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What if model y what occurred 100 in that 100 share Kareem was Salatu was Salam O Allah say even more saline, so easy now Habibi. Now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy you were sending him to Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Alessi et now have even known Amina Mohammed in Villa will in also Los Alamos guava luckily he will fit in here are hammer Rahimi Alhamdulillah, we've had a good first half of our session and for those of you who are going to call in, please do so in sha Allah, the lines are open. It does take a couple of minutes to get verified and to come through the process and I look forward to hearing you live with me with

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your Islamic q&a. inshallah, we were speaking about the importance of self talk and there were three rules that we spoke about. The first one is that it is preferable Of course, for the one who is giving charity to do so secretly, especially if it is something that is going to limit ostentation and arrogance in their behavior towards others. This of course, does not mean one cannot give charity in public, which is our second principle, that if you give charity in public intending insha Allah that others follow in light kind, then this is a great activity by that and a great act of worship. Third, of course, is to not give charity in a way that demeans the one who's receiving it

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and I want to be yourself Allah Hardy was sending was a master in fulfilling people's rights and fulfilling his love towards them and allowing them to feel appreciated and there's one a wonderful story in the life of the DSi sell him in his syrup. There was one of the viewers will have a who's a great companion of the messengers on the line send them and he was experiencing a state of poverty. And while he was in that state, all that he owned up all of the material possessions that he had in his life was that he owned a camel now this camel was old in age it was one that was you know, it was almost like with two flat tires. It's like nearly done nearly dead. And the prophets I seldom

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could see that this man was struggling financially and the Prophet knows that this man was one who is generous who is giving who is not used to receiving themselves. So the Prophet approaches in one day so I sent him and he says to him, I want to buy your camel. And the man says Yasuda Lawson I sell them I would give you my camel forget buying I would give it to you. But this camel is nearly done. I would feel ashamed to give you something that would trouble you down the road. And the prophets I sell and said okay, listen, let me try it. Let me ride him. Let me ride the camel and if she's a quick if she is one that I am accepting of then there's no problem with it. I'll buy it from

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you the man said okay on messenger of Allah believing the camel is as it is. And of course the mobarak nividia Salah I sell them the one who was full of Baraka immediately upon touching the camel sitting upon the camel the camel you know it was became sad because it was it was the quickest camel in Medina it and it just sapan Allah It was like it had it was like a brand new cable, fully refurbish the profit took you know for a spin return to the Vandy said lousy I don't know why you're complaining about this Campbell and the men's of Han Allah you know he knows the vodka then of us iclm virga are the profits and how much is it came

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between you know, this amount to this amount of profit gave them sighs lm the top amount is this a good camel to quit camel. So the profit paid a good price for it. And the man was so joyed he said okay and hamdulillah I took the money, he's going to pay his debt, he's going to refurbish his own, he's going to buy another candle, and he'll still have a little bit of money over and as he turns to walk away the prophets I send them said I have a gift for you as well. So this is we finished our purchase. I have a gift for you. I would like to give you this camel as a gift. Allahu Akbar sallallahu ala nabina Muhammad, may Allah subhana wa Allah grant us the shape of our unobvious on

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the law, he was sent a look at how the Prophet preserved his dignity honored him so I sent him gave him so that he doesn't feel that he is one who is receiving, or one who is receiving charity in that sense, maintained his presence, and at the same time gifted him an honorable gift Salama who said we have a caller on the line at Santa Monica in color. How can I help?

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Yes, it's your How can I help you?

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I did my face about yesterday. Yesterday.

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I realized that my

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day before

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before and I took my

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time day before and then I put my phone and then I just capitalized all day today. And I guess

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I think I was supposed to be at

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gain or loss today, but actually,

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I'm not feeling well so my mind is all over the place. So I completely forgot.

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Oh my god I have been

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without proper Wazoo because I did my birthday before today, and I suppose to give myself time and to finish was

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when I was going to buy or buy today, maybe gone

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to your sister for your question, oh, we paraphrase it hopefully I've understood it correctly insha Allah, the sister says that she put on her socks for will do on the previous day at the time after making will do Advil for a prayer. And she kept those socks on for a full day. So she prayed her

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method if, you know, into the next day, and then didn't remove her socks, after the fifth prayer or after some Oh to do her come about again after the day had come to an end. And now she is wondering about the prayers. So, you know the correct answer in sha Allah is that there is a limit that has been set by the prophets I seldom for those who are not traveling, that it is one day and night. So once the one day a night has come to an end you will do comes to an end. And even though it was something new for God, you should now make the will do and repeat those particular prayers that went beyond that amount of time where you have gone beyond that day and night session. So it might be for

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your officer and you said for measure to be remembered. So it might be the answer to prayer and maybe the method of if you haven't remembered before it, make those prayers as a lot in sha Allah. May Allah some kinda went to Allah except from you and I May Allah keep your heart always wakeful and always connected to yourself that may Allah Subhana Allah keep you always attached to the best practice that you can perform. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you the rank of the one who asks about what they are unaware of hoping for the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala does Aquila nephila does that for that wonderful question. I'm sure it can be of benefit to other people, as

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well, in sha Allah, we were speaking Alhamdulillah we were speaking about the importance of coming together. And being able to support one another we're giving and gift. And we said that that number three example of being one who is generous without making it feel as if we are the privilege and making others feel downtrodden. In front of us. There's a fourth important principle as it relates to our southern which is that we should not inconvenience those who are in need. For those who are beyond our family's needs. What this means is that although we are encouraged to give charity and if we see somebody outside our home or family who needs we should give them but it should not come at

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the detriment and the poverty of our own family. And so Pamela this was something the Prophet taught to some of his beloved Sahaba In fact, in sort of earlier imraan Allah Subhana Allah says, Len tener, la Pira, heterotopia, for me matter a boon, you shall not attain that elevated status of righteousness, until you can give and be generous and part with the things you love most in life that you can share from them with the bounties of Allah that He has given you with others. And I will tell her rhodiola

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turns to Medina and when I was one of the things that with my hedge groups and my oma groups, may Allah have returned us many more times a lot better I mean, is that I actually show them the location of these two gardens at the well. Aveda hardware, I will tell you how I used to have this garden. So in this garden, he used to have a beautiful orchard, a beautiful well that the Prophet used to love to drink from and sit nearby and enjoying the shade of the trees. And that will come when you heard this verse. He came to the province I said him he said there's nothing I love more from my financial affairs. Then these two gardens, O Messenger of Allah, and they are the very back

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of the mention of the prophets. I send them near the gates of Melek fat today.

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Gates number 15 1617 and 18. So that's where that we're at that these gardens are and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said O Messenger of Allah, I'm going to give them to you to give in charity, and the Prophet sighs lm reviews. He said no, what good is giving charity to others if you will leave your family poor and disheveled after you. I don't I will not take this

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charity that is going to put in your own family a level of poverty. Give it if you are, he said what I want to give this charity. So he said, if you're going to give it, then give the charity within your household within your home. So he gave a part of the lead to his wife, a part of the lead to his son, another part of the line to assign and maternal maternal family, paternal family, and gave it in charity amongst those who are needy and amongst those who are in his family,

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as a way of fulfilling that important should know that the charity we do should not be at the disadvantage. And in fact, in some cases, I've seen it at the loss of our own household in a way that can make rebellion in the heart against the commands of Allah Subhana with Allah and there is such wisdom in that area, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that leads us to point number five, the prophets I seldom said up Baraka sada, the sadaqa, the charity that will have the greatest bottlecap the greatest blessing in your home, in your household with your children is infected with malware Allah is for a person to give charity, by spending on his wife on his family that you spend

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on your household and your home. So Han Allah, what an incredible statement of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Why does this bring Baraka because when your children receive something, when your wife receives something, when your husband, your father, your mother, those who are your family received something from you, it has the added advantage of softening each other's heart towards each other, and it reciprocates and you receive, they receive and it breeds love that is instantaneous, unlike the charity that you give, that is unseen and goes to another place which has its place, which is important, we should we should not ignore. But it should not be the only

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charity that we count in our mind as being virtuous. Feeding the orphans looking after the destitute giving charity to those who are far is a great and noble deed. But Allah always begins with well job he did. That neighbor who is from nearest to you, and also what this old so those who are from your own household, and you're an acrobat, write those who are your bloodlines, and those who are from the ties of the womb. Scylla to Rahim is established through that level of charity and kindness and giving, we ask Allah subhana wa to Allah to open our hearts to each other, in particular, our families and our communities that are with us. And number six is to give those who are near before

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those who are far and I don't mean just blood relations. So Pamela, sometimes as Muslims, we look so far away. And of course, we know the pain of our dear brothers and sisters, the Igor people that we are people. We know the pain of the Rohingya, we know the pain of Afghanistan, we feel the pain of the salon and of lands in Africa, all of them, we tried to give a help and a level of our Zakah and charity and kindness. But we'll llahi we also have needs in our communities, as I come to you here from Perth, in Western Australia, in their communities, wherever you are around the world. There are needs that are also immediate to you. There are youth centers that need to be will have built

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women's hospitals that need to be built. There are massages that need to be repaired, there are elders in the community that are looking for a place where they can have an elder care home or an Islamic hospice Center, where people can return to the Lord in their final moments with dignity and with the Quran in their ear, served by Muslims within the community as Muslims. And sadly, many of these facilities are lacking within many of our communities in the West. And this is something that can come as an important process, an action that we should take as a part of the South Africa and the Zika that we collect, definitely for the far but there must always be a near miss that is within

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our communities where we consolidate our efforts to support one another as well. Finally, as we speak about so that it becomes really really important to also consider the ethics that relates behind our management of funds. And of course it is very important and and hamdulillah it's a great privilege and honor as Muslims, that Allah has taught us the way to live life in the best of ways that we don't ever seek to feed our homes or our families from that which is how long the prophets Allah Allah it was seldom gives us a hint

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Clear advice as to what restrict our do up from being entered by Allah. He tells us in the authentic habito well in my Muslim, that there was a man who was out on a journey in the middle of the desert. And as he went to sleep at night he did not secure his camel well. And when he woke up in the morning, his Campbell with all of his belongings, his food, his water, his rations, his clothing, everything he needs to survive was on the camel's back and it left him and ran away. And the man begins his journey on his feet, walking, making dua to Allah you're up be. Day after day he's losing his strength, until finally in its final moment, he raises his hands up to a lot to offer I bet they

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enter who either Semih will find out Oh,

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my Lord, my lord. And Allah Subhana Allah to honor the prophets I send them says that and now you're still juggler. How can this man believe you will be answered? Women Kayla whom in her arm when this person was habitual, eating from home meaning earning wealth in a way that was unacceptable. See, earning from her arm and giving in charity is not something that is a benefit to you or others. And therefore it becomes important for all of us to know the source of our income is Helen and then to know the source of our purchase being Hello, and to consume it in a way that is Hello in our clothing. McKellar woman calm this person ate from her own woman better human her arm was dressed

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from that which is her arm? Well, why wouldn't he have been held on his whole life was nurtured in a sinful way. And now used to juggler. Why does he believe now that he raises his hands up to Allah and then ujjivan will total it though there are Who is the one who answers the one they need when they make your eye, but how can you feel confident that Allah will enter them when all of these problems exists in their life. And therefore, one of the surest ways for you and I to cleanse our wealth is to spend from it in South Africa, and to make sure that we are careful with ours and to earn from halaal to give in halaal and to make the share of Allah important. Finally, separating

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between zeca and sada zeca is something you give by the command of a law when is ordered by a law in the amount that is ordered by Allah, to those individuals who are law has selected the choice in a non autonomy in that is limited, it is decreed for you by a lot because of the wealth that you are paying from it is not actually your own wealth anymore. What does this mean? So kind of if you take if we take ourselves as you know, if I take myself as an example, as a teacher Alhamdulillah and paid for eight hours a day as a principal as a as a teacher, and in the course of my day I was to receive you know, a phone call from the missus, or you know, a personal phone call, which is within

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my allocated time where I'm not in contact with the students. And for 15 minutes I spent time which unpaid to be doing duties other than teaching, maybe marking or meetings or whatever. But I spent 15 minutes on the phone with the missus, and you know, what's for dinner while I miss you this and that and all that nice beautiful talk Mashallah. But it's not on my own time, it's on the company time. Now, you would say up, but that's not that's not to say everybody does that. But is that and now just say it was 10 minutes, 10 minutes, say 15 minutes a day that something like a five minute phone call here 10 minute phone call, whatever it is, over the course of the week, you've taken away an

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hour of paid work. And your 35 work week is actually 34. But over the course of a month, it's four hours, and over the course of your 50 of your 12 months, you're now beginning to multiply and that you've lost days of pay. Now, nobody is going to walk up to their boss and say here is the amount of $15 phone call that I made to a friend or to my missus or whatever it may be. Nobody's going to do that. nobody's asking you to do that. But what is the mechanism that we have as Muslims to cleanse our risk and to make sure it's held out for ourselves in our homes, it's called sec cap, which is that excess of a year's saving that is reached more than the amount of nisab which you know, in

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average amounts I say about you know, 4000 Australian 5000 Australian dollars if you're going by the gold price, if you're going by silver, it's a lesser amount $700 or so, which is a smaller amount than anything you've saved.

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And you've retained for over a year over four or $5,000 worth. Now you begin to pay 2.5%. So if you had $10,000, you pay $250 annually upon that $10,000 year after year, and you account for any increases, that $250 purifies up your wealth, whatever in consistencies they were sucked up on the other hand, is given by you whenever you want to whoever you want, how often you want in the types of sadaqa that you want. All of that is given to you in choice and recommended for you by Allah subhana wa tada seeking the excess of reward we have a caller on the line it'll be our final caller said I'm Anakin caller How can I help

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yes sir. How can I help you first and second?

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With my house

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with me.

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They sometimes

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they stay with me and I don't know what to do.

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So you have two children.

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So you have two children, my Medina

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and I got my

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from day one.

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Yeah, big man.

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I love Mr. Lucky Allah, Allah how much rough sudo ROM.

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Either mean, may Allah May Allah ease for them that affair to come back to Allah Allah.

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Allah then Geneva

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more humble me.

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Question of tsunami out of the Eden Islam. Were then

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applied to Omaha Omaha out of the enemy within the last hour to Allah opens their heart to the truth and allows them to have light in their life and that they become more obedient to you. And I encourage you to speak about your pain. Jani fdmr

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hb il Allah subhanaw taala in

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high school bestie Wahoos Nila Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah ease and comfort y'all what I say to you, my dear sister, you have yet with regards to these two boys. So you have Allah where give them what Allah Subhana Allah has demanded and the help of Allah is Krishna tarbiyah was known and Mashallah to give them the therapy that they were necessary to receive from you and you've given this Alhamdulillah you've taught them the way to the people or you've taught them the way to Islam. Number two is to live with them in peace if they are remaining with you. If it is something that is difficult for them as grown men as you describe, then perhaps as they move forward in life, they can

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find a new start a new place, may Allah subhana wa tada make easy for them happiness in their life, and lead them to that which is good, a lot of them are new. Finally on this, my dear brothers and sisters, those who are listening as we end our discussion today, it is sometimes difficult in our day to day experiences to make those kinds of decisions where we ask somebody to leave or there is a toxic relationship that we are fearing of leaving, but it's only through that hizballah only through that change and pushing away from that which is hurting us hurting our hearts hurting our own faith that we can find healing in in that regard. And it becomes important to rely upon others and to seek

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help from others when it is necessary may allow the removal of our pain and lead us to that which is good. Well suddenly lahemaa was selling Was it because he didn't want to be you know Mohamed subhanak along will be having decrescendo

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to be like with Santa Monica Mottola.

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was moving

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but it

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was moving