Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 07

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The seven rules of Islam, including trusting in the spirituality of the creator, praying for the creator, and receiving forgiveness, are explained in various examples. The importance of showing faith in a law and the need for forgiveness are also highlighted. The loss of control over Islam and disinformation led to "weAKier" or "weAKier" of the world, and the use of technology to point out the presence of waals and the spread of disinformation.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother, hey Ibrahim with another daily tip see and we're in juice number seven May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from us. Just number seven is at the end of the fifth chapter of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about initially, those who are distinct and have a quarrel with the Muslims, in particular the time of the prophets lie Selim, which were some of the Jewish tribes who lived in and around him, and those who were near to him and affection and affinity, in particular, some of the Christian monks and so on, and that they when they turned into their scripture, and they heard of the Koran, it was something that brought

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faith into their heart and they could find a similitude and a similar similarity between them.

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In this order, Allah subhanaw taala moves quickly to speak about some of the some of the rules and the regulations that are found in this chapter. And some of the unique aspects of FIFA are how to expiate a vow if you have made a custom and you said, By God, I will do this and you weren't able to do it, how do you expect it? Number two, in it is the prohibition of intoxicants, prohibition of gambling, prohibition of astrology, in believing in, in, in the movements of the stars somehow influences day to day life, her arm to hunt in a state of Iran, a lot also speaks about the we'll see, yeah, you know, our final Will and Testament. A lot also speaks about being a witness and how

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to be a witness and witnessing contracts for others. And that's something that's a noble pursuit. And the law speaks about how to write a contract when there aren't any witnesses that we're able to rely on. All of those are 50 things that are found in this chapter. Then a law begins to look once again at Jesus, how do you sit down he was introduced in the early part of the Jews and the early part of this Jews. And the last part of the last Jews, Jesus or a salamander disciples are brought into focus where they have a conversation. And Allah subhanaw taala says, We count on to them the blessings that I've given you or Isa, that they that I have allowed you to bring the dead to life by

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my power to create a bird out of mud and clay by my power to cure the blind and hear the deaf by my power or a Saudi is seldom mentioned that to them. And yet after having experienced all this, they say we want one more, we want you to bring down ask your Lord to bring down a mat either a table spread, which is where the fifth chapter gets its name and match it to the table spread at food from heaven that we can consume and eat pilot in the morning. sudo Aleikum for men. Yes, for all that I do. I will bring it down to you and the one who disbelieves after I will punish them in a way that none will be punished after the May Allah protect us from the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah to

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Allah, and it's an indirect way of Allah Subhana Allah honoring once again, the Sahaba initially lost us they were honored because they went and straw struggled along with the prophets. I said, unlike the Israelites, and here once again, they didn't question the prophet Isaiah about his nobility and Prophethood to a degree that was an agitation that sort of comes to an end where a lot of and speaks to esala your salon in a future tense as to Did you ask these people to worship you instead of me? Did you ask them to take your mom as a deity that they would make Hail Marys in her name? And he says subhanak Amalia cannoli and a hula Malik Sally bihac How can I say what I have no

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right to say in in couldn't call to hufa animus if I ever said anything like this you would already know or LA or LA Macedon? Illa and mo de la Ha. Robbie, what am I only said worship your Lord My Lord and your Lord Subhana Allah to Allah and therefore this is how this order comes to an end in the boom for a new home a bad dog. Oh Allah if you wish to punish them they're nothing more than your servants when Davila home but if you forgive them, then you're the Forgiving Oh Allah May Allah subhanaw taala give us his forgiveness. Chapter number six, which is part of Jews, number seven soul of the cattle begins now affirming a law's singular unity of power. And therefore it's almost as if

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the end of solar and Mattie that enters into sort of an as a segue that a loss of Hannah Montana begin sort of an arm saying as hamdulillah all praises due to Allah. He's the one who has created and it was sustained and who is blessed, and all of sawtell Anam is about the splendor and the power of a loss of Hannah who went to Allah. In fact, all of the stories that are mentioned in it all relate to that the beginning of the surah begins with the praise of Allah and a testament to his oneness and his unity of power and the end of the sword of holiness all at once Suki Wilma, hi Matthew Lila, all my life and my death and my rituals and my my struggle is all for Allah and my

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sacrifice is all for Allah or Abdullah I mean the Lord of all existence Subhana Allah to add up and therefore this sort of seeks to establish the supremacy of Allah azza wa jal once again, the surah is one of the two of the long chapters of the Quran. So the end of sorbitan Mati that is a

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reflection on trailhead, and it enters into a discussion that enters into a segue of sort of an in this sort of a loss of Hannah to Allah admonishes those who turn away from him. And Ibrahim Ali Salaam is given as an example of the one who turned away from those who worshipped other than Allah and began to discover a lot. And Allah Subhana Allah gives insight into the fact that a person can come to strengthen their faith in a law by seeing and observing that which is around them. What can barely can only Ibrahima mallacoota, similar to a lot of Allah says, We allowed Abraham to gaze up into the heavens and to see the dominion of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he became mineral moakley

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mean a person who was awake with faith, and Ibrahim has given as a pillar of tawheed he looks into the heavens, he questions Allah subhanho wa Taala. He asked for prayers that in lemmya De Niro, be it My Lord doesn't guide the lacuna nominate Darlene. I will be misguided. He questions his father, he questions his people. And he's bounced from one community to another persecuted on account of his faith. And this is as if the prophets I sell them is being met with this example, that this will happen to you or Mohammed. So I sell him involved in all of this are nations that were destroyed. nations that were destroyed as given as an example to the prophets, I sell them into the people who

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are being spoken to in the Koran, that if you don't adjust yourself, and if you don't come to faith that just as has been destroyed in the nations that came before you, your nations and your people can be destroyed. All of these are signs that are sent. And that revelation is something that can be parallel to the physical sizable, observable world that can strengthen your belief in your revel in that which has been revealed to us, by Allah subhanho to Allah, and therefore science and intellectual ism, were never at odds with Islam. Were not something where a person said don't study science, because you can only study the whole and rather they're always seeing the things that were

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compatible. And this is an example that we see in sort of Allah subhanaw taala begins to speak about His Majesty, in the last half hour liquid had been one hour. It is a law who breaks apart the seed and plant it and allows it to fruit, more collegial high Yamuna, medium, collegial, medium, and high, who other than God can bring life from death and death out of life. And it's as if Allah is saying, Look around you take inspiration from this universe, and have effect called unto that book, ponder it, think of it, I often think and use your rationale and you will see that it will point you that everything that didn't exist could not have been into existence without the influence of God or

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seminar it will or the Innovator of the heavens and the earth. And you find these statements of Allah subhanaw taala in total, and a lot begin to speak about the spread of the cattle and the spread of the animals. And this is one of the places where this sort of gets this chapter. It is a powerful, powerful juice of the Koran, the speaks of the beauty and the majesty of a lost power and the intricacy of his assistance to us in life. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to add up, allows us to take greater and greater insight into our tech Queen into our place into this life and to be able to honor the maker that Sustainer of the heavens and the earth, the Almighty Allah Allah.

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May Allah Subhana Allah accept from us a lot of them. I mean, this was Jews, number seven of our daily Tafseer with your brother, your hybrid on him was that Mr. alikum arachnophobia. He want a cat

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