Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 20

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the actions of the Prophet Islam, including his motives for protecting Muslims and their property, and the mis Gilberting of sh effectiveness in protecting people. The segment also touches on the mis Gilberting of sh effectiveness and the importance of knowing the scope of a crime, as well as the mis Gilberting of "fit," meaning to use it for harm, and the mis Gilberting of "fit," meaning to use it for good. The segment also touches on the mis Gilberting of sh effectiveness and the importance of protecting people from the wrongful influence of the police.
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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah seydel ambia even more Sallim wa aalihi wa sahbihi is mine

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Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim kohlrabi in the bottom two NFC fell fiddly for her for Allah Who in the who who Allah photo Rahim. kohlrabi Bhima and I'm Talia an akuna vorherigen What did you mean? Sorry, we're silly Emily looked at me lasagna Coco Lee. I mean, yeah, but I mean,

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today inshallah I'm going to start speaking with you about some of the doors of Masada Sonam. And the first of his daughters happened again when he was a very young man. And at this occasion, he used to live in Egypt. He was not yet a prophet. Allah had not given him revelation yet. And he was when he was living in Egypt, he was living the life of a prince, so he was royalty. He was raised by pheromone. Even though the Pharaoh had killed every order to kill every newborn baby the year that Musa alayhis salaam was born. somehow miraculously, he fell in love with Masada, some even though he knew his from the slave race, because those people those kids, they look different from the Egyptian

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royalty, their skin color was different ethnicities different. But since as he presented him to him long story short, he decided, or he allowed for him to be raised not only in the house as a servant, but actually as royalty as a prince. Now part of that was the Maasai Salaam, numerous growing up, he knew that he doesn't belong racially to the Egyptians, he belongs to the Nusra. So he knew that even though he lives there, like the Egyptians, that he's actually from the slave race, right, because the Israelites, the widows, right were kept as slaves. So what he used to do is try to help in the afternoons in the afternoon time, they have a break from work, so they make the slaves do all the

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labor. But in the hot sun, it's even too hard for the slave masters to whip them and make them do work. So everybody takes an afternoon break. You know, in Spanish, they call it a siesta. Right, Tallulah in the Arabic language or in Pakistan, they just call it going to work. But anyway, so but the idea is the afternoon everybody just takes a nap. Right? They're just taking an in that time. You know, the cops aren't around, the streets are empty. This is the time he used to find the opportunity to go in the middle of the hot day to the Israelites, and go help whoever he can go help an old man, see if he can finish somebody's work, because at that time, he wouldn't get detected. It

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wouldn't be known that a royal from the pilots is helping these people because that would be that would be almost illegal. Right? So used to find that time to go. It's a very powerful lesson that he was young, he was strong, he was wealthy, he was connected and he was spending spending his days doing this. Right What what you should be doing with their time is outside lesson here. In any case, one day he came there and not you know, originally enacted Ilan, he went in that time. And he found two men fighting each other basically killing each other. And as he got closer together when she it he will have I mean I do he does this one of them belongs to his own people meaning his family. So

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that is one of the Muslims. Those were the Muslims of that time. And the other one is from the enemy, meaning he's the army of the Pharaoh. So as a soldier of the pharaoh fighting with one of his Muslim Brothers, and so he he got upset and he came closer. And what he did was first a lot a whole lot even she it he allowed me to do it. The one who is from his people asked for his help my brother. He's trying to kill me Help me. And so he went close for work as a homosassa musalla slam punched him for Cobra and he he was done with one punch he was dead. So the guy the Egyptian soldier, the cop, if you will, died right on the spot, no witnesses. There's only two three people

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there. The one that was getting a beating his Muslim brother and then the scarf soldier and the Mossad. So these are the only three and musasa him didn't intend to kill him. He just he got upset there is killing he's beating my Muslim brother for no reason. I'm going to go put a stop to this. He threw one punch and it was over facula Ali. Here's where his conversation with Allah begins. This This has just happened. And his conversation with the love begins. The first thing he says is color hat I mean, I'm gonna shade on. This is from the work of Chevron.

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first words after he's just done this. Now, let's take a step back, you would think he just helped his fellow Muslim brother against a violent and oppressive Garfield soldier. He should be saying this is Jihad feasability law. Because when my fellow Muslim asks me for help, and I go help and rescue him, I did something good. But his own admission about his own deed is what this is from the work of Shabbat. This is a very important thing to understand. Why would he say that? This is a really shocking thing for him to say. And then he would say in the Hulu mobile movie in his shotgun is an enemy that misguides clearly misguides meaning he's saying what I did is something shaitaan

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wanted and what I did is not guided

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It's not a guided thing that I did later on him. And he will even say, Well, I'm in a bad lead for alcohol even when I'm in Bali and I did that crime, and I was misguided, I was lost at the time. So the question then arises, how is this misguidance? How is this the work of shaitaan the Prophet of Allah will tell us a lot more and Islam Allah Allah to manage data rushing is from Chetan, you see something wrong happening and you want to react immediately.

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You You don't know the full story, you just know this one is your people. This one is the other people and those people, the the soldiers of Iran, they do these kinds of crimes every day for hundreds, if not 1000s, of years, they've been doing these kinds of crimes. So you assume, because they always do these kinds of crimes, what you see in front of you is just one more case of the same kind of crime, instead of thinking every case is unique. Not every case is the same. And before you make judgment, even though you think this is like every other case, you have to stop and investigate before you take any action and punish anyone, or take just take action against anyone. You see, this

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is a very powerful statement by Musa al Islam about, first of all the power of youth. And they're sensitive to their desire to take action without fully understanding the situation. This is the kind of statement that the woman needs very badly nowadays, because so much of the woman is young and quick to react to something that happens in the world, or something that happens in their society, and they will just get on the street and just want to do something hadn't been really shaped before you understand fully what's going on the full scope of what's going on. And you take action and somebody's been and he doesn't even know by the way, he doesn't yet know that the Muslim brother

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that he held is a con artist. He's a criminal and all of that. He doesn't know any of this yet. He just recognizes in himself he should not have rushed. He should not have taken that action. Have them in a militia time. But there's another problem here. And the other problem is sounds like he's not blaming himself he's blaming who was his shirt on like, you know, you meet some people are like man shaitaan gets me out. He thought he made me do so much drugs and made me do so much alcohol. I can't I can't stand that guy and start cursing out Shetland. That's cool. But you're responsible for what you do. Shaban didn't make you do anything in there about the laser luckily him some time,

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Allah told Chetan my slaves, you will have no authority over them. You will have no authority over them on Judgement day he'll come and say I just asked you to do stuff. I didn't make you do anything

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that was on you. So on the one hand, he first recognizes this is the kind of thing shaitaan wants me to do. But then immediately he doesn't remove his own responsibility from this act. So in his next words, he says call rbma vollum to NFC fellow fiddly. Master There is no doubt about it. It is in fact I that has wronged myself, I take full responsibility for what just happened before you I have done wrong to myself in Neverland to NFC, fulfill it so forgive me. So forgive me the most important thing about this portion of the door is that you need to know that masala Islam is not yet a prophet.

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What does that mean? All all Muslims who are of course we're not prophets, we speak to Allah but Allah does not speak to us. You understand? The difference between us and a prophet is a prophet Allah speaks to them, like communicates with them with everybody else. directly. We have direct communication with Allah we speak with Allah. Now here's the thing, if you ask someone to forgive you,

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if you ask your mother to forgive you if you ask a boss to forgive you, your teacher to forgive you. How will you know if they forgive you? They can tell you

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Mom I'm sorry. Mom says it's okay. Give me a hug. Now you know man forgive you? What if What happens if you ask a lot of forgive you? How do you know it's a very common question will sometimes ask each other all the time we ask ourselves, How do I know if Allah actually forgave me? How am I supposed to know I mean, I made it so far. I asked the Lord to forgive. But I have no way of knowing this ayah has the answer. He's just committed. What you would think is not a small mistake. This is murder. This is even though it's involuntary it's still murder. It's It's It's a major sin in the dream. And he turned to a lion asked for forgiveness. What does Allah say? Allah for Allah who

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therefore ALLAH forgive him. Therefore ALLAH forgive and what we learn here is when a believer genuinely asks Allah for forgiveness, then they should know in their heart that Allah forgave you should not doubt that Allah forgave you should have no doubt left that Allah forgive if you're you're asking for forgiveness was genuine then there's no I wonder if Allah forgive me or not leave that wonder behind the only thing you should wonder is was my my apology sincere or not? That's the only thing you need to ask. The rest is taken care of. And then Allah guarantees it on top. He says no, we'll have a photo Rahim. No doubt about it. He In fact, he's the only one who keeps on

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forgiving repeatedly. And he's the only one that shows love care and mercy. This is a loss guarantee over him. Again, I remind you, is he a prophet yet or no? No. So Allah didn't tell him that

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Forgive him he just knows on his own look in the next ayah or BB ma kohlrabi Viva Antalya, Fernando kunafa hiralal Majidi mean this door is unique. He asked a lot for forgiveness. That's all he asked for I did wrong to myself Forgive me. But now in the next ayah he says, My rob my master because of the favor you've done to me Mima and I'm Talia, because of the favor you've done to me, Fallon akuna hiralal Majidi mean, I will never back up criminals ever again. I will never make a mistake like this. I'm judging quickly again. But the question there is, he turned to what line and said Allah Allah, you did me a favor. What favor? what the question is what favor, he just committed this

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mistake. He begged the law for forgiveness. Allah has not directly communicated with him yet he's not on the mountain yet that happens many years later. So but he as a believer knows his mother raised him as a believer. He has the influence of the law who is a believer. And in their influence, he learned how Allah azza wa jal was the son of Allah when a sincere slave turns back to a lot de la jolla. He even the Prophet said this a lot more and he said that when a slave is identified with them be what Allah Allahu Allah, when when a slave admits their sin to Allah and returns back to Allah asking for forgiveness. Allah accepts their their apology, Allah turns back to them. So he

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knows this and says this is the favor of Allah to me. The favor of a lotta means that Allah accepted my apology and then part of that is a commitment to Allah. And that is fallen akuna Van Halen in which the mean, then I will never backup criminals ever again. I will because by this time, he knew this guy was actually the crook. The guy he helped his Muslim brother was actually the criminal appearances can be wrong. And so he says, I will never make a mistake like this ever again. Meaning when you and I make a mistake, step one, according to the son of Musashi Salaam, is admit that mistake to Allah and apologize to him sincerely. Step two is to genuinely believe ALLAH forgive you.

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And then is to make a commitment to Allah. You will never repeat a mistake like that, again. For Laguna VEDA leukemia, as a matter of fact, the same exact situation happened the next day with Amazon Islam. He saw the same guy taking a beating again, same exact situation. He's being tested again, he just promised Allah he'll never do this again. You understand? And so he was put in that trial situation again. But there's one last bit of this, this continuous conversation with a law that I want to share with you and we're done for the day. And that is eventually with that same guy that he saved. So long story short, the same guy that he saved was getting a beating again, this

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time we'll say Elisa says no, no, I'm not falling for this again.

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But the guy kept taking a beating and taking a beating until he was almost gonna get killed.

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The guy who the criminal was almost about to get killed and now masala Salaam is wondering, yesterday I killed someone because I took action too quickly. Today, I might cause a life because I didn't take any action. That's also a problem. What do I do now? So for Lama and arada Ania Patricia Villa de Hua, do Allahumma when he finally decided to grab a hold of the enemy, I'm not going to hurt anyone. legato punch now, I'm just going to grab the guy and masala Salaam has been described in the Quran was a very, extremely strong like the bark of a tree. So if you grab somebody with a bear hug, they're not doing anything. They're they're done, they're disarmed. In other words, you

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get involved, if you don't know the full situation, you can get involved to stop the violence, but you cannot engage in any violence. You understand. That's that's the lesson on the side here. So he decides finally that he's going to show the intent to stop this guy, stop the soldier because otherwise this guy will die as much as he hates this guy. Now. He doesn't deserve the death penalty. So he can't have that either. So he tries to go stop him. He only got up and started walking towards the problem. The guy on the ground taking a beating. He sees Moosa coming.

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But he gets confused. He doesn't think Messiah is coming to help him this time. He thinks musallam is coming to join in on the beatdown. He's gonna beat him to Why? Because he thinks he's mad about what happened yesterday.

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Because he helped me out yesterday and here I am doing this again. Moses probably mad about that. So he's coming to him. He was musala sam coming to him. No. So he misunderstood this guy misunderstood the situation. And he's a criminal. So the only thing he can do is save his life any way he can. So in the middle of the street, and this this, by the way, was in the morning time so the street was busy. Yesterday when the crime happened When did it happen? In the afternoon, every nobody was on the streets there was all empty. So no witnesses. The only witness is that guy. That's the only witness. So he's about to get killed getting beating and he's thinking to himself, I can take a lot

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of this guy's punches but if that man punches me, I know what that what happens.

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So before he gets here, I better do something. So he says Yamaha to redo and talk to Ronnie comma Katana alarms. Hey Moosa, you want to kill me? Like you killed someone yesterday.

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He called him out in the middle of the street. You know, the cops when they came in the afternoon afterwards they saw a dead body no witnesses they're looking at who did it. No witnesses. Nope. No testimony, no accusations, no evidence, nothing. And now in the middle of a busy street, he just called out who's the murderer? Was that his and he called him out.

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You know, you have to be careful about who you help is another lesson in this story.

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Who you have to be careful about who you associate with, don't be naive. And so he called him out and now all the cops are looking for who for Mossad is and he went into hiding in Egypt. He went into hiding, and he doesn't know what to do now. Because Because you know what? The police if you kill one of their own, they go a little crazy. If you kill somebody else, okay, well, when we finished my doughnut, then I'll check the 911 call. But if you kill another cop, and the cops go nuts, and they want revenge, so they had a secret meeting this was it. I know I'm getting a little long. But this is an important piece of the DOD that I wanted you to know. They they were this they

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decided that they're not going to arrest Moosa.

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They decided they're going to shoot to kill if they see him.

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Normally, if somebody commits a crime, what did the police do? they arrest you then they bring you for trial, but they knew for our own loves him. So if they bring him for trial, for almost say, okay, no more punches for you. Now go to your bedroom and think about what you just did. He's gonna get off. He's not gonna kill him, but they don't like him anymore. So they're going to make some stories of Iran. Secretly, they planned that as soon as they find Moosa, they will execute and they'll kill him. One of his friends who used to be a police officer was in the secret meeting.

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And he knew where Moosa would be hiding because he's his best friend. So he came to Masada. Sam told him Look, no matter if you don't actually have to the the generals have made a decision secretly, they're going to kill you. You the only option you have if you think you just want to hand yourself over to the authorities and admit your crime, you are wrong. They're just going to execute you. You need to get out of here. Fallujah, Neela, come in and say hey, you need to get out of Egypt. I mean, well for you. This is the last part of the deal I wanted to share with you. Masada Islam as he is leaving Egypt, hiding behind every corner seeing if the cops can see him or not seeing if you can

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make an escape out of there and get into the desert. He turns to what Lion says. But I've been a genie in a coma barley mean from being cholera being a genie minakami volumen he said master rescue me from the wrongdoing nation rescue me from the corrupt nation. There's he was living in the corrupt nation all this time. But right now he's talking about their disregard for any law and order.

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Your law protect me from people who have no regard no shame in committing a crime. They don't hold back they are hate towards me will make them do whatever there are people in life that mean harm to you. And you have to ask a lot to protect you from them. Like Mossad Islamist, but by the way, what were they going to do to musala Islam kill? And what is musasa I'm guilty of killing somebody could say how can I ask a law for the law to protect me when I've committed the same crime? How can I do that? The crime you committed you asked What for? forgiveness now you don't have shame before Allah in asking you ask a law openly you don't really like people will hold things against you when he

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came back years later fit on reminded him didn't you do what you did? You kill someone right? That's what founded but with Allah, you don't go to Allah with shame like that and say how can I ask Allah anything anymore? Nope. Just moments later a day later. He's asking a lot to rescue him from the wrongdoing people and you know this dryer have been a genie middle COVID Valley mean occurs twice in the Quran. The second time it occurs is actually on the tongue of Seattle de la Juana who was a stepmom to Musashi Sara, she asked a lot to rescue her from the wrongdoing nation. The genie mean Pharaoh normally when a genie middle COVID Valley mean, what you learn from that is mothers or

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motherly influence, parental influence, they should teach the law to their kids and the right daughter teachers at what occasion do you make what law? So he knew at that occasion he needs that dog that he learned from his mother? Because that's echoed from the same family. So he says no Genie middle common volume in Alaska just give us the guidance to ask the right words from Allah azza wa jal at the right occasion. And may Allah protect us from the wrong wrongful influences around us barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

Ramadan Nightly Reminder May 20

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