Quranic Reflections #21 Suicide, Decree of Allah

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AI: Summary © The importance of reciting the Exodus of the Bible in creative ways is discussed, along with the need to address anxiety and learn from difficult experiences to create comfort and joy in life. The speaker emphasizes the power of Allah's subhanaw taala in causing regret and suicidal behavior, and the importance of guidance and staying true to oneself in achieving personal goals. The need for practice and guidance is emphasized, along with the potential for personal fulfillment through recounting experiences and making them a habit.
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Select from the last all summer long so there have even been so simple every Welcome to Illuminations, telephonic reflections from the domain as we start the last 10 nights of level one. And today the party is going to be reciting twice. So, the first 10 Look at our total we had on the second 10 or eight are going to be in touch and the eye at which the body recited are from solid, muddy and Missoula. And there's a very important topic that is probably always reflect on when it comes to muddy muddy has said I'm in Musa at Easter I'm in these two schools, the first of which is Medea Malleus. And I'm going through such a difficult moment in her life,

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that she says that I wish I was dead before this, the suicidal thoughts that many Americans said I'm had even though she's among the most righteous of people, not just women. But the reality is that if a person goes through sadness or depression,

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the idea that Allah subhanaw taala will give them comfort and solace if they anchor themselves in the faith and the decree of Allah azza wa jal, and the way that she was given Solace is to basically console her over the future, and that Allah will take care of her. And what she says essence is paint over has depression or anxiety over. So how Allah subhanaw taala can sold many amount he has set up is by consoling her anxiety. And the words that were used is that it was called from underneath her or a voice called out from underneath her either are you sad acnm spoke or Djibouti Eisah according to the New York City, la Zenni, Allah has any and herzan and him are two words in

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Arabic, which are mentioned even into the prophets and a lot.

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So the Arabic language is very powerful in the essence that these two words actually speak about two different kinds of fear one over the future one over the past. And that's why I was praying to God to the Prophet Muhammad myself to make the DUA, or Allah make the Quran, a consolation over our anxiety of the future, and a

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consolation over the worries or sadness as we have of the past. Right prison. And these are the two types of sadnesses that people may have, maybe sense of depression that one may have. So anchoring ourselves in the decree of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah azza wa jal has.

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Inshallah, the best in store for us, if we turn to him is one of the ways that the Quran anchors somebody who may have have even suicidal thoughts. And in fact, this is one of the most powerful ways of anchoring ourselves in spiritual counseling. Unfortunate when we think about counseling, of course, going to psych, your psychologist or counselor is something our faith encourages, but also to anchor ourselves in the spiritual sense is extremely important. So in that essence, how Allah subhanaw taala anchored, Medea Maddie has said, who's one of the most righteous but still going through this difficult time, means that even the most righteous can have anxiety or depression and

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there's nothing wrong with that, but they must anchor themselves in Allah subhanaw taala and in Allah subhanaw taala, solace and comfort and that's why reading sort of medium in Surah, Allah is essentially so important it was revealed in the in the middle Meccan period, right before the Prophet Muhammad so I sent him would go through an extremely difficult time until he lost to essentially of his family members money, Khadija it'll be a long time and a blue blood, so anchoring ourselves in the decree of Allah subhanaw taala is then even more firmly rooted in the next Surah that the man recited sort of for our last point that up speaks about how how do Sally Sarah went

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through such difficulty and then he anchored Musa they said I'm with what we're talking about, that Allah subhanaw taala in essence, decreased everything. And he says to Musa Ali Salam wa ala Qadri Musa, you have come and you exist. And you basically go through your life, based on our decree, almost everything that has happened is based on the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. How powerful is that in the same rooted conversation? Allah subhanaw taala sister Musa de Salam was thrown out to the NFC and I've prepared you for myself. So everything you're going through, and every every difficulty that you have, and everything that gives you anxiety or worry that you've had, whether we

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mme or Musa, or me or you or anyone, it's based on the decree of Allah subhanaw taala and there's a reason for it. And everything as they say Hindsight is 2020. When you realize all the things that you've gone through, you're going to start regretting fewer and fewer things knowing that Allah subhanaw taala put those things in place.

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As for reasons, and either its purification from sins, or elevation for deeds, or Allah subhanaw taala wanted you to receive something in the process of you reaching to the goal that Allah wants you to reach by learning. And a lot of times when people go through difficult situations, and you ask them at the end of what they've gone through, what do you think you learned from that? And they said, I were I was educated. And I was elevated and I developed and I learned, and this was a learning process, and I became better and it was a personal development even over what they've gone through maybe a relationship that failed, maybe somebody that they lost or business that went

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through, or a job that they didn't get or any kind of situation. Allah subhanaw taala says to Musa they said I'm and to all of us, listen to how powerful that is or what data Cardinia Musa, you came based on our decree. We wanted you where we wanted you based on you having to go through that to reach your destination and goal. May Allah grant us that kind of resolve. We have suicidal thoughts or depression or anxiety, we anchor ourselves in a law in this faith, how Allah subhanaw taala gives us solace and comfort and consolation that he gave the most righteous of people that muddy and it said I'm even wanted and had a suicidal thought. But Allah comforted her and said, laptimes don't

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have that anxiety over the future, knowing that your future is in the Almighty's hands. And he told me, Sally said, You came based on our decree, and we're just preparing you for ourselves mellows practice to prepare everything we do in our life, for his sake. And may Allah make these last time I bless it. And may Allah azza wa jal be with our brothers and sisters all in the world where they're suffering and a lot of stand in Palestine. And free mushroom aside from all the worries of difficulties and oppression. And may Allah subhanaw taala be with our brothers and sisters in India, we're going through oppression in Kashmir in Yemen, Burma, in Libya and Lebanon, in Iraq and Syria,

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where everyone is going through difficulty in their last cut to alleviate all of the worries of our Muslim brothers and sisters and your own personal worries. Those of you who are listening and those who will listen and may last pancetta grant us, the highest self so Jana in the companionship of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and the highest levels of Paradise will Salah Hosni Mubarak could have even been implemented while he was certainly as Mary said, Armonico florican