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Memorise Tabarak #09

Yahya Ibrahim


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Verse number nine of sorts in the 67th chapter of the Quran on Oh Bella

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Bella Khadija, Ana de pollo Bella Khadija Ana de Rue verbena. For the

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second verbena fat can ebina notice that there's a shutdown that there is a stress on the then in the second webinar called rubella, Khadija and the root cause verbena wakulla madness xello la Meucci wacana wacana madness zela notice that there's a shutdown man as zela wacana madness zela la Shang shyy

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wakulla man as Allahu Shang in in two main shape in in en tomb, main che in in an tomb.

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Man as zella law will shine him in an tomb. Ming che in in an tomb meaning Shay in in an tomb man of Zelo la mujer

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Minh in in an dome man as zella law who moved in in an elaborate ball rolling cabbie. Walker

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xello law will show you in in an

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meanchey in to work on zellen law whom is she in? Tune in Laffy Bala calling cabbie. corlew Bella corlew Bella Khadija deja vu Ru, verbena

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FACA verbena

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della la mujer *gy in in tune in Luffy

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kV core do Bella deja vu muh*a verbena, verbena

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de la la Shang in tune in Laffy Badaling KB cabbie. ooredoo, Bella, Khadija

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della la who Muse *gy in tune in Laffy

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cabbie. orlu, Bella, Khadija

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verbena, verbena.

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mandocello la Hui Shang in an in vivo learning cabbie. corlew Bella Khadija

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*a verbena,

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man as Zelo la whom in in in tune in.

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core new Bella.

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v. Tech as well. Nah man Zen Allahu means *gy in tune in lappi

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kB core do Bella Khadija NaVi Taka verbena of

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Zillow la shyy in tune in Luffy

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cabbie corlew. Bella Khadija Avi, Taka verbena welcome

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Zelo log

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in to Laffy

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can be called rubella Khadija. avi, Taka verbena, Hakuna Magnus Zen Allahu Meucci in tune in Luffy

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