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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video featuring various speakers discussing various topics related to the title "oh yeah" in the language. The speakers mention various verbena forms and phrases, including "oh yeah" and "oh yeah" in various languages. They also mention "oh yeah" in a certain language as a reference point.
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Verse number nine of sorts in the 67th chapter of the Quran on Oh Bella

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Bella Khadija, Ana de pollo Bella Khadija Ana de Rue verbena. For the

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second verbena fat can ebina notice that there's a shutdown that there is a stress on the then in the second webinar called rubella, Khadija and the root cause verbena wakulla madness xello la Meucci wacana wacana madness zela notice that there's a shutdown man as zela wacana madness zela la Shang shyy

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wakulla man as Allahu Shang in in two main shape in in en tomb, main che in in an tomb.

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Man as zella law will shine him in an tomb. Ming che in in an tomb meaning Shay in in an tomb man of Zelo la mujer

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Minh in in an dome man as zella law who moved in in an elaborate ball rolling cabbie. Walker

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xello law will show you in in an

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meanchey in to work on zellen law whom is she in? Tune in Laffy Bala calling cabbie. corlew Bella corlew Bella Khadija deja vu Ru, verbena

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FACA verbena

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della la mujer *gy in in tune in Luffy

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kV core do Bella deja vu muh*a verbena, verbena

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de la la Shang in tune in Laffy Badaling KB cabbie. ooredoo, Bella, Khadija

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della la who Muse *gy in tune in Laffy

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cabbie. orlu, Bella, Khadija

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verbena, verbena.

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mandocello la Hui Shang in an in vivo learning cabbie. corlew Bella Khadija

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*a verbena,

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man as Zelo la whom in in in tune in.

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core new Bella.

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v. Tech as well. Nah man Zen Allahu means *gy in tune in lappi

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kB core do Bella Khadija NaVi Taka verbena of

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Zillow la shyy in tune in Luffy

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cabbie corlew. Bella Khadija Avi, Taka verbena welcome

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Zelo log

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in to Laffy

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can be called rubella Khadija. avi, Taka verbena, Hakuna Magnus Zen Allahu Meucci in tune in Luffy

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