Tafseer Suratul Baqarah – Ayah 38-39

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to inaccurate statements about sex and the need for everyone to be aware of their behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting oneself from evil influence and not regretting. It is crucial to not giving evidence until they have a clear understanding of the situation and use the lessons of past experiences to avoid loss.

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Mohammed is Allah Allah, Allah Allah He was a he was telling me about

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all that today will be the last class of the good news I can do you

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shall I will come back when the student resumes right after the exams.

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Last particular barricade when it was done.

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So today might be the shortest lessons

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because by this,

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I don't think we should go more than

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one or two I x, which is left over concerning the matter of itemize.

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After that there are lots more gela will turn to the Jews and the Christians. So this one will take us up to the half of the book of the last

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half of this book. So it's better to begin, fresh.

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So last, last week, we talked about the seed of Allah subhanaw taala of God will we ever be galavanting

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Allah subhanaw taala after Adam alayhis salaam and his wife Hawa went against the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala to eat from the tree. Alas, mortality inspired Adam, the word that he should approach the last one was in order to seek His forgiveness. So he did

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call out.

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So they were inspired by lots more to see that they did see the last one to say

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hello, colossal hotel. Okay.

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So that was a mistake that we did and a lot smarter. So last time we talk about the mistake of a Christian that is still hanging around the sin that was committed by Adam to justify their commissions.

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Last quarter guidance.

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So after that, Allah subhanaw taala says connect with Amina Jamia in my agenda committee will learn from a former terrafirma

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fellow COVID Allah He

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will lead.

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I told you last time, this is one of the evidence used by those who believe that the agenda that allows us are the man I want to live in his agenda.

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The agenda of

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the place of eternity, the place where we tried to go back

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some scholars said no, it wasn't why because they look at the description of Jana is it doesn't match with that

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which happened to other man however, and also the ship

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First of all, if you go to the gym it

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either went out of it because first of all that is not in that place. Adam was commanded not to do this and

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third of all

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that place there is no there is no readiness there is no worry, either worry.

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You get it they mentioned a lot of things which can predict the description of Paradise and as such they say it is not.

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But then the question is Where is it?

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Some of them said agenda in India some of them said

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that many mentions by some scholars who are holding this approach. Some of them said no, in just agenda in on Earth. I don't know the last month I loaded an item notes.

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Together where's the place with no

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other scholars said that the majority of scholars they said it is gender

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is that gender

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that allows for our Jada law at the time

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either went into

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all of these description one of the paradise but all of these things are lots more to talk about what he mentioned the paradise they are applicable in the case of somebody who goes inside after the Day of Judgment.

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Not before you get it as the clauses opinion will love Ireland because the first thing that comes to the mind when the last Rorschach says was

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Was Oracle

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was not talking about

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good idea and other four levels who is enough to confirm that it is

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not to the believers, although this is also refuted by those people they said no there are there is a place also that last moleculer use the word jet now he

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is not talking about

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like what? in Neverland now, Kabbalah does have an

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he's talking about a sample agenda on earth the form.

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But this one, we know that this column is going back to a specific place which is mentioned by the history.

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However, the items were when he was created with Jamaica,

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you can either so we do believe that last quarter created him to bring him to earth and part of our job but he has to pass through Jennifer's teaching a lot of lessons.

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learned the lesson, we also learned

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that it they just have to listen and obey whether you know the justification or not, don't you ever listen to the whisper of the Shabbat?

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Once you know that something is true, the last letter was it just follow, don't think of anything and don't turn back. Because in cars, you will cost you a lot. As I said, a lot of the best approach is the one that says this gender is gender,

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gender, but then we will say to them that this is how a lot smarter prescribe it

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gets that out of after the Day of Judgment, whoever gets into the paradise cannot come out of it. But before then a person can go inside and

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begin. We all believe that the soul of the believers after the die, where does it go,

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it goes to the paradise and it stays in paradise real,

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the soul itself will be taken to paradise.

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That's what the problems are lots of us, some of them will be placed in an empty bird. So they will be the birds actually, they will be going to paradise and pick it up from the lessons and the fruits of paradise.

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They will be eating

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some of them, they will not be

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given that opportunity. But our last motto keep them in something that looks like a nest in paradise also

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hanging around in paradise today interpreters

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of the devil judgment, well, the soul the

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it will come back to the body was in Paradise and get out of it.

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Right. But after the decision, whoever gets inside the paradise will.

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Whoever gets inside will never come on notice and will never come out of it.

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So that's the best approach and on the brochure. Among the statements of the scholars have seen some of the evidence is allows franchisees to

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get out

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the paradise. So it means you can be brought up.

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Although this is refuted by this, they never keep any evidence used by the majority of the scholars they said more. But sometimes you say is

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you use the word built by the other talking about coming from up to the ground.

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You may use it to address somebody who is supposed to get out of the city to another city. Allah says it will be solved

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by medical personnel

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we get inside the city doesn't mean come down there and on top of a mountain and come to the to the earth

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or Long Island.

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We call the common sense and also that the first understanding the first thought that comes to the mind of

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an audience with a loss is we told them to live in paradise. First thing that comes to the mind as well.

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So we need something which is so concrete from the province a lot wanting someone to avoid these kind of thoughts. So the best opinion as I said is Arpino. The majority of the scholars that say the agenda that Adam was taken to his champions

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corner in reforming Nigeria last March and says colavito Nigeria so we told Adam to get down together

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My agenda committee met last quarter granted them guidance from all damage. Alaska.

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What is it for militia? Well, he was afraid that he could mean it.

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You know, when he ain't from that fruit, whatever it was, he can make it.

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He and the wife, perfect, I accidentally in my Milwaukee region, it started naturally looking for something to cover there. There

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is one lesson you learn from that, if you go far from our last motto, make it

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very easy to be attacked by the enemies.

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The real nakedness is the nakedness that comes through the disappearance of a mask.

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You get into your face will be concealed.

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Nobody can get the last choice to go against the principles and against the laws of phalluses will be exposed. So that's where a lot of minded them he says, We have said that along with you leave us something to cover in our physical

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and also losses.

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To tackle the bus there's

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one of them is a physical one. And the second one is a spiritual. But the last one is the best one is the spiritual device.

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If you want your affairs to be concealed the fear of loss, I have the coin Allah, Allah.

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So Allah says in my agenda committee, houda fermentum, Yahoo de la COVID la wilhelmi

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allows him to come down.

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And he's going to send along with the guidance to get this guy that is the form of books and profits. You can see how much he loves us.

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He said, cross the history, starting from Adam alayhis, salaam, 124,000, prophets and messengers.

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Each and every one of them is calling upon the people to one mission, which is to do to believe that there is none to be Washington except Allah. And also that Prophet that was sent to them is the messenger for lost water, they have to believe in that. That's the key to succeed, all of them bring the same message to heat

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loss he also knows hula,

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hula magic.

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He says and then we have sent we sent

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messengers, that means one after another, call me

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whenever I mention a prophet, get to the nation, this nation cannibal

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they will rely

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on the province of Alaska to receive the same

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so that's how much the last one loves their own luck. He said to them somebody to to guide them. Last quarter did not neglect you guys.

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You think last month is going to be inactive. The scholar said a lie.

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That is a command. And there are things to be homies refrain from last quarter guidance on what to do, how to do it through the process and the messages of imagine the community would either get it from the profits of the books left by these profits. Call of Buddha

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Buddha COVID Ali, wherever follows my guidance the last word Jessie's now COVID-19

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it will never be in a state of fear. They will never be in a state of sadness. And how might it be?

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So Allah smart Allah will guarantee that your future will be excellent. And you will never regret and you shouldn't be sort of fear about what will happen in the future.

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Whether you or your family members. Well, the good news about that which will leave the husband is a sadness. So last month I will inform you that life

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in family is going to be preserved. Get it back slowly, Erica. Phil had dinner with our local writers do physical work with

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Muslim men of

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color fermented armodafinil, COVID-19 whatever

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Call for a COVID It is no

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wonder the the cover of the movie is in a hula

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hoop we have found in

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the last hotel Aziz will be the careful so those who believe so a lot divided people contemporaries either went out and he's gonna have descendants of children, these descendants of either the junior violent or divided to those who follow the guidance given to them by Allah subhanaw taala through their prophets starting from either mantle, the professor la de Sala, and also those who rejected the night. So I lost my chapter he talks about the good ones. After he talks about the good ones. He says, well, Lena careful what can level the ayah Tina would equals higher with manual theology. Those who disbelieve and did not follow the guidance given to them by lost power to Allah. These are

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the people who will be taking to Hellfire or the home theater how they do and they will remain there in forever.

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So, people are divided into two righteous people who follow the guidance, they will be taken to paradise, the corporate

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and the wrongdoers will refuse to follow the guidance given to them that loss to Allah Palazzo vertices, they will be taken to what they will be taken to how they will live in hellfire. So you have the disbelievers you have the believers

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in all of them folks, the righteous and unrighteous among the believers. So each and every one of them who goes back to Alaska with your aid will be under the mercy of Allah.

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You have the confirmed number of up there will be taken to health while their last quarter guidance, success in life in another place the last Marcus's family to Barbuda, follow the law Alaska. Whoever follows my guidance.

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His call will never go straight allows for to preserve him and his religion.

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When I asked God and He will never be in a state of difficulty in this life. So look at the blessings and the reward of following the religion of Moscow hotel, no misguidance in this life to be preserved and also genuinely preserved.

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You will be the most successful one in this life.

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truth so that would be the end of what we should say about the story of it.

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And this will be the end of the

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lesson not obscene inshallah until the student resumes back in February.

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February then be the light Allah will come back for

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another son he will remain as you this is a life type lesson.

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No break for them.

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Either. Also it happens to be on Tuesday we come

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to you cannot count because no waves that

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come to Sunday will continue

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or stop