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Memorise Tabarak #25

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Yahya Ibrahim

Channel: Yahya Ibrahim


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The 25th verse of SoTL Tila Monique the 67th chapter of the Quran Why are una way out who Luna y ou Luna off not cat y qu Luna y una wiaa una meta waiuku Luna meta way up una meta

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way up who Luna meta way up una meta has the last word way up Oulu waiuku Luna meta way up una meta way aku Luna Mata ha ha ha that way up poo Luna Mehta has alwah Do ya have una Matta heaven? Do ya una Mata wagyu in kuntum waiuku mata have Allah do in kuntum

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waiuku Luna meta have a Lua do in con to where coluna meta has the Lua do in

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tune for the screen saw saw the theme not staff saw saw the key saw the screen while una Mehta have a lot to do in goon tomb saw the screen. Why aku Luna Mata has to do in

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tune saw the clean waiuku Luna Mata had to do in

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tune saw the clean Why are una Matta have Allah do in tune saw the screen where una Matta has

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to saw the screen while una Matta has to do in tune saw the screen while Luna Mehta has

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to saw the screen while Luna Mata has in common to saw the screen. While una Mehta has a lot to do in doing.

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Tom saw the green wire coup no matter how well we're doing.

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Tim saw the green