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The speakers discuss the misunderstood term "The middle finger culture" and its use in Christians and Parents. They also touch on the importance of punishment systems and the need for people to deal with the creator and creation. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting oneself and others, and encourage people to start with "has been" in English to avoid confusion. They also mention the use of "has been" in Arabic to describe the need for protecting oneself and others.

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We live in I call it the middle finger culture, right? Parents, kids don't respect their parents at all right? Sharia. God's law tells you to respect your parents. You can't even say, say what to you? That's, that's after Allah subhanaw taala says, What about a book Allah? Allah? Allah, Allah commands sat together and he told me Listen, I just have a question for you.

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I just have a simple question and I want a simple answer. Are you here to kill us? Are you here to take over this country? And you know, I was shocked. People got to actually hear him recite some cry. And were these Christians that were crying. Yes. Talk to us about that.

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Salam aleikum? How are you guys doing? We're gonna give you a before and after. Before when you go to someone ignorant like many of these people do. Isn't that crazy? ironic, and you get fooled you get duped not too long ago. Fox News they sent out their reporters. And they were asking people in Dearborn. Hey, man, do you guys like Sharia? You want Sharia and and all everybody all of our lovely neighbors out there? They're scared. I think the boogeyman they painted like *tier like the boogeyman is coming to get you these Muslims are now after.

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When you go to someone with knowledge and we got someone who was any mom in Dearborn. Let's ask him. What should he and let's see after you open your mind. Remember it for the mind to work has got to be like a parachute. It's got to be open. Okay, so open your mind. And now you be honest with yourself after we come to an expert right in the area and is defined for you. Let me see if you still got that same trepidation in your heart. How's that? Salaam Alaikum. Guys, I'm here with Eman balau. Who was for who was actually from Dearborn. From day one. Now he's in Daytona. I'm from Florida. Now Florida. What should you share? Yeah, well, this is one of the terms that that

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one of the terms that are misunderstood and also misused. The term shady as simply means the way

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or the instructions or the rulings or the outcome, the set of akhom as the the meaning of the the outcome is shediac. We find that in the in the Bible and the Old Testament and also in the New Testament, the term Sharia as used, and the Arabic Bible, for example. And the New Testament, the the term Sharia, as mentioned more than 250 times. Wow, in the Did you Did you guys hear that the term should look in your Bible in the Bible, right? Because not everybody who reads the Bible is American, right? There's some Christians who read the Bible and what language do they speak if they're Arabic? They're reading the Bible in Arabic and Arabic. And all right, all right, the Arabic

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Bible is is way older than the English Bible. And what is insidious in the Arabic Bible? Yeah, if you go to any Arabic Christian and you ask them about the term Sharia does the term study, I exist in the in the Bible? I think if they are honest, they will say yes, it exists. And it means the way the *ty Atmos they call it atossa the rules or the way of Musa alayhis salam Moses, Moses, Moses Anissa. Yes. So what you're telling us now, is that because many people, okay, they can relate to it often we tell them, is it true? I mean, you're the me Mom, you're the academic year to scholar in this area. Shut er, we can say Moses, you guys believe in moment Moses will use one of the greatest

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messengers that came with the same message as Jesus and Abraham and Noah. They all call people to worship the Creator, not the creation. Mohammed has been the last and final messenger. They all brought Shinya and the 10 commandments was *tier. Was that correct? Yes, sir. Yes, city I also means the legislation so the legislation of Musa alayhis salam, and the set of rules and commands of Musa alayhis salam There are also referred to as shady ashlea. So we have the city of Moosa is Allah Moza we have the city of Moses peace be upon him this area of Mohammed also peace be upon. But I'm telling you, this is one of the terms that are being misused and also being misunderstood,

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especially by the the mainstream media. They come and also when they when they talk about Sharia and they say Sharia law, which means law law, because Shinya as the meaning of Sharia law, the law of Moses, the law of Mohammed, so you can say, law law as you know the rules

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regarding the

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Wars regarding marriage regarding the way that I deal with you, and you deal with me the way that we deal with our neighbors the way that we deal with our parents. All of that is considered Sharia Sharia is Islam Islam as surely as Islam, Islamic Sharia. So charity should end up being kind to your parents. This is part of the *ty way of the prophets of Allah. Yeah. So for the parents out there, whose we live in, I call it the middle finger culture, right? Parents, kids don't respect their parents at all right? should hear. God's law tells you to respect your parents, you can't even say say what to you. That's, that's after Allah subhanaw taala says, walk about a book Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah commands. And Allah prescribes upon you, Allah, Allah subhanaw. taala instructs you to believe in Him, and do not associate any partners with him, and that you have to believe that there is no deity worthy of worship except God, except Allah. And then the second thing, the second most important thing after that, after believing in Allah and His messenger and the, and the articles of faith, as respecting your parents and being beautiful to your parents, yeah, comes right after eight. Because so the meaning of the eight is knowing the rights of Allah upon you. God is the one who created you, then he is he has the right to be worshipped, and also your parents because they

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are the purpose for your existence. And because they raised you they have a big right they have a great right upon you have a responsibility upon you to respect them. That's right, that they have upon you just like a less amount of done as a right upon you that you should worship them alone.

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There are if I'm correct to 6236 verses in the verbatim WORD OF GOD Quran right? Now, many people, they get stuck up on the penal code. And we often get this example. It's like if the Martians came down to America, and they want to know about the US Constitution, and we just tell them about the electric chair, we tell them about the penal code, right? The punishment system, right, that's there as a deterrent. And then they didn't get to hear about all the other wonderful things and values that the constitution exposes on right. That would be unfair, there'll be unjust, but you see that many of the opponents of Islam the islamophobes, you know, the people who, who have this bitter hate

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in themselves and is projecting out and they got no one else to point their lies upside down. So they got no one, there was a person standing outside of the mosque, and not the mosque in front of the White House. I just I this just, you know, really just bewilders me, he's got a sign that says, Islam is the problem, dummy or stupid, right? It's like, you know, we're always as human beings, we're trying to point, you know, outward instead of, they play the blame game, the blame game. So my question is to you, Mr. Shape allow, is that when people they go ahead and they talk about, you know, show, do they right away, think about the penal system and Islam? What does that equate to?

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What is it like 1% of the whole, you know, one or two, what percentage wise, nearly 1%, you know, that are on the on, on talks about Allah Subhana Allah, it talks about you as human beings, and the way to deal with the creator and also to do how to deal with the creation. And also, the Quran also talks about stories from previous generations, talks about prophets and messengers, talks about Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. So let me let me put it this way, the verses that talked about maybe Jesus Christ peace be upon him are more than the verses that talk about punishment when you do certain things. So but people they they're ignorant when it comes to knowing the Quran, the Quran

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talks about, you know, the purpose for our existence and how to live a meaningful, purposeful life. The Quran talks about how to deal with each other, how to deal with our, as I mentioned, with our parents, with our neighbors, even with our enemies, that we have to be kind to them and we have to be merciful to them and we have to be just to them even if they wronged us. So the Quran talks about the Quran talks about all of that, so to cherry pick, or to pick and choose from them and say, hey, look the talks about violence, the Quran talks about this and that and take it out of context and misunderstand these verses, and why they were revealed and when they were revealed, I think this is

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I think this is a problem and this is a this is a challenge that we face as Muslims also in the United States. It's just like the example that the that we always give that it's like taking

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you know, words out of context. For example, say listen, George Washington in one of his speech speeches, he said, Today we will kill all the British Okay, he said that, but he did not he did not mean that we will kill all the British everywhere, anywhere we find them he was talking about a specific place. So these verses that talk about violence, the Medina was you know, the the Prophet peace be upon his companions were attacked, and they were thrown away from the throne out from their own homes from their own houses.

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And their money were taken or sold. And, and many of them were killed and they were persecuted and they were being abused verbally and physically. And then God when they when they went to El Medina, he gave him permission. And I mentioned to the first verse that was revealed, Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah says, other than your Katana.

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Allah gives permission to those people who are being attacked, because they were and also they're being oppressed, or in a lot of

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them, they were kicked out from their home. So Allah give them Allah Subhana, Allah gave them permission to protect themselves not to attack. And by the way, most of the actually all of the battles that took place in the history of Islam, especially those battles that took place in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was protecting the Medina was predicting the Muslims. And some people might say, how, how? I mean, how's that? So, and we tell them better? What did it take place within the boundaries of Medina, inside Medina, our head is a mountain and Medina was inside the Medina, they attack the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi,

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wasallam. So these are the things that people need to pay attention to and try to understand. So you were actually a mom in Dearborn at that time, when the fox news they were sending reporters, and they were were you there? And I was not there? No, but you know, the guy knows, I know that I know the people yeah, how what was their level of knowledge? And what was what's your, what's your opinion about this? When they What do you think? Are they genuine in their, in their search and quest? You know, are they picking out just random, real ignorant people? And then when you saw you saw those videos, right, the ones we're gonna show you, what's your take on that? So it's like, it's

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like, when you go, if you go on site, and you and you and you start talking to people about the Constitution, just random people tell them listen, you know, in the Constitution, you're allowed to kill whomever you want. And all of that, they would say, yeah, and they will try to justify that because they're, they're ignorant of the Constitution, I'm just giving you an example. The same, the same thing, you just, you know, Fox News, they went, and they just found random people. And then they started asking them about terms, and about things that they don't know anything about. They don't have any clue about these terms. And they're just ordinary people. And they're happy to see

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you know, a lot of people they see the camera, they just want to talk because they you know, I want to appear in and foxnews I want to appear in the television. So I think they were not honest, they were not honest. Because if you really want to know anything about any religion, or any or about any type of people, you have to go to a reliable source, you have to go to the person. So for example, if I want to learn about Christianity, I will go to a minister, I would go to a clergy and I will ask them about

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the Christian faith. Similarly, if you have a question about the religion of Islam, you go to an expert, you go to someone who studied the religion of Islam. So I think that they were this honest and and I think they just wanted to just pick and choose anyone. And I think this by the way, I think they've talked to other people, but they pick and choose whatever

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goes hand in hand with the their agenda with their agenda, not now, you've also you've had the opportunity to sit with some we've had, it's, I get really, really elated when I hear these stories about people who are sincere, and they visit you in the mosque, and they visit other Muslims in a mosque and you've actually had people come up to you and ask you, you know, and apologize at the end. Tell us those encounters you've had with people who come and they've heard they've actually asked, they've gotten ask tough questions, even questions that are kind of timid to ask, because they, they feel they're gonna put you on the spot. You welcome those questions, right? Yes. Tell us

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some of these encounters that you've had, oh, one of the times there was an elderly person, he came to the mosque, and he was looking for the Imam, he said he wants to speak to the email. So I walked up to him, and I welcomed them then, and I was, you know, I told him that I am very happy to see you. And I really thank you for coming to the mustard and, you know, to ask, you know, the right person. So we sat together, and he told me Listen, I just have a question for you.

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I just have a simple question. And I want a simple answer. Are you here to kill us? Are you here to take over this country? And, you know, I was shocked. But at the same time, I really understand I really understood,

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you know, his fear because he listens, because that's what I came to understand after the meeting.

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Is that, you know, because he came the second time and I asked him and he said, Yes, I watched these mainstream media and I, you know, and they just instill fear and

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side of us, from Islam and from Muslims. And I told them, You know, I can I should ask you the same question. Are you here to kill us? Are you here to take over the acid? I'm just an American citizen, I'm just like you. So why are you? Why are you? Why are you afraid? He said, The reason why because we hear a lot of things. And we see a lot of things are, you know, on TV, and we hear from, you know, from Muslim clerics or, you know, extremists and I said, you know, extremism exists in each and every religion, each and every faith, but you cannot judge the majority by the minority. There's a small, you know, very small group of people who,

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you know, wants to hijack Islam, and they, they misquote the or, and they misrepresent the Quran, and they miss implement the Quran, and they misquote even the Quran, you know, so you cannot judge the, the many by the few, there's just a few people and I and I explained to him and I said, you know, throughout history, throughout history, you had many extremists from the, from the Christians, from the Jews from the Buddhists now in Myanmar, they're killing Muslims. You know, and they're wiping, wiping the Buddhists are, yeah, Buddhists are. So I said, you cannot judge. And then we I explained to him, and I gave him a copy of the Quran. And I explained to him, and I showed him the

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ayah that talks about the talks about mercy. And also I showed him some of the verses, we discussed some of the verses that talk about violence, and then in that you cannot take them out of context, because they're talking about a specific time, they're talking about a specific

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place. And also, if you read any verse, and I can challenge anyone that any verse that talks about violence, either before or after, Allah Subhana Allah is limiting, that to defending yourself not to transgress against other people or to attack other people. There's a beautiful, I mean, all the verses of the Quran, you guys should read it for yourself verbatim Word of God. One in particular that comes to mind is chapter 16, verse eight, God Almighty Allah is talking about, he's not he, God does not forbid a lot is enough for forbids you from showing kindness. And being just with those who have not fought you are driven out, yes, your land, I mean, that Trumps all of these other verses,

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can you and I even told you the first verse that was that was revealed, regarding, you know, defending, defending yourself and unless Montana made it very explicit, very clear that the reason why I give you permission to fight is to defend yourself. And I mentioned to you also that for 13 years, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was persecuted. And some of his companions were killed, and they were dragged on the streets, and also on the outskirts of Mecca. And the promises of them said, do not fight back, you know, we're a peaceful religion, we're just calling people to the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala, with wisdom and good speech, just like Allah Subhana Allah commanded us.

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So also the verse that you mentioned, Allah, Samantha's and those people who are not attacking you, they're not fighting you. They're not being

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you know, they're not showing showing you any animosity, they're not driven, you're out from your homes, those people you should respect and those people you shouldn't be just to them. And you should be kind to them. You shouldn't be,

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you know, merciful when dealing with them. You know, and this is the Quran, this is the essence of the this is the essence of the Quran, this is the norm. This is the norm is to be a kind person to be merciful to other to other people, even if you don't believe in the in the same religion. But the exception is coming back. The exception is in the lamb, just like any other law in the world, allows you to defend yourself. The law here in the United States gives you the right to defend yourself if you're attacked, even the animals of Vienna attack an animal, it will defend itself. So taking these verses out of context and saying Oh, but the answer is this. The answers that come back, as you

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mentioned to these explicit is Allah Subhana. Allah says Allah does not love those who transgress against other people. It's very close. So any version that comes after that you should understand it. I'm the light of this in the light of this verse. Let's end on a very emotional, very positive note. It really touched my heart and it really must have touched the person's heart. Was it in a church? It was people got to actually hear him recite some cry. And were these Christians that were crying. Yes. Talk to us about that. So you know, every time I visit a church, you know, it happened one time, four years ago, I want and I said let me try this. Let me read some of the verses from the

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Quran. You know, it's the word of Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala you got Muslim Hannah with Anna the creator somehow know how to find a reason

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So, the reason why I say a lot because I don't want to use the term God because the term God can you can twist it, you can play around with it.

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It becomes plural, you can add, you know, it becomes becomes feminine if you add the, you know, II ss, you know. So that's why I use the term, the term Allah because you cannot say a loss. You cannot say Allah says, just Allah. Did Jesus just to go off? Real quick Jesus, he spoke Aramaic, he's been he said, Aloha. He said, you know, the last words they mentioned that Jesus said, when he was on the cross based on the biblical narrative

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that he said, Eli, Eli, lama Sebastiani. He said, My Lord, my Lord, why have you forsaken me? So I said, Eli, Eli, Eli, we say, Eli, and in Arabic, and I think the term the term Allah, as close as closer to the term olivine, Allah him. And in Hebrew, this is the name of God, His name is Allah hin. And that's why in the Bible, as mentioned, when

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when Jesus was asked by one of the rabbis, he said, Master, what is the first command that God commanded you? And then he said,

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and then he said,

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Shema, Israel,

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that's in Hebrew, Allah, He means God. Okay. And in Aramaic, it's, it's called also, I think, yeah, Hawaii, or

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hula, or it's close to to Arabic, but when it comes Yanni to English, it's something else. And let me just mention one more thing. The we have about 440 million Arab Christians, the column Allah, the column Allah. So coming back to the story, when I went to the church, I said, you know, let me try to recite some of the verses from the Quran and translate these verses. So I started reading The, the, these verses, and I translated these verses, and tried to explain them, explain these verses to the to the congregation to The Club. And then after the, you know, after the the program, they came to me, and they were, you know, they were shaking my hand and they said, this is the most beautiful

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thing. Well, light allows my witness that some of them they said, this is the most beautiful thing that I ever had in my life. And then let me tell you what happened. These were the the people from the Trisha Krishnan. And then the second time I want the requested, they said, We want to hear verses from the Koran, but by your voice, we need you to say chant, we need you to chant and I said, Okay, and then every time I go, they would upon request, they tell us, no, we want you to read some of the verses, but you know,

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with your voice, so unhemmed li understood that these are the you know, this, these are the words of Allah, Allah actually spoke these words, and they have the Baraka, you know, and some, some people will lie some people they were weeping some people they were crying, they said, Wow, this really touched our hearts. And, and my advice to myself and also my brothers, sisters, if you want to give that a shot with the Orion, it's the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala These are the words of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanho wa Taala put Baraka in these verses Allah Samantha said catappa Mubarak and Allah subhanho wa Taala made this book a blessing book. So when you want to start that

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one, either internal or external that start with the Quran, start with it with the words of Allah subhana wa tada and there you have it, why don't you guys pick up the Quran? That'll be great. I mean, start with that you hear all of this hearsay but go straight to the book read the Quran you know for those who want to know the message of Islam and how about if people want to visit you if they're in Daytona? Yeah, they want to hook up or they want to visit you guys online and support some of your work our adores and our hearts are open to everyone and they can they can go to our website I will provide you with the with the website and also they can come to our hotel right now

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WWE dot icgb comm they can go and they can set up a meeting with me they can come during the the you know the prayer times and we can sit together we can you know we can discuss different things. If they have any question they are welcome to come and ask the Imam and let's discuss any question that you have. You know, you know any misconception that you have and you need it needed to be clarified come to let us sit let us drink some coffee or some tea and let us discuss you know, and the end of the day. We are all human beings. We are

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on the same ship. We are you know American citizens. We really want the you know, to benefit our community. We want to unite our community. We want to build bridges of

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Understanding with other faiths. Because we have two options as this is maybe a message to everyone we have, we have two options. Either that we accept one another, we accept one another, we we understand one another. And this is even though what I've mentioned that the reason, you know one of the objectives

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why Allah, Allah subhanaw taala, God created us is to understand one another, he said, He created us and he divided us into nations and tribes to know one another, to know my culture, to know your culture, to know your religion to know my religion. So this is the first option, either that we understand we accept one another, I don't have to agree with you, but I have to accept you, I have to respect you. Or we have the second option, which is a very bad option, which is to fight with one another, and to kill one another. And to think of one another, as you know, insignificant and that's that's, that's very bad, that's very bad for our for the entire human race or the entire planet. So,

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I think we should we should go with the first option, which is to come open dialogues, let us discuss.

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You know, let us accept one another. Let us build bridges of understanding with one another. I go with option number one.

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It's easy to hate but appreciate the invitation and visit the mambilla here in Daytona and visit us every week at the D show. Continue to tune in. Thank you very much. My pleasure. Thank you loveless we'll see you next time peace be with you salami