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Memorise Tabarak #10

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Yahya Ibrahim

Channel: Yahya Ibrahim


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Verse number 10 of Salton milk the 67th chapter and what I do

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what I do

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work on you can smell now the work I do you

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smell now

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what are you

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smell now the normal

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work I do Nana smell now.

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nappy be sorry, my nappy

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be sorry

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what? Oh?

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Smell now the new mad nappy also beats you notice the sod is with your tongue between your teeth or hobby or hobby and the scene is between your teeth behind your teeth as sad Are you sad sad saw sad walk or do

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not smell now I'll

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be I'll be sorry.

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Walk or lose?

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Smell now the new Mac

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OS hobby sorry, wolf I do.

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Smell now the new Mac

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PHY OS hub is sorry. What? No.

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Smell now the normal nappy OS hobby sorry. What do they

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smell now? Do you know Matt?

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He asked me Sorry. We all do no

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matter what oh now

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he asked. me Sorry.

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While Fido loco Nana smell now nafi us hobbies sorry. Walk all around can smell nothing. Oh man, nappy. be sorry.

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Nana smell now.

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My nappy,

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this sorry. Walk or do

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not smell now. nappy, US hobby. Sorry.