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This was the third episode of the series on Allah’s beautiful names. This episode focuses on the name Ar-Razzaak.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you listening to living Islam on radio and sir I'm your host is Mike conda coming to you live from the Durban studio as we continue on our theme of the Beautiful Names of Allah subhana wa tada in this series of lectures which we began in the month of June, actually, in the month of July, the topic of

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the Beautiful Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. For those of you who did not join us last week, we were talking about the urashima the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we actually discussed the concept of Allah's mercy over two episodes because there's just so much that we need to discuss when it comes to Allah's mercy. We spoke with her allies, manual Rahim. He is most merciful to all of his creation, and especially to the believers. We spoke about how the Mercy Mercy manifests itself in our lives. We spoke about how that should show in our interactions with others, that just as Allah is merciful to us, we should be merciful to the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so these

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were some of the topics that we discussed

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over the past few past few weeks, as we were looking at the concept of a loss of a handle with Allah's mercy. Now, this week, we're going to look at two or three other names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is the concept of our Zach a loss of a handle without being the Sustainer and Wahab a loss of a handle without ever being the giver of gifts. And the third Name of Allah, which if we have time we will cover today is Allah Subhana. Allah haleem the one who is most tolerant, right, so we're going to begin today's episode by looking at the concept of Allah being a rezac, the one who provides and what that means and how that should manifest itself in our lives. After that, if we

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have time, we will look at the names of Wahhabi Halim as well if not, we will look at those names next week in sha Allah. So let's begin with the first name for today, which is our Razzaq. rezac. This name is taken from the word risk and there's actually another name of allah which comes from the word risk, but is not considered under the 99 names but it is a name used in the Quran, and the date is higher or was up in the best of providers. Three we have our Zack which means the provider, the one who provides and we have hi Roz in the best of providers. Now why are these two different names or what are the difference between their meanings? Well, to understand that one needs to

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understand some Arabic grammar terms or or Zack has the Elisa Lam at the beginning the owl for definite which means in this case, absolute. So when you say our Zack it means he is the absolute provider. There is no provision except for Allah

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provides, there is no other way for us to receive anything in this world except for Allah. So that is talking about Allah being at the highest and being the absolute at being the, the only one who actually provides everything else is dependent on him. Then

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the other name hero logic in the best of providers, that is in context of the creation, you see amongst the creation, they are some creation that are in some ways, providers for other creation, for example, the parents who take care of their kids, they are providing for their kids in that way, the employers who, who pay the employees they're providing for them in that way. Right. So this becomes a source of, of, of risk. Allah is telling us in the Quran, that he is the best of providers, meaning that yes, your father provides for you or your business provides for you or your boss, your work provides for you. But all of that is true Allah, in the end of the day is actually

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Allah who is providing for you, Allah is the one who gave your father money to provide for you. But Allah is the one who gave your business success to provide for you, I was the one who gave you that beautiful job to which you own your risk. So at the end of the day, Allah is the best for providers, Allah is the best of providers, because for two reasons, number one, he provides for each and every one of his creation, right. And there is no creation that can do the only Allah can do that. The second is Allah provides for us in a way that does not decrease his powers and his resources in the least. And none of the creation has this. When a human being gives another human being a salary

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decreases from his wealth does it not. But when Allah gives you provisions, it does not decrease the resources and treasure of Allah in any way. And so Allah is halal Raja teen, he is the best of providers and he is ours up he is the sole provider, he is the one who gives

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and he gives in a way that we cannot understand. Now this name of Allah is very important. I believe it's a name that many of us have not understood properly. And I say this, because when we talk to people today,

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many of us, we will pray Our Salah, we will do many of the other basics of Islam. But when it comes to wealth, we want to take haram shortcuts. We are worried that if we do things the Hillel, we won't make enough profit. We worry that if we avoid the Haram, then we will end up in problems. What this indicates is that we don't really

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understand that Allah is the one who provides. Right, let's take a look at a typical example. How many of us have in our businesses, products, which Allah have informed us are Haram. Right? Whether it's cigarettes, whether it's some kind of drug, whether it's magazines that Muslims shouldn't be looking at or reading something, which is not permissible? How many Muslims have these in their shops? And when you tell them don't sell that? What was the response? How I'm going to make a profit? So handleless are you seeing the Aurora, Zack the provider, Allah is only going to provide for you if you do something wrong, Is that your understanding of risk, Is that your understanding of

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Allah, that he only gives you if you do Haram, and that if you do holla, he's not going to give you this is something we need to think about. And many of us have this warped understanding, we may not think in that way, or say it in that way. But that's how our actions are. That's how we are living it. So we need to understand that when we say Allah is Allah, Allah is the provider, this should manifest itself in how we do business, it should manifest itself in what sources of income that we have, it should manifest itself in how we deal with debts, how we deal with

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situations of loss of wealth, how we deal with situations where we don't make a profit, we need to look at it from all of these perspectives, all of these issues, we need to understand all these issues in the context of Allah is my provider.

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And this is what I want us to think about how many of us actually have conceptualize that Allah is truly our provider? And how many of us just sit, you won't be going to speak about after the break, we're going to speak about the many different ways in which Allah provides for us and why he provides for some more than others. It's a really important question because people are asked that a lot. What is a risk? Or what is sustenance? Is it only money or the other forms of risk as well? We're going to look at that and how should this and to understand

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anything of this name of allah manifests itself in how we live our lives.

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Again, we're going to look at four things. What is risk? How does Allah provide for us? Why does he provide for some more than others? And finally, how understanding of this name should manifest itself in our lives, meaning, we should live our lives in a way that truly shows that we believe a life Arosa. And then if we have time, we will also discuss certain things that we can do to increase our risk. Because they are ways to increase the sustenance or route we get in this world spiritual ways. Right? I'm not talking about businesses, I'm talking about spiritual things that help you to increase in the good in your life. So these are the different topics that we're going to look at.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you listening to living Islam on Radioland? Sir, I'm your host smile calm coming to you live from the Durban studio for those of you who just joined us, in today's episode, we are looking at the name of Allah rezac the provider, and what this name means to us and how it should affect our lives. So we need to look at what is the meaning of risk in order for us to understand how Allah is our Soc. So what is risk? Many people think that risk refers to money, that this is risk money or food. And in reality, that is just one part of risk, risk means sustenance, anything and everything Allah has provided us with that can be used for good. So our

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risk includes our wealth includes our food, it includes our health includes our youth, it includes our intelligence, it includes our abilities, it includes our sources of knowledge, it includes the opportunities we have, it includes our jobs, it includes our businesses, it includes so much more risk is not limited to wealth. It is everything that Allah has provided you with. It is our Zach, who provided you with a family. This is our Zach, who has provided you with a source of income. It is our Zach, who has provided you with learning opportunities is our Zach who has provided you with the ability to understand things. It is our Zach who has provided you with whatever you have in your

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home and in and he provided you with your home itself. Allah is the one who has provided us with all these things. It is not just our wealth, that Allah has provided us word for all of these things as well. Allah is our Zach He is the one who provides for us in all of these different ways. So

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what does it mean that Allah provides, it means that Allah gives to every single one of his creations in this universe, what it needs to live in this world. Allah is the one who provides and think about alerting just provide for you and I, Allah provides for everyone he provides for all of the humans on this earth, what they currently have, he provides for all of the jinn in this universe, what they currently have, he provides for every animal, what it currently has, Allah has provided for every animal, its food, its shelter, its sources of nourishment, Allah is the one who provides for all of his creation. Now, when we talk about this concept of Allah being the provider,

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and of him providing for us in so many different ways, a question often arises, right, and this question, I know, some of us don't like to talk about these questions, because yes, it's not a topic that many of us

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are comfortable with. But it's a question we are asked often, so we need to have an answer for it. Right? And this question often comes from atheists, from people who don't believe in a creator, they don't believe in a provider, a Sustainer of the universe, they don't believe in Allah. Right from these people. They generally asked, If Allah is the provider of every one everything in the universe, why are the people in this world who are starving to death?

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Why are the people in this world who do not have enough? Right now, at this very moment, even in Durban, where we are? There are people who don't have homes? There are people who don't have families, there are people who don't have money, there are people who don't have food. So the question is, if Allah is providing for everyone, why hasn't he provided for them? Right? Where is the provision? The provision is the question people ask. And,

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again, how do we understand this question in this context of this verse, wash your hand or whatever, and he says, he's our provider. That does not mean that he will give us whatever we want whenever we want. Rather, Allah will provide us for what is best for us for our current moment and allow the same one who is our provider has also promised us in the Quran, when a noble will not be she may not hope he will do he will noxee minute and while he was uninformed, he was summarized that I will definitely test you would

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feel and hunger and loss of wealth and loss of efforts and loss of life. So Allah has promised us that we will be tested with hunger, we will be tested with not having wealth at times. We will be tested with sometimes our efforts being in vain. This is part of ullas test for us. So why are some people stopping? It is a test. Why are some people routing

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It's also a test, both sides have been tested a lot of giving some people extra wild to see what are they going to do with it? Are they going to share with others? Are they going to help the poor? Are they going to work towards alleviating poverty? Or are they going to be from those who say that, if allow us to provide for these people who will do so, you get people who talk like this. And you know, when you talk like this, you know who you're talking like, you're talking like a Buddha. You're talking like the disbelievers of Makkah, the disbelievers of Makkah, they would not give charity to the poor, and they will make the excuse that if Allah did not want them to be poor, Allah

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would have given their money. So this is not the way the believers think this is the way the disbelievers think, the way the believers think is that Allah has given me an opportunity to earn the reward of charity, Allah has given me the opportunity to help someone, so I can gain the reward of helping them if poverty did not exist, charity would not exist. If poverty did not exist, we will not know the meaning of the word generosity, we will not know the meaning of the word miserliness we will not be able to understand these concepts without the existence of its opposite, as Allah subhanho wa Taala. He provides for each person in different ways. He tests some people would lack of

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wealth, and he tests others with a lot of wealth. And he tests others with different phases in their lives. At some phase in your life, you have a lot of other phases, you have nothing other phases, you are in the middle, allotted each of us differently, according to what we can handle. Sometimes it's a punishment as well, sometimes is a punishment as well, why Allah says in the Quran, if you are grateful, I will give you more. And if you are ungrateful, my punishment is very severe. So that means if you have wealth, and you are being grateful to Allah, Lucky will increase your wealth. But if you have wealth, and you are ungrateful to Allah, what comes next is the punishment. So there are

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many different reasons why different places of the world, different people are facing hardship. One is to provide us an opportunity to earn the reward of helping them to is to test those of them who have failed to see how strong they are in their faith, do you understand that that poverty becomes a source of reward for them, it becomes a source of them entering agenda before us, it becomes a source of them earning the reward the sovereign, which gives them a high stage agenda. So in the long run, Allah is providing for them an opportunity to earn a quicker path to gender, and the highest age and gender. So he is providing for them, but he's providing for them something else

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different from what he is providing for us.

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So these are some of the ways in which Allah is Allah provides for us, and he provides for each of us in different measures, he does not provide for all of the creation equally, Allah says if he wanted to, he could make everybody wealthy, if he wanted to, he could have made everybody poor, but rather Allah knows when to test you with what he will test you with poverty, and he will test you with wealth. And he may test you with just one or the other. But he is testing you with that test, which you have the ability to pass. So Allah is our provider. And this means that we should understand whatever we have in our lives is from Allah. And it is anything that we don't have in our

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lives, the only one who we should ask for it is Allah. Think about it. If Allah is your provider, does it make any sense to ask his creation for something?

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Allah is the one who's going to provide not the creation. And Allah says in the Quran, asked me, I will answer you. So whatever we do not have in our lives, we should ask Allah directly and not ask any of his creation. for it. We should be asking Allah, when we when we are looking for a job, we should be asking Allah to provide us with the best of jobs in the best of our income, we should be asking Allah to provide for us. Whatever it is, you don't have, if it's a car, if it's a spouse, if it is children, if it is

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access to education, on the university level, whatever it is, ask Allah.

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And that's when you start to experience miracles in your life. And you ask Allah and you are 100% convinced that Allah is the one who's going to provide for you that which is best for you, and not his creation.

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So we need to take our second break. Now when we return, we will continue talking about the Beautiful Names of Allah rasa. And we will talk about certain things that stop us from receiving our risk certain things that get in the way of our risk, and we'll talk about ways in which we can spiritually increase our risk. Those are topics we will discuss next. Don't go away. We'll be right back after this break. Tweet us at Allen SAR radio, blooming Islam join Mulana Israel, Canada every Tuesday 9:15pm to 10:15pm on living Islam, only on radio Alan, did you know that alsobrooks Media Center brings you shop and outside SEO data a bit easier, convenient way of shopping with everything

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you listening to living Islam on radio and Sir, I'm your host smile calm coming to you live from the dove from the Durban studio. And we are talking today about a large beautiful name of Zack Ola being the provider and how that should affect our lives that we believe Allah provides. So

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do we really take that into account? When we go to work each day? Do we really take that into account when making our financial decisions? Do we really conceptualize Allah as our provider, there are many people who look at themselves as their own providers, there are many people who look at their bosses as their providers, they many people look at their jobs as they provide and we all forget, in these situations is actually a loss of a handle what Allah who provides for us, and these are all just means of provision. Now, the next two topics we want to discuss is one is the barriers in the way of receiving the provisions of from Allah. And the other is ways of increasing the

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provisions from Allah. So these two go hand in hand. The first is what could be stopping me from getting Baraka in my risk audit, what could be stopping me from getting increasing my risk is the other things that I'm doing wrong. that's causing me not to earn more wealth. Bigger understand that Allah may be keeping wealth away from you because of something in your life. So let's take a look at a few things. Number one is our the level of our email, that there are some people who say they believe are like a rock, and then they are those people who truly believe it. We need to ask ourselves, are we from those who truly believe it, because if we do not truly 100% believes Allah is

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our provider. Then Allah says I am as myself and thinks of me, if you're not thinking of as your provider, he's not going to be providing for you to that level. So the first point is for us to take our belief to that level, that without doubt, no matter what situation we're in, we know Allah is gonna provide for us what is best for us, and we have full trust in that concept of Allah being our provider. So the first thing that could be getting in the way of

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As not receiving increasing risk is if we have not had that full demand Allah is our provider. The second thing that could be getting in the way of us of not having increasing risk is if we are ungrateful for what we already have. Right? Allah says that if you are grateful, I will give you more. And if you are ungrateful, my punishment is very severe. So, if you already have something, but you're ungrateful for what you have alone will not give you more, you have a job, but you only complain about it, you cannot expect a better job, you have a business and you only complain about it. You cannot expect growth in the business, you have a child and you only complain about their

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child, you cannot expect Allah to give you more and better children. No, Allah gives you more when you are grateful for what you have. If you have a car, that takes you from point A to point B, even if it's not a very good car. But if you are grateful for that car, Allah will eventually grant you a better car. But if you are ungrateful, and you complain all the time about what you actually have, you may end up with no car at all in the future. So the second thing that we need to avoid if we want increase in risk, is that we must avoid in gratitude, we must avoid ingratitude. The third thing that we must avoid is wrong intentions. wrong intentions, if Allah knows, Allah knows our

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intentions, and Allah knows that some of us if we are given wealth will do very bad things with it. Right?

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This is reality of life. There are many of us, who Allah has kept wealth away from us, in order to keep us righteous, in order to keep us on the straight path. Because Allah knows that he had given you that wealth, you would have done since when he did, that you can't even imagine right now. Allah knows the intentions deep down in our hearts, that certain people see that I want well to I can do good. But in the heart, you already got it lined up, I'm going to do this in and that's when I'm going to go displeased in depth please. And they have all these wrong ideas piled up in their heads. And so Allah does not provide for them, because Allah saying to protect them from their own selves,

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trying to protect them from their own sins, that hadn't given them that well, they would use it to commit evil.

00:32:12--> 00:32:16

The fourth thing that gets in the way of us receiving risk from Allah

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is our own current sins, or even more specifically, sins in the field of income. Meaning, if your source of income, your business, your job, your your source of buying meat or whatever it is, is haram, then Allah will not concede to us by the a very clear Hadees on this topic, they are very clear Hadith stating that if our sources of income or haram, then Allah will not answer our doors. So these are four things each of us need to look at. If you feel your doors are not being answered, look at these four things. how strongly do I believe that Allah is the provider is number one number 2am I grateful for Allah has already given me from grateful what is currently given me then only

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will give me more? Number three.

00:33:04--> 00:33:44

Number three, are my current sources of income and my current sources of any type of race color, because it is not harder? To answer my to ask for more. And number four, are my intentions pure? Do I have good intentions? Do I Do I trust myself with money? Because if you don't trust yourself for money, why would love give you that money. So these are things we need to think about. And if we can, if we overcome these spiritual obstacles, then inshallah Allah will increase our risk. Now, there are a few things that we can do, which increase our risk, few spiritual things that is besides doing business, and of course, we will have to do business in work. This is part and parcel of the

00:33:44--> 00:33:46

process, right?

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If you're going to sit at home and say Allah is my provider, Allah is not going to provide for you like that, because Allah provides for those who work for it. So let's get out of the way. First, there are some people who think that because Allah is the provider, they can just, you know, leave their families or leave business or leave anything and just sit at home and just chill. And you know, Allah will sin for them. That's not how it works. You've got to work hard. And then Allah will provide for you, a lot provide for those who work hard in businesses that are Hello. So besides working hard, there are a few spiritual things we can do that increase our risk. The first and most

00:34:26--> 00:34:33

important and this is from a verse of the Quran, which each of us should be familiar with, is that we should have Taqwa

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

taqwa leads to risk. The call leads to miracles in risk. Why do I say this because of the famous verse. And again, it's a verse that we hold should know me yet tequila. Allahu Maharajah was lukumi. Nice to see you sooner. Allah speaks about de la camino de la que under situation where people are worried what's going to happen next. You know who's gonna provide for me and all of that Allah says in

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situation of the of the luck and it applies to every other situation of life as well as his Mija tequila who ever has taqwa consciousness of Allah. He will make for that individual a way out and provide for them me hastily to see from where they never imagined. What does this mean? I'll use the word duck or in the context of risk that if you want to risk if you want miracles, when it comes to risk, then the way to get it

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is to increase your taco. The more taqwa you have, the more medicals you will experience when it comes to risk. The more taco you have, the more medical expense Allah will provide for you from where you never imagined. And I know of so many people who do in situations that seemed impossible, but they kept the duck walk, and they kept their trust in Allah. And he remained righteous in those situations. And because of that, miracles happen in terms of the opportunities that opened up in terms of the wealth that came into the lights, miracles happen. This is a verse that is very close to my heart. And it's the verse that really, each of us should hold on to what is the second part of

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the first day the second part of the verse that many of us don't, don't realize. And the second part tells us the other thing that you need to do to have increase in in risk, and that the second part of the verses will meet you at the walk, go a little local hospital, whoever puts the tawakkol in Allah, He will be enough for you. He will be enough for him. Allah says, Whoever has taqwa of Allah, He will provide for him away out and provide for him risk from where he never imagined. And whoever has the wakulla Allah, He is enough for him. So this verse teaches us the first two spiritual things that we need if you want increasing risk. The first is taqwa, fear of Allah. fear of Allah in how we

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live our lives, in how we earn our wealth, in how we spend our wealth, in everything. If we have Taqwa. And coupled with that the work will then we will experience miracles, the owner will be enough, Allah will take care of you. You don't have to worry about anything else. Allah is the one who's going to take care of you.

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What is the worker, the worker means that you know, allowance day for me, you having a bad day, you have been one of those days where the business seems to be down. You haven't learned there's times of your life where you go into a period of unemployment, or you're unable to meet your bills, but you remain calm. Knowing Allah is gonna help me out alone won't put me in a situation where he's not going to help me out. You have the firm trust that Allah knows what's best for you and Allah is going to help you out in any situation. And Allah will provide for you from where you never imagined, you have food tawakkol. In that, do we have the tawakkol tawakkol is key.

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It is key to receiving

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increase in risk.

00:38:03--> 00:38:25

The third thing we can do to increase our risk is to maintain strong family ties. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated in the Hadith that is found in Sahih Bukhari, whoever would like to see the risk x increased and their life extended, should be good to their families or should uphold the ties of family.

00:38:27--> 00:39:09

Now, this doesn't just apply to your wife and kids or your parents. It applies to your brothers and sisters, to your cousins, to your uncle's, your aunts, your grandparents, maintain a good relationship with all your family members. The Prophet stated that if you want your well to increase and you want to live long, then all you've got to do is be good to family. This is this is a key when you are good to family in every way you take care of them, you love them, you honor them, you respect them, you don't back by them, you forgive them, you treat them well. You provide for them and you go into times of hardship, you do all of these things. In return, Allah will take care of

00:39:09--> 00:39:49

you. Allah will provide for you more Indonesia, Allah will increase your life. Allah will increase your wealth. Why? Because you taking care of the people, you taking care of your family, you taking care of your extended family, and this is the reward for that. So we spoke thus far, about three things that you can do spiritually, to increase your risk. The first is to have Taqwa of Allah to increase our taqwa of Allah. The second is to have firm tawakkol in Allah to put our trust 100% completely Allah, Allah knows what's best for me. And number three, is that we maintain strong family ties. We maintain ties with our family members, we don't break people off. We don't cut

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

people off. We don't disown people, believers don't do that. That is the act of Jackie Leah. To dis own a family member or cut him off. That's just that is ignorance. That is that is not from Islam.

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

We maintain strong family ties, and we forgive and we help each other. You do that and you will have experienced increase in wealth and increase in your lifespan.

00:40:11--> 00:40:26

There are about three more things that we can do to increase our risk. But we need to take one last break now when we return we will conclude on the topic of loving arzak and what we need to do to increase our risk Don't go away. We'll be right back after this break.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you're listening to living Islam on radio and serve. I'm your host is Brian calm coming to you live from the Durban studio and we are about to wrap up with this week's episode. We have about 12 minutes left on the clock. For those of y'all who just joined us again live in Islam takes place every Tuesday night from 915 to 1015.

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

pm your answers. So we have about 12 minutes left and we are currently doing a series on the Beautiful Names of Allah Subhana Allah. Today we've been focusing on the name of Allah, Allah Isaac, the provider or the best of providers, generosity, and what that means we spoke with how Allah subhanho wa Taala provides us with everything we have in our lives, from our wealth to our families, to our health, to our abilities to do good deeds, to our intelligence to our learning opportunities to business opportunities. Everything is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah provides us with our homes, with our families with our children, all of it and we answer the question of why did Allah

00:45:41--> 00:46:17

provide for some more than others, we spoke about how this becomes an opportunity for generosity become the test boat for those who drought and those who outwell. And in some, some situations, it even becomes the punishment that someone may have been given wealth at some point in their lives. But then because of some evil deeds that they did allow me have taken that wealth away and punish them with poverty. There are others who were righteous, and allowed me to import as a test to them, to give them to give them the reward or patience to give them the reward of entering gender early because they have less wealth. Each country, each individual situation is different. I would advise

00:46:17--> 00:46:40

each of you don't judge somebody else's situation. If somebody else is going through a hard time, don't assume that it's because of punishment, it may be a mercy claim, it may be a test, they may be a means of purification for them. Allah knows why he puts different people to different situations. It is not for us to judge them, it is for us to understand and to help not be the judges of others. So

00:46:41--> 00:46:59

this is what we spoke about. We spoke about things that get in the way of us receiving our risk. Sometimes it's our lack of faith. Sometimes it's our bad deeds, sometimes it's haram sources of income, sometimes we have wrong intentions for what we're going to do. And we get that well. And there are also times where

00:47:00--> 00:47:02

law takes away from us risk

00:47:04--> 00:47:49

due to you know, the fact that we're not doing what is necessary to you you're not we're not asking Allah property or we are not being grateful to him for what we already have. And then we spoke about things that we need to do, spiritually to experience increase in risk. We said that taqwa and tawakkol are key that we must increase our taco taco and tawakkol if you want to see increase in risk, as taken from verses two and three of Surah talaaq Mija, tequila Allahumma, Raja lukumi heisha, the same for me yet the waka La La for hospital. Did you ever have Taqwa of Allah, He will make for him away out and provide for him from where he never imagined. And whoever has the

00:47:49--> 00:48:32

watercooling Allah He is enough for him. So that verse teaches us the two things that we need for increasing risk, which is duck walk, and the walk. And then we look at the Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated that whoever would like to see their risk increased, and their family they live extended, they should uphold family ties, they should strengthen family ties. So they are to their to rewards for the strengthening of family ties. One is increasing risk. The other is your life in this Junior will be longer. We all don't know how long we have in dystonia. But by being good to people, we increase the chance of us living longer in dystonia. Now, there are three

00:48:32--> 00:48:55

more things that we can do, spiritually, to increase our risk. And these are three things that we should be doing every single day of our lives. In fact, all six things I mentioned that things we should be doing every day of our life, our taqwa, our tawakkol, our maintaining our family ties, these are things we should be doing every day, as are the remaining three. Number four. And this is from a famous verse of the Quran, which you all should already know and be familiar with.

00:48:57--> 00:49:39

Weather in Chicago, as Eden. If you are grateful, I will definitely give you more. So Allah is saying in this verse, that if you are grateful, I will definitely give you more. So that means the fourth thing we need to do if you want to see increase in risk is to be grateful for what we have right now. Be grateful for everything in your life right now. If you are ungrateful for what you have right now, we're not going to get more. So we need to be grateful for whatever we have beat our home, feed our families, beat our our position, beat our jobs. If we are grateful for what we have now, then Allah will give us more. That is the fourth thing to do to be grateful. And gratitude is

00:49:39--> 00:49:59

expressed in different ways we express our gratitude by praying to Allah, we express our gratitude by obeying Allah, we express our gratitude by seeing 100 either by seeing Mashallah by seeing La quwata illa de la. These are all different ways in which we express our gratitude to Allah, for having provided us for what we currently have.

00:50:00--> 00:50:05

We do these things, then we will experience increase in those specific areas.

00:50:07--> 00:50:54

The first thing that you can do to experience increase is to ask Allah for forgiveness, to make his thing far everyday to see yourself in Rolla because there's not a single one of us who does not commit a sin on a daily basis, right? We are all sinners by nature. No, we commit even when we're trying to be righteous, we still fall into minus sin. So we should be asking Allah for forgiveness every day of our lives. And one of the benefits of asking for forgiveness or making it a part of seeing stuff in love, with sincerity and honesty, as many times as you can, is it Allah will provide for you, Allah will provide for you. And we learned this from Surah knew the advice of Prophet new

00:50:54--> 00:50:55

Elisa Lam to his people.

00:50:57--> 00:51:06

Right at the end of the Quran, in the 29 Jews, there is this beautiful Surah Surah Surah 71 when new Elisa Lam explains to his people

00:51:07--> 00:51:09

the benefits of his pig farm and he says

00:51:10--> 00:51:55

Baku to start Pharaoh Rob welcome in Ghana, fara and I said to my people seek forgiveness from your Lord definitely he's the Forgiving he recently sama Allah commit Aurora if you see forgiveness Allah will send down the reins while you did combi um while you were burning, and He will give you more wealth and more sugar which Allah can generate Allah calm and harmony will give you more gardens and more of us. So everything here is to do with risk law. The new Elisa Lam told these people, if you make instinct far, you will experience more rain, better gardens, better rivers, more wealth and more children. Meaning if you want any of these things, you've got to be making this thing far. Do

00:51:55--> 00:52:38

we do it? Do we make a sick part on a daily basis? We all have a lot of things to make a stick far for let's be frank about that we all have a lot of things to ask for forgiveness for. So are we doing it? Are we asking Allah to forgive us this is something that we need to be very serious about. And the final thing and this is something we all should be familiar with. The final thing that you can do spiritually to increase your risk is to give charity to give charity that whoever give charity, a lot of returns iE 10 times over, or more or more by Allah will sometimes depending on how sincere that charity what Allah can return it even more meaning if you give 1000 rands in charity,

00:52:39--> 00:53:17

Allah will send back to you 10,000 rands from where you never imagined. If you give 10,000 in charity, Allah will send back 100,000 from where you never imagined. If you give 100,000 Allah will send back a million from where you never imagined. Allah will send back what you gave 10 times over as long as the sincerity was there, as long as the sincerity was there. So this means if we want to experience increase in risk, we have to become the most charitable people on earth. And many of us, we think the opposite. Many of us think we want more wealth, we've got a mind, we've got a hoard, we've got to save, we gotta keep everything to ourselves. You don't experience any Baraka like that

00:53:17--> 00:53:21

you don't experience any increase that increase comes from giving

00:53:22--> 00:54:02

it this is a fact of life. To a certain extent, even atheists believe in this. Even atheists believe that if you give you will receive, and they don't understand it, they call it the law of the universe, or that's just how the world works. In reality, Allah is Allah, Lord, how Allah has designed this world. The more charity you give, the more Allah sends your way. And so this is something that, that we should believe in 100%, that we should be going all out to our charity, we should be giving as much charity as possible. So again, six things that you can do to increase your risk. And these are six things that we should do every day. And these are easy things. These are

00:54:02--> 00:54:43

things we can do every day of our life. Number one is to increase our taqwa. We should increase our taqwa every day, we should be working on our taqwa everyday by praying ossola by reciting Quran by doing good deeds, we should be increasing our taqwa daily. The second is tawakkol. To put our full trust in Allah, I am working to Allah will provide for me, I am doing my best to allow will provide me I'm facing a hard time but I know Allah will provide for me that's the work you must be doing in every situation. Number three, maintain strong family ties, maintain strong family ties, Allah will take care of you he will increase your risk. Number four, was that in Shakuntala zydeco be grateful

00:54:43--> 00:54:59

and Allah has promised to give you more. Number five, ask Allah for forgiveness. ask Allah for forgiveness and he will forgive you and He will grant you more. And number six, the charity give in charity. The more we give in charity, the more

00:55:00--> 00:55:20

will send back towards us. So my brothers and sisters, I hope that we have understood and conceptualize all of this and that we now have a firm understanding of Allah being our provider. And we understand what we've got to do to earn that risk from Allah. Understand that Allah provides for us. It's not just about earning more his currency another point for us to look at and we look at this in next week's episode.

00:55:21--> 00:55:56

We also risk responsible and accountable for what he has provided us with right if he has provided you with wealth, you will be answerable to Allah for how you spend that well. If he has provided you with youth, you will be answerable for how you spend spend that youth if Allah has provided you with knowledge, you are answerable to him for what you did with the knowledge he has provided you with good health, you are responsible for what you do with that good health. If he has provided you with children, you are responsible to him for how you raise those children. Understand whatever Allah provides you with. It is an additional responsibility that will be held accountable for on the last

00:55:56--> 00:56:23

day when Allah give us the understanding of this and give us the ability to practice this religion properly and to do what is necessary to earn the obedience and to earn the the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala by being obedient to Him. This is Malcolm just signing up for living Islam does Allah hironaka 111 oB alameen wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Please note that the following program is a recording Sri Lanka rukmani Rahim