The Story of A Verse #16 – Don’t Despair

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The speaker describes a story about a woman's death in aeccaecca while on a long journey. The woman refuses to drink and eat unless her son comes back, leading to a pressure on her to leave. The speaker describes a woman who refuses to receive money and decides to leave everything behind to get on the camel, but eventually agrees to join the Muslims.

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The last one I'm wanting to perform is hedgehog. He had arranged to travel to Medina with two people. He sent me the loss and I asked him

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when he arrived at the place they were going to meet he Sham did not arrive because Quraysh had imprisoned him and tortured him. I was the only one who arrived so him and I ash together began their journey up to Medina, on the way there Abuja hello and some people from Quraysh caught up to them, and they call out to ash. They said, Oh, you're leaving your mother in Mecca. And she has sworn an oath that she will not eat or drink unless her son returns. So they started to put pressure on is to go back on what are the alarm? I'm told them, don't go back. Don't listen to them just continue. I asked started to feel guilty. He said to Omar Oh, I'm gonna let me go back and check on

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my mother. And also I left some money behind in Mecca. Let me get that money and come forward back to Medina almost said forget about it. Your mother is going to feed herself when she gets hungry. She'll drink when she gets thirsty. And if you need money, I have some money. I'll give you the money that I have. But I Yeshe said no, I need to go back to my mom. So he went back with them before he can go back I almost said to him listen, I feel deception taking place. So take my camel. If you feel any deception take off. My camel is the fastest of all these camels, you'll be able to escape from them. So I asked took the camel of belonging to our model the long line and went back

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with a vagina and those people from koresh as they were going back they were joking with him talking to him. So he started to let his guard down. I will john said Tim Can I ride on the camel with you? I'm tired of walking. So I yes, agreed and he stopped this camel to let Mujahid mount the camel. But instead of mounting the camel, Abu Jamal grabbed it ash pulled him to the ground. They tied his hand in his feet and they took him as a prisoner back to Mecca. And they tortured him and they kept torturing him until he fell into this pfitzner and he agreed to leave Islam and he stayed in Mecca as someone who left his religion when the people of Medina heard this and realize most of them had

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been tortured themselves the people who were the mohajir when when they heard that is left his religion. They started to say to each other this is a man Allah will never forgive and they kept saying this to each other until Allah subhana wa tada revealed this verse.

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Well, yeah, he baddie levina

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forcing him to tap on a rock magilla

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in a long

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no no bad yummy

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in nahoon

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when on what are the long line heard this verse? He thought about his friend is for the long line. And he wrote the verse down on a paper and he sent it with a secret messenger to Mecca. I Yesh receives this note from his friend Omar. He opens it he reads it. He reads this verse about the forgiveness of Allah in the law. He'll feel a little that Jamia, Allah forgives all of the sins, he sees the camel that Allah gave him that's still with him in Mecca. And immediately he decides to leave everything behind to get on the camel and to go right away, not to leave any possibility that quotation might hold him back. He got on the camel, he went to Medina and he accepted as we accepted

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Islam and join the Muslims. in Medina. This is such a powerful story. First of all, the power of the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala that no matter what evil or bad thing that you have done, as long as you are alive, you have the opportunity to turn to Allah subhanaw taala to seek His forgiveness. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and He is merciful Indeed Allah Subhana Allah forgives all the sins. And this story also reminds us of the power of a good friend, but I'm only alone when I was a good friends who are Yes, he gave him good advice. He even gave him his own camel. And even after I yes fell into pfitzner almoradi alone and did not give up on his friend. He still wrote this

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verse down and sent it to him hoping that he would return back to a loss of Hannah who what to either