to be a philosophical naturalist. And I'll define the terms shortly. But just before we do get into more detail on remind everybody that we are fundraising tonight, please click on the donation link, support the Sapiens Institute's we can carry on the work that we're actually doing. There's many different projects which are upcoming. Now in terms of methodological naturalism. A Muslim can be a methodological naturalist, because they can basically say, I believe, that while we are doing science and we are, you know, studying the

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cosmos or studying the human body, or whatever,

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It is, we can assume that natural causes or natural effects is what exists in nature, which is perfectly fine, as long as you don't fall into the slippery slope of assuming

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philosophical naturalism assuming that methodological naturalism leads to philosophical naturalism, because it doesn't. However, if you're philosophical naturalist, of course, you'll be a methodological naturalist as well. So that's, I think, one way of explaining it.

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Are we going to start inviting guests somehow? Is that a bit later? No, it is warming up at the moment, warming up breaking the ice, whatever you want to call it, really? So we'll get take some questions. And we'll talk about what we're really doing here. I'm not gonna talk about what we're doing here. But before that, Amman combo I teased the audience they really want to know about your library. Yeah, Habibi, took us took us through your library.

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My Library? Come on, I have about 4000 books. So where do you want me to start? And this is not both.

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This is not to boast. Rather.

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I can give you glimpses into my library right now, if you want. I mean, I have, I'm surrounded by some surrounded, I'm surrounded by all sorts of things. I have books, dating back to the 16th century, 15th century. If we look at manuscripts, I have manuscripts, possibly eight centuries, nine centuries old, coming from no Muslim civilization, of course, manuscripts on jurisprudence, manuscripts on Koran, commentaries on the Quran, some manuscripts, on Hadith, commentaries and Hadith, poetry philosophy.

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I don't have many scientific works from the Muslim civilization, because they tend to be very difficult to find, and they are very rare. Unfortunately, why they are rare, because most collectors are interested in them. So they collect them. what's

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what's your oldest book and what's your favorite antiquarian book,

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my oldest book, if we are looking at printed books, prints, because I, I categorized my library into two sections. One is the printed

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part of the library and the other is handwritten manuscripts, handwritten manuscripts, mostly predominantly from the Muslim civilization, in particular, mobile India and pre Mughal India, the Delhi Sultanate period in India. So I have gorons dating back maybe 800 years old, handwritten current, some 700, some 600 years old.

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I may have other books that may be older, but it's very difficult to date them because there are no dates at the end. But we are looking at the script.

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And using paleography, we can decipher some of the dates. When it comes to printed works. The oldest books I have I have a form 1500 1570s 1590s I actually have a translation of tacitus, a Roman historian, Ma, yeah. And this translation was done when Elizabeth Elizabeth the First World The Queen, it was done in 1598. And I have that very translation published in London. tacitus from Latin into English. So it's an English translation.

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So I have things like that, for example, mainly on history and literature, from the English Heritage. Because I live in Britain, I live in London, and I've been buying books from a number of different, you know, sources,

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book dealers and book collectors. Yeah, I tell you something about nine brothers and sisters. And I haven't told him this. Actually, let me give him a heart attack right now. Not a real one. So broad, you know all your books, a lot of your old books were in the Sapiens office.

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Yeah, well, they technically still in the Sapiens office, but we had to move

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Oh my god.

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So so in the process,

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some of you books may not worry, they

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may or may may have got slightly damaged just the covers may have come off for something. That was the first time when we moved or the second time we moved again. We've moved again we've gone back to we're going to the same place where they came from but on the same floor but a little bit towards if you're facing the wall, the face of the door way of baking the bad news online when there's as

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I couldn't break his son's arm, he'll probably be more angry if I bet his book.

00:19:50--> 00:19:54

You don't touch anons books like you don't touch them. It's like

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books. They're okay. They're okay. Yeah.

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If they're not alright then obviously you know what's gonna happen.

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Right. But what happens when moving that nicely segues into please donate fundraising tonight for 10,000 pound so that we can carry on the work of Sapiens in situ inshallah all of us will be alive next year.

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Anybody who is damaged?

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Not if my books are damaged. You will be alive. Okay. I have nothing to do with it. I'm innocent in Manchester. Will you just guilty by association?

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Exactly. Exactly. You know, last time he was transporting my book, books from one office to the other. I told him, these are my babies in incubators. Okay. So you better you better make sure that you don't mess around my babies. You don't. Don't bounce them around. Don't throw them around. And what does Mr. Hamza do? It takes my baby and he bashes them against the wall. Okay.

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That could be a really good misquote and meme. Yeah, Alhamdulillah Allah. Listen, brother Rehan says I'll donate 1000 pounds right now. If someone else matches insha Allah what these brothers are doing is priceless. May Allah grant them success. Allahu Akbar. Allah bless Rehan. So brothers and sisters, you have a challenge. Brother Rehan is going to donate 1000 pounds right now, if someone matches his donation, and what he's saying is that what we're doing is priceless metal. So panatela bless brother rayhaan brought in the best in this life and the best interruptus you have a challenge brothers and sisters, I mean, who's gonna match that? 1000 pounds, so Sapiens just gets 2000 pounds.

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And and what have we done? Since May? May 2020. Really, it was July, but I say may because we had a few articles out in May. But really, the education started in July. That was our official launch launch. And we trained over 6000 Muslims to be able to share defend Islam academically, intellectually. We produced over 33 academic webinars, 10 in depth courses, seminars and workshops, and educational programs. We launched our learning platform, which is ready for content, we developed

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research for articles and essays and produce them. We also published three books. We also brothers and sisters produce that you say painful videos, and much more. And we trained the Blue Mosque, our team, they're from Istanbul, they have access to over around four to 5 million visitors each year. So we're the engine behind the Dallas, imagine all the hair they get and you supported us you will get that too. And next year, we've got some phenomenal things coming up. We've got professionally from causes to be one our learning platform free for everybody. The lighthouse mentoring service, we have books coming out a book on Tao a course on doubt, so many different things brothers and

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sisters. And we have we have a website responding to popular anti Islamic websites as well coming out which can be based on the book on doubt as well. And so much more for for debates or academic discussions, and so on and so forth. So and we will train around 10 to 15,000 people next year we did 7000 this year, after Ramadan, we're gonna train around 10 to 15,000. What I mean by train is that it looked at something for five minutes or three minutes on a YouTube video. Now this is them seeing down and engaging seriously with our work. So please, if you want to get involved in and support the engine behind a lot of the dour, then brothers and sisters, please donate generously

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Sapiens institute.org for slash donate live, go to the description box, click on the link and make your donation sadaqa does not diminish. Well. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said afterwards Oh, nice said done talk to us. Yes. Why are we raising funds tonight? This is to protect the intellectual boundaries or defend rather the intellectual boundaries of Islam. Every ideology, every faith, every religion has intellectual boundaries. And so do we. And for that reason, we have to defend these boundaries. This is an intellectual robot, I call it intellectual robot robot is a person who is awake at night guarding the gate or the boundaries of his household, or possibly a

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city or his country. Okay. And our faith. Islam is more important to us than anything else in life. It should be, it should be because this is the greatest gift from Allah subhanaw taala This is the greatest honor, this is the greatest blessing from Allah subhanaw taala, our Creator who sent down this mercy upon us in the form of Islam, and we have to at all cost defend our faith from intellectual attacks against intellectual attacks. And there are many, many islamophobes out

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De Islamophobia industry is a multi billion if not multi million, it is a Why do I say multi billion dollar industry? Because even Hollywood is at it. Even Hollywood is at it. Now Bollywood is at it. Okay, if you watch some of these recent movies that have been coming out in the last 20 years, let's say, Okay, how do these powerful media outlets present Islam? They present Islam as a barbaric, backward faith, with no civilization with nothing to offer. But the reality is completely opposite. It is completely opposite. We have a great civilization we we look up to, okay, we were just talking about libraries. One of the greatest achievements of the Muslims was libraries, our knowledge, our

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philosophers are thinkers. Our points are intellectuals. Our scientists or theologians are auditors. Are rhetoricians. Are you know you the list is so long? Look at Al Andalus, Islamic Spain, look at medieval Baghdad look at Delhi. Okay, during the Mughal period and before the Mughal period, look at the mascots, for example. Look at Bukhara, and Samarkand. All of these cities were flourishing centers of learning. Where did that all come from? Where did that all come from? Was it What was it Islam behind all of this, or this all came from a vacuum? Okay, so my brothers and sisters, you must understand, we are here to defend those intellectual boundaries that were established by our

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predecessors, we are literally standing on the shoulders of giants. And those giants have left this task of defense to I would like to use this word, I wouldn't like to use this word rather, dogs, dogs like us, we in comparison to those giants who lived in the past? You know, we get dogged by them, looking at their contributions, their books and their theological writing the law cover. So who is going to defend those boundaries? How are we defending? We are removing doubts. We are removing misconceptions. We are working on videos media productions, whereby youngsters can watch these short videos and get straight answers to difficult questions. and by extension or bike I mean,

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as a consequence, the man is protected, the man is preserved, the man is strengthened. What more do we need? Do we need to support the people who are defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam? Absolutely, this may be one of the most important causes. So my brothers, my brothers, do not hesitate there is a brother who has pledged 1000 pounds. He said he will match it. If another person donates 1000 pounds. Maybe there are hundreds of people watching this live stream those of you are watching. The least you can do is to share this click the Share button, share this live stream, whether it's on Facebook or or YouTube, or whatever platform whatever other platform you may be

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using. Just share, share, share, share, and sharing is literally caring, caring for your brothers and sisters, those vulnerable brothers and sisters who are facing doubts or misconceptions about Islam. And this institution can actually remove all those doubts and misconceptions potentially Locklear herbal mela Bless you. And don't forget one one of our main strategic focus is to basically develop and empower Muslims to be able to share some academically intellectually, it's about us leaders, spooning other leaders. This is what the Dow needs at the moment. And we would have basically focused on what is true impact. We don't want to focus on vanity metrics. Yes, it's good

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to have numbers. But sometimes we go overboard or we chase the numbers or not the impact. There's a correlation for sure. But we have to give you the dour needs, know what we want. And what the Dow needs is more leaders and leaders spawning other leaders and basically elevating the sector from that perspective. So we want to become the engine behind the Dow training, the blue most team training training alone graduates training students are Medina University, which we've done, our instructors have done this. We were planning to train students I'll also university as well the famous philosopher University. So we want to become the engine behind the Tao brothers and sisters

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because hamdulillah we've been doing this for over a decade, we've were battle worn if that makes sense. We try to learn from our experiences. And we've pursued a path on in academia and learning and hopefully all of these things amalgamated together. It has put us in the right kind of position with the will of Allah Subhana warts and all because of his his grace and mercy that we're able to basically share something that's quite effective. So Mr. ponders, we have a question from M Crespo.

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What's a way to attack philosophical naturalism in a dialogue

00:30:01--> 00:30:18

A good way is probably with what you've specialized in with mention of the hard problem of consciousness, you start to try to, to explore this issue of what what, what is it? When we're talking about consciousness? Can this be reduced simply to

00:30:19--> 00:30:27

you know, material basis is, you know, is the foundation of consciousness, just atoms bouncing off of atoms.

00:30:28--> 00:31:11

And can this help sort of explain what consciousness is? So I probably do that you know, reverse card and slam it straight back towards you know those very good I mean, why would say is this before we answer that question, it's so easy to do with philosophical inaction is because what's their claim? Everything all phenomena can be reduced to physical processes. Explain why physical stuff, if you can find one thing that can't be explained by physical poses and stuff, philosophical naturalism crumbles, it crumbles. So they go such a crazy claim. In actual fact, that means the bone used to bring up to talk about this topic is called, they've got an epistemic prison, they have a epistemic

00:31:11--> 00:31:54

prison, everything is just physical, like they've imprisoned their minds or they're not, they're not open minded. He lives in the Islamic epistemological tradition, we accept both. You know, our hand was on hand physical stuff, I have a solid metaphysics. I have a bit of, you know, you know, non physical stuff, no problem. We, we and we and our worldview, our first principles design metaphysic explains reality, perfectly. philosophical naturalism. It's like, they're like a horse with blinders on. nobody's seen one way or the look into the horizon and say, Look, yes, the S must be flat, they have a very reductionist perspective. And you're right, if we can show that there's one thing that

00:31:54--> 00:32:05

cannot be explained by physical processes. ago, consciousness or the hard problem of consciousness, philosophical naturalism as a project utterly fails. So all your thoughts?

00:32:11--> 00:32:16

How does morality? How does morality play into this? Yeah, sorry, I was.

00:32:19--> 00:33:01

Um, you know, the thing that you said about one particular thing, being able to challenge the entire paradigm of philosophical naturalism. I think it's not, it's not only the case that one thing can crumble it, but they have an uphill struggle already plugging the hole. So for example, when it comes to contemporary things like morality, right, they basically have to bite the bullet and say, it is it just doesn't exist. It's a pure subjective construct, right? That's a very hard sort of pill to swallow. Because essentially, what you're going to be doing is, you're going to be challenging all of human history, because as a nog will tell you, if you look at the recorded

00:33:01--> 00:33:43

history of human beings on earth, we've been moved by moral issues, moral issues of say leadership, and that's led to revolutions that does lead to, you know, new countries being being made world wars, and all these types of even social movements that exist in the world today are driven by morality. So someone denies philosophical. So if anyone wants to accept philosophical naturalism, they'll have to deny the human experience of really believing in these things. These are the driving forces of human behavior, right? morality is essentially what drives us if I say to everybody right now, one plus one is two, you'll all be like, Okay, and what if I say to you, you know, right now in

00:33:43--> 00:34:01

the world there are this many people who are starving it is capitalism, which is the cause of this everyone gets riled up and use of kicks over his shelf forever. People get riled up by this right why cuz morality moves us morality is important. So philosophical naturalism definitely has a huge hole to fill.

00:34:02--> 00:34:18

Support Yes, or not has the most one of the most funniest and most powerful arguments against philosophical naturalism. I had this discussion with him in Islam about and he was dead serious. Like there was this guy. I don't mean by

00:34:19--> 00:34:29

finance, but amazing moments. It was this guy. I think he was an atheist. I was in discussion with him and i'd love just like said, Look, look, come with me. I'm gonna show you some gin.

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

Something like that. I'm not repeating the argument that you told the brother what you told the dentist a funny story, I believe. So it's a valid argument. If we can show the supernatural then naturalism falls on its face. Okay, this radical naturalism that everything is material, there is no spiritual world. I mean, how do you explain through dreams for example, how do you explain to dreams

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

Oh, wow. Yeah, if you're gonna if you're gonna tell me, Oh, these are just hallucinations, or these are just imaginations? No, I'm not gonna accept that. Because I know people personally, who have no reason to lie to me. They have told me they've had true dreams. And they came to pass. I know someone, for example, I mean, I don't mean to beat my father's drum. My father had a dream. He was in. He was doing obrah, two to three years ago. And

00:35:30--> 00:35:58

his grandfather came to him in a dream, and he told him to go to a certain place in a dream, he told him go to a certain place, and you will find something there. And long story short, it was exactly how long father, his grandfather told him in the dream. This is exactly where he went. And he found exactly what was said to him. Now, you tell me that this was all imagination or hallucinations. He was having some kind of, you know, matrix moment or something like that.

00:36:00--> 00:36:42

I'm not going to accept that. Because there are so many other examples like that. How do you how do you explain to a dream? How do you explain the supernatural experiences people have? And these are real things. You can't just dismiss them. You can't just say all this is all imagination. This is all rubbish, made up superstition and all that doesn't work like that. So I believe these arguments are very valid. They are valid arguments. And because most atheists not, if not all, you know, most atheists are naturalist, they are materialists. They really, they find it very difficult to accept things like this. There are atheists who are spiritual in some sense, and they find it possibly

00:36:42--> 00:37:15

interesting. They find things like this interesting. But, but most atheists unfortunately are completely blind to the spiritual work, or the supernatural. You know, if you if you like, so my brothers sisters, on that note, I really want to remind you why we are here today. The reason why we're the reason we're having this discussion is to highlight the importance of such projects. Okay? There are hardly any Muslims in the world. My brothers and sisters, let me remind you who are doing this work these brothers are doing. Brother Hamza has written a book on atheism, okay?

00:37:16--> 00:37:59

books written on atheism by Muslims, you can count them on one hand, you can count them on one hand, there are hardly any Muslim intellectuals out there who have written books on atheism. Okay, there we have brother supports, who is doing work on Darwinism, or philosophy of science is going to be studying in sha Allah. Okay, who is doing that? I'm pretty sure there are people out there but they, we don't see them in public. They're not defending Islam, they're not coming out to represent Islam. Very few people in the world are doing this work. And this bunch in front of you. Okay, brother Yusuf is there who's been at it for a very long time, Mashallah. And the will of Allah? Who is

00:38:00--> 00:38:43

having dialogues and discussions with atheists, and all sorts of people, right? How many people do you have out there who are actually doing this work? It's a small group of people. And we are very, very, very dedicated to this work. inshallah, by the grace of Allah, what we want from you is to support the work so that it continues without your support. Of course, Allah is there a love and support us, Allah will create the US BB, the means for us to continue right? But you can also be the vehicle you can also be the supporters. Every single outcome we have through our work, you will have a reward in that. So you are planting seeds. Okay, any work of our any work of our whether it is

00:38:43--> 00:39:29

defensive, or progressive, okay, any work of doubt? Yeah, it is like planting, planting seeds in the minds and hearts of people. This is a battle of hearts and minds. Islamophobia industry is a multi billion, multi billion dollar industry. As I said, Hollywood and Bollywood and now all the other words are added. Right? So my brothers and sisters, we are very limited in numbers and in finances, right? We need your support. You need to come forward and start making donations insha Allah tala Don't hesitate. It's the month of Ramadan. Every good deed you do in this month will be multiplied 70 times. Allah revealed the Quran in this month as a mercy as a manifestation of His mercy shadow

00:39:29--> 00:40:00

Ramadan, Allah will inertia on the regime, Shara Ramadan Allah be on the lucky Hello Quran, orderliness. urbinati mina loadable pork on. The reason we are Muslims is because of this revelation of the Quran. The reason we are sitting here right now in front of you is because of the Quran because of the mercy of Allah revealed in this month. And it is time to defend this Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala from all sorts of attacks, attacks coming from Christian missionaries, attacks coming from extremist atheist attacks coming

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

Probably strict extremist islamophobes. You know, these are the kinds of people who are instigating attacks on Muslims around the world. Okay? These are the kinds of extremists who peddle Islamophobia around the world, they are the ones who are causing, you know, harm to Muslims globally, because no one is clarifying those misconceptions. There are hardly any voices out there. And we're trying to raise our voices. We're trying to do the work. We're trying to create platforms so people can hear our side of the story so that people can hear our arguments. Why are we Muslims? Why are we so persistent in believing in Islam? This is why are we so adamant. And the point is, you need to

00:40:40--> 00:41:24

support this work, my brother and sister The link is rolling on the screen in front of you repeatedly. And there right now, Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link, share the link, by the way, you can click the link on the descriptions, you know, you can if you go to the video's description, you can find the link there. Otherwise, type it in your phones and in your laptops. Also, you can share the link take the link and share it on your WhatsApp groups, family groups with Uncle with Don t, tell them to donate tell them to make donations. This is your time to make a difference. Charlotte Allah have we matched that 1000 pounds donation. So far, no, Doctor, we

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need someone to come forward, we need one or two people to pick up the phone and start calling in or send us messages. And we will get your message in Sharla make that donation of 1000 pounds, we have someone waiting already ready to match it. So if you want that person to match your donation, your reward will be double big and the person who actually encouraged by coming forward, encouraging others, his reward will be doubled. So your role your reward will be doubled because you are donating and probably that it will be multiplied 70 times because of the month of Ramadan. And the brother we encourage you as reward reward will be double. He's doing a good deed and someone else is

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doing it because of him. Yeah, my brother sisters, don't hesitate start making a difference. And Shall I pick up you know, we have a we have a guest who's joined us in the show. And we have quite a few people waiting as well. So

00:42:17--> 00:42:27

Ibrahim, so Abraham noble, thank you for joining us on Sapiens Institute live. Let us know where you're calling in from and what is your question?

00:42:32--> 00:42:35

You're unmuted bro. You need to mute yourself. unmute.

00:42:40--> 00:42:47

Okay. might be having some technical issues. So we'll go to the next brother.

00:42:53--> 00:43:00

Let's see. That's an interesting name. slobber de guli on the right.

00:43:01--> 00:43:07

But then I added him to studio he actually left. Okay, brother.

00:43:08--> 00:43:10

Jimmy, can you hear us as

00:43:11--> 00:43:12

I slowly

00:43:16--> 00:43:17

sound law?

00:43:18--> 00:43:38

So my question is, um, so when I whenever I meet atheists or anything like that they always had this like prejudice that God is like a fairy tale. Was that something? Some something home like a fairy tale book? So my question is, how do we like, here's my question is how do we like,

00:43:40--> 00:43:44

like, destroy this preconceived notion of prejudice?

00:43:45--> 00:44:19

Okay, I mean, this is a pretty simple thing to deal with. So if someone says, Well, God is like a fairy tale, and they've not given you any evidence, then what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, you can say to them, I think you're a fairy tale. Oh, I think you could say whatever, right? If they're making a claim that saying God is like a fairy tale, then you can ask them well, why? What's your evidence for that? How do you explain reality? How do you explain that the vast majority of people on earth have believed in God? Are you basically saying that the vast majority of people on earth are deluded? You know, you can you can bring it in from

00:44:19--> 00:44:55

various perspectives. However, always ask the person to make an argument rather than trying to challenge an argument, but they haven't given any evidence for anything. Yes. Don't be on the intellectual back football. If they make such a claim you need to use ask them to justify their claims. And you need to also understand the door always swings both ways. If they say, oh, you're God's affair toe, I was really atheist was a ferret toe believes in magic, the universe came from nothing. Some people argue, you know, our sense of objective morality is just reduced to the electrons whizzing around in his subjective conscious experiences is based on cold, blind, non

00:44:55--> 00:45:00

conscious physical processes. You're basically saying this he that consciousness, the reason

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

adage of consciousness, the stream of consciousness, this amazing inner subjective conscious experience emerged from non conscious reality. That's what the saying is the equivalent of kissing a rock and expecting butterflies to emerge. That's what they're saying to you, you know, they live with it. They're obviously the obviously did with with wisdom and with compassion and you know in the right context, but I'm being hyperbolic for you just to understand. Remember, the door always swings both ways when it comes to these issues, right? Get them to justify their statement and also make them realize in actual fact, you're the one holding the fairytale, my friend, you're the one

00:45:36--> 00:45:56

believing in magic, not me. No, they do. They do believe in fairy tales. If you look at these images and pictures, the creator of the caveman, and Neanderthals and you know them, lighting, pyre and hunting and you know, the imaginary pictures, they make the war, you must have seen, you know,

00:45:57--> 00:46:01

maybe you're trying to impersonate one of those, but you know, with that,

00:46:05--> 00:46:45

with that hairstyle, definitely okay. But I mean, on a serious note, if you look at the images they create, to make a story of the origin of man, or lie, these are fairy tales, right? The pictures they have created our species walking out of water, turning into something else, right? What we call macro evolution is unbelievable. Atheists do believe in fairy tales. They do believe these things. They do believe that these things happen. And then they tell us they have an audacity to tell us that you guys believe in fairy tales. At least we believe in the supernatural. We have reasons to believe in the supernatural, right? You don't? How do you justify all these images, images and all

00:46:45--> 00:47:26

these stories you create out of the caveman or the early man or the original man? Or boy you have any comment on that? No, I was just enjoying your, your your description of really and truly, you know, when I read up some of these things about Oh, why is it men like the color blue and woman like the color red and then they come up with these ideas? Well, when the watering hole when they when we were hunter gatherers, women were picking up things which were red men used to look up at the blue sky like ridiculous, just absolute, absurd, absurd ideas, right? And because they said by people who are scientists, because people who are assertive and they come across eloquent, that you know, you

00:47:26--> 00:47:35

just get hordes and hordes of people who are socialized into believing this nonsense abroad. Remember, there's a book called Darwinian Fairy Tales by an atheist. Talk to us about that some of the funny things in there.

00:47:37--> 00:48:20

Yeah, that's a great book. And just before I get into the book, just remind everybody that we are fundraising tonight for the Sapiens Institute. I know people watching are enjoying this right now Marshall, like it's the numbers going up and the comments and stuff. We want to continue the great work that we've been doing over the last year, and it's a new Institute. So please click on the pinned comment and make a donation there. And also, what was the also bit of money also? Yeah, so Darwinian delusions, right? I know WWE fairytales. There was a atheist philosopher by the name David stove, right? He was actually known for his works in not just philosophy or biology, but just

00:48:20--> 00:48:46

general other ideas within philosophy is actually quite well respected. And in the 1990s, he actually wrote his last book, Darwinian fairytales. And when he published this book, he got absolutely slaughtered by the atheist community, because he basically decided to kick the holy cow of Darwinism. If I didn't kick it, he sort of, you know, started stomping on his face one is moving. And

00:48:47--> 00:48:48


00:48:49--> 00:49:33

you know, his his entire onslaught on Darwinism is that Darwinism is a slam dunk on human beings. You know, we all collectively are not out there. You know, I'm not worried for my own personal safety when I walk out the door, wondering if my neighbor is going to attack me and steal my resources. We're not in this you know, constant. So holmesian, all against all warfare. We all collectively pay taxes to help the unfitted survive in hospitals, we give charity anonymously. So what he described as his Darwinism is a slander upon human beings because human beings are addicted to altruism. So, you know, many many aspects of that book are quite entertaining but yeah, I think

00:49:33--> 00:49:35

everyone should, you know, have a read of it.

00:49:36--> 00:49:59

And very quickly, I want to remind everyone brother Rehan, who actually put out the challenge of 1000 pounds, anyone matching that 1000 pounds He will make a donation inshallah of 1000 pounds. He said the challenge still stands there. I'll be back later inshallah. The 1000 pounds match offer still stands. Come on, guys. 290 people on this YouTube stream. Someone can donate 1000 pounds, surely. Absolutely.

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Not someone, many ones, many ones. Actually, there's about 357, this 157 at the moment, Allahu Akbar, increasing, all of you 357 people watching right now, start sharing this stream on your social media platforms. This is the least you can do my brothers and sisters, this is the least way you can support us. Just start clicking the share button, wherever you may be watching YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, wherever it may be. This is the least effort you can put into this. And your reward will be maximum. And brothers and sisters with money, who are still watching and still thinking, What are you waiting for? You know, I was talking about this yesterday, on another appeal,

00:50:43--> 00:51:31

that there was a Christian missionary. She lost her shades or glasses, a pair of spectacles, they broke. And she put up an appeal online, asking the Christian community to make a donation for her spectacles. You know what, you know how much he raised? Do you have any idea? Brother Hamza? over 10k you told me it was about 10k $10,000 I think it was dollars or pounds pounds something? Yeah. 10,000 pounds for a pair of spectacles for a Christian missionary working in the way of the Christ. Okay, this is how the the Christian community, you know community responds to these missionaries, some of them who who are actively spreading hate against Islam and Muslims. And the only line of

00:51:31--> 00:51:44

defense is organizations like this Sapiens. Okay. And some other organizations doing some great work elsewhere. My brothers sisters, is this how miskeen we are when it comes to money.

00:51:46--> 00:52:01

Non Stop, he stops you in mid flow. I really really want everybody to reflect upon this narration processor, which actually, Moosa narrated to me the other day, which I had never ever heard of this narration. Yeah. And in this narration, the process Salaam says,

00:52:03--> 00:52:45

charity is a proof charity is an evidence. And then I asked Moosa, I said, What does this mean? Like what is it is such the processor, you know, he's, you know, giving us these pieces of advice in a very concise way, a very eloquent way. And essentially, charity is evidence of your faith is your is the evidence that you have more trust in Allah than was in the palm of your hand, right? And the people watching right now, I want everybody to understand this free content that you're enjoying this free free stuff that we've been doing all over the all throughout the years, and especially the last year we've we've gone and now got this institute, this type of Institute is simply going to

00:52:45--> 00:53:23

crash and, and not be able to function unless people dig deep. And they actually support this institute. There are so many people who reach out to us, parents, students, people who are confused people who are interested in Islam. And are we going to turn these people away? Are we not going to put out more research? Are we not we will to publish not be able to do the lighthouse mentoring, all this stuff? This is absolutely urgent. I know people watching right now of the 330 people watching I know everybody's thinking, you're thinking last 10 days, I'm going to take all my money, I'm going to give it that's fine. You can think like that. What makes you think you're gonna make it to last

00:53:23--> 00:53:30

10 nights? Yeah, absolutely. So the car supposed to be? Are you gonna have your money? Who knows? Exactly. You might get robbed.

00:53:32--> 00:54:18

Someone destroys them, you never know. And the people of the aka What do they say in the Quran? If only I could go back and give sadaqa not before I could go back and pray. Or if I could go back and do some of the sadaqa is a proof for you. Know, I want to I want people to think of a parent whose child has been exposed to lies and misconceptions and Islamophobic websites. Some of these youngsters go on these websites, and they come across doubts, and they start to lose their faith. Imagine, imagine the plight of parents will lie I have seen them will lie. I have had many, many meetings with parents and their children. Parents are clad crying, shedding tears of blood, one lie.

00:54:18--> 00:54:57

They're saying we want our child to go to Jannah we want our child to be a Muslim, how can you become an apostate? And then when we speak to the children, some of these misconceptions could have been removed or removed early on if we had institutions like this. This is why Sapiens Institute has been established so that we preempt situations like that, so that situations like that don't arise, so that these doubts don't accumulate and cause an apostasy. Right. You cannot imagine the plight of parents who have to see the child become a disbeliever in front of the eyes and doomed to hellfire.

00:54:58--> 00:55:00

Something to give a little

00:55:00--> 00:55:09

perspective. Yeah. So basically, you really will be funding David against Goliath here. So there was a brother of mine halaby

00:55:10--> 00:55:13

released a video not too long ago basically addressing this

00:55:15--> 00:56:06

issue with regards to Muslims being over represented in the media. And so there was an article in a journal called justice quarterly, titled Why do terrorist some terrorist attacks receive more media attention than others. And in this study, they showed that Muslims perpetrated 12.5% of the terrorist attacks yet received 50.4% of all media coverage. And this was on the the biggest media outlets out there. So you know, news articles like CNN, etc, that they're not insignificant sources, these are the major source platforms in the news. And whenever it's a Muslim, this is majorly overrepresented compared to any others. So there was even more information that he gives, for

00:56:06--> 00:56:17

example, he shows that whenever Muslims voices are heard on the news, or whenever Muslims are talked about on the news, they only self represent 3% of the time.

00:56:19--> 00:57:07

And that 3% can include extremists and people who are considered deviant within the religion and things like that. So that 3% of total 860 8% of the time, it's been mentioned by journalists 21% of times mentioned by Donald Trump 8% of the time, it's mentioned by others. And the stats are shocking, like the more you look into it, it's it's clearly look, Islam. Islam is the most attacked faith in the world today. It has been for a very long time, by the way, it started in the Middle Ages, when Catholic monks were misrepresenting Islam. They were the peddlers of Islamophobia at that time, and they are the ones who were feeding crusades against Muslims with intellectual impetus,

00:57:08--> 00:57:23

right? Today, you know, a lot of these attacks against Muslims around the world are happening because there is some intellectual impetus behind it. Okay, albeit, albeit a satanic one, albeit, you know, misplaced and

00:57:24--> 00:58:11

really evil one, but there is an impetus, right? And what intellectual impetus Do we have to defend Islam is the question. How many organizations are they out out there who are doing the work Sapiens anything? You can count them on one hand again, okay. When it comes to our defense mechanism, defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam, defending Islam intellectually, Allah here we are Miss skins. So that's why I really want brothers and sisters who are watching this live feed to understand that this is not a joke. Okay, we are we are up against an army of islamophobes who are funded by billions of dollars. There are channels running or none. Yeah, listen, let me just tell

00:58:11--> 00:58:18

people surfing chops I do but it just came to my mind. I need to be real with you from an Islamic spiritual metaphysical point of view.

00:58:20--> 00:58:26

We are irrelevant in this one lie II I truly believe a sound will be successful with or without us.

00:58:27--> 00:59:05

We don't need money. We don't need ourselves we don't need visa we don't need anything well lie awesome. Billa I believe this year if you don't believe this, then we will have a problem. It what this is about what really this is about Yeah, from a secondary issue advantages right but primarily primarily it what this is about, this is about us begging Allah Subhana water Allah to be used to be part of that reward is us begging to be part of that reward gravy train that we get this divine blessing a reward from Allah because this is going to happen with it with or without us. us about many over 300 people in this livestream. It's irrelevant if there's three or 300 while lying, I

00:59:05--> 00:59:46

believe this, Allah will make his Deen victorious Allah with us or without us. The thing we need to understand and this is Islam. Let's not cut but let's not make this into a capitalist, you know, Neo secular thing. We're in reality, we are giving each other opportunity to gain some special Divine Mercy. It's simple as that is as simple as that. And the very fact that we're just here online talking about our work and that you're here watching with the opportunity to give this is a blessing in itself. And on the Day of Judgment, you would wish 1000 of these moments and million of these moments. So we just need to realize that do we want to gain that reward? It's going to happen with

00:59:46--> 00:59:59

or without us or we're going to be on the sidelines or are we going to be on the field as Adnan always says beautifully. The victory for the believer is when he's on the field. Forget what happens if he's there, because Allah will make it victorious.

01:00:00--> 01:00:38

Anyway, Islam will, will, will be victorious and would would shine his bright lights for everybody to see. But are we going to be the ones involved in that process? That's the question, Are you the ones going to support a vehicle like CP and there are many other vehicles and we support those vehicles. But are you going to support this particular vehicle as fulfilling a niche? For example, when a man talks about when he spoke about parents, we have a lighthouse mentoring service. We've been inundated with requests. It's their free service where people Book One to One sessions, transformative sessions, people with doubts do art are meant to to become better do art. So the

01:00:38--> 01:00:51

crusher is some academic intellectually imaams parents, teachers to be able to share Islam effectively, and to address other people's doubts. non Muslims would bring them back to Islam, and ex Muslims to bring them back to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

01:00:52--> 01:01:03

All of this is transformative. People have access to books and articles and this than the other, it has its effect. But what is truly transformative is a one to one, let me give you a story.

01:01:04--> 01:01:44

A famous day in America running a famous Institute, an American court contacted me, in order for me to speak to someone who's also very famous on social media has over a million people something he was suffering from doubts or suffering to the point where he, I think he almost left Islam. After one or two calls, he came back at hamdulillah humbler, but the parameters say this person had access to Institute's readings books, and this, that and the other, what we realize not only based on social psychology, cognitive psychology, but even our experience is that the one to one dynamic cannot be replaced. Allah send down the Quran, not on its own. If the book was enough, the Quran

01:01:44--> 01:02:09

will be sitting in the skies and we could read and we'd be done. Allah send down the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to guide us and inspire us and have the experience or aspect to be a source of morality, and so on and so forth. And he inspired that the Sahaba and the Sahaba, and spider Tabby and it continued to today, we need this one to one element, we've been inundated to the degree Well, we have bookings into I think August now.

01:02:11--> 01:02:51

And it's it's probably going to go into next year, is nearly on the verge of collapse. Brothers and sisters, this is a unique service that has a it's gonna is yes, it's very hard work or forget vanity metrics is impact. Imagine we change the lives of five to arts, and they end up increasing the Shahada is by 200%. Imagine we basically train and mentor privately imaams mashenka students are volunteers that have a great impact in the dollar. This is the engine behind the Tao brothers and sisters and I've done a few sessions and also use of other than a few sessions. So use of I'm gonna let you into just to describe the session that you had. Obviously, it's private and confidential,

01:02:51--> 01:03:25

but you could generalize it for people to understand. But if you want Souther kajaria, if you want to support this cause, go to Sapiens Institute. org forward slash donate live, we'll go to the description, click on the link. Brother use of please explain about your experience with your your lighthouse mentoring session. Yeah, that was really good. So there was I was supposed to have three, unfortunately, a couple didn't show up. But there was one brother who did. I'm not sure that was really and it was, basically what these are is just an opportunity for people. Because one of the biggest issues with

01:03:26--> 01:03:36

the word, genuinely who have like large followings on social media is you just have this wave of messages and this wave of

01:03:37--> 01:04:03

people trying to reach out to you. And it's really difficult to sort of get back to each and every single one of them. So the whole lighthouse project here is basically trying to offer a solution to this. You know, we're trying to get it to a point where there are a number of dedicated people that do dedicate a set amount of time to sit down and to answer the questions that people have on a on a one to one basis. So it's not just this

01:04:05--> 01:04:10

dead over messages and writing because one of the things I used to work in call center.

01:04:11--> 01:04:53

And it was over the phone. And the thing that they constantly mentioned to us is that something over 90% of communication is visual. And you you lose a lot of that on the phone, and you have to make up for it with your voice. And then obviously, if you're then reducing that from voice to text, you're losing even more. And obviously, these lighthouse sessions, they're all done on zoom. So you can see the person's face, they can see your face. And we're sort of organizing amongst ourselves to set aside a certain amount of time each week to put forward to working towards helping people having a discussion with them one to one. And then obviously trying to work through these problems in a way

01:04:53--> 01:04:55

that feels more natural rather than the sort of

01:04:56--> 01:04:59

you know you're typing on a keyboard and the

01:05:00--> 01:05:03

It's hard to see the tone of the person when you're reading through it.

01:05:04--> 01:05:14

Yeah, I think it's worthwhile, and inshallah it will grow, and inshallah the team will expand. Yeah, and this is something obviously that these donations will help contribute to what

01:05:15--> 01:05:24

I had a session yussuf with a lecturer from university in Asia. He did a PhD in

01:05:25--> 01:05:44

computer science, and he's involved in AI. And he sat with me, and it was it wasn't about Dallas, but it was about mentoring. So he wanted to get involved in the Dallas, we're exploring ways on how he can impact the Dow with his academic credentials, because this guy is a published guy in artificial intelligence. He's a doctor of computer science.

01:05:45--> 01:06:24

So imagine we meant to him to the degree where he's he gets inspired, touched, moved and inspired when now he basically creates a massive impact in his field concerning Islam, and the dour. One hour, a couple of hours of someone like this could have massive impact in the futures it's not only about dealing with people's doubts, but it's a mentoring people as well, so they could be effective, and they could basically have huge impact and that can't be done in a live stream. It can't be done via text messages, it can't be done even by a call need to sit down and have that human interaction. That's where impact lies or the use of non over to you

01:06:25--> 01:06:29

Why does suborder has your picture as a dp

01:06:30--> 01:06:40

Yeah, so apparently instead of just having admin all admins have my picture because the admin brother put that as put it there. You can change him though. If you click on

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Genesis know his picture

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of look at whether you can set up much

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share Islam academically and intellectually. New essays and research articles new book on science and religion it is already in the pipeline debates and discussions with renowned academics to boost the morale and confidence of Muslims youngsters in particular, and the rest of the oma in general videos and media productions. So there will be videos like Sapiens thoughts, videos, short videos, long videos, discussions, dialogues, all of this content. You know what it is for? It is to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam it is to defend your children against doubts and misconceptions about Islam. Because Islam is just not reading the Quran. Reading the hobbies, going to the masjid

01:09:48--> 01:09:59

praying five times a day fasting in the month of Ramadan. Islam is also about defending its intellectual boundaries. How do we know that the Prophet is this? The Prophet sallallahu sallam, not leave

01:10:00--> 01:10:41

adults aren't attended or untreated. When the Sahaba came to him with question, he didn't say whoosh, go away. I don't have time. I don't have the resources. I don't have the the platform. No, the prophet dealt with the doubts there. And then, and this is how the Sahaba because of this conviction, because of this confidence in the veracity in the credibility and the truth of the prophets, Allah Salah, they were willing to die for him. They were really they were so sure about his truth. They were so confident about his prophethood that they gave their lives in 1000s, even after he passed away. So a lot it's on the way did this confidence come from? Where did this this

01:10:41--> 01:11:22

courage come from? It came from the love of the professor. So in dealing with the questions in dealing with their doubts, in dealing with their misconceptions when they arose. He was a beautiful teacher. He was an amazing teacher. He was an amazing mentor. He was loving, compassionate, and he was dedicated. This is exactly what Sapiens Institute stands for. Do you want to be part of the soul of the professor? Do you want to support the vision of the Prophet, he did not leave any doubt on attended on treated Sapiens Institute is going out of his way to do progressive work, before something comes and hits you. We are there to support you, we are there to help you. And your

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children, if they are watching our content, which they are and the 1000s Allahu Akbar, I don't think they will be on the backfoot when they go to university, when they go online, when they go to college, or when they go to work. And they face these questions from all sorts of people, they will be able to answer these questions with confidence. 6000 people are not interested, you said that I received we received a tweet the other day, like the brother said, the Muslim Brothers sister. But basically they said that before we

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before I want you to versity my mom, a man was really strong. When I'm at university. It basically was, you know, weakening Allah was shattering, then. But Sapiens Institute basically helped me and basically made me strong again, they did this on Twitter recently. So we have lots of these messages. Like we received a donation they said, I think this person said You saved my life.

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vulnerable with lack of knowledge children, they're watching content online, they need to be saved. They need to be protected. Sapiens Institute is doing exactly that. So Sapiens is you.org. forward slash donate live is the link you need to donate brothers sisters, don't hesitate to share this livestream on your social media platforms. If you're on Facebook, click Share right now. Okay, if you are watching on YouTube, click the link sorry, share the link on Twitter and other media platforms so that we can get more support in and keep donating. Even if it's a pound. Don't just sit idle, just make a donation five pounds, 10 pounds $5 $10. If you're Singapore, you're watching on

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Singapore, if you're watching women in Asia, you're watching from Malaysia or Dubai or let's say Canada, surely we have audience all over the world and humbling that start making a difference. Okay, as I said earlier, if this was a Christian appeal, I think they would have had the target head by now. So we need to wake up and we need to start supporting our brothers who are doing this great job. Mashallah. So, before we go any further, let's take some calls or questions rather, because these guys have been waiting for long there was a brother, or Shamir Hanalei, he waited for very long and he had to go for a thought. So let's go to Abdullah the heart and take his question and

01:14:33--> 01:14:35

then we go to nobody. Okay.

01:14:36--> 01:14:45

Can you really go to nobody? That's the question. The question in this case was thinking about that then your eyes look like that cartoon.

01:14:46--> 01:14:54

Yeah, this is Lawrence Krauss kind of nobody in his Yeah, yeah. Nobody that is somebody Yeah. Somebody nobody. Yeah.

01:14:58--> 01:14:59

Go ahead, Sarah, Molly Kumar.

01:15:00--> 01:15:01

To lie about a cat, I think

01:15:04--> 01:15:08

so first of all, I want to say two brothers a

01:15:09--> 01:15:46

really big fan of your of you. And so I want to say to the chat to the people watching that the analogy of the Southern kajaria is like when you go on to die, like you slip in your grave insha Allah, you know, you're waiting to enter Jannah inshallah, and you're gonna have all the, you know, hasn't come for you and you just slip in there and it has an accounting and you just did what donated like 10 pounds or 10 euros etc. So, my question is to, to gentleman's

01:15:47--> 01:16:04

when when it comes, when speaking with atheists or on your sick people, and first at the beginning of the conversation, they using the intellect and the logic, but like, when you show it to them that the logic they using is very, very poor, very

01:16:06--> 01:16:06


01:16:08--> 01:16:08


01:16:09--> 01:16:52

Exactly, so they like they shift the emotion side, and they start like, like pushing on the emotional side. So in this point, my analogy is like, talking with them is like giving a medicine to a dead body. But like, the problem is not them. The problem is the people who are listening to them, the people that like they are surrounded by them, like they follow them blindly. Just because they following the desires and because they're beautiful, funny, etc, in this case is in Italy, I don't know in England, how's it but in Italy, a lot of my brothers, like they, they're going straight, because of this because they fall in desires. And even if you talk with them with logic, they they

01:16:52--> 01:17:10

they're not listening. So, what are some advices on how, how to deal with such people or such group of people like this? Because I mean, the Quran and the Sunnah speaks for itself, it doesn't mean know what you mean people who follow design, how do we how do we deal with them?

01:17:11--> 01:17:53

know when when you speak with people, why you should like, not stick to this word, but to the Acura and you start like talking logically and you say to you, they say to you, they ask you, what is your proof? What is your deal? And you give them the delay logically? And even that they start like pushing in the emotion side, like oh, no, your Prophet did this or no, that your your your Muslim did do this. So how to deal with such people? And because in Islam, the only way is to show the logic, I think is what is the problem of evil, they come up with the problem of evil. These are the emotional arguments they raised that why is the word messed up? Why did you properly do this? Why do

01:17:53--> 01:17:58

you guys do this? But the list goes on. So who wants to take this question? I'm sorry, you won't try to

01:18:00--> 01:18:09

use that use of? Yeah, yes. So the first advice I'd give is to pick and choose your battles. There's only so much Allah says in the Quran that

01:18:10--> 01:18:48

you know that it's not you that guides them and the you know, even spoke to the Prophet most of them and made the point that you know, you may want to cry, but they won't follow you. It may break your heart, but it's not for you to guide them Allah subhanaw taala guides who he wills so it's a case of picking and choosing your battles now when it when you know that you've gone through the argumentation and that they're not really trying to engage with the points that you've made. They're just sort of resorting to these non sequiturs, these red herrings, the shotgun tactics, the firing a million of these controversial things that you that have nothing to do with the things that you've

01:18:48--> 01:18:54

raised, or once it gets to that point is sort of an exhibition of their sincerity.

01:18:55--> 01:19:26

And the or the lack of it should I say, and at that point, you've done your job, you've gone you've given the message. And, you know, when it gets to that sort of thing, my advice would be to sort of take a step back and say, well, you're not really addressing the points that I've made here, you're sort of resorting to these red herrings, you're resorting to the sort of diversionary points that don't deal with the things that I've mentioned. And if you're going to be like that, then the conversation isn't going to really get that far.

01:19:27--> 01:19:37

And so retreat, maybe be patient with them, go back and see if you get them on a day when they're on their own. Because sometimes people are different when

01:19:38--> 01:19:42

you talk to them independently than when you talk to them in groups.

01:19:43--> 01:19:57

So that's, that's one way of doing it. You're not talking to a gang of them, where they just sort of feed this nonsense. And the other option is is to find other people to give the message to that maybe are a lot more sincere.

01:19:58--> 01:19:59

Maybe a lot more worth your time.

01:20:00--> 01:20:04

It's about picking your battles and knowing when things are sort of exhausted.

01:20:06--> 01:20:07

That would be my advice.

01:20:09--> 01:20:49

Yeah, take care about like, if the big fish, let's say the professor of the university is the atheist one, and like 200 students, they follow him down just because he's the professor. And like, we, I'm talking with this professor, and he shifts to the emotional side, if I quit, like the people that 200 people are going to see, like, I've lost the discussion, I think this way, you can, you can retreat in an honorable fashion. So you can point out you say, listen, you're supposed to be a professor. And you're not, you're no longer addressing the points I've made, and you're resorting to emotional arguments. If you're going to resort to that, then we're not really having a discussion,

01:20:49--> 01:21:28

and I expected more from you as a professor. So we'll leave it there. And you step back. And if he continues, you'd be surprised, because most of the time, the reason you want to keep pushing is, is not, for the sake of Allah subhanaw, taala 90% of the time, it's not his ego is I don't want to look silly in front of these people. But you know, the sincere people in the crowd that are watching, they're going to notice when things are turning emotional, they're going to notice these subtle jabs that they're making that have nothing to do with the points that you've raised. And the people that aren't inclined to notice that, and not the people that are going to hear the message anyway, that

01:21:28--> 01:21:57

you know, that their hearts are covered. So it's, again, I wouldn't worry about it, you know, Allah guides, whom He wills and things happen. Without you perceiving them happening, you know, there's a lot goes on in the realm of the unseen in terms of the hearts you may touch, simply by being patient. And simply by just, you know, stepping back in and honor in an honorable way, pointing out Listen, I expected more from you, you're a professor. You know what, you know what a red herring is, I don't need to explain it to you.

01:21:58--> 01:22:03

All, but that's exactly what you're doing. Also, for the use of just to add to what you said,

01:22:04--> 01:22:08

you know, always stick to the simplest and the hardest hitting points

01:22:09--> 01:22:56

stick to the existence of God, they bring up all these emotional points and questions, say, hold on. None of this disproves the existence of God. And if God exists, then we are bound by, you know, but we are bound by by his ways, we have to pay attention to him. We can't just ignore him. If God exists, none of these emotional points do away with God. God still stands and he exists. So even if, let's say, all these things you're saying are true? How does God go away, God is not going anywhere. So there are with what we what we strongly recommend is to attend our courses, our content, read by the Hamza's book on atheism, it will give you plenty of arguments and evidence to argue with

01:22:56--> 01:23:43

knowledge. So build your knowledge, do not engage, do not have dialogues or disk, I mean, not dialogue, sorry, do not have debates with professors, and these guys, who they're considered to be top guns in the universities. Well, your knowledge and then have conversations, which are like, this is the advice. Yeah, cuz it's, well, you know, if you're, if you imagine analogously, so you see this as sort of like a war. And you have like a small army, facing a, an empire. And they're afraid that all the other empires are gonna laugh at them, if they charge ahead and continue to battle. And they do. And they, they lose, because not because they were wrong, not because they, they weren't

01:23:43--> 01:24:03

fighting the good fight. But because they were more concerned with how they appeared to the people around them. And said, sometimes it's wiser to retreat. And to be patient, and to understand that you can't win every battle. And simply retreating itself doesn't mean that the whole thing is lost.

01:24:04--> 01:24:07

Again, it's just it's a matter of patience and understanding.

01:24:09--> 01:24:12

Some people just close their ears, you know, they're not willing to.

01:24:14--> 01:24:59

Thank you, brother, Abdullah, for your question. Thank you, brother, user for responding. Brother. But then but like, yeah, there is a center in Italy, or this only in England and you say, this like to learn how to know you can you can do our courses. Also, again, everything. You can do our courses online, our content is available online. So even if there is a data center in Italy, we don't know if that data center specializes in these questions. This is why Sapiens is so important. Because we have a niche. We have a very specialist area, right? Which is to deal with atheism to deal with misconceptions, doubts, to deal with questions raised by Christian missionaries. Okay or Islamic

01:25:00--> 01:25:34

For that matter, okay, this is what sapiens, Dharma centers usually don't have this kind of expertise. They don't this they might have leaflets and pamphlets and booklets. And they might have basic stuff on Islam. When it comes to sophisticated questions, sophisticated responses, Sapiens Institute is your place to go. So our stuff is online, attend our courses in sha Allah and Allah will bless you with more knowledge and keep reading continue to read books for the humbles book is a good start. Get hold of it, it is an English copy. Sharla. Okay, so

01:25:36--> 01:25:39

the book is Institute website if you go

01:25:41--> 01:26:18

to study it, you'll you'll put in a particular question is not really about atheism. It's more about how do you engage with people? Exactly. The emotional people because there are plenty of them. Yeah, so my my point brother is use his point was brilliant, be stoic about the whole thing. plant the seed in people's heart in mind, try and understand that not everything requires an answer. Because when someone's emotional, they have psychodynamic or psychosocial issues. The so called intellectual arguments they make are not really arguments they believe in it's just a veil that basically is covering other psychosocial, spiritual, psychological problems that they have. And we've got lots of

01:26:18--> 01:26:57

experience concerning this. Don't think that you always have to answer the question. This is actually a sign of an image showed that he and image showed that he thinking after if you have to answer all the questions No, a mature that he wants to basically create awakenings within people. And that's our role as Muslims to create awakenings within people to unclouded their fitrah to awaken the truth within, sometimes if you know from experience and from psychology that they have a rational question. But you know that this is not the real problem, it will be immature for you to answer it, you have to create strategies to go to the root problem. And that's what you have to

01:26:57--> 01:27:37

listen with the intention to understand you have to basically try and find out what really is the issue not just on surface there, but inside what's going on inside them, and you need to follow so follow sort of facilite Chapter Chapter 41, verse 34, good and evil are not the same repelled by that which is better, and between two people is he to attend to intimate friendship. The orlimar say that the word repellent Arabic is not followed by a direct object, meaning repel anything by that which is better. And there are an MSA that which is better means that which is more virtuous, and that is, which is more beautiful. So that's, that's a summary. But there's more psychological

01:27:37--> 01:28:13

dynamics that you'd have to attend one of our courses awakening the truth within is a six week advanced our training course that we finished a few weeks ago Alhamdulillah you could actually see it now it's still online. If you go to Sapiens Institute org for slash learn, if you scroll down, there's a awaken the truth within button, click it and it goes to the, to the videos, they are going to be removed, because we have a policy of always improving our work. So every time we do it, you'd always have a better version every time we do it. But it's still there for now. Go on the course. And you'll understand that, that we have a fitter and fitter gets cloud in those different ways to

01:28:13--> 01:28:22

awaken the fitter to unclouded the fitrah to awaken the truth within so just because the emotional and they throw things at you, you don't have to answer the question be mature.

01:28:24--> 01:28:29

You have answered but of the last question. We're going to have to know thank you so much.

01:28:31--> 01:28:37

For your brother says no, I just want to make sure you say no, but

01:28:38--> 01:28:53

he said he's gonna make the offer us and you're like I wanna I asked Allah subhanaw taala that your last words will be La ilaha illa Allah And I mean, meeting in this life inshallah we meet in the next life so thank you very much brothers.

01:28:57--> 01:29:40

But on that note, brothers sisters, we are still waiting for that one person one bless it slave have a lot to come forward to match brother a hand challenge brother a hand, he put out a challenge that he will match a donation of 1000 pounds with another 1000 pounds. So potentially anyone who matches that donation will be basically donating 2000 pounds. So my brother and sisters, where is that line or lines of Allah to come forward and say okay, I will match for the warehouse challenge. We are waiting for that person to come forward. Please make a donation of 1000 pounds, and we will know someone has matched that donation or send us a message that you would like to do it for the sister,

01:29:41--> 01:29:55

or noble cause you can see the kinds of questions we're dealing with. These are very important questions that need to be addressed. Okay. imaams in the machines, data centers are not necessarily trained to answer these questions.

01:29:56--> 01:29:59

These can only be addressed by people who have studied these areas.

01:30:00--> 01:30:34

All of these guys you see on the screen they have done the studies and they're still doing the studies okay? The process of seeking knowledge doesn't stop until we die right? We will continue learning inshallah brother Hamza Mashallah. He has done a lot of good work, he has done a lot of studies is still studying is going postgraduate martial law. We're also going postgraduate he is planning to do his PhD, I am also you know, procrastinating you know, hopefully I will Allah will give me topic one day that I will have some some education as well. So, there are people

01:30:36--> 01:30:44

that I know my son has got a master's in in history Alhamdulillah from University of London, I was talking about something important. So let me

01:30:45--> 01:31:28

continue. Okay. So brother sisters, Sapiens institute.org, forward slash donate live is the leg, please do not let us down, please do not let us down. Not that you want to let us down. I know many of you want to do it. Many of you want to donate, right? You may not have the ability, you may not have the means. But what you can do is to share this livestream on on your social social media platform, this is the least you can do. Once you share, there might be someone else who might do it. Or alternatively, take the link and start sharing this link on your WhatsApp groups. Your uncle's your aunts, your friends, your colleagues, send the link out, spread it and say people donate on

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this link. We need to protect our children. We need to protect our youngsters from doubts from misconceptions. And from all these sophisticated questions that might come their way. And we are out to answer them through a number of different ways how with books, with articles, with videos, with seminars, with webinars with one to one sessions, where the debates and dialogues so pound Allah there is so much so much this institution is doing in a number of different ways to reach out to all sorts of different people. So the least you can do is start making a donation. I want to mention that Christian missionary again, one of the Christian missionaries, she lost her spectacles, she

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lost her spectacles. And she put up an appeal online for spectacles. You know how much the Christian community donated towards this Christian missionary. And she's not nothing special. She's like one of those, you know, you know, standard street missionaries, right? She raised $10,000 for a pair of spectacles upon Allah, and we're struggling to get one brother or sister to match 1000 pounds challenge, come on 1000 pounds. Also, we would like to say that those of you are watching if all of you donate, let's say, let's say 10 pounds, 20 pounds, or even 100 pounds. If we get every single person to make a donation of 100 pounds, Allahu Akbar, you know, we would have plenty for this

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particular appeal tonight. And then we can move on to the next session, which are my brothers sisters, do not hesitate. You are saving children here. Literally, the emaan youngsters who get exposed to all kinds of evil questions on Islamophobic websites, you know, how many Islamophobic websites out there? do you have? An Do you have any idea?

01:33:16--> 01:33:31

Yeah, not just judge search or break your flow by if anybody really wants to test out no one is saying put in a question about Islam. Right? And see how many non Muslim websites turn up. So say for example, you're looking at

01:33:33--> 01:33:37

something to do with some incident, right? Or something that's supposedly controversial.

01:33:38--> 01:34:19

Whatever it is, you're not going to find the authentic sources. First, you're going to find all of the nonsense. And people actually really get confused. They think it's game over that, you know, all the all of these challenges don't really have an answer. Yeah. Imagine Imagine you're 16 years old, going online, typing a question about Islam. Okay, what does he get? What does he get exposed to all sorts of evil, lying websites, all sorts of misconceptions, all sorts of islamophobes answering the question on Islam, for that child. What do you think that child's gonna think Islam is finished? Islam doesn't have any answers. There is nothing in Islam Islam has nothing to offer. Sapiens

01:34:19--> 01:34:49

Institute is an institute that is a platform to deal with people like that. Youngsters 16 1718 whatever they may be, okay, so their first exposure to Islam should be full of confidence. They should have confidence in their faith. And once you protect that confidence, it will remain for the rest of their lives. So brothers, sisters, don't hesitate. Start making donations right now. Don't stop because this is a very, very urgent we need we need 1000 Sapiens Institute's

01:34:50--> 01:35:00

when there is only one at the moment, there is only one this one we're raising funds for. We need 1000 there are 2 billion Muslims on the planet. We need more and more intellectual institutions.

01:35:00--> 01:35:44

Intellectual think tanks who are defending Islam. This is only one I can think of and there are maybe others in the US or somewhere else in the world. You can count them on one hand, you can count them on one hand. Allahu Akbar. Okay. This is the situation. We're facing Sapiens Institute. Forward. slash.org. Okay. Okay. Sapiens institute.org forward slash Donate Life. What happened there? Someone made a donation? No, no, somebody was saying that would a 500 pound donation be matched by the brother? I'm sure you will. I'm sure it will. The brother is let's say we get 500 pounds to one person, another person comes along and gives another 500 pounds. There we have 1000

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pounds and then bergerie han will match it but still go ahead and make a donation and inshallah brother rayhaan, who has put out the challenge, he will mature in sha Allah May Allah bless him, he will match he will come back to the appeal and we will call out to Him He will come back and match it inshallah. So make your donation of 500 pounds. And all of you who are still watching and still thinking stop thinking, because you may be saving the Eman of 1000s of people out there. Okay. Do you know what Sapiens Institute plans to do next year do you want me to read this is exactly what we plan to do next year in sha Allah, we plan to publish a book on dealing with doubts. We plan to

01:36:20--> 01:37:03

strengthen lighthouse mentoring service to empower leaders and go out we plan to start new education platform with free courses and seminars to teach how to defend and share Islam academically and intellectually. We plan to do new essays and research. Sorry not to cut you off. We just had a 500 pound donation. May Allah bless you and may Allah allow you to see this on the day of judgment and supporting you are supporting us in our very embryonic stage Sapiens Institute inshallah plans to have a much bigger infrastructure and a much bigger operations and much bigger inshallah marketing

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platform to be able to actually disseminate these ideas. We want the atheists and the hardcore Christian missionaries, and all of their supporters and all of the, you know, fanbase to literally understand that all of their arguments are going to be put in the blender and then thrown into the bin, we want to shred all of these doubts, all of these arguments, all of these false ideas which are spreading, we want to refute them and like Don mentioned earlier, you know, the processor love Didn't

01:37:36--> 01:37:51

you know, stay away from doubts he dealt with them directly he gave an answer knowledge is the answer to these doubts, and donate the donation that you've made, is something that's going to go inshallah, towards that goal, which is a very noble goal.

01:37:53--> 01:38:32

Absolutely. So brothers and sisters do not hesitate or lie, these opportunities do not arise every single day is the month of Ramadan. It was in this month when the Quran was revealed. And it is in this month, we are asking for your support. Allahu Akbar. And brothers sisters, please, please don't do not take this lightly. Your donations, your little donations may be saving lives. How do I mean what do I mean by that? I mean, when you save someone's a man, when you save someone's the man male accept all donations and work that the brothers are doing are mean. I mean, well Bless you. Whoever made the donation of 500 pounds or 1000 pounds or even a pound, may Allah opened the doors or

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Right, right now as I speak is intensive care with pipes stuffed in his nose in his mouth. Trying to breathe struggling to breathe still struggling to live right now. Okay. I believe if he was given the chance to wake up and do some good deeds, while lie he will go out and do some other crap. Because Allah says in the Quran, that a dying man his wish would be to come back and do more sadaqa Allah says in the Quran, that he could come back and do more sadaqa Hey, we are alive, live and kicking. healthy. Alhamdulillah Allah has protect his brothers, sisters.

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watching the appeal, confirm that we have already matched the challenge. Okay, so you can now make the donation of 1000 pounds in Charlotte Allah. Okay, the challenge has been met, albeit by a number of people, but you can now come forward and Alhamdulillah start

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Rehan came back and donated

01:47:16--> 01:47:18

Allah bless him, him or

01:47:20--> 01:47:22

her so we don't know. May Allah bless

01:47:25--> 01:47:30

me Allah Subhana final word to Allah granting them the best in this life and the best in the life to come.

01:47:32--> 01:48:12

With his boundless love and mercy I mean absolutely absolutely what a beautiful challenge brother or sister Rehan please do forgive us if we don't know you know whether you're a brother or sister because Rihanna is a is a is a beautiful name which can be used by both genders. So thank you so much May Allah open the doors of Jonah for you you have encouraged so much competition to do good tonight and you have made an amazing contribution also from yourself. brothers sisters, we need more and more people getting for coming forward and doing exactly how they handed and others that may Allah bless you all what a beautiful control

01:48:15--> 01:48:43

500 Oh Allah, Mohammed Assam Muhammad Hassan has made the 500 pounds donation Allahu Akbar lo about what a beautiful competition this is. And I love this competition and hamdulillah Allah bless you all brothers sisters are coming forward don't stop coming forward. This is the kind of encouragement we want to do if someone else wants to put another challenge go ahead put another challenge because challenges are met right over the Hamza

01:48:44--> 01:48:51

let's take the question from nobody and then Mohammed nobody going to go ahead and ask you a question you've been waiting for a very long time

01:48:58--> 01:48:59

your life nobody your life

01:49:02--> 01:49:06

you've been waiting for very long and we want you to ask your question nobody.

01:49:07--> 01:49:07


01:49:09--> 01:49:12

Okay, we go to I think, brother Muhammad until we are

01:49:14--> 01:49:21

very sad that the person has been waiting for so well technically, he's being quite true to himself because nobody doesn't have anything to say.

01:49:23--> 01:49:28

Right? Is this is this proof for the spiritual world? Jen came in and

01:49:30--> 01:49:38

and claimed to be nobody and just left and nobody Are you there? Either? Nobody? Okay, so let's go to Mohammed inshallah.

01:49:41--> 01:49:42

So, um, can you guys hear me

01:49:43--> 01:49:47

okay, I just made 200 pounds venation allow a kebab.

01:49:49--> 01:49:59

Another excerpt from your What a beautiful audience. And we're like, we're like brothers and sisters. You have no idea what you're making the continue. Guys you are. Oh, yes. No.

01:50:00--> 01:50:03

Oh, yes, nobody speaks somebody cook. Yeah, before we

01:50:06--> 01:50:10

welcome Salah Mohamad. No, yes, sir. It's all good. Well, nobody can go first.

01:50:14--> 01:50:14

Okay, so I

01:50:17--> 01:50:23

guess I'm a bit nervous right now. So I cannot speak properly. But I'll try. My point. Please don't be nervous.

01:50:25--> 01:50:29

So few days ago, I just got into an argument with a Hindu.

01:50:30--> 01:51:16

So the guy presented an argument on Twitter. So the guy presented an argument that you guys believe that when nothing existed, not even the universe, human anything? God is God existed alone. So there are only two logical possibilities that either God created us from nothing, or he greeted us from his own sense. So if we go with the second option, the Hindu argument of the sky, God, the river God, and the moon, God makes sense. Because since he created everything with his own sense, then everything can be God. So why I just don't know how to respond to his argument is a very good question, sister Zachary, for coming on board and, and giving us the opportunity to answer your

01:51:16--> 01:52:03

question, my Lord bless you and my log on, you have a transformative Ramadan, okay, this person is a Class A idiot. I don't say that lightly. Because he's giving you what you call a false dilemma. He's basically saying, God existed there was, he existed a lot in eternity. Then he decided to create things or create the universe. He said, He's saying that there are two options, either he created by nothing. Or he created, he created from himself that's come from himself. So he's used something from himself to create into the universe. So therefore, God could be other things. Now, the the easy way to deal with this to sit him is a false dilemma. No, no, even Actually, it's not even a dilemma.

01:52:03--> 01:52:52

Because the first option is a practically fine option. Can God create by nothing? Of course, can he use His iraida His power, and his so his era, his will and his qudra? To bring things into existence? There is nothing metaphysically impossible about that. He's assuming that it can't be the case. He's assuming that God can't create by nothing, that he needs some kind of stuff, in order for God to create. And he says, since there's nothing apart from himself, then he used himself. This is a ridiculous philosophical argument. Because by understanding who the data is, who Allah is who God is, God can perfectly create the universe or create anything by nothing, meaning without any prior

01:52:52--> 01:52:59

stuff. He uses his era and his qudra. Now, it wouldn't be a problem. If

01:53:00--> 01:53:40

someone said that, oh, there was nothing, and then something came into existence. Because what they mean by nothing here, even now, the biller, even Allah doesn't exist. Of course, if there is no being being cannot come from non being unless there is a prior causal condition. But we know that Allah is the eternal creator, the uncreated creator, he is, he exists, he is a reality, when there's nothing, it means there's nothing at all. So the only way they could try to find some kind of contradiction, if they were to say, nothing existed at all, not even Allah subhanho wa Taala. But if he were to say that, then his question would be about something totally different. And the point I'm

01:53:40--> 01:54:24

trying to say here is, he's giving you a false dilemma. It's not really a dilemma, you just pick the first option. Allah creating by nothing is, is perfectly in line with logic and any kind of understanding of metaphysics, Allah is the all powerful being who can create by nothing, meaning he could bring things into existence without any prior stuff before that. He just says, Be in it is confer your Kuhn. And Allah uses his irata and qudra his wind and power to bring things into existence. So I hope does that clarify your question? Yes, it does. I just have another one. Yeah, sure. Okay, so how can we refute the idea of multiple Gods because we have many dava channels

01:54:25--> 01:54:30

that talk about Christianity, atheism, but we do not have any damage

01:54:31--> 01:54:33

about Hinduism, Buddhism are sick.

01:54:35--> 01:55:00

Okay, so there's many ways of dealing with this. But it depends what kind of polytheism they adhere to, but let's just stick to a kind of easy understanding of it. Say they say they're all gods and all of these goods are powerful. All of these goods are unique. All of these goods are wise, all of these goods are eternal, and so on and so forth. The most easiest way of dealing with

01:55:00--> 01:55:02

This is as follows, is basically saying to them,

01:55:05--> 01:55:12

can they be? Can they be more than one thing, if you cannot differentiate between those things?

01:55:14--> 01:55:21

This is an argue from Al ghazali. And he has to have that philosophy is quite a brilliant argument. So I want you to imagine two bananas on the table.

01:55:22--> 01:56:04

You know, you can count two bananas, here's one banana, and here's another banana. Why do you know there are two bananas? Why do you know what is it that makes it that you could perceive two bananas on the table? Well, because they're different. Yes, they're different locations on the table, there may be a different shade of yellow, they may be different size, they may be a different position on the table, and goal, and so on and so forth. Now, here's another question. If everything was completely the same about those two bananas, shape, size, look, color, fill, temperature, weight, density, location, everything, spatial, temporal location, if everything was the same about them,

01:56:04--> 01:56:05

could you say this to bananas?

01:56:07--> 01:56:47

No, thank you. So if they believe that God has to be powerful, unique, transcendent, knowing, and wise, and they say there's all these gods that have exactly the same attributes with each of them, there is nothing logically in place that allows you to make a distinction between more than one, all you're doing is describing one. It's like a, it's like a principle. If what's the same of A is the same of B, then A is B. It's all you're describing is one thing. So you can just say to them, and if they say to you, oh, but this God is a bit different. Ah, well, he can't be good then. Because he has to have a DSF something different about him. If there's something different about him, then

01:56:47--> 01:57:25

you've lessened his divinity in some way. You can say, Oh, this God is only all powerful and wise, but this God is knowing? Do you see what see what's happening here? Right. That's one easy way of doing it. Another way of doing it is what you studied, I painted the house. And explanation market the house when you talk about wills, it's called the argument of, I think it's called an argument of exclusion. And basically, it's a really powerful argument. So when you conceptualize who God is, he is a divine being with a will. And his will, is not restricted, meaning nothing limits God, nothing outside of God limits HIS WILL nothing. If you say that that is not good anymore, you can go

01:57:25--> 01:57:51

independent, he's independent, nothing external to goddamnit, as well. So the argument of exclusion is follows. And here's an example, imagine you have a rock and say, hypothetically, there were two gods, and one God wants to so that they want you to move the rock, there are three possible explanations number one, one of the most move it to the left, the other one wants to move it to the right. When that happens, then what happens it doesn't move at all.

01:57:52--> 01:58:30

Or one overpowers the other. So the other option is one overpowers the other, so one actually gets to move it to the right, and the other one quantum move to the left. So if one overpowers the other, there's only one will in play, because it's the dominant will the previous example, if they cancel each other out. That's pointless, because we know we have the universe in existence, the will has manifested itself. So they can't cancel each other out. Because we have something in existence, which is the universe. So the first option was they cancel each other out, which is impossible. The second option is one overpowers the other, which again, is only one true will meaning one God. Or

01:58:30--> 01:58:38

the other option is they always agree to move the rock in the same way all the time. But when that happens, how many rules are there?

01:58:40--> 01:59:23

Ronnie, there's only one will and it says the will has to be independent, then there's only one independent from that perspective, therefore one will one God because the will has to be independent. So that's called the argument from exclusion. There's many many more but in the book called The Divine reality, if you go to chapter I think it's chapter 10 chapter 10 talks about it's called divine singularity it goes through various arguments why Allah is one powerful argument in that chapter. You could download this from the Sapiens Institute because not available in Pakistan. It is if you go to the org forward slash books, download it for free sister. All right, I can Okay,

01:59:24--> 01:59:31

can we done and plus this game translate into Urdu? I had a call with some of the brothers I think a few days ago is coming to Israel inshallah. Yes, it's

01:59:32--> 01:59:43

all thanks to our man by the way he facilitated to Allah What are you talking? Yeah, well, thanks to you and all thanks to Allah That's what I meant. Yeah, good. Does that gonna happen? So I'm going to say all credit goes to admin.

01:59:45--> 01:59:47

It goes to the brothers who have done it, I haven't done nothing.

01:59:49--> 02:00:00

But listen, sister. So the other thing is another powerful arguments could the argument from Revelation, the ogham revelations, very simple, you just show to them? Allah says, God says God is one

02:00:00--> 02:00:36

And God knows himself more than anyone else. And Allah has revealed that revealed that in the Quran and the Quran is true and if you prove them the Quran to be true, what does Allah say? Cool? Who Allahu Ahad, Allah who Allah is the uniquely one call us as the easy way of doing it. Another way is referring to the famous iron the Quran, that if there were more than one day T, the whole kind of Cosmos will be in chaos. That's another very powerful argument as well. There are two primary meanings to that verse. But this is not for you. Now if you go to the chapter reading all the references, and all the conceptualization in there for you to understand. Okay, sister. Yes, thank

02:00:36--> 02:00:40

you so much for answering my answer as you saw this clip on my Twitter, man, I

02:00:43--> 02:01:21

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02:04:47--> 02:04:52

you been waiting for long man Sorry, man, I want to come. So walaikum salam, everyone.

02:04:54--> 02:04:59

So I have your book here. May Allah reward you and on page

02:05:00--> 02:05:38

ABA, essentially, you address David Humes contention on causality. You, the one that's like goes as causality only makes sense within the universe, therefore the universe may have come from nothing. So you address this pretty well. And I'm pretty satisfied with what you say. But then there was a debate between Muhammad hijab and Edward tabash, a few years ago, and he ended debate that as God exists, Mohammed heavily relies on the contingency argument. And this is because he says that when it comes to causality

02:05:40--> 02:05:45

there's this fallacy of composition. Like for example, if you have a wall, he essentially is,

02:05:47--> 02:06:02

admit a succumbing to David Humes contention, right. So he doesn't provide an answer, like you do. But he just says, Yeah, we have this problem with causality. That's why I rely on the contingency and not cosmological arguments. Right. Yeah, I think I think

02:06:03--> 02:06:46

Yes, sir. I think, well, the fallacy of composition is also applied to the contingency argument. So I think maybe Mohammed II job, I don't know if you understood him properly. I haven't seen that debate in full. But if he did say that, that wouldn't be 100% accurate. I don't think he meant that. So the fallacy of composition is what you call an applied fallacy. It's not a universal fallacies. It doesn't apply all the time. And it basically says that it's fallacious for you to say that the the whole, the whole shares the same properties as the individual parts, or an individual part that makes up the whole. And they give an example, for example, say an example is a Persian rug. The

02:06:46--> 02:07:26

Persian rug is heavy right? Now, it would be fallacious to say, just because the Persian rug is heavy, the individual thread is also heavy, that makes it the Persian rug. We agree, we agree. That's a fallacy of composition. However, it's not always applied, it can be the case that the whole share is the same as the same property as the individual parts. Take a brick wall, a brick wall is hard. And the individual brick is also hard. Correct. So they apply this to the contingency argument. They say, How can you say the universe is contingent just because it's made up of contingent things, they say is fallacious to say that the universe is contingent. The whole is

02:07:26--> 02:07:47

contingent, because it's an individual puzzle also contingent. They say this the face of composition, but they've misunderstood the fallacy. Why? Because of the principle of contingency, or you call it the principle of dependency. contingent parts always make up contingent holes. Always this, them to go against this, they require some proof.

02:07:49--> 02:08:03

Yeah, of course. So the fallacy of composition applies to relative qualities. So things that are relative, you can say, Well, you know, like, for example, if I say that's a really big egg,

02:08:05--> 02:08:45

that there could be an elephant, a fully grown elephant that's bigger than that egg, but I would call it small. And so you know, if you've got a number of things, you can't say, well, that x small, x, small, x small, so this pile of eggs is also going to be small. the fallacy of composition doesn't apply here, because the quality you're trying to transfer from the part to the whole is relative one, it depends on perspective, and things like that. And what it is you're referring to, etc, then you have non relative qualities, so but the Hamza he gave a great example of the brick of a brick is hard, then you can safely apply the quality of hardness to the wall, even though is a

02:08:45--> 02:09:28

part being and you're saying that what this part is, a hard brick is rough, or it's it's made off stone or whatever. If it's true, if the path because it's not a relative quality, you can also say that this is also true, off the whole. And I would also then argue that this would be the case then for contingency of a dependency. dependency isn't a relative quality. If a part is dependent, or contingent, we can say this about the whole because this this idea of contingency, this idea of dependency is not a relative quality. That's that's the the major distinction, because it it begs the question, what is it? When you say that, you know, there's something that's the fallacy of

02:09:28--> 02:10:00

composition here? Well, what is it that makes the fallacy of composition apply to one thing and not to another? It's the quality of whether or not that that quality is relative. So yes, another professor talks about the principle of dependency continuously that continuous things always make up contingent wholes. And for them to go against that then they have to try and prove that which is an absolute impossibility. So that's the kind of fallacy applied to the contingency argument. So I don't see that the contingency argument is free.

02:10:00--> 02:10:10

From accusation, you could still accuse it of being fallacious. But you could just respond in the way that we just said. And when so if if what you're saying that

02:10:11--> 02:10:22

Mohammed hijab actually said that the causality type of argument suffers from that? Well, it doesn't, because again, you'd have to assume that

02:10:23--> 02:11:03

David Hume is right, you'd have to assume that that causalities is a posterior I have a drive it from experience, but you don't. And the argument I've mentioned, the book is an argument to show that you need some understanding of causal relations, in order to understand your experiences. If you don't have understanding of causal relations, you can't understand any of your experience may give the kind of kantian argument of there is a there is a situ, there is a scenario where you know, you can order your perceptions and reorder your perceptions. And there is another scenario where you can't order your perceptions. And you can't reorder them. So what what is it in one's mind or what

02:11:03--> 02:11:41

concept exists for you to apply to understand the distinction between those two different scenarios? It's actually the understanding of causality, causal relations. If you didn't have that, you wouldn't be able to understand any of your experiences at all. So, again, someone could make the argument but you could respond, maybe if what you're saying what he was saying was was right. Oh, you're saying what you're saying about what he said? He actually said that he maybe he wasn't aware of responding to this type of David Hume argument, which is to show that actually, causality is a priori, and you need it in order to understand your experiences in the first place. Does that make

02:11:41--> 02:12:21

sense? Yeah, well, in in the debate, he was actually saying that it was an argument presented by Bertrand Russell, where it was like kind of the analogy you gave of a wall. If a wall is built with like small parts, it doesn't mean that the entire wall is small. But at the same time, if a wall is built up of small red parts, it could be that the entire wall is red. So he says that both atheists and theists are at a stalemate when it comes to cosmological argument. But that's why he's relying on the contingency argument or if he does say that I think that's slightly mistaken. Because there is no stalemate is a misapplication of the fallacy as use of punters also articulated. And not only

02:12:21--> 02:12:41

that, when it comes when you're saying, Oh, you know, we see cause and effect within the universe. So be silly, to now claim that the whole universe can be affected by a cause. That's what the basic thing. Yeah, that's, that's a ridiculous argument. Because he's not even forget the fallacy. It's a ridiculous argument based upon the fact that

02:12:42--> 02:13:20

they're assuming that causality is only derived from experience. It's only derived from stuff within the universe. But if you could show that causality is a priori is prior to experience from that perspective, and you need it to understand your experiences, then the argument fails from that perspective, you know, and remember, you need to understand the concept of causality, although in western metaphysics, they haven't understood what is the nature of the causal link? And what do I mean by that? When you study metaphysics and philosophy, you see that there's massive debates on what is the nature of the causal link? There's lots of stuff, man. Yeah. So for them to even use

02:13:20--> 02:13:59

this as an argument as some kind of defeatist they will ask them look, what kind of collectible cars are you talking about? Yeah. Anyway, can I? Can I? So it always perturbs me a bit as well. Because when you're talking to people, and they're trying to sort of bat aside this idea of causality, and often the case, it's obviously atheists doing this people that believe, or sorry, that lack the belief in God? And they'll often say, Oh, well, you know, you're using a very small sample base, you know, you've only experienced X amount percentage of the whole universe. How can you say that this is the case, your whole thing is so well, this is what the scientific endeavor is constantly doing?

02:13:59--> 02:14:40

We're not really even with, like, you think in terms of the studies in quantum physics? How many atoms what percent of atoms have we done experiments with, compared to the amount of atoms in the universe? But do we then hold them to the same standard here? We say Hold on a second, you've only studied 0.0000 or whatever percent of atoms on the in the universe? How can you make these inferences? Oh, you know, with anything I get in, in the scientific endeavor, we we are justified in making particular inferences. And if anything, the whole endeavor of the scientific enterprise is underpinned by notions of causality. So to some degree, that Yeah, there may be starting to argue

02:14:40--> 02:14:41

now that

02:14:42--> 02:14:47

causality may be counterintuitive in some way. But that doesn't negate causality altogether.

02:14:48--> 02:14:59

And not only that, causality is probably one of the things we have the most empirical evidence for. Like, like everything that we've experienced, seems to have some sort of cause

02:15:00--> 02:15:27

let you know that whenever you have a cause there's always effects. When you have effects, there seems to be causes, that there is more data to suggest the existence of cause and effect than anything else. And simply pointing out that there are some cases where it might be counterintuitive. Or it might, there might be a gap in our knowledge in terms of how certain effects come into being because we can't find their causes. This isn't enough to negate the data that we have to suggest the cause and effect is a thing.

02:15:28--> 02:15:41

But so again, yeah, that would assume role as well that you go down that line of reasoning that would assume that actually causality is something that you derived from your own experiences, take it to the next level, take it to a metaphysical level, you

02:15:42--> 02:15:54

you can't have an understanding of your experiences without a conceptualization of causality in some way. Yeah, I agree with you. I the only reason I mentioned that is usually is just to put them on the backfoot. Because they Yeah.

02:15:56--> 02:16:30

Because a lot of the time they're undermining their own position, when they use it for what it is a lot of these atheists, you know, call for. rejection of truth always contradicts itself. Like even for example, the notion when even maybe Richard Dawkins or Kratos, a universe comes from nothing. And then they'll try and popularize it and say means absolutely nothing, although we know they don't mean that. But say some do. Think about that notion. Just think about it for a moment, is that consistent with reality, your reality, every domain of knowledge that you hold. And this is why you need to expose as in consistencies. If somebody can come from nothing, if being can come from not

02:16:30--> 02:17:07

being, then you can walk past the supermarket, close your eyes, after you open your eyes, the supermarket has disappeared. And you should not be surprised by that you should think they should be perfectly no reason, or no cause for why it disappeared. Similarly, Richard Dawkins record his bank manager to find out how many millions he has from selling his fiction books. And he could basically ask his bank manager how much money I got. And he could say you have nothing. Now, if he's consistent with the idea, if you hold the idea to be true, he shouldn't, he shouldn't say, that's a perfect explanation. It just happened. This is why you need to also learn find out what the

02:17:07--> 02:17:39

underlying logic of their particular argument is, and apply it to every other sphere of knowledge in their life. Right. And this is something very, very important, because it gives you the tools to now to show massive in consistencies in their worldview. And an interesting one that uses dismayed is when if they say, Oh, you know, we don't have, you know, limited experience in the universe for causality, it could be the case that causality doesn't exist, it doesn't apply outside or even elsewhere within the universe. And usually, we're saying Hold on a second, isn't the scientific method based on induction, they have a limited set of observations you conclude for the unknown, or

02:17:39--> 02:18:19

for the next observation or for the entire set of observations. You know, even evolution, for example, we haven't we haven't seen or a biological change. We haven't seen the mechanism in action on all biological change. We haven't even explored about what 90% of the ocean. Yeah. So again, see what he was doing. He was showing a contradiction and inconsistency with the approach. Because Cofer and I always say this in the courses, the rejection of truth will always contradict itself. So just apply what they say to everything else. But hey, I hope that helps, bro. Yeah. So just to make it clear, is the cosmological argument does it? Can it still be backed up by your argument in the book

02:18:19--> 02:18:56

The same way? You backed up the contingency argument? Yes. So that the response to Hugh was in the argument for God's existence? So when they say, Oh, you know, the universe could potentially come from nothing, because because it may not exist outside of the universe? And if because it doesn't exist outside of the universe, then we don't need to say, How did the universe come into being because that wouldn't make any sense. And you could just address it the way that we've just done by basically saying that talking about the metaphysical issue you need, because it is a pro right? This question assumes that because it is derived from your experience, actually syllabi around you need a

02:18:56--> 02:19:12

an understanding of some basic form of causality or causal relations in order to understand any of experiences. So So this, this question itself is quite self defeating. That's the point. Okay, thank you. Thank you very much guys. reward you guys. So I'm like, wow.

02:19:16--> 02:19:21

Toll Brothers and sisters, don't forget why we're here. We're here to answer your questions to engage with you.

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Alhamdulillah let's take now brother Abdullah sound like um, can you hear me?

02:21:43--> 02:21:45

Luke slam? How are you?

02:21:46--> 02:21:53

Are you Abdullah from Texas? No, no adult from Canada. Oh, wow. You sound like King Abdullah from Texas?

02:21:54--> 02:21:56

A little bit? Yeah.

02:21:57--> 02:22:14

Good Hamza. This is a very needed service. inshallah, I'm very looking forward to how this goes in the future inshallah for this to my family and friends and ask them donate, I think the lighthouse mentoring, great initiative, and I'm looking forward to what you put out inshallah. So I may Allah bless you. And I'm excited to see what you guys do. I have one question.

02:22:15--> 02:22:52

It's, I think best for you hands out brother or brother use of even it's maybe a good for a revert. I've been watching sort of your video series on why God is worthy of worship and going through your book as well. And this question is kind of related to the concept of Mitel theism, or people who are atheists, but they're intellectually convinced of Islam. That's not the problem. It's just the emotional issues. And this particular question, it's not the problem of evil, and this person understands why eternal hell is just, but the contention that this person has is just the volume of humans that are going to hellfire. And he cites the Hadeeth, that 999 out of 1000, humans are going

02:22:52--> 02:23:18

to hell, he's read the rest of the Hadees. He knows about Yahushua modules, but he says, you know, they're still human. So why would God created like humans with the test so difficult that 99% go to help potentially forever? And, you know, this person does seem sincere to me, I think it's just this contention is kind of the barrier to them. Like, I think the question the way they put it was, how do I love a God who's going to send the overwhelming majority of humans to hell forever?

02:23:19--> 02:23:53

Yeah, well, this, this is a very good question. And this is not an abnormal question. This is sometimes a natural question of someone who has a kind of empathic disposition. So when you're talking to someone like that, you need to empower them and say, this is this is actually could be a good sign as well. But usually we should take those psychological energies and issued, you know, for the people involved in Dawa, we use that energy to actually get people more out of hell and into heaven. That's the whole point. So we get, we're motivated and we're driven that way to help humanity because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said love for humanity will of yourself.

02:23:54--> 02:24:08

It's a Hadith, narrated by Bukhari in turriff, al Kabir. It's the Sahih Hadith. Love for Lynette's love for humanity. We love yourself. And from the perspective of non Muslims. This means that we're committed to their guidance, and we're committed to their goodness.

02:24:09--> 02:24:16

And this echoes what we said about a similar theme and even topic of aid the Maliki scholar as well he says something similar.

02:24:18--> 02:24:24

So I would start with that to try to empower them but also say to them, Look, you misunderstood something because ending Allah subhanho wa Taala

02:24:26--> 02:24:30

does Allah want people to go to hell?

02:24:33--> 02:24:34


02:24:35--> 02:24:50

No, no, he gets nothing out of that gate. And Allah says in the Quran, he says he doesn't prefer disbelief for his servants or the other way around. Basically, the more serene, they say this means Allah doesn't want people to go to hell, but people go to hell right.

02:24:51--> 02:24:59

So when Allah says Allah does not guide so and so Allah would punish someone. So what does this mean? What are the spiritual spab

02:25:00--> 02:25:35

The spiritual causes enable that to happen. Is it because God wants them to go to hell? Or is it because the person themselves they have thrown themselves into hell? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Don't blame me blame your own hands is what your hands have earned. So basically, they have basically, literally thrown themselves into the Hellfire because the doors of mass in repentance were always opened, they consciously decided to close those doors or not even bother, look at the door, or even bother walk through that door. So Allah is giving them what they actually want.

02:25:36--> 02:26:14

So it's not the question of how can a loving God send people to hell? That's the wrong question. It assumes the wrong philosophy. It's how can we choose hell over loving Lord, no one would argue, why can't you just make them all go to heaven? Well, that would that would mean that there's absolutely no more meaning behind this at all. If I put a gun to your head and said, Give sadaqa your sadaqa has no moral meaning. So from that perspective, it's not as simple as you know, Allah wants them to go to hell, and he's throwing in the towel. And that kind of fashion is more deeper than that when you analyze the Quran holistically.

02:26:15--> 02:26:51

There are spiritual causes for these things, Allah has kept the door open of mastering repentance, the person consciously has to understand that door is open, but close it themselves. And then Allah May reopen it for them kind of thing, but they close it again. And then eventually Allah will give them what they want. So it's so it's the same thing with the i o and Allah has put a, a seal on their hearts. Now, did they have that sit on the hearts in the beginning? What does that mean, if you look at the Quran holistically in an intertextual way, you will see that actually say the heart is here, okay, since tissue is the heart. So what they've done, they've said that they don't want,

02:26:51--> 02:27:15

they want to close off the light of guidance, so the finger goes over. And then they continue to close the light of guidance. And then they get another chance. And they continue to close the light of guidance. And they get another chance and they continue to close the light of guidance. And then they close the whole face. And then after Allah slams sharp, because Allah has given them what they want it. So it's so it's actually got this some shady,

02:27:16--> 02:27:26

shady mystery, you know, Allah bless him, he was a beautiful example. And it was very powerful. Because and that's why you know, but in essence, Allah is giving you what you want.

02:27:28--> 02:27:54

And that's the beauty. And that's the massive responsibility of freewill, that we have the conscious choice to actually make that choice to embrace the mercy and forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to go through that door of mercy and forgiveness, or to run away and you have to understand a lie is more merciful than anyone you can imagine. Anything that you can imagine, a lie is a Raman intensity message merciful, Allah will do that in the loving he is

02:27:55--> 02:28:33

his Albar the source of your goodness. And as sofian authority, one of the famous scholars of Islam said, If I had to choose between Allah and my mother to judge me, in the Day of Judgment, I would choose Allah subhanho with that, because they knew who Flo was the understood his names and attributes. Look at the mothers Mercy is one of the greatest messes but they knew that I rather one a lot to judgment, the day of judgment, rather than my own mother. So it's all about perspective. So hopefully, some of the few things that I've mentioned, actually puts this into perspective from a theological perspective. Does that make sense, bro? Yeah, yeah. Does that feel I think that's a

02:28:33--> 02:28:41

that's a good way to approach it the way I tried to answer it was just by saying, no allows that asked about what he does. Whereas what what we do, but maybe the way you

02:28:42--> 02:29:29

can add to it as well. So with regards to this idea, so the numbers end up becoming quite irrelevant. In the end, it's a whether it was one to 500,000 a million or billion is the question is, is, is if is Allah subhanaw taala? Just, and if they do go to hell did they deserve it? So if you know these conditions are met, if it is the case that Allah is just, and it is the case that they've been sent to hell, then it follows from that, that they must have deserved it. Hmm. And so you know, that the numbers themselves are pointless, and it's the question of whether or not a just God has put them in there for justified reasons is the main thing. And you know, within our

02:29:29--> 02:29:35

paradigm, it God is just and so whoever he's throwing in hell, he has good reason to do so.

02:29:36--> 02:29:49

Obviously, you can get into arguments ad infinitum, about like, how do we conceive that exactly? Like, what elements what layers is he using to sort of justify that that move or that action?

02:29:50--> 02:29:52

But you know, that you can actually go on about that forever?

02:29:54--> 02:29:59

Because software buf edition, so yeah, so that's that's the end of it.

02:30:00--> 02:30:34

It means people don't study theology or they take one verse because the Quran you need to approach the Quranic even kithara approach the Quran really, in really epic, you theorists have said what you call an intertextual tafsir. So we'll take an idea, whether it's specific or ambiguous, who will link it to all of the other AI that linked to the same topic and then you get the full picture of Allah sing in the Quran. And that's why when I got the understanding of you know, when Allah puts a stamp on their hearts, what does that mean? And so the explanation was given there are spiritual aspirant for why that's the case. You know, the person continues to be adamant to close their hearts

02:30:34--> 02:31:09

away from guidance and mercy to the point that it's shot then Allah closes it and gives it gives them what they actually were desiring and what they were intending in the first place. Anyway, yeah. So the so when you look at the Quran, from that perspective, Allah He it's like four dimensional and will always give you the right answers. And that's what you have to study the Quran. This Ramadan, brothers and sisters don't only recite the Quran, yes, Allah loves those who recite the Quran, you glorifying Allah, you get rewarded for them every citation. But remember this when the Hadith, were talking about people reciting the Quran, they were talking to people who already knew Arabic and

02:31:09--> 02:31:47

they could understand it at least the basic meaning of the Quran. Let's revive that context. And it leads to number of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Don't just recite it, I'm telling you, I followed the kind of position that is better to recite the Quran and do to double entry and know its meanings because I lost the intention of the book is to be understood and for you to guide your life, do both as best as you can. And Allah says in the Quran, do not do not ponder over the Quran or their locks on their hearts. This could mean the more you ponder, the more your heart becomes unlocked, to receive the mercy and guidance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So please ponder on the

02:31:47--> 02:32:24

Quran and you get these answers for yourself. You know, and even in my own journey, you know, I first started by just emulating Christian philosophers. Over time when you're learning developed and you hopefully got a bit more closer to the Quran. All the answers are in the correct order. And that's why I wanted to revive a topic called the Quranic argument for God's existence. And I've been trying to do that for years. So people understand that you had the best arguments come from the Quran, not only do they come from the Quran, but they are universal arguments as well at the same time. And there's a there's a huge spiritual power in doing this. Because what happens is, you link

02:32:24--> 02:32:59

your rational arguments to the tradition, so they don't go elsewhere. You don't give them a spiritual vacuum. Right, you know, we're not going to ketamine. And that's why I'm a bit upset with the dour lately, because all it is is about God's existence. Oh, now the biller? How many talks do you have? Why Allah is worthy of worship? I get so confused. No one talks about this. It's the most important part of our Deen and hardly anyone talks about this topic. Yeah, we talk about the religion as if we're just philosophers. Yeah. And that's when Sapiens Institute we are reviving a proper way of giving doubt in my view, would you respect this is a proper way and I'm not gonna, I

02:32:59--> 02:33:33

this is the other way is not nuanced enough. I'm sorry. It's a disservice to our tradition. Well, light is a disservice. If you don't talk to people, while it is worthy of worship. When you're talking about God's existence, there is something wrong with your doubt. I'm not saying it's bad. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it. But it's incomplete. Incomplete is incomplete. When we did the divine reality course, in most of the arguments, we talked about God's existence, we always ended it with why Allah is worthy of worship. How would you link the fact that Allah is worthy of our love, to be known to be obeyed? And to direct all acts of worship to Him alone? How would you link that to

02:33:33--> 02:34:07

the argument if you don't do that? And this is why our oma is in a bit of a crisis. Because what he said, we just, I see some people on to AI, philosopher types, reading this reading that, and I studied philosophy, these guys are so afraid, I'm thinking if you go deeper, you get even more confused, you don't know what you're talking about, you sound clever. Well, lay brothers and sisters, and this is a message to everybody. Our job is not to do things that sound clever or sound right is to do things that are in line with what Allah wants. And I'm a true believer. And look at my own journey. You know, I was like the kind of, you know, you know, philosophical rationalist

02:34:07--> 02:34:25

type, but hardly linked it to the dean. But when I was in the process of writing my book and chapter 15, it totally changed me. Because when you understand why those worthy of worship, you want to link everything to that, and you can link everything to that and we must, what is the last thing we didn't send the NBI except to say what let you let her in Lola, there is no dating where they worship except Allah.

02:34:26--> 02:35:00

And we have to do this brothers and sisters. Otherwise, what are we doing? We're not doing without the NBR Don't get me wrong. Yes. Use philosophical arguments that are in line with the Quran and Sunnah. No problem. Yes. Give doubt of course, yes. Talk about God's existence. I'm all for that. My book is all about that. But do not be incomplete in your doubt. Perfect your dour by linking your arguments to the fact why Allah must be loved. Why he must be known why he must be obeyed and why he must. We must single out and direct all of our internal and external acts of worship to Allah alone. The reason I'm passionate about this is because we need to revive

02:35:00--> 02:35:05

This in the dollar if you type in wireless worthy of worship on in Google, tell me what comes up.

02:35:06--> 02:35:40

How theme is not collective hasn't come together enough to revive the most important dour methodology which is talking to people about why Allah needs to be glorified. And then you know why because we have a subtle inverted complex. We have a subtle inverted complex. You know, sometimes when I get asked at universities give a token, what's existence they know I'm gonna talk about why lies with your worship, because I would even argue you don't need to talk about God's existence anymore. Because if you could show them existentially that you're worshiping something anyway, even if you don't believe in God, they start to think about, okay, who is the thing? What is the thing

02:35:40--> 02:36:21

that deserves worship? Because Allah says in chapter 239, verse 29, I'm paraphrasing, consider the situation of two people. One man is a slave to many masters in the old quarreling, and one man is a master is a servant to one whose condition is best. From a technical point of view, man cannot not worship marching links, that is very powerful word. Everyone is a state of worship. Because if you love something the most at any point in your life, if you obey something the most at any point in your life, if you want to know something the most at any point in your life, if you want to express acts of worship, like gratitude to something that most in any point of your life, that's your object

02:36:21--> 02:36:54

of worship, whether you're an atheist theist, nihilist, realist, anti realist, whoever you are, if if you wanted to love something the most know something that most obeys something the most. And direct ultimate gratitude is something that most which we all do, that's your object of worship, you're enslaved to that thing. So the question that note, also venomous finish. That's why we have to teach people why Allah is worthy of worship when they know Allah will lie he is atheist, they won't need a philosophical argument they may do but this would be enough for them as well we have to revive this stuff because pa Dean and it's the most powerful thing and when people come to Islam to

02:36:54--> 02:37:32

abstract reasoning, very rarely do they really hold on to Islam in a in a in a very good way. They evolve into understanding why Allah is worthy of worship, you have to combine both approaches and inshallah sorry for the rant by so important. And this will Sapiens Institute is trying to do link it to our tradition, keep the strong philosophical arguments but also link between traditions. inshallah, exactly. On that note, thank you so much for that beautiful explanation as to why we need to learn why we need to worship Allah subhanaw taala. So brothers, sisters, just to summarize what we've been doing so far on Hamdulillah, the response has been amazing. We really want brothers

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sisters to wake up wherever you are, Australia, Canada, us, Singapore, Indonesia, we have audience all over the world. Please share the link on your social media platforms and start making donations. This is the purpose tonight to raise funds to continue this work, this beautiful work saiping the security thing. It's a niche organization that has a very specific goal. And the goal is to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam to teach the Muslims how they can give Dawa intellectually Okay, how they can convince the masses that Islam is the truth intellectually, and this is very, very important Sapiens Institute had pioneered that works. So to to show you some more about some

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more content about why we raising these funds. We want you to watch this advert which is going to come along and brother, brother hijaab, potentially is going to explain why we need to raise funds tonight for this particular endeavor. Okay, we are ready for the

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Robert, you saw what Java to say about the reason

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To donate, we cannot stop the process of ones coming in. You know why? Because we need to flourish. We need to continue it to keep growing strong. We are against heavy odds. We're talking about multi million dollars, organizations funding Islamophobia, deliberately spreading misconceptions about Islam. Okay, the media is accurate. The politicians are at it. We've had presidents of countries. Hello, hello Wakey wakey wake up brothers and sisters, we have presidents, major politicians. Okay. We had the US president talking about Islam. We had the French President talking about Islam. We had Boris Johnson talking about Islam, everyone's talking about Islam, it is potentially the most

02:40:49--> 02:41:31

addressed or discussed faith in the world. Okay. And most of the content that's coming away is negative. Most of the content, most of the discussions are negative. They're not talking about something good. These guys, these politicians are not saying good things about Islam. These journalists are not saying. So we need more platforms where we can produce media productions, where we can have article record we have where we can have books, and dialogues and discussions or debates and webinars and online courses. And one to one sessions. This is exactly what Sapiens is doing. Okay, so Sapiens Institute is waiting for your support. We are still not near our target for tonight

02:41:31--> 02:42:13

brothers sisters, I want to remind you again yet if this was a Christian appeal in America, okay, if one of those Christian missionaries flying around in a private jet with a huge profile with the with a $30,000 suit on, you know, in a multi million dollars venue during a concert for Christianity, okay? People would be donating like this Christians, they would be throwing their money at these missionaries, these tele evangelists, right. We are not those tele evangelists. We don't have that kind of charm and charisma and that kind of spectacle to show you. We don't have a stadium to go and, and shout hallelujah. Okay, and we don't have the drones flying on the cloud. To show you

02:42:13--> 02:42:56

millions of people in the stadium we don't have that kind of means. What we do have is our simplicity. And our or our intellectual arguments to defend this beautiful phrase of ours, and we will continue will continue. As brother Hamza said earlier we Allah doesn't need us. Allah does not need us. We need Allah and other we need him. We need to start supporting, we need to start supporting brothers and sisters. So as I said tele evangelists with those private jets and 30,000 tuxedos long suits on price. Today, if they were doing this appear, Believe you me they would be by now they would be at millions, millions of dollars coming their way. Right. Okay, we are very

02:42:56--> 02:43:38

limited by scope. Unfortunately, we don't have governments backing us. We don't have any private companies or, you know, multi million dollars, establishments supporting our work, we are entirely dependent on you know, public funding, but that's why we are appealing to you, you cannot let us down sapete institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link and start sharing the link start sharing this live feeds on your social media platforms, we cannot afford to have numbers going down. We need more and more people watching the sweet so that they can take part in it. Also, when is someone to put up a challenge?

02:43:38--> 02:44:18

Let's say 1000 pounds challenge or maybe 5000 pounds challenge and see how people meet that challenge. I like challenges. I like challenges. So I want someone to come out and say I challenge that if someone donates let's say 500 pounds or 1000 pounds against mine, then I will also denied so is there anyone who can put up a challenge inshallah, let us know if you want to put up a challenge and we will announce it so people can start making donations okay. We are working on protecting people's demands. It is in the hands of Allah Allah guides people, but Allah guides people through people. Allah guides people, through people, Allah sent prophets. Allah sent prophets to talk to

02:44:18--> 02:44:53

people. Allah made the prophets explain. And the art people are doing Dawa are in some way, successes of the property. They are following the same path. Okay, so my brothers sisters, this is one of the noblest things you might do. You know, Allah did not talk about businessmen in the Quran necessarily. Allah did not talk about kings and generals and influential, influential Okay, I don't think a lot cares about mercenaries and big, big hotels and big businesses. What Allah cares about in your cheese?

02:44:54--> 02:44:59

No, yes. No, no a lot of them care about those a Yatra yo yo

02:45:00--> 02:45:11

The funny story level on this is years ago we went to Lebanon together I was given this very passionate talk about the dunya materialism believes that you know these rich people with the arches

02:45:16--> 02:45:18

if you if you see the spellings why

02:45:22--> 02:45:28

Okay, I can I use cables as cows I can say Charles sometimes

02:45:30--> 02:45:40

we can spell fish g h o ti if you take the GH from enough the O from women and the tea Emma ti from potion you've got you've got

02:45:42--> 02:45:47

English language is a weird language. Okay, now these guys came in to distract me I'm going to go

02:45:51--> 02:46:27

where is the challenge? I need the challenge so I need someone will come forward and put the challenge out that if someone matches that donation that person will make a donation inshallah the other sisters Okay, what we can do is those of you're watching this make a donation. Even if a small Don't Don't worry about it, just start making donations, 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 100 pounds, whatever it may be, okay, it might save a lot of people demand one llahi we want this organization, by the way, this organization will continue inshallah, okay. These brothers are quite stubborn. They don't easily give up. They've been they have been in the field of power for the last.

02:46:28--> 02:47:13

Maybe over a decade, I would say easily. Hamza has been at it. I've known Hamza since 2007. If not before, and so panela you know, martial law, he's been at it consistently, he's persistent. Okay. And most of the brothers here, you know, they've been at it for a very long time. Right? And I'm telling you, Allah has put us in this path. We don't deserve it. We don't deserve it. But believe you me, when you see the results, you won't stop donating. If you see a child who was saved from apostasy, if you see a youngster with parents crying, right, what do we do with this child, this child is confused, this child is completely destroyed, this child is leaving Islam. If you see that

02:47:13--> 02:47:56

state of parents, you will not stop donating, you will not in fact, what we will try to do is to get some interviews for you to watch. whereby you will see people testifying to where they were and after these private sessions with Sapiens team, and possibly reading an article or possibly watching a video how they came back to Islam. Right? This is a noble cause where you are defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam, you cannot belittle this cause brothers and sisters, I want the donations to come in continuously, non stop, encourage each other, encourage each other in making donations and shallot lake is there. It's rolling on the screen non stop, and it can be found in the

02:47:56--> 02:48:16

description of these videos. There it is, you can see it on the screen, start making donations inshallah and we will go to the next question inshallah. So I will request from the question as to keep your questions very short and answers. Please keep the answers also very short. So shall we go to the next question. I'm on budget. So nominating me.

02:48:18--> 02:48:37

So my question is about cognitive science of religion. Scientists believe that belief in creative God is an evolutionary byproduct of agent detection. They claim that there is a supernatural seeking agent in our brain. How do you how do we respond to that?

02:48:39--> 02:48:44

So I do apologize. I was actually preoccupied on my phone. I do apologize. But other cases repeat the question.

02:48:45--> 02:48:48

My question is to support. Yes.

02:48:49--> 02:49:08

Some scientists believe that belief in creator Gods is an evolutionary byproduct of agent detection. An atheist claim that there is scientific evidence for this. They claim that there is a super natural seeking agent in our brain. That's why we believe in God. So what did you

02:49:11--> 02:49:16

think suppose offline at the moment, I think it's in the process of evolving.

02:49:19--> 02:49:31

So basically, what you're saying, brother is that you're saying that, according to some scientists a pie they find they found, they explain the belief in God with some kind of evolutionary

02:49:33--> 02:49:38

reality? That is like agent seeking. Yeah. Is that what you're saying?

02:49:40--> 02:49:43

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So

02:49:44--> 02:49:59

they could they could say what they want. It's just he just made up stories, because that assumes that we don't have any evidence to actually show that God exists. Even if they could prove scientifically that the belief in God is inbuilt. If you have external

02:50:00--> 02:50:12

evidence to show that God exists and it's not a problem at all. In actual fact, you can use the same evidence to prove God's existence by saying, Yes, God put it in us in there naturally so we could acknowledge him this is part of the fitrah

02:50:13--> 02:50:33

it's actually a really pathetic argument, or they're trying to do is they're trying to find a kind of an evolutionary story here to try and explain why so many people believe in God, right? But even if they could find evolutionary story, does it now mean God doesn't exist? No. Does it mean that the other evidences that we have for God are wrong? No.

02:50:34--> 02:50:49

Does it does it does it does it mean that atheism is true? Not at all? Let's so really it's actually really pathetic argument. isn't even an argument, bro. Does that make sense? Yes, thank you can ask another question? Yeah. So

02:50:51--> 02:50:58

how can we use this contingency argument and Kalam argument when they are not mentioned in one Oceana?

02:50:59--> 02:51:00

Oh, they are.

02:51:01--> 02:51:46

They're not labeled that way. But the assumed in the Quran is 100%. In actual fact, bro, if you study any arcada book, from any of the three schools, the Ashi school of thought, the motto redo school of thought, the offeree school of thought, they actually have concepts such as mumkin and wouwd, which means a possibly existing, contingent, they also talk about why gebe Allahu Jude, the necessary existing Allah is a necessary being. And this is derived from the fact that Allah is mad, he's self subsist, subsisting, he's eternal. He is he is independent. And basically, that's no that's that's a point that is like the basis for the argument if you like, the kind of other

02:51:46--> 02:52:22

cosmological argument chapter 52, verses 35 to 36, which can be universalized and apply to anything that is Mark Luke, anything that came into existence? Allah says in the Quran Did you come from nothing did you create yourself did you create the heavens and earth Bella you can own indeed you have no certainty. The you could now apply this to anything that is what that anything that came into being. So these arguments have a basis you can infer them from the Quran and Sunnah. Or you can at least say they're assumed in the Quran and Sunnah. The job is the way you articulate them You shouldn't deviate from the values and principles of the Quran and Sunnah to say that I can you

02:52:22--> 02:52:34

mention this is not from the Sunnah, with all due respect my beloved brother, it's not a very good position to take, because you're throwing most of the LMR under the bus. You're throwing all the schools of Crete under the buses?

02:52:36--> 02:52:37


02:52:39--> 02:52:43

summarize your answer with 100 so that we can move on to the next question a choice.

02:52:45--> 02:53:23

So is that done? The answer isn't. I hope so. Yeah. Okay. Great. Thank you for the mama for your question. May Allah bless you, brother, sister. Here we are, again, Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link, do not stop making donations, because here we are. Trying to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam with our limited means will lie. If you look at the Christian missionary organizations working around the world, they have multi million dollars budgets, some of them are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Okay, if we had a fraction of that, if we had a fraction of that, imagine the kind of content we will be producing. Okay, imagine the kind of

02:53:23--> 02:53:38

equipment we would have, you know, and for our media teams and for our research teams, and for all the staff we would have working for us, okay. We don't have that kind of ability, unfortunately, because we are struggling

02:53:39--> 02:53:50

with one. That's why we are requesting for your support tonight. Okay. There are hardly any Muslim organizations in the world. In the whole world. You can count them on one hand,

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Muslim organizations that are doing the work Sapiens Institute is doing. Okay, what work are we doing? We are presenting intellectual arguments. In Defense of Islam. We are trying to defend the Intel intellectual boundaries of Islam. There is a lot of Islamophobia out there. There are a lot of websites online that are spreading hate, and misinformation about Islam, we need a response response is to protect our own children, right to have responses so that they can get their answers. So Sapiens Institute is doing that. Okay. So don't stop making donations. Let's keep the donations coming in. And we I need someone to put a challenge up. I need someone. We have one. We have one.

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Okay, where is it? Cold daily? What was that? Yeah. Yeah, I'll put it on one second. Okay, there we go. We have a challenge. Here. Let me hold date he said alternate 500 pound if others collectively put up 500 pound

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and if Riyadh would accept 1000 pound Mashallah, somebody is very ambitious.

02:55:00--> 02:55:01

Just a lot

02:55:02--> 02:55:11

of mail likes from use of Han Allah. Okay, here we have a challenge now let's start. Let's get ready to rumble. Okay, so

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I want the challenge man, I'll donate 500 pounds of others collectively put it up. Okay, so again, we need five people, five people to make a donation of 100 pounds each or maybe 10 people, that's it 10 people to make a donation of 50 pounds each, where are you start making donations and we have someone who will match the donation This is how we reach our target for tonight inshallah, our target is minimum, minimum 10,000 pounds, okay, if not more, if you have that if you have the money if you have 10,000 pounds, don't hesitate to give it one lie, you have no idea how this funding can help us flourish throughout the next year. And we have a plan we have a plan for the next year which

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I have shared earlier and I will share it again with you. But right now, five people or 10 people to make a 50 pounds donation each or five people to make 100 pounds donation each and we would have met the challenge Alhamdulillah so that the challenge begins now. So let us start the challenge. And let's see who makes the donation first inshallah. Tada.

02:56:20--> 02:56:34

Yeah, gone. Everyone watching now is to give to pound then we'll have collectively raised 500 pound Allah beans code daily with them donate their five. I'm assuming we have 200 people watching right.

02:56:36--> 02:56:38

Now Okay, Okay, there you go. I'm willing to.

02:56:40--> 02:56:42

We have 330

02:56:43--> 02:57:00

Allahu Akbar. Okay, so someone has just made a donation of $100 There you go. Now begins the process. I need for more people to make a donation of 100 I mean, $100 100 euros or 100 pounds, not 100 rupees. That doesn't do much.

02:57:02--> 02:57:43

It will. Oh, man. Allah gave 280 US dollars that's 200 pounds allow us to Sharma a team share my wonder if you're a Muslim. Are you a Muslim? Atif Sharma Okay, that's a that's a very Indian Hindu sounding name. I don't know if you are Muslim or it doesn't matter. You have supported our court. Here we have someone with a surname Sharma made a donation of 200 pounds Allahu Akbar. This is beautiful. This is amazing. Okay, so I don't know if you are a Muslim, I'm pretty sure you may be a Muslim even if you're not Alhamdulillah Allah, may Allah guide you. Okay. Someone has made 200 pounds donation. So I need three more people now to make a donation of 100 pounds. And there we go.

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new book on science and religion, okay, debates and discussions with renowned scholars and academics to boost the morale and confidence of our youngsters, videos and media content. So this is exactly what we plan to do within the next year. Just to clarify Rehan said he will donate one key if someone matches and I said I'll donate 500 and if someone does the same for 300 except as the challenge being met I don't agree on is even watching now. Let me read behind has already given his his donation I believe Yeah, Rihanna has already paid 1000 pounds Mashallah. I've already donated. Oh, yes, there you go. Rehan just responded, thank you. Rehan rayhaan has already put out the

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challenge May Allah reward Rihanna will lie, because you made a real difference. Okay, with that challenge. So rayhaan has already met the challenge and rayhaan has donated 1000 pounds already. So now we have another challenge of 500 pounds. We have already got about three people to make a donation of 100. We need two more. Two more people to make a donation. Even if it's 50 pounds, no problem. Start making donations. Okay. The point is to encourage you to come forward and support just noble cause. Okay, why is it noble? It is potentially protecting a lot of our youngsters with lack of knowledge of a little knowledge of Islam against attacks they face on daily basis online.

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on internet, on YouTube, on Instagram, on Snapchat, on Facebook on Twitter that they get exposed to all sorts of evil, misc misconceptions against Islam okay. And Sapiens distinct you'd say Sapiens distinct view is dealing with all these conceptions and clarifying them through our articles, webinars, one to one sessions with people with questions and video productions, the brothers sisters, go and look at our website and you will see the kinds of content we are

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trying to we are producing. So I'm still waiting for those guys to come forward who have the money? How many people are watching right now? Can you tell me how many people are watching 331 331. So I want these 331 people, those who are watching to start sharing this feed with others, go on your social media platforms, copy and paste the link on Twitter on Facebook and start sharing. And if it's a YouTube link, start sharing and take the donations link. Take the donations link, which is Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live, share this link on WhatsApp groups, all 300 people, you can at least do that. Because all of you use WhatsApp. I know every single one of you

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uses WhatsApp, you have family groups, friends groups, start sharing this link on your groups and tell people to make donations and you will see the impact he will see. And by the way, you will get the reward, you will get the reward for sharing these links. And if you you managed to convince someone to donate, that will be it for my brothers sisters, I am still waiting for those two people to meet the challenge of 500 pounds. Two people to make a donation of 100 pounds each inshallah to Allah. Okay, let's go to use of use of has been waiting for a very long time you Sir, your question, please. As long as we're

03:01:54--> 03:01:54


03:01:56--> 03:01:57

apologies for making a wait

03:01:59--> 03:02:06

is completely okay. No problem. So my question was, well, actually, I'm wondering if brother Hamza is online?

03:02:09--> 03:02:09


03:02:10--> 03:02:38

Yeah. Okay. So but on the last stream, this is a follow up from my last stream. So on the last stream, I will in very short, I asked you about why some doors don't get accepted. And you told me that we have failed on online, maybe I'm missing a suffer in my life. So it is true. Now, the follow up thing is that I am more specifically talking about the person who is suffering, who has been suffering from depression for a long time. Now, the person has had a very long life had gone through many different challenges.

03:02:39--> 03:03:03

Another last one is about their marriage. So the person has been praying for a long time. And yet, he or she has not been able to get married successfully. Now, the person is very depressed about this, the person tells me that they are not. But they feel that life is stagnant. And so now the problem is severe, there is no doubt maybe I cannot explain the severity of the problem in this short time.

03:03:05--> 03:03:48

The thing is that the person keeps praying all the time, and the person tells me that she will or he will when he thinks that whether this is going to work, he thinks that it has no guarantee with whether the door is going to be accepted. Right. And this makes him feel disheartened that I'm paying so much I'm in so much pain, maybe if I had cried in front of 1000 people asking or begging for something that 1000 people, at least one of them might have responded. Now Allah has improved mercy. So why doesn't respond to my cry of pain? I will cry for so long. How can something good be hidden in so much pain or tension for me? Right? And if getting married, in this case, is what the

03:03:48--> 03:04:04

person wants? So if that thing is bad for him or her, then what is the significance of making? So what can you tell me to help this person who has been so much trouble? Who has been in depression and actually has been suicidal for some time?

03:04:05--> 03:04:07

Can I try to approach this one?

03:04:09--> 03:04:11

Go ahead and keep your answer brief.

03:04:12--> 03:04:30

So a blessing doesn't necessarily have to show itself immediately. So like, for example, there was a lot of crap that was going on in my life when I was younger. And I for the life of me for many, many years, couldn't see the point of it. The benefit of that,

03:04:31--> 03:04:36

and, you know, sort of demanding the benefit to show itself immediately is more

03:04:38--> 03:04:54

expressive of a lack of patience and anything because they can the lessons themselves can show themselves a decade, two decades down the line. And it's only in hindsight, much later on in life, that you might see the benefit of that. So that would be one thing the second thing.

03:04:55--> 03:05:00

So is that the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem This is Allah doesn't tell

03:05:00--> 03:05:07

Has anyone with any sort of pain, suffering, illness, or even the click of a thorn, but there he doesn't

03:05:08--> 03:05:24

forgive your sins by it. And so this can be a method of achieving forgiveness. And so people might be going through X amount of suffering, whatever that might be, they might not necessarily see the reward for that in this life, they may be given it in the next life. And what

03:05:25--> 03:05:40

is required of them here is simply patience. So the you know, not only sometimes you've got the three different ways of this blessing, showing itself either immediately, either later on in life, or in the hereafter. And it could be any one of those allies and

03:05:41--> 03:06:05

it's, you know, it's not necessary for him to have to give it to you immediately. He can give it to you, however, he sees, as, as best, and many people might very well demand that blessing now. But in the hereafter be thankful that it was given to them later. So that would that would be my answer to, yes, bring it on. Suppose Luckily, hey, I would add to it as well that

03:06:07--> 03:06:42

one would need to be grateful, because sometimes when we're wanting something, it's like a test and we forget to be grateful. And gratitude is something that Allah says, if you're grateful, Allah will give you more, some nmsa up who gives you more things to be grateful about right? for you. So one is, this person is not focusing on things that they already have, is not focusing on the things that you know, that they should be grateful for, like the fact that they're Muslim, the fact that they exist, that's one thing to add. Another thing to add, is this.

03:06:44--> 03:06:51

Only Allah knows what's good fee. At the end of the day, and I said this previously, I'm just repeating the same answer whatever Allah choose for you, you can choose any better.

03:06:52--> 03:07:09

But what's significant here is you said she prays and you know, nothing happens. Well, why does she pray? Now, if you meant prayer, other than Do you mean the five prayers, you should not pray just to get something? We pray, I mean,

03:07:10--> 03:07:11

prayers and

03:07:12--> 03:07:18

worship too. But and this is a wider point, I want to address some people in some of our communities.

03:07:19--> 03:07:35

We have a transactional understanding of worship, don't get me wrong, we should have a level of transaction. Allah talks about this, but we have it in a while called a hidden should QA. Let me explain. We believe will equal business partners with Allah subhana wa Tada.

03:07:36--> 03:07:40

I pray, Allah should give me something online.

03:07:42--> 03:07:45

Worship by virtue of who he is, and not necessarily

03:07:46--> 03:08:02

only because he's giving us stuff and we have to really align our worship towards that, which is extremely important, but let's just make an announcement. We just know his 10am choudry. May Allah bless him, Allahu Akbar, he has donated 1000 pounds. Allah,

03:08:03--> 03:08:26

Allah, Allah is loves his family the best in this life and the best in the life to come. I mean, me open the doors of Jana. I thought that was 100 pounds Actually, I thought I have done it. Okay, donated someone help someone else has donated panela 100 pounds Allahu Akbar visa. People are waking up. All the lions are waking up possibly for school, you know?

03:08:28--> 03:08:30

And, you know, I just wanted to add

03:08:31--> 03:08:33

weight before you Yeah.

03:08:34--> 03:08:45

I want I want someone has to match that donation. 1000 pounds. Yeah, I want I want someone else I want absolutely Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. But now people are waking up. You see,

03:08:46--> 03:09:19

I want you all to understand this opportunity doesn't come every day. I want someone out there to match that 1000 pounds. Even if it's 10 people, even if it's 10 people, Let's aim to get 10 people to make a donation of 100 pounds each so that we can make Brotherton aims reward double because he has made a donation. And he's potentially encouraging a lot other people to come forward and do the do the same. And let's double his reward. Let's pay him back handsomely. Let's double the reward for brother Tony. May Allah bless him we'll accept from him. Okay.

03:09:21--> 03:09:30

First of all, go ahead very quickly. Yeah, I just wanted to say that. I want to correlate this with this with something that I actually heard from

03:09:31--> 03:09:38

assist sister called gulbahar. Julie love gulbahar. Julie Love is a weaker sister from

03:09:39--> 03:09:59

Kazakhstan, who was imprisoned in the concentration camps in China. And you know, she said that there was young girls who are 1415 who used to regularly be snatched away from the cells and be raped, and some of them actually died. And, you know, she said that she used to cry when she used to see these women and some of

03:10:00--> 03:10:36

These women as they're being taken away, and these are 1415 year old Uighur girls, they said, or sister or you know, in a because obviously she's a lot older than them, she's in her 50s Why are you crying? We're going to Allah. Like, sometimes what we have to do is we have to realize, yes, this life, you go through immense pain and trauma. You know, some people I mean, I've interviewed people whose children are missing. Now I have children or non has children. Yusef has children Hamza has children. You know, if your anon goes to Africa for like, two, three weeks, our time comes back, and I'm sure he misses his kids. Yeah. But imagine you haven't seen your kids for years and years and

03:10:36--> 03:11:15

years. The fact is, this life is extremely painful. And you know, you don't choose your struggles. And we just have to come to terms that is not the case where Allah will answer every single door in the way that we want, we will find out the wisdom in the hereafter. But we really have to understand this because many, many people and it's not just the thing that you raise brother, but many, many people out there in the world. They have this assumption that since Allah didn't answer my the Allah, Allah is not happy with me or Allah should have answered my door. But you know, Subhanallah, we just have to think of it this way. Allah is our Lord, we all are slaves, but we sometimes act as

03:11:15--> 03:11:58

if we are the Lord and Allah, maybe the Hadees where Allah, you know, the prophet said, Allah, I think allies to a slave, what he thinks of him, Allah is to a slave. If you think Allah is oppressive towards you, Allah is not listening to you, then this is the way it might be. Okay? If you want Allah to be kind to you, if you want Allah have mercy upon you, then think of Allah as the most merciful and always have your hopes high. Don't lose your hope to the law, because that's the biggest trap of shaper. So on that note, we will move forward very quickly by the use of question, I'm pretty sure has been honest in place one lesson place very quickly, very quickly, very, very

03:11:58--> 03:12:10

quickly. So this is what you said makes sense to me now, that the person may ask for is watching the stream. So what will you say for that person so that she gets some he gets some peace and he doesn't lose hope?

03:12:12--> 03:12:17

What? What will you say? Some losing hope in the most sorry, use of

03:12:19--> 03:13:00

losing hope in the mercy of Allah is haraam. Yeah, when we think of harm, we think of alcohol we think of pork we think of these things, but thinking that Allah is not going to have mercy on you or thinking negatively of Allah or despairing of Allah's mercy is a huge major sin because what you're doing is you're basically it's a it's not like we shouldn't think of it as a light thing just because you can't physically see it is haraam to despair of Allah's mercy and what you got to do is even if the day of judgments coming in you have a seed link in your hand you planted and what does that show you Islam is fundamentally a religion of hope, you know? So you just have you have hoped

03:13:00--> 03:13:18

and I'm sure I'm not gonna elaborate on this point. And I think this this point has been elaborated upon already by Hamza by yourself and by the use of thank you so much for asking your question and we will try to move on to the next question inshallah our thank you very much Catch you guys.

03:13:19--> 03:13:23

Okay, can you guys please please make clear for that person I request you very much

03:13:25--> 03:13:59

so everyone viewing now make the offer that person so not just everyone viewing please make bra for the person you're like I just person to make it easy for them to each other. Make it easy for them? I mean, I mean, how many No, thank you. Thank you. Before moving on to the next person, I want to remind everyone again, we just had by the name donate 1000 pounds. We want to match that. Remember? Again, there's no promises of that nothing afflicts a Muslim of hardship nor illness or nor anxiety nor nor nor harm nor distress, nor even the breaking of a con. But that Allah will expiate his sins By Allah, who

03:14:01--> 03:14:18

then you know, was one of the most beautiful Hadith is that when someone who who suffered the whole the most in this dunya they will be dipped in paradise for split moment, and they'll be asked, Did you ever suffer, they will say, by our law never suffered

03:14:19--> 03:14:30

before Hades because at the end of the day, those people are destined for paradise, no matter how much suffering you've had, the minute you dipped in a split moment, it's as if you've never suffered at all.

03:14:32--> 03:14:59

What a beautiful, you know, philosophy, that any hardship that comes your way, it is actually a blessing in disguise, because it's removing your sins is getting you closer to Allah if this is the way you think about it. So we need to start thinking in that positive way we ask a level of protection we ask a level of alfia We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from I mean, I mean it's trial, okay, but if they do come your way, be patient and trust in Allah judgment and his

03:15:00--> 03:15:45

Wisdom. So on that note, brothers, sisters, trust in a lot of judgment and wisdom, let that money go, let it go to a call. And the Prophet salallahu salam, once he came home and he asked Isaiah What is there to eat? I said, we have given away some and we have kept some for ourselves. Are you listening everyone, I said, we have given away some, and we have kept some for ourselves. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, what we have given away is truly ours. And what we have kept, is simply, you know, food to be used basically. Right. So the philosophy of Islam is what you give away in the path of Allah is truly yours. Because that reward is eternal, that reward is not going

03:15:45--> 03:16:34

anywhere. Allah subhanaw taala he pays back handsomely you trust in Allah, and you put your belief in Allah and have confidence, give it away in the path of Allah, you will see how it returns, you will see how Allah returns that handsomely. So this is why I advise everyone on a separate note, okay, apart from this appeal, apart from this appeal, do as much sadhaka as you can do it as much soccer. If an opportunity for other soccer comes your way. Just do it and see how Allah opens the doors of provisions for you just trust it, just try it and see what happens. Okay, apart from this appear, so with this appeal, you know why? You are planting seeds of Eman Sapiens institute.org

03:16:34--> 03:17:17

forward slash donate live, okay is the link and this organization is doing what the professor has taught us to do? Answer questions about Islam. Don't sit idle. Islam is attacked, respond, respond, okay. For example, when the professor solemn was in the most difficult of situations, the most difficult circumstances after the Battle of Aha, they were in a cave on top of a mountain and the courageous from below the mountain. They were taunting the professor lasala they were saying all sorts of things. But when they said something about Allah, when they said something about the deen The Prophet said respond to them. The Prophet said to Omar respond to them when Abu sufian said you

03:17:17--> 03:18:03

have lost so many we have lost so many the Prophet told Omar tell him you're okay sorry. I've also found when he said that a day for your God and the day Parag God hobo Okay, so the professor Salaam responded okay that our God is true God Allah is worthy of worship and you are worshipping idols, okay, something something to that effect. The point is, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not sit and just hating and not respond to them. Sapiens Institute is responding in legal, intelligent, intellectual ways to all the Islamophobia that's coming our way and we will continue to work it will grow you can be part of that insha Allah tala by supporting this work Sapiens institute.org forward

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slash donate live is the link we are right now live on a number of different channels. By the way, this is a coordinated effort. This is a joint effort from a number of different people, you know, if you knew how many duacs and people are involved in this work, you will Subhan Allah would be surprised and you would happily support Okay, we cannot bring everyone together unfortunately, in one live stream. So we will, we will continue to do we will bring more people in inshallah so that you can see the kind of support we have 100 intellectually, spiritually, and people are making glass for us, you can come forward and meet the challenge of brother to name Kareem choudry. May Allah

03:18:41--> 03:19:24

bless him donated 1000 pounds, who is going to match that I am waiting for that line of electoral match that donation. Let's go to RB and text. Before we do the mind, we just pull up this question. There's a brother that's been asking, get trying to get on, what's the timestamp? I've just popped it up on mine If you just put my comment up. So I'll try and do this quickly. And then I'll just have to go now, unfortunately, but just go to the brother asked, How can we be certain about deductive logic results right now? And could we maximize rationality in the future and improve our rationality to get a better conclusion? So with regards to deductive arguments, the way they work

03:19:24--> 03:19:25


03:19:26--> 03:19:59

so there's a distinction between valid and soundness. So a valid argument that is deductive basically means that if the propositions are true, then the conclusion necessarily has to be true. So a deductive argument itself doesn't say anything about the the truth of the argument you have to assess the propositions or the the premises independently if you can ascertain that the premises are true, then the conclusion necessarily has to be true because that

03:20:00--> 03:20:31

has to do with a valid inference. So that you know, the standard example is Socrates is a human, all humans are mortal. Therefore, Socrates is mortal. So you know that this would be a deductive argument, but then you'd have to ask the questions, you know, is, is Socrates mortal? Or are we talking about someone's pet? who happens to be called Socrates? Sorry, human? You know, it could be a dog called Socrates. So these are the kinds of questions you would have to ask. So what I would just suggest is that there's

03:20:32--> 03:21:13

a number of courses you can do studying reason and logic, and you sort of need to get your head around, it can be a bit of a headache, or that's not his question. His question is about our bit. So he's trying to say it is our deductive arguments invalidated, or weakened epistemically by virtue of the fact that we have limited rationality, or we may improve a rationale in the future. The reason I know this, bro, because the same guy asked the same question. And and he just summarized it. He asked me a few days ago, and I answered it in very similar ways, as you did, by added the fact that yes, it's actually right. No one everyone has epistemic limitations whenever going to that could be

03:21:13--> 03:21:51

possibly in the future, that our rational faculties and the way we use them as individuals or collective can improve to produce better results. But that doesn't undermine the validity of the necessity of a conclusion in a deductive argument, if the premises are sound, which means they are justified than the premises guarantee the truth of the conclusion. And given the fact that, obviously, it's valid in logically follows. But those are two distinct things. I think he's not understanding that. And I think this may be a case of worse versa, because he was already answered in Article eight in a way, just to satisfy another answer. So my personal response to this would be

03:21:51--> 03:22:27

to the brother, this may not be your problem at all. Since you've repeated the question, you've got the same answer. What you need to do is basically explore other things in your spiritual life that may be causing this, or even your social life, whatever the case may be, and just have a nice reflection, my dear brother, it happens to everybody happens to me appears to everybody and just find out, you know, what is the kind of maybe the psychological, spiritual cause for me really wanting an answer to such a question. But just to retreat, just because that we may have limited cognitive faculties that we make, and we may improve in the future, that itself doesn't undermine

03:22:27--> 03:23:05

the fact that a sound, valid deductive argument that the truth, the conclusion necessarily follows, there are two distinct things, okay. And that's something that you really need to understand. And, remember, I mentioned about Al ghazali, he made a beautiful point is that if you, if your mind is contingent on some abstract presuppositions, with all due respect, someone's going to be smarter than you and change the premises. And that's what you do. When you study research philosophy, you're taught to muck about with stuff like that. And if your mind is just contingent on that, then you're in big trouble. We're all in big trouble. because someone's going to be smarter than you that

03:23:05--> 03:23:38

guaranteed someone's going to be smarter than you. And so what you need to do is you need to start internalizing the tradition and elegance, it makes this point, he says, You need to internalize the Quran and the Sunnah and the Hadeeth, and have the experience as well, which really solidifies your mind. This doesn't mean we don't have proofs, of course we have, it doesn't mean that we don't have the best arguments. Of course we have, it doesn't mean it's some kind of intellectual premium. Of course it can. But from an individual first person experience point of view, there is going to be someone smarter than you that you're going to have one day, and they may be able to play around with

03:23:38--> 03:24:17

your premises and you may not understand what's going on. Don't make your mind reliant on these abstract truths, that good, they useful and the necessary in some cases, but you have to start internalizing the deen you have to start practicing the events in otherwise it could be an utter mess in this world. Yeah. And this is so significant. Take it from Addy ghazali, who had a journey of doubt his life is an idea, honestly. And then he turns around and looks at his history and passes and says you know what? He was he wrote he refuted the philosopher's to have done philosopher. He was the person of Kalam. But then he realized Calum could be a poison. If you're not sick, Callum is

03:24:17--> 03:24:25

good. If you're sick, give them some calamp. But depends who they are. He even said, and he made a really good point you need to start, you know, these abstract proofs are not everything.

03:24:26--> 03:24:42

So you have to understand this. Because if you don't, you know, go on a path of internalizing the dean, it could utterly, utterly really mess you up and Shakedown will use as excuses to mess you up. Yes, it's a consequence of creativity as well. It's like the

03:24:43--> 03:25:00

creative person notices a gray area in their their knowledge. So then they know that, you know, hey, there's a lot of things that I don't know that I could be wrong about x, y, Zed, and then the brain produces countless possibilities, and then gives them all equal epistemic weight, and says, Oh, well, if that's possible, and that's possible.

03:25:00--> 03:25:37

The most possible What reason do I have to value one over the other? Who could say the same? Well, you know, it is, quote unquote, possible that the universe was created five minutes ago. And that everything before it, all your memories, all the evidence of history were created five minutes ago as well with you and with everything else. And that's the case. But it's also you can also make that argument for six minutes ago, seven minutes ago, eight minutes ago, and you can do the ad infinitum. Now, just because that is an open possibility, due to your lack of knowledge, it doesn't mean that it's actually possible. They can't all be the case. And you know, there's billions, or infinite

03:25:37--> 03:26:20

amount of timestamps you could use in that example alone. But, you know, the question is, is what do I have reasons to accept that as a genuine possibility? And if not, why am I entertaining? So, you know, you've got to be careful because otherwise you end up getting yourself sort of lost in these creative quagmires because your brain is just capable of so they just any once you taste something is if you if you taste it, and it tastes like truth. And if you taste it and it tastes sweet, then there you go. You don't need to go anywhere else, because you've tasted it and that taste requires you connect into Allah you're doing a decoding of God and I'm telling you everything is going to be

03:26:20--> 03:26:22

fine. Shall I take it from me? Thank you

03:26:24--> 03:26:36

I've had similar habibie I've had similar experiences you just need to connect online well law he traverse on that path and you learn all those names and attributes. I guarantee you Everything is going to be fine inshallah okay.

03:26:37--> 03:26:38

I'm gonna go guys

03:26:39--> 03:26:44

bless you bro. You're You're a soldier. You're a warrior. I love you.

03:26:46--> 03:26:48

Well, I love you and Xactimate for your time

03:26:50--> 03:26:52

and I'll see you again inshallah.

03:26:54--> 03:26:54


03:26:57--> 03:27:35

is leaving us for tonight And may Allah bless him and I bought him and many of you are waiting for your questions to be answered. We're going to come straight to you and please keep your questions very short and we will keep our answers very short inshallah strictly I'm requesting from Subodh and Hamza both to keep your answers short as possible so that we can address more questions at the same time. Don't forget about the link rolling on your screen, Sapiens institute.org forward slash Jeanette live, we are still waiting for someone to match the donation of surname choudry surname shows that he made a donation of 1000 pounds each 3000 pounds. We want someone to make that donation

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or maybe less than that and we can collectively match the donation or brother Penny so I'm waiting for those guys to come over 200 pounds 200 pounds 300 pounds, whatever you want to make it in a donation. Whatever donation you want to make, inshallah Allah will accept from you a level reward you for it. Okay, let's go to RB. rb has been waiting for a very long time to RB. Now we didn't though that was a comment section. A very common question. rb. rb Go ahead. salaam aleikum Gretzky.

03:28:08--> 03:28:09

Yes, we love.

03:28:11--> 03:28:16

First of all, like guys, love you very much. And for the work you do. I'm really happy I found

03:28:17--> 03:28:19

Sapiens Institute.

03:28:21--> 03:28:31

My question is real quick. Can any one of you speak to the libertarian idea of free speech and their criticism of,

03:28:32--> 03:28:48

you know, our Islamic understanding of free speech? And you know, what is our reply to them? Specifically, you know, the issue of, you know, cartoons on the Prophet Muhammad, and, you know, their idea of it being a free speech.

03:28:50--> 03:29:31

Yeah, this is a very complicated, complicated topic, why'd Why should you on the sapience Institute channel, we have a 23 minute video on the idea of freedom of speech. And if you listen to it, most of the arguments are there. And basically exposes the kind of contradiction and any any and even in academia, there is no such thing as absolute freedom of speech, David van mill, he is an academic that specializes in freedom of speech. And he makes the point that you can't say it's absolute, it's restricted. And those restrictions are because of other values that we have in society. So freedom of speech is contingent on values. So the discussion is, what values are you going to follow? So

03:29:31--> 03:29:59

this kind of whole idea of this is freedom of speech, I'm allowed to say why one doesn't exist in any society on earth. And those people are the very rare minority who advocate such a thing. They have the slippery slope argument, which is fallacy. They say, oh, if you have any restrictions, then it's a slippery slope to tyranny. But the door swings both ways. If you have, if you have no restrictions at all, it's a slow, it's a slippery slope towards anarchy. So you have to have some restrictions because we have other competing values, such as hate speech.

03:30:00--> 03:30:27

That leads to direct violence and libel laws, and so on and so forth. And those are in place because there is a competing set of values in society. So freedom of speech is not absolutely free. All speech is restricted, but to what degree is restricted? Because the values of the discussion we should have is what values should you follow. We believe the Islamic values are the pristine and sublime values that facilitate the objective of freedom of speech, which is truth, accountability and progress.

03:30:28--> 03:31:04

But if you have the type of values that France is adopting the French government rather, then you're not going to have truth, accountability and progress. Why? Because they lie, they allow a form of insult that prevents the objective of freedom of speech in the first place. Imagine a famous scientist reveals the truth about his theory, but the first 15 minutes, he basically is racist to people in the audience, and he and he degrades their mothers, is that going to facilitate that him expressing the truth of his theory? No. So it goes to show that some forms of insult is a barrier to the very objective of freedom of speech, which is self defeating. So all of this is unpacked more

03:31:04--> 03:31:09

from a philosophical and values point of view, in that video on the sequence Institute channel.

03:31:13--> 03:31:14

into circles few more.

03:31:17--> 03:31:31

Again, in the what section, if we go to the status page to YouTube channel, and if you scroll down, it's called hating civility. If you go to the Sapiens Institute, YouTube channel, typing, hating, civility,

03:31:34--> 03:31:35

physical affairs, and May Allah bless y'all.

03:31:37--> 03:31:38

I mean, YouTube.

03:31:39--> 03:32:14

On that note, I want to share something very quickly. I just came across this report online. Okay. I don't know if you can see it. It's published by RT. Okay, that 20 retired generals have called for a military takeover in France, a president Macron fails to stop the country from disintegrating with Islamic. Okay. This is the level of Islamophobia we are facing globally. France is on steroids, you know, when it comes to Islamophobia, right? And what's the response? Are we going to sit idle and not respond to these hateful

03:32:15--> 03:32:28

endeavors and hateful views and hateful speeches and hateful statements? Of course not, we're going to respond. And this is why our voice needs to be out there brother and sister Islamophobia as a reality is a real threat in the world,

03:32:29--> 03:32:39

to the Muslim community, in particular, Muslims living in the West, okay, we are on the front line facing Islamophobia, Allahu Akbar, for that reason, we need

03:32:40--> 03:33:24

intellectual think tanks that can defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam. And that can actually expose the hypocrisy of some of these countries, and not even following their own values. Not even following their own values. What a strong stand for liberty, fraternity and equality, right? Where is the Liberty? Where's liberty for Muslims? Where is fraternity for Muslims? Where is equality for Muslims? It doesn't exist, right? Sapiens. institute.org is trying to produce those intellectual who may be able to defend the case intellectually intelligently, legally, right? We don't promote any extreme ideas. We don't promote any form of extremism. Rather, we promote education, and it is

03:33:24--> 03:34:04

through education. We want to bring about a positive, peaceful change in the world. This is what Islam stands for. Mercy, justice, compassion, this is exactly what we promote. So brothers sisters, start making the donations Okay, this is what we need the support for Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link you need to donate to, you know, what we have done in the last year? Can you imagine what has been achieved in the last year Allahu Akbar? Let me read quickly, something very quickly for you trained and empowered over 6000 people to defend and share Islam, developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars, delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars delivered

03:34:04--> 03:34:49

advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach team, which has access to 4 million visitors every year, published three books, researched and published 13 essays and articles launched free online lighthouse mentoring services for individuals who may be facing doubts and misconceptions. Privately mentored ex Muslims, dad and people with doubts, produce 30 sapient thoughts various okay launched our free education platform ready for content published various translations of our work in Turkish and Spanish. This was done in the last nine months since July 2020. Sapiens is a very new institution, and so much has been achieved within the last year. We want to do more than next year.

03:34:49--> 03:34:59

And that's only possible when you come forward and start supporting this noble endeavor Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link start making the donation I'm still waiting for

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able to come forward and make those donations of 1500 pounds to match by the name Chartres. 1000 pounds donation, okay, I don't want you all to match at once, but you can all contribute. So let's make 1000 pounds happen. I want to start a startup competition a good competition, I want to reach the target of 1000 pounds within the next, let's say 20 minutes, I want to reach the target of 1000 pounds within the next 20 minutes. I want people to come forward and start making donations that we can have 1000 pounds within the next 20 minutes. And as soon as your donations come in, we'll announce each other. So I need let's say 10 people to make 100 pounds each donation or or 50 pounds

03:35:46--> 03:35:50

each for 20 people. Let's go to Mahmoud Mohamed. Okay.

03:35:52--> 03:35:56

Next question. Mahmoud Mohamed inshallah family come? Snow Malcolm

03:36:01--> 03:36:11

had a question for first board actually concerning the case. Go ahead, the fossil records. And my question is basically I hear that

03:36:12--> 03:36:16

there are fossils there fossil evidence for Neanderthals.

03:36:18--> 03:36:25

And the there is also genetic evidence that indicates no we have a living, we have a living example.

03:36:33--> 03:36:39

My question is, what are what are those because they're described as different, distinct species

03:36:40--> 03:36:41

within the human genome?

03:36:44--> 03:36:45

Your question

03:36:47--> 03:37:31

is not that they within the human genome, it's that they would say within the hominid family there is different branches. So they'll say denisovans, hormonal rd, Homo erectus, Neanderthals and so on and so forth. The existence of such what scientists would consider human but we wouldn't say human because our definition of human has been the other their definition of human is not that it's there consider all of these humans. The existence of these things are not a theological challenge to us. We can believe these are created creations of a law that existed that lived and died and did not have the capabilities and modern Banjar them do. And you know, we can just accept their existence

03:37:31--> 03:37:34

and we don't really have to take any further than that.

03:37:35--> 03:37:36

Okay, thank you.

03:37:38--> 03:38:22

All right. Sorry. Go ahead. From my understanding there is no, there is nothing that the Quran says about the fact that there are nothing else apart apart from humans. What Allah says he creates that which you don't know. So Allah doesn't mentioned, say, the trilobites or the dinosaurs, or the billions of species altogether, if you look at how many we've been around for 40 billion years on this earth, so all of the different you know, different types of species are very existed a lot as I mentioned those in detail what Allah does say is everything's made by him so so we received a have to interrupt hashing. Oh, I can't mention the name is an anonymous donor. I almost mentioned the

03:38:22--> 03:38:27

name but they basically give us 1001 pounds Allah

03:38:30--> 03:38:44

pen was one extra pound May Allah bless you guys and grant you success in this life and the next so the giver 1001 pounds that hamdulillah May Allah grant them the best life and the best in the life to come. Allah Allah is odd numbers, maybe that's why they did it.

03:38:45--> 03:38:54

So brother Mahmoud, that that's basically answer. You know, we just, we just don't. And this is the other thing I have this

03:38:55--> 03:39:03

video on my channel. Time for some selfish promotion. It's called once Homo erectus hanafy. Yeah.

03:39:05--> 03:39:36

The reason why I had that video is to show that a lot of the questions are being asked by Muslims or non Muslims when it comes to Darwinism. I totally irrelevant, because it doesn't really matter. What matters is that we can show is no absolutely true, we can show that even within the field of science with methodological naturalism. But then there are issues and then we can also point out other philosophical challenges. But all of the rest of these issues are cul de sacs, they don't lead anywhere. We just need to show that the Quran is not undermined by these things and why the Quran is true. And that's it.

03:39:37--> 03:39:40

Okay, Jacqueline Mahmoud.

03:39:41--> 03:39:59

Thank you so much. Thank you so much, brother, Mohammed. Okay, so yeah, yeah, I just want to put up this sounds like a could be an atheist. I'm dodging the question. There are challenges your theology your I'm going to send the link you're welcome to join us. When you when you do respond. Keep it very short and snappy, because

03:40:00--> 03:40:00


03:40:01--> 03:40:23

to theology because that's equivalent of saying, like, you know, some species is a challenge to theology because it's just another species, if there are distinct species is harder when Allah says he scattered beasts and animals, and he's made all types of animals and bees. That's not a challenge to any theology. You want it to be a challenge to people's theology, because this is your Genesis story. This is the eighth.

03:40:26--> 03:40:55

So Bo told me that this is, this is your Genesis story. And if your Genesis story is not complete and true, you're going to get upset and you're going to cry, and you don't have anything else because you have a vacuous existence. Not all of you, some of you, at least because you have a meaningless existence, but your life is just based on random electrons whizzing around the non conscious and blind, non conscious means not aware of themselves aware of anything outside of themselves, and they're blind, which means there's nothing into intentionally directing them anywhere. That's the basis of your entire existence. And you just try to hide that by trying to

03:40:55--> 03:41:28

argue and create red herrings come to the point. The point is, are you willing to have a worldview doesn't explain the strong intuitions about purpose of life, the rationality of the universe and mathematical structure of the universe, the fact that you have in a subjective conscious experience, the fact that you believe in some objective moral truths? Do you want to adopt a worldview that makes sense of that doesn't make sense of that atheism? philosophical naturalism doesn't make sense at that at all. And your petty little question is actually evidence of that your question that is misplaced and misunderstood, and just exposes the fact that you just love your Genesis story. You're

03:41:28--> 03:41:31

just blind faith, you're mockolate as we say, outright

03:41:33--> 03:41:41

lying blind the blind following sorry for the right sometimes my nose on

03:41:42--> 03:41:47

that answer Hamza gave that is a bit that deserves 100 pound donation 101 combination.

03:41:48--> 03:42:28

And on that note, we are very close to our target for tonight the minimum target I'm saying not the maximum, the minimum target was 10k and we are very close to it, we need another 1000 pounds because we are nearly 9000 pounds if I'm not mistaken nearly 9000 pounds, we need another 1000 pounds brothers and sisters to reach the target. So I need 10 people 10 people before this stream ends we need 10 people to make 100 pounds donation each and we would have hit the minimum target for tonight. And that would do nicely at hamdulillah so May Allah bless you brother sister, those of you who have been making donations trying metal open the doors agenda for you what a blessing night.

03:42:28--> 03:43:07

What a beautiful, you know, response we've, we've heard from you. And it's a very noble cause, you know, we're trying to protect people's demand. We're trying to protect our man in the process, Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link it is rolling on the screen and you might find the link in the description of the video. Click the link and start making donations and shout out Allah May Allah Allah Allah bless you all brothers and sisters, let's go to Baitullah very quickly. And but brothers and sisters don't stop making donations. Let them come in and we will announce as soon as the combination of Allah Baitullah vitalize As salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I

03:43:07--> 03:43:14

would love to talk to Hamza about getting them gains, but this is not the three. So my question is,

03:43:17--> 03:43:28

do I have to actively desire agenda? Or is it enough to wanting to avoid the Hellfire because whenever I think about the afterlife, I am

03:43:29--> 03:43:32

just horrified about hell and

03:43:33--> 03:43:37

I just don't want to end up there. But I never think about Jenna.

03:43:38--> 03:43:40

It wouldn't make a difference for me if I

03:43:41--> 03:43:53

happen to be dust after I die or go to Jenna, as long as I don't go to hellfire. I have no it's a good question. But do I need to desire Jenna to be a Muslim?

03:43:59--> 03:44:28

So let's talk about a class and the basic class entails three main things number one that you do a good deed because Allah is worthy of it and you love him. Number do number two that you want his divine reward. And number three that you want to prevent yourself from the whole fire if you happen to do an action that's pre lit primarily motivated by not want to go to the Hellfire This is a floss. However, just be honest with yourself. Do you like the idea of going to a place with eternal bliss and love?

03:44:29--> 03:44:40

Obviously, there you go. So you do still want to you want to go paradise? Do you think Allah is worthy of worship and he's worthy of your love? Yes, I do. Yes, you don't have a problem, bro. Don't let

03:44:42--> 03:44:53

if your primary motivation is not to go to hell, that's perfectly fine in accordance to the lemma and what a class entails. Because if last also entails that you won't don't want to have divine

03:44:55--> 03:44:59

you want to go to you don't want to go into the nod into the fire. If you

03:45:00--> 03:45:18

I'm really motivated by that. There's nothing wrong with that. It's actually a size. That's what a class is. But it doesn't mean you don't have the other ones of course you want to go paradise of course you believe Allah is worthy of worship and you're doing the deed because you love him. But if your primary motivation is, you don't want to go to hell. This is part of the class as well. Okay, bro.

03:45:19--> 03:45:28

Yeah, thank you so much for your answer. just told me so much that I planned out the rest. But I gotta walk rock on that, I guess Jessa

03:45:29--> 03:45:49

is to read the Quran. Allah always talks about the good news always talks about paradise, under which rivers flow always talks about these things and just reflect Don't be balanced. Yeah, hope and fear. If you just have fear, then you're gonna you'll be a one wing bird. You're not gonna fly.

03:45:50--> 03:45:52

Yeah, thank you so much

03:45:53--> 03:46:36

for that brother. And we have another donation from a teef Sharma who made another donation. I don't remember how much of maybe an hour ago and and they've made another donation, and they said no food for me tonight. Just kidding. I'm serious about the 100 pounds. So May Allah bless you, and everybody watching who's inspired by your donation, you're going to going you're going to be getting the audio for that. And it's so good to see so many people sharing, liking, donating, and keeping the Sapiens Institute alive and kicking because at the end of the day, if we look at the competition that we have, the competition that we have, like announcement saying is huge. It's in the billions.

03:46:36--> 03:47:19

It's an entire industry. And we're just a small little fishing boat. In fact, not even a fishing boat, probably just a plank, right in the ocean, compared to the challenges that we actually have, but we have a loan. So even with very little, we can actually go very far in sha Allah. Absolutely. Absolutely. brothers sisters, I really want another nine people to make a donation of 100 pounds each, and at least announced it so that we know these donations are coming in. And you know the benefit and announcing it is the fact that many other people will be encouraged and they will follow suit. So please, please announce, let us know. Of course we don't know who you are. So you remain

03:47:19--> 03:47:59

anonymous, and it doesn't mess up your near. But at the same time, we're trying to encourage others to make donations as well. So brothers sisters, don't hesitate to come forward and join in this noble endeavor. Okay, what are we doing? We are trying to raise funds for this institution. It is like a think tank that produces content and defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam. Islam is being attacked intellectually ideologically, you know, on media, by journalists by politicians, all sorts of people think Islam is a fair game. Islam is fair game, you can attack Islam you can say what you like with impunity, no questions will be asked this is how we are living today in the

03:47:59--> 03:48:41

world. Unfortunately, Islamophobia is is normal now. Okay, the responses to educate the people, educate our own people, primarily number one, educate them so that they can defend Islam. Our own people are very ignorant our own youngsters they have no idea what Islamic civilization is what are the achievements of Islam and Muslims are? What are our intellectual basis to believe in a faith like Islam? Why are we even believers is safe sapient Institute is producing content to do all that to provide you with reasons to believe intellectual reasons rationally explaining Islam to the masses so that people can see why we are believers why we are Muslims. So start making donations.

03:48:41--> 03:48:45

And this is a noble endeavor, Al Hamdulillah we're nearly there with our target. Why are you laughing?

03:48:47--> 03:48:47

What's so funny?

03:48:49--> 03:48:49


03:48:50--> 03:48:51

Darwin's nightmare.

03:48:53--> 03:49:00

Okay, you know why? I didn't know you know, why Darwin's nightmare because it was me it was me.

03:49:03--> 03:49:07

Because the missing link has been found. Okay, then of Darwin's dream, bro.

03:49:11--> 03:49:21

Darwin, Darwin on an interesting point, Darwin spoke about who relayed by the way Sure. Very interesting fact. Yeah. And you know, he had this

03:49:23--> 03:49:34

he had this interesting time with some teenage girls they spent time with and you know, he had this very flowery language in which how you describe them and one of them was actually

03:49:35--> 03:49:39

what they was. Anyway that's that's another thing Mashallah we have

03:49:41--> 03:49:58

we don't have long to go with this appeal. Okay. So we want those of you who are still watching and thinking Come on, and start making donations we need another nine people to reach that 1000 pounds target I raised we have one brother come forward Sharma

03:49:59--> 03:49:59

who has

03:50:00--> 03:50:17

made a donation. May Allah bless him. Okay islamophobe eater, okay, that this guy is messing around, you know, he changed my name as well. It's about look, okay, from whatnot, you know, he shouldn't have control he this guy should not have control. Okay, cuz he's changing. So what about your name where you're gonna put your name?

03:50:19--> 03:50:23

So, okay, I hope he's not changing the name of the questioners, you know?

03:50:25--> 03:50:26

anti natalist, though that's

03:50:29--> 03:50:35

okay. So let's go to the next question. Abdullah Abdullah shied asked your question, short catch and short answer.

03:50:39--> 03:50:46

Okay, so I have a question like recently with all the anti Islamic narrative that's been pushing around, it mostly focused on like,

03:50:48--> 03:50:56

like atheism with like, is Does God Exist and stuff like that. However, I think that this is getting neglected is like the orientalist critique of Islam and like the,

03:50:58--> 03:51:10

basically like their critique of Islam origins or Islam, like or the history of the Quran, or like what sources it draws from. So what advice would you give to like, dies or like people who want to spread that?

03:51:11--> 03:51:15

You know, Islam, when they like, come across these questions?

03:51:24--> 03:51:33

Is everyone quiet? Who would I think I'd not frozen? That's why. So you're not frozen? What do you want?

03:51:40--> 03:52:19

You just, you just don't move it for a few seconds. I thought you're frozen. Just if you can answer the question, the brothers question. Sorry. Repeat the question very quickly repeated for me. Yeah, so how can we respond to orientalist critique of Islam since like most of the content available right? Regarding contingency arguments will end with like God's existence and stuff like that however, like in to respond to orientalist critique or like historical criticism? We have to go through like journals and most of the journals are like in support or Okay, it's hard orientalist, orientalist, have been debunked A long time ago. Most modern scholars on the history of Islam if

03:52:19--> 03:53:04

you're talking about early Islam, okay, they are not orientalist. They don't even call themselves oriental or the the title orientalist. Or the term Orientalism has become an embarrassment since the excellent work of Edward side. adverse side is an excellent book for you to read as a response to Orientalism because he talks about orientalist approach, how they approach the East in general and Islam in particular, and how they manipulated and twisted everything they came across. Right. So it has been debunked as an ideology as a method as an approach. There are many, many more, I mean, even even the revision of school is it's kind of, you know, it's like an embarrassment. Most proponents

03:53:04--> 03:53:33

of the revisionist school have pretty much either died, or they have abandoned it right. Patricia Crone was alive not long ago, she has passed away. Okay, Michael co co wrote who co authored the book with her called Hagar ism. He has since moved on from that particular approach. So most modern scholars on Islamic history or early Islam are not orientalist. If anything they are, how can I put it? Either

03:53:35--> 03:53:47

Prato revisionist, or, you know, they have moved on towards the traditional view or that they are either pro traditionalist or they are pro

03:53:48--> 03:54:28

revisionist, I don't know how to explain this. These are some texts historians use. So you will not find anyone today who is academically established in any of the reputable institutions who would like to call himself an orientalist, or would follow Orientalism as a source of inspiration. Okay, it's been debunked. I hope that answers your question. I also have like a short question for savour. So recently, I was looking into some arguments with evolution. And I found the evolution of the evolutionary argument against naturalism. So would you say that is that a strong argument to use percent? Because it's basically states that since evolution, says many naturalist think that

03:54:28--> 03:54:54

evolution is like, what guides? They're everything. So their brain would be like an unstable, which is like, basically draw a conclusion. So would you say that argument is strong? Or would you say is not as much? I would, I mean, that that's Alvin plantinga. His argument, there's actually a recent updated version of it. If you give me a second, I'll look up who that was.

03:54:56--> 03:54:59

There's somebody at Oxford who basically did a updated version.

03:55:00--> 03:55:00


03:55:02--> 03:55:22

But it wasn't exactly the same thing. But it is a very powerful argument. But I think the way that is formulated by planning to go and even by this guy at Oxford who recently used it, is it's not really usable because of how complicated it is, right? So the way I would do it is I wouldn't even

03:55:24--> 03:56:06

go down the traditional route of using that argument, I would simply make a distinction between two types of fitness. So there is truth fitness, and adaptive fitness. Right? So truth fitness is that your, your fine tune to acquire truth. And that's the way that you shaped. And adaptive fitness is basically you're fine tuned for basically surviving, and you can survive on true beliefs and false beliefs. So natural selection can explain adaptive fitness, but cannot explain truth fitness on this distinction is actually made by philosophers by the distinction between truth fitness and adaptive fitness. So

03:56:07--> 03:56:54

if it's the case, that natural selection is the only mechanism to explain how we exist, and we go down the naturalistic line, that there is no supernatural events, then our minds basically, are not. Natural selection is not there to filter our true and false beliefs. We are we go with wherever beliefs are adaptive. And therefore if we make the conclusion today about Darwinism, then we're coming to that conclusion from a brain that wasn't really fine tuned for truth, rather, is fine tuned for just utility. Yeah. So that's a simpler way of using an argument that natural selection undermines the value of truth that therefore can undermine naturalism. But plantillas argue is

03:56:54--> 03:57:14

pretty good, but I don't know is too complicated to try and break it down to a layman when you're having a debate. I see. I see. Zakouma, thank you for hard work. Thank you. Thank you very much for the question. Let's go to the next questioner. And then the next one, and they these would be the last questions, inshallah for the night. And hopefully, we

03:57:16--> 03:57:18

want to make a comment. Yeah,

03:57:20--> 03:58:00

we got a donation. It's anonymous donations, I can't mention the name. But basically, they said, I have an eight year old and a seven year old and think this work is so important. So this is very strategic person who's looking to the future thinking, if this carries on without entities like Sapiens into art and other institutions, then we won't be able to have answers to contemporary questions in this way. That's popularized Hello. They gave 1000 pounds, Allahu Akbar, Allah, whoever you are, if you're watching this, I just want you to understand something here. Allah has blessed you not only the wealth that you can donate, but Allah has blessed you with an intellect that thinks

03:58:00--> 03:58:40

about giving donations in a strategic way. If right now, we were asking for give us 1000 pounds, so we can print 1000 books, right? Or if we can do this particular very tangible thing, it will be so easy, and a lot of donors will just donate for for you to actually have the vision and to look at these intangible things which have a tangible impact on people's Eman, which actually is a crisis at the moment for you to realize that now trade you look forward to your children may Allah bless you, Allah is giving you this amazing mind. And I hope many people watching right now can benefit from the way that you're thinking because that's what we need. We honestly when I look at the targets

03:58:40--> 03:59:25

that we have in the Sapiens Institute, even tonight 10k that that missionary have whose glasses were broken glasses that would have cost you 200 pound, or even 70 pound, that person got 10,000 pounds of broken glasses. And that's like, that's like, you know, one of the mediocre missionaries here we have pretty much the most important part of Muslims life in the Western world, the intellectual preservation of Islam, and we're asking for very, very small amounts very trivial amounts compared to the sort of amounts that our rivals have. So the fact that you have come forward and Mashallah, you're given a donation of 1000 pounds, everybody watching this May Allah bless you may Allah bless

03:59:25--> 03:59:29

your children, and May Allah inspire countless people through your actions.

03:59:32--> 03:59:43

Thank you so much. Allah bless you. Let's go to the next question. anti natalist, please put your question forward, and inshallah we'll try our best to respond to it very quickly. Go ahead.

03:59:44--> 04:00:00

Well, thank you very much for taking my question. And my question is that a god directly communicated with the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, but he did not communicate with me. So I think it

04:00:00--> 04:00:05

It will be easy for me to believe in him if he can also directly speak with me.

04:00:06--> 04:00:46

As he spoke with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So I think it was easy for Prophet Muhammad to believe in the existence of God. But for me, it is very difficult. So what criteria did Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him fulfilled? And why I find this is a kind of injustice, which is being done with me. So this is my question, brother, I want to be very honest with you, with all due respect, and I'm considered one of the compassionate guys. But I've never heard the most one of the most arrogant questions in my entire life. I really beg you to look into your heart, and to explore what the hell is going on. And I don't usually do this austbrokers I don't expose you about this.

04:00:47--> 04:01:02

But I am utterly, utterly shocked that you have even not even thought about this property, and you've allowed it to basically, you've cooked in injustice. Let me tell you something. Yeah. Let me just let me just put this into me just go back onto Planet Earth and just re articulate this.

04:01:05--> 04:01:40

You need to first ask the question, Are you in a hypothetical scenario, even if God were to speak to you, are you in the position to accept such blessing? Is your heart in the right state to to even accept and understand such divine inspiration and revelation? The mere fact that you've had aren't you've asked this question, I'm not believing the question. But the mere fact that you asked to in such a way, is is already telling that there are some psychosocial and spiritual issues going on. With all due respect my brother,

04:01:41--> 04:01:49

believing God's existence, you could believe in God's existence, because we have so many brilliant arguments for God's existence, also.

04:01:51--> 04:02:20

So is this has nothing to do with God's existence of conviction is to do with the fact that you wanted to be a recipient of Revelation. I want to ask you the question, are you deserving of revelation in that way? And not only that a man has come the prophets of Allah who he he was someone who was chosen by a law, who had a pure heart whose heart was cleaned in order for him to reveal revelation? Is your heart even close to that, my friend? And to even to even even utter and say that it's an injustice? No.

04:02:21--> 04:02:33

He assumed that you're the same as the person and assume anything. You have some kind of lack of self awareness with all due respect my brother, wait, I find the question extremely offensive, and you're gone.

04:02:35--> 04:02:37

I'm sorry, brothers. That was the most I don't know how

04:02:39--> 04:02:55

ridiculous mocking people. Look, let me explain. People have different states of mind. Okay, so let's let's respond to his question. I'll try my best to respond to his question. But the Hamza, of course, you have your view. But I have something, something to say. And that is,

04:02:56--> 04:03:27

you are right now you want God to be as you want him to be. Okay. You're super important your desires on God, you want God to come down and speak to you directly. This is a sort of arrogance, as brother Hamza pointed out, you're, you're putting yourself in that position that you're so special, that God will come down himself and speak to you. But God has done enough to guide you. He said prophets and revelations PSTN arguments, the universe.

04:03:28--> 04:03:38

The first question is, Does God Exist? Look at the universe, where did it come from? Just use simple logic, and see if this can property. Yeah.

04:03:40--> 04:04:00

I already said about this evidence for God's existence, you know, with people like this in my just from my humble experience, they need to have some kind of positive, assertive tone. Because someone who's in that type of end look, we can all be victim to this type of arrogance. And it was quite civil. He was he wasn't, he was he was but

04:04:02--> 04:04:36

he just from experience, people who are civil and they they took that way. It doesn't matter. I'm not being uncivil. I'm just saying his approach is extremely arrogant. And sometimes, you know, the Quran is a very heavy book. And sometimes you have to speak to people in a way that wakes them up to who they are, who how they've come across. So you answer is perfectly fine. But I think that person needed to be chucked off because there are some things that are just like almost intolerable, and that is nothing to do with the intellect you give them the best intellectual argument they won't accept it. What is this is a psycho spiritual issue and that needs to be dealt with by being a very

04:04:37--> 04:04:50

loving brother by not being too nice, but give them a little bit of a shake to make them realize what the hell's going on. But yeah, let's move on. Mama Bless you, bro. Carry mom Thea, not question. No one's here.

04:04:52--> 04:04:59

Okay, my question is about Ron verse three. new chapter three, verse 140.

04:05:00--> 04:05:06

Where it says Allah testers so we can know if we're good or bad with all those all knowing why does he have to know?

04:05:08--> 04:05:32

Okay, this is to establish the point to you. Yeah, testing you so that, you know, whether you are worthy or not, Allah knows exactly what we are and we'll be going, he has the knowledge, he has all the knowledge to know. Okay, but he wants us to know, yes, he wants us to be convinced that what he's doing is absolutely right. Okay. And, and.

04:05:35--> 04:06:22

And yeah, and the beautiful thing about tests, my brother, is that tests reveal you. And when you're tested, this is the true reveal of your character, because everyone could be really nice and pious, when nothing's going wrong. But when the proverbial hits the fan, do you come closer to Allah, you run away from him. And that's why tests are actually a mechanism to show who is worthy of the special mercy of the Divine if you're worthy of Paradise or not. But the verse is understood explicitly to mean that Allah knows everything. It's a kind of rhetorical ploy to show you that you will be you will be revealed to yourself, you will realize what Allah already knows about you as a

04:06:22--> 04:06:25

result of you dealing with this test, so not

04:06:27--> 04:06:29

just go to the classical Jesus.

04:06:32--> 04:06:40

Okay, so I think that's the answer. Can I just can I just really quickly, the brother who asked the question, I think

04:06:42--> 04:07:23

what they said was about the wording of the Quran. I think that that point, yeah, good. But I think what's important to highlight here is when you read a translation, and it says, you know, so that Allah they know, or when it says in another part of the code that allows forget them like they forgot Allah, you have to look at the Quran, in its entirety. And the language that's actually used, is sometimes used in a metaphorical way. So for example, when, when Allah says, Allah will forget them. That doesn't mean Allah forgets, right? That's an obvious thing. So we have to look at the overall paradigm the paradigm is Allah has predestined everything that's classical Islam. So Allah

04:07:23--> 04:07:48

already knows. So then when you when you understand that in Islam, we believe in predestination. And we believe everything is decreed by Allah. And then when Allah says, so that Allah may know, we know what that means. We know that that means that, you know, is referring to us is our sort of is what jugend says, proof against us. So that's why it's important to look at the Quran in its entirety, so that these things are addressed.

04:07:51--> 04:07:59

Local Okay, and thank you so much. And we will move on to the next question. ebrima agreement, your next please ask your question, inshallah.

04:08:03--> 04:08:42

That's a lot more legal. All that goes with the law. Okay, so whenever I'm debating a liberal about Islam, they usually go to an emotional side. And we've already spoken about that. But they talk about how they don't want to accept a God that won't allow people to follow their desires such as, go on and have homosexual intercourse. So what I usually do is something similar to Muhammad a job and I compare it to insist using the harm principle. But using that harm principle, they then say, well, that should be accepted to and I don't know how I'm supposed to respond to that other than saying, well, that's a weird standpoint.

04:08:44--> 04:09:19

Yeah, my beloved brother, you just, just just just just refer to the most classical view on morality, which is where divine command theorists, we believe the source of morality is the divine command, but we're not divine command theorists from the point of view that we dislocate God's commands away from his nature. No, we don't. We believe Allah's commands are a derivative of his world which is in line with who he is, which is his names and attributes. Allah is all about is a source of our goodness, he's al Hakim Aleem is the knowing he is the wise. And while he commands his wise and good by virtue of who he is, and good is not external to his commands, because it's, it's

04:09:19--> 04:09:58

who he is. So and it's not arbitrary, because he is good. So from that perspective, just say that, because that's the best way you know, don't try and win an argument, just show them why they should follow a song. Mighty should follow Allah commands because if if your main objective is to show to him that you know, the the ethics is incoherent, that's fine, but elevate it a little bit more and just bring them back to the fact that Allah is worthy to be obeyed and who Allah is and why he exists and why he's worthy of worship. That's a good strategy from adult context, to use a kind of consequentialist or utilitarian perspective on you know, sexual acts. It's very, very hard to even

04:09:58--> 04:09:59

fathom because our

04:10:00--> 04:10:15

consequentialism is based on the greatest consequence, which is heaven or hell, which is a metaphysical thing that they have to believe to be true anyway in the first place. Yeah. And, and we believe Allah has the picture, we just have the pixel. So from that perspective, I wouldn't go down the kind of consequentialist route.

04:10:16--> 04:10:47

Because the way you're going to stop, you just need to show them that, you know, we're divine command theorists and this is the reason why and then that would basically get them aligned to the fact that Allah is worthy to be obeyed. That's what you want to get inside them. If it's just a debate for the sake of it, then unfortunately, who you winning over, you know, we can endure over but you just proving yourself right and proving them wrong, but the dying needs to elevate themselves from just proving themselves right and proving others wrong. They need to elevate to the degree of trying to create awakenings within themselves. I mean, I know that sounds a bit cheap

04:10:47--> 04:11:16

coming from me because I was a bit rude to the brother earlier, which was second thoughts I should apologize but I did find his question extremely arrogant and problematic. So am Allah forgive me is Ramadan month is messy. Anyway, so yeah, the hope that helps, bro. Yeah, doesn't my second question is a short one. But it's a bit personal. Like, I want to learn Arabic, but I don't know if I should learn the Quranic Arabic or just modern day Arabic this week. First, start with the Quranic Arabic. More important. Thank you.

04:11:20--> 04:11:56

Yeah, I just want I just wanted to say that, you know, the, what Hamza mentioned to the guests earlier, there's a comment written by I believe it's a Hindu convert, who said that that statement made me physically cringe, what the person actually said. I think there's some things which are just in your natural fitrah. Yes, I did. I mean, when I heard that as well, because you know, sometimes, and I think this is this is important as well, it's not about giving people a rational answer. Sometimes waking people up to what they're actually saying, so that they understand. You know, it's kinda like once when an atheist said to me,

04:11:57--> 04:12:35

I'm not going to believe in God, I don't want to believe in God, words will actually I don't want to believe in God. And this was a speaker's corner. Because I don't like the idea of someone being greater than me. Now, at that point, I should not and nobody should be saying, Well, let me give you a logical answer. My God is greater than you know, it should just be like, Are you serious? But are you? Are you actually feeling all right? You actually think I think we become desensitized to the magnitude of give her cover overtime roll, just give them Quranic answers. When Allah says, Who are you like, there was a time you weren't even mentioned you're not 15 min many and you came from a

04:12:35--> 04:13:11

despise fluid, and so on and so forth. Sometimes the Quran is a very heavy book, because the you don't read the Quran, the Quran is reading you. And these things are there to remove your ego because the ego is a barrier to divine grace and Divine Mercy and guidance. And sometimes we just need to give them a Quranic narrative on these things like Who the hell are you? Who are you? That's what you got to say. You can say to them, what's wrong with you? I mean, have you even understood what you're saying? Now, the villa. And this is very interesting, because we live in a narcissistic society, like this, a Korean born German philosopher, he's quite phenomenon. Now. Like, sometimes

04:13:11--> 04:13:37

sometimes, you know, these people, they need simpler examples. For example, if you're working in a company, and there is a CEO, and you are working within a hierarchy, okay, you have your supervisor, then the supervisor is under the manager, the manager is under the company manager, and then he's under the CEO. So you are just a factory worker working in the factory. And they're not that you are not important, of course, you have your role to play. But imagine,

04:13:38--> 04:13:47

you want to be commanded, or you want instructions, and you want the CEO to leave his office to come and give instructions. Does that make sense?

04:13:49--> 04:13:50


04:13:51--> 04:14:29

good, but the person wasn't like that. He wanted to be the CEO, although he doesn't deserve to be the CEO. That person you cannot rationalize with that person requires I act to make them humble, you're gonna die, you're going to become web goofy. And these are beautiful. I are the existential I act verses in the Quran to remove the ego because the egos a barrier to divine mercy and grace. So brothers, there's a brother who's been messaging a lot of their one and we've been sort of not getting through to him. And we may be coming to the end of the livestream. So let's try and speed up the questions. Can we can we go to System Merriam Islamic?

04:14:32--> 04:14:41

So they go to LA? I write my question in the chat. Just it's not totally related to the topics I'm sorry, but just generally.

04:14:42--> 04:14:51

So I'm kind of I'm currently studying like politics and philosophy at uni. And my vision is to go like further in these topics, so that I can contribute to like the Islamic discourses

04:14:53--> 04:14:59

in articulating Islam and stuff, but my question is like, what areas or niches Do you think based on all of your experiences?

04:15:00--> 04:15:15

In the Dow, and in, like the field that you're in, do you think really need more Muslims to go into that? specifically from the point of view of Muslim women? Because, yeah, I kind of want to know, like, what kind of areas I should specialize in?

04:15:17--> 04:15:24

Sorry. So the general questions, okay. I'll, I'll get my way very quickly, inshallah. And brothers can come in, I believe

04:15:26--> 04:15:54

a lot of us need to go into humanities into intellectual subjects, subjects like sociology, history, philosophy, okay, so that we can learn intelligent ways to present our faith. rationally. Okay. Most of us are going into fields to fill our stomachs like law, finance, medical, or even science for example, okay, we're not thinking

04:15:56--> 04:16:38

how we are going to lead our oma. Okay, now we need intellectuals we need a lot of thinkers intellectuals. And for that we need humanities okay. This is why Mashallah a lot of the brothers sitting in front of us right now, we are facing a dilemma. That dilemma is that we don't have enough intellectual defending the boundaries of Islam. We have too many doctors, too many lawyers, too many accountants, too many of everything but intellectuals to defend our faith you can count them on your fingers again, on one hand, okay, those were able to do so for these brothers who are sitting in front of you right now are mostly from that background humanities right?

04:16:39--> 04:16:56

Brothers avoid studying philosophy. So as Hamza myself I'm in history, and even others, like, for example, a job and other brothers. were involved in sapiens, adopters Malati, humanity's hijaab theology, which is also humanities. So we need more of this sister, this is my opinion, rather boring.

04:16:58--> 04:17:23

But I mean, also like, specifically, because I'm kind of doing that already in terms of because I'm studying political philosophy. But I mean, how do you specifically kind of find your niche because I know like brothers of all went into like evolution type things and 100 like hands on, like philosophy of mind and stuff? Like, how specifically do you advise going about finding that niche and figuring out how you can be as effective and useful to like the Muslim community as possible?

04:17:26--> 04:17:30

you have any advice? I'm okay. Okay, firstly, I'm going to give

04:17:32--> 04:17:34

some advice, which is

04:17:36--> 04:17:37


04:17:38--> 04:18:14

And it's quite easy to do. This is something that my grandfather, once when someone asked him what they wanted to do in their life, my grandfather said, just read the Quran, and Allah will tell you what you need to do, right? And you know, what I'm being like, I'm being very, very serious here is a formula, which just does not fail. So there's obviously you have that spiritual? And I'm sure inshallah you're doing that as well. We are thinking about, okay, your love, would you want me to do? And are you thinking along the right lines, you need a niche, this is very important, you need a niche. Now, what I would say is,

04:18:15--> 04:18:22

when it comes to the issues of gender, and sex, and the sort of contemporary

04:18:23--> 04:18:47

waves of feminism that we're facing, we don't really have people who can we don't have enough people who can deal with this topic. So what I would do and again, you know, you do as the caller, you decide whether this is best is to do a sort of survey of all of the Islamic responses to these types of issues. And then to see Okay, is there a gap. So, for example, some of the things that

04:18:48--> 04:19:35

which are quite interesting with Jordan Peterson has been highlighting is, you know, in countries which have more gender equality, gender differences in preference actually increase, which is completely the opposite conclusion that you would come to if you are inclined towards feminism, because you think as gender equality increases, that gender preferences should converge, but it's actually the opposite opposite. So you know, and also like a chronic, I would love to, you know, and, you know, I was in Pakistan last year, and I went to a very tough and a difficult lecture, in which it was just a group of feminists and his versus me, right. And I was getting just attacked,

04:19:35--> 04:19:59

you know, about this robot that over that, and he wasn't even coherent, it was just a lot of emotion. And, you know, I feel that if there was a book that I could give them and say, Okay, this is actually not written by a man is run by a woman. And actually, here's how it's academically, you know, sound and here are the arguments and here's this and here's an interlude between that is a powerful Quranic narrative. So it's not that we're taking contemporary ideas.

04:20:00--> 04:20:12

Were shoehorning the Quran into or rather the Quran is the paradigm and then these ideas fit into it, you know, we need something like that something robust like that. But again, that's just my idea of what you know, I think is missing in this field.

04:20:18--> 04:20:18


04:20:19--> 04:20:32

you Yeah, I got nothing to add really, the only thing I would add is when we get into academia, and we get into these, especially when it's philosophy, we have to be very careful. And I usually give people four or five criteria. One of them include that you have to have,

04:20:33--> 04:21:02

you know, a good connection with Allah subhana wa tallo try to be on a path that you connected to Allah. Number two, you have to have a good understanding of the Islamic creed least on a foundational level. Number three, you have to be connected to students of knowledge or alumni to help guide you. And number four, you have to have the right intention. And number five, you should be doing your zip code and you do it in the morning in the evening because it's gonna be a lot of challenges and hurdles and you need to be prepared and protect yourself. So that's very important for us to take into consideration inshallah

04:21:04--> 04:21:15

that was really useful. No problem Allah make easy mean, next day the farmers nominate cassava. Welcome to Sapiens Institute live. Let us know your question.

04:21:17--> 04:21:34

I said I'm on a call. My question is, how do you prove that naturalism is false? Normally, I would just try to come up with something that is unexplained by naturalism, like consciousness, or the feelings or any emotions or stuff like that. But

04:21:35--> 04:21:38

I find that they always try and find

04:21:39--> 04:22:23

a way to link it back to naturalism. And like, I don't know how to respond to that. Sure, what I would say is, firstly, don't accept a debate in which you are trying to prove a point and they are sort of folding their arms and sitting back and just taking potshots at your argument. So rather than you having to disprove naturalism, you should ask them, okay, what's your argument for naturalism? And usually, they're going to come up with some sort of things about how useful science has been. Or they'll say, some sort of, you know, some hand waving type of argument, like, oh, what else is there or this type of thing? We really, the point here is, get them to try and tell us okay,

04:22:23--> 04:22:37

what is your good argument for naturalism, and then arguments against naturalism. I forgotten which chapter it helps us book the divine reality which you can get on the Sapiens website for free. You can download a read it that thoroughly refutes.

04:22:38--> 04:23:22

And it gives recalcitrant facts, you know, facts, which go against the theory that, you know, naturalism is, is is right. So, yeah, look into that. And, you know, that's the way I would do it. But just as a general principle, you should always ask them for the evidence rather than trying to provide evidence against them. Okay. And on that note, brothers and sisters, it has been four hours, 22 minutes and 23 minutes. So we're gonna wrap it up now. mela bless every single one of you for attending and supporting us. The next live is on Saturday, I think the 30th of may it's the last of the of the streams before the last 10 nights. We're good. We're going to be having new streams on

04:23:22--> 04:24:00

each of the odd nights of the last 10 nights in Sharla. And they're going to be based on certain projects that we're delivering so you understand more about lighthouse more about the learning platform, and all of the great work that we're doing and hamdulillah so please keep in touch and we'll see many of you on on Saturday and Saturday is going to be on liberalism and secularism and hamdulillah so I like to say Salaam to the islamophobe eater say Salaam to doubt Darwin's nightmare. Take care everybody Exactly. Hey great work guys. they'll accept from every single one of you and everyone who watched and donated my last panel with a grant you all and your families all of you the

04:24:00--> 04:24:05

best in this life and the best in the life to come. I mean salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah to break