Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-028D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 207-211

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of Islam's "hasn't been enough" is discussed in various ways, including being suppressed and seeking approval from others. The use of the word Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of taking control of one's own lives and avoiding slipping after clear proof of one's actions. The speaker warns against slipping and apologizes for past mistakes, as well as not allowing anyone to do anything until it arrives.
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then it is said Wamena unless he made yesterday enough, several but the LA Matoba Tila and among the people is he who sells himself to seek the means to the approval of Allah. Allahu Akbar. Now this is a completely different character. Okay? This is someone whose words align with their actions. This is someone who is very honest and sincere in their faith in their submission to Allah. Okay, so what did they do? First of all, am I yesterday enough? So he sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah? What does it mean by this, that he sells himself? What is your self, any yourself includes your body, your entire being, your time, your wealth, your safety, your well being your reputation, your

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will your desire, there's different parts of your existence. So he gives up all of himself. He doesn't hold anything back in order to seek the pleasure of Allah, what does it mean? That his ultimate goal is to please Allah, and he's willing to give up anything for the sake of Allah.

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Okay. Now, for example, when we were talking about arguments, right, there are people who become very stubborn in argument. And when they believe they're right, they just don't give up. Even if it means they're arguing for hours for days. And the argument turns, ugly, hostile, they're just not willing to give up. Right? Because they believe they're right. And they believe that they should prove themselves right. And other people should accept them. Okay. And then there are people who remember the advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that even when you know, you're right, you give up quarreling for the sake of Allah. Okay? What does that mean? That you stopped the

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argument? Right? You say that, okay, Allah knows best. Fine, you can do what you want. I disagree with it. However, to each their own, you know, you kind of resolve the argument. You don't want to prolong it, you have the perfect comeback, but you remain silent. You have the perfect response, but you remain silent. Right. Now, what does this mean, when you are leaving that argument? By not giving a response? What is it that you are suppressing your Eagle? Right? Your arrogance, sometimes that means that now people are gonna look down at you. Now, you're going to be viewed as a weak link. Right, as someone who's a pushover. And then there's all these thoughts coming into your head

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that you know, now people are never going to listen to me, this person is never going to respect me. And you know, they're gonna think I'm wrong. And I know I'm not wrong. So you're basically giving up your Eagle. Right? You are giving it up? Why to seek the approval of Allah. You see that? It's not easy. It's hard. And you see the goal is MOBA tila. So such people Allah subhanaw taala says, we'll know who to all familiar about Allah who is very kind to the slaves. Why is this mentioned over here we'll log on to openbet rebirth, any for the previous character what was mentioned for hospitable Johanna this person will end up in *. The punishment is mentioned here the reward is not

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mentioned. It is mentioned that Allah is very kind to the servants. Why? Because this shows that Allah subhanaw taala is very pleased with this person and Allah subhanaw taala will be very kind to this person. So Allah subhanaw taala will give this person a reward that is beyond your imagination. Allah subhanaw taala will give this person satisfaction and honor and dignity in paradise that you cannot even fathom will Allah who are often very bad and this is so comforting. But sometimes you feel that nobody can hear you. Nobody's listening to you but Allah is listening to you. Allah cares about you. Well Allah who too often binnorie

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insalata Toba is number 111. Allah subhanaw taala tells us that in the lush total Amina me Nina and Fusa home or am wider home be under the humble Jana, that indeed Allah has purchased from the believers, their souls and their properties in exchange for Paradise and he will give them paradise in return. And what is in paradise what rewards are there in paradise? The details are not mentioned over here. And even in this is 207 And how will Allah show compassion in what ways that is not detailed?

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Why? Because just leave that to Allah. Okay? That's a complete surprise. They seek the approval of Allah, they will get the approval of Allah. You don't even ask about what kind of success and honor Allah subhanaw taala will grant them. So what is this ayah encouraging us to do this ayah is encouraging us to seek the approval of Allah, you know, sometimes we seek approval from ourselves, or we seek approval from other people. And, okay, it's fine, that you want to be happy, you want certain people to be happy. But there's no end to that. And there is no real guarantee. Right? And even when you are happy with yourself, it doesn't mean you're successful. Even if certain people are

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happy with you, it doesn't mean that you're successful. So, seek the approval of Allah and seeking the approval of Allah does not come with empty words. It does not happen with just claims. It happens with actions. Okay. So for example, in sort of the Toba i 111, where las Panatela mentions that he has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties exchanged for Paradise. Afterwards, the characteristics of these people are mentioned that they are attacked a boon there are those who repent a Larrabee dune there are those who worship Allah, different actions are mentioned that they command what is right different bit what is wrong, they fast they traveled for

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the sake of Allah, how many don't they praise Allah, they thank Allah or xojo Subhan Allah and he all of these characteristics are mentioned which reflect actions behaviors, so you seek the pleasure of Allah, not just with words, but you seek it with actions and sometimes that also means sacrifice, sacrifice of Eagle, sometimes sacrifice of your own wealth. So for example, it is said that this idea was actually revealed about Sohaib Rhodiola Harinam. So Hey, bro de la Mourinho, he was a resident of Makkah, he was not an Arab. He will save a roomie, okay, meaning he was a Roman, who had ended up in Makkah as a slave, he was captured or something and he ended up in Macau as a slave. And

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what happened he embraced Islam and eventually any he lived in Mecca for a long time. And you know, he gained his freedom and he established a great amount of wealth for himself. And when he was making the Hijra to Medina, okay, so hey, bruh de la Mourinho, when he was making the Hijra to Medina, some people of Makkah, they came in, they surrounded him, okay. Basically, what they meant was, if you try to leave, we're going to kill you. So So hey, * Longhorn, who said to them that you know that I am the best archer here, and I have my arrows with me. So you're not going to kill me before I killed many of you.

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Okay, and then he said, that if what you want from me is my wealth, then I can tell you about where it is and how you can access it. But once I give it to you, then you leave me and you let me go wherever I want. So what happened? They agreed, they said, Fine, you tell us where your wealth is, and we will take it and you can go wherever you want. So he told them about his wealth. And he basically had to give up his wealth in order to be able to migrate to Medina. So that was a huge sacrifice, right, a huge sacrifice. And he gave up his wealth in order to make to Medina safely and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this trade has been successful. And he he

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literally made a trade. Right? He had to give up his wealth in order to make it to Medina. So he had to make this trade. Why? Why did he make it, even de la mala tinleigh to seek the approval of Allah. And Allah says Allah hula often very bad, Allah is compassionate to his slaves, his worshippers, meaning what they will get in paradise in the hereafter is far better, far more than what they give up over here. You know, anytime it's difficult to give up arguing, just remind yourself that the reward that Allah will give is greater than what I will get by arguing. And sometimes, you know, it's petty things that we argue over with our children, with our spouses with our siblings. So

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remind yourself that what I can get by giving up this argument is far better than what I can get by arguing. Then Allah subhanaw taala tells us Yeah, a human Ladino Ermanno or you have believed or the whole new facility Kapha enter into Islam completely. Allahu Akbar is in the previous verses we've been learning

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about fasting and Hajj and different rituals. And we think Islam is just about rituals. And that's not true. Yes, Islam has many rituals, you have to pray a certain way you have to fast a certain way. When it comes to the cats, you know, when it comes to hajj, there are proper, you know, rules and regulations. But when it comes to our character, when it comes to our interactions when it comes to our behavior, when it comes to our language, when it comes to the way that we are treating our children, our parents, Islam also gives us guidelines in regard to these things. So enter into Islam completely, any, don't just be a Muslim, when you're praying, when it's time to pray, then you face

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the Qibla you wear proper clothing, you recite you know properly. Yes, that's important. But then, as soon as you end your Salah, what happens to you, you become into a different person, all of a sudden, you are harsh and obnoxious and rude and condescending. And what's happening over here while you were praying such a good Muslim, once you finished praying, then what happened to your Islam? Are you still in submission to Allah? Does your character reflect that you are someone who has surrendered to Allah? Or does it reflect that you have surrendered to your desire, so enter into Islam completely, okay. And this means that follow all of the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has

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given, don't leave any of them out. And don't be like those people who have taken their desire as their God. So if something of Islam aligns with their desire, they do it. But if it opposes their desire, they leave it. No, our desire should be under the dean. Right? Meaning, we don't just pick and choose what we like, rather, we make our desire, we bring it under the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. So even if we find it hard to do something that Allah subhanaw taala has commanded we still do it. And if we are unable to do it, at least we should intend to do it. Because when you do something good yes, you are rewarded for it. But when you are not able to do it, but at least you

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make the intention for it with your intention, you can get the reward. So what the whole office cilmi CAFA, enter into Islam completely. And part of this is that you know, take all of Islam together as it is, and you don't pick and choose, you know, from the texts, what you like to prove a point and ignore everything else. You know, there are many groups of people who will for example, take a certain portion of the Quran and hold on to it and ignore everything else. Or they will take a couple of verses, or some a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and ignore the rest of religious texts. For instance, there are people who will really focus on a hadith that condemn

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people to hellfire. Okay, and yes, those are Hadith are authentic. They're sound like for example, the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said that the person who cuts ties of kinship will not enter paradise. So they will, for example, take this hadith and they will say that such a person is no longer a Muslim. Okay, the person who cuts ties of kinship is no longer Muslim. And that is not true, because that's not what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, what he said is that person will not enter paradise and what he meant by that is that the person will not enter paradise easily or right away, he will only enter Paradise after punishment. Okay, so you can't just take one

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iron one Hadith and generalize it and ignore the rest of Islam. Okay, that is unfair. That is not the right approach. Because if that is the case, then you know Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, for way too little mousseline war to those who pray. So you could use that idea and say that don't pray because if you pray, you'll be punished. But that's not what that means. Because read on, what does the next I say? It says, We know little mousseline Alladhina home on Salah team. So home Alladhina Homura own there are people who are neglectful of their prayers, and they're showing off when they're praying. They're not sincere in their prayers. So those who pray in order to show off

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water them so the whole office and be careful when it comes to the texts of the Quran and Sunnah. Take all of them into consideration. Don't just take one or two and then which especially suit your desire, and ignore the rest, and then we'll do one office me Kapha means all of you. Any UK

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are about salah you care about your hijab? What about your daughter? Are you teaching her as well? Are you encouraging her as well your son Are you encouraging him your spouse? Are you encouraging them and you are eager to enter into SAM completely but don't ignore the people around you that you should desire the best for them also allows parents to tell us in the Quran, that pool and Fusa con will actually come Naira that save yourselves and your families from the fire don't just worry about yourself also worry about others and then in the said well at the W Hotel attache plan to not follow the footsteps of shaitan because he is in a hola como como bien he is to a clear enemy. What does

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this mean? Any when you enter into Islam completely, okay, this means that by definition, you're going to oppose the ways of shaitan. So do not follow the ways of shaitan. For instance, shaytaan eats with the left hand, drinks with the left hand, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam informed us of that, right? We have not seen shaitan doing that the prophets of Allah already said, I'm told us about that. And he told us about that, so that we don't follow shaper. We don't eat and drink like shea Pong, right? So enter into Islam completely means that when you're drinking, when you're eating, do so with the right hand. And that means that you will oppose shaitan. Okay, meaning you

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will not eat and drink with the left hand. It's something small, but it matters when it comes to even giving and taking something the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that there's Hadith in the bin manager that shaitan does that with the left hand gives and takes with the left hand, so we should give and take things * with the right hand. So entering into Islam completely means opposing shaitan. So Latta, Toby Roho, toward the shaytaan because he is to you a clear enemy, and you don't ever want to listen to your enemy. When you have even the slightest feeling that someone does not like you, then you oppose them in every way. You are so careful around them, you don't

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listen to them. Right. Sometimes people believe that they just have this assumption that their parents hate them. So anything that the parents will say, they will criticize it, they will oppose it, they will argue, and parents are not your enemies, they want the best for you. So when it comes to shape on his enmity is evident. How is it evident? Because look at how he treated your father Adam, look at how he expressed his hatred, right his arrogance and look at how he vowed that he would lead all you know people astray. So in the hola como como bien, do not follow Him and this enemy of yours, he commands you to do evil, to do wrong things to do things that will harm you. And

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when you enter into Islam completely, that means you're not going to do wrong things. You're not going to do obscene things. For inzerillo to remember the merger at Como by kienet. Then if you deviate after clear proofs have come to you farla Woo and Allah Aziz and her keen, then you should know that Allah is Exalted in white and wise. Now this is a warning. This is a threat. Because notice it has not been said over here, that if you slip after clear proofs have come to you then you should know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Absolutely he is. But here, look at the names that are mentioned. Allah is our Aziz, He is Almighty, you cannot escape

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him. He is Hakeem, he is wise and his judgment prevails. So you cannot get away, meaning you cannot escape his wrath. You cannot escape his punishment then. So this is a very severe threat, a warning that don't slip now, after clear signs clear evidences have come to you. And I mentioned to you earlier that sometimes a person slips because of ignorance, because of forgetfulness, and that kind of slipping is pardoned. Okay, we learned in Hadith that Allah subhanaw taala has pardoned this ummah, in regard to what they forget, right in regard to genuine errors, okay, because we are not perfect, we are human, we will forget we will make mistakes. But then there are times when a person

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knowingly, knowingly intentionally does something wrong. Okay? So this is a warning against that, that when you consciously choose to do something wrong and you're slipping, then don't blame circumstances take responsibility, and you should realize that Allah is disease hacking, and this means that whatever punishment Allah is legislated, for example, for the thief for the murderer, these punishments are based on a loss wisdom and a loss penalties or z's, he has the power to legislate so you cannot escape his punishment if you somehow avoid it.

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In the world, there is no getting away on the Day of Judgment, you should fear Allah, then in a sad Hellions Aluna Illa to whom Allah who feel Lulu live Minella mammy will Mala Iike to a Khalil

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any, this is a question that people who are striving and facade, right Sarona fill facade. Earlier we learned about that character that person who Sarah fill out the UFC the fee, right? Who are going on in their hypocrisy, right? Or who follow the footsteps of shaytaan? Or who abandon the Command of Allah who knowingly ignore the commands of Allah? What are they waiting for? Any what's stopping them from obedience? What's preventing people from entering into Islam completely? Is it that they're waiting for something big to happen? Well, what if before you know it, death happens and the Day of Judgment happens? Any basically here the Day of Judgment is described, okay. Because we

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learned that on the Day of Judgment will flood the herd this summer or for Kenneth abueva, into to number is 19. Allah's pantile tells us that the sky will be opened up and it will become gateways, okay. And Allah subhanaw taala will come we learn that wotja Or Buka, will medical suffered suffer in sutra Fajr is 22, that your Lord will arrive and the angels will also arrive? And how will the angels come in rows forming rows? So are they waiting for Allah to arrive? Are they waiting for the angels to arrive? Are they waiting for the day of judgment to happen for judgment to take place? Any Why delay? And this is a question that we need to ask ourselves you know, when we procrastinate for

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example, I will start you know reciting Quran I will start for example, you tell yourself you know, I will stop swearing, okay, I will stop, you know doing this sin or that sin? I will start doing this good deed I will I will you keep telling yourself I will I will. When are you waiting for tomorrow? Well what if death is written for tomorrow? And then the next thing you know, when you will wake up it will be the day of judgment. So do not delay. Do not delay repentance Do not delay leaving sin. Do not delay turning back to Allah do not delay entering into Islam completely. You know, sometimes we wait for certain things to happen in our lives, certain milestones, right? That

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for example, I will start wearing hijab when I get married. I will start praying my son know when my children are in school, I will start doing this when that happens. You don't know if you're going to reach that milestone. You don't know if you're going to ever get to that stage. So don't wait. Do it now if it's important if it's right if Allah subhanaw taala likes it do it now. What eat Allah He told Jarrell OMOs and to Allah all matters return any all matters will return to Allah He will judge he will give recompense there is no avoiding that anyway, so stop waiting and start doing and then in the next day we're told Sal Bani Israel Isla come attina Human item beginner, any Are you

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unconvinced? What's the problem? What's holding you back? Are you unconvinced? So ask the children of Israel how many clear evidences we give them? As if to say any you don't believe? Go ask them people before you are also given many clear signs, many clear proofs many clear verses. But what did they do? Well, may you bet the near Metalla human bar the manager, a twofer in the luxury leader club, whoever exchanges the favor of Allah after it has come to him that indeed a lie severe and penalty, meaning learn from the people before you learn from their example, Allah subhanaw taala gave them many convincing proofs. But they delayed remember the story of the cow. They were given a

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simple command, slaughter a cow. And they complicated it so much. They delayed the marked, right they made excuses. So it became harder for them. So when Allah subhanaw taala gives you a command and enter into Islam completely, because sometimes we just keep asking questions and we keep you know delaying we keep procrastinating in different ways. So Allah has given you a blessing by telling you what to do. Every command is a blessing. You know that every command that Allah has given you is a blessing. Because through that command, you can earn closeness to Allah, you can earn more Bartylla so give up your Eagle, alright and show surrender to Allah. And if a person exchanges

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that blessing of Allah by showing in gratitude, then the consequence

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Chances are severe in the Latasha de donor club May Allah subhanaw taala protect us

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