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Let's say you didn't want Celine so easy now have you been whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy he was settling for Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina What have you been out whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah vertical inevitable and in of him were alumna mean Hummer Gehenna with a kidnapping whoa man who seen that? Yeah, our hammer I mean, we always begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers of peace and salutations upon our Navy Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify that none is worthy of worship of Allah. And then our novia, Sal Allah Allah, you will send a message his

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worshipping slave and final messenger, I continue to remind myself in you will talk a lot as a virgin, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah with Allah inheriting You and I, and inner love for him and a fear of him and hope in his unending mercy Subhana Allah to Allah, that all of that profits us with an increase in our consciousness and our awareness of how we deal with him in a way that is greater in our privacy than what we seek to show each other publicly a lot more. I mean, today, I wanted to speak in chat a lot about the importance of giving and some hand a lot I wouldn't be Mohammed's I sell them as described by the Sahaba as being joette. One who was generous, but more

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importantly, the word joab means one who was quick at speed or at pace. So one of the nicknames of horses, for example, are that they are the ones that are very quick off the start. So really, that's the description that the Sahaba had for our VSI Selim he was Joanne, who was quick off the start, he was he wasn't the one who waited for somebody to give before he gave. He wasn't one who waited for other people to ask before he assisted. And he wasn't one to be the last to come into place to give after everybody else has given our Navy is a Mullah, who was sending him was joette. He was generous, but he was quick from the start. He was consistent all throughout. And he understood that

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giving was never something that you deferred until others beat you to it. And of course, giving is of a number of different types and a number of different ways. Many of us that hamdulillah we are gifted in giving in particular ways, but maybe it we need improvement in others. Some of us, for example, are very philanthropic, and we are you able to share from our wealth towards others. Others are very generous with their time, some of us are emotionally supportive of other people. Some of us are really good listeners and are able to lend an ear or give our attention to others. Some of us we fail at that. But we're really good in advice, and really good in talking people towards a better

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direction for themselves to take in their life, advice givers, and people who are conciliators in other people's lives. Giving of course is not just meant to be something that is material or financial. It's not just something that is shared, or a level of Baraka that is given in that sense. Rather, sharing is something that is a totality of a human experience. And one of the things that Allah Subhana Allah ingrained within us as mankind is our dependence, interdependence and interdependence on each other, where we depend on each other inwardly. But we also depend on each other externally, there's a dependence of the heart upon each other, there's also a dependence upon

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the physical needs that we have with one another. And with that, it becomes important to consider the importance of being of those who are charitable. The word of course, that I haven't yet used the Arabic word is to be somebody who gives son the father and son, Taka is this amazing word in the Arabic language, that has no replacement to it in the English language as a one to one translation. So, of course, it comes from the try and lecture word that means slip, saw that pa saw that cough, and said play something you know, that you know it from it is the word search which means truthfulness, which means to be transparent and open, to be one who is dutiful, to be one who is

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assertive, to be one who is plain. All of these are shades of meaning of that concept of truth. And of course, when somebody is giving in charity, it's meant to be an acceptance of truth and the giving of truth that you accept that by giving this I preferred others to myself and you accept that you are in the hope that this will be returned to you by others in light kind of handling. Now we have our first caller on the line. I said I'm on a cold caller How can I help Can you hide the wires behind

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Yes, in sha Allah Santa Monica brother, how can I help

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you daydreaming?

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And when you do

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even when

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something random

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Alright, does that go okay to paraphrase the question in sha Allah, as the brothers asking if somebody has had a thought in their mind, that is not one that they were deliberate aiming on or intentionally, but it's something that's kind of repetitive and they tried to keep pushing it out of their mind by asking the Lord to forgive them by repeating their Shahada. Is this something? Is this something that is acceptable?

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And is this something that has harmed their faithfulness in Allah subhana wa Tada. So there's a number of important issues that kind of relate to this question. The first of them is the concept of West USA. And the West West is where a person, you know, finds within themselves that there is a disturbance, or something that has within their heart, this whispering or the thoughts. And and this is something that has two origins for us, as Muslims, we understand they have two origins. One of them is the self and the sheet one, which is the dialogue of the self. And it could be that the self has strayed far away from a law that it comes comes in that sense, or it is a whispering of the

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shaitaan, which comes and goes in the alternate times in the day. The second, which is usually the reason for this is that a person, especially if it is a compulsive attack, in the sense that's described, is that it could relate to a stress factor that results in a mental health issue. Now mental health is something that I know at times is seen as a taboo subject within the Islamic community. But it is something that's important for us to address at times, all of us, you know, if we consider ourselves like this balloon, all of us and Hamdulillah, this balloon is fine. And as more pressure is added, as more air is blown into it, it begins to expand, and it's able to take on

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that pressure. But in that balloon at one place or another, there's always this little weak spot, there's one spot where it begins to open up a little bit more than other places, it's expanding in one section more than others. And that's this section, if just a little bit extra pressure, a little bit extra complexity, a little bit extra stress in one's daily routine or in one's life kind of touches upon that there is this little outburst. And there's this little, you know, break that can happen. And that is something that all human beings can find themselves in danger of. And it's something that we have been blessed with having to do that both in modern science and with spiritual

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cures, of bringing ourselves back to good order. What I would say is that somebody is having these kind of complex thoughts. And these are things that are not a part of their, you know, their belief, it's not something that they believe in this is something you know, they're hearing this voice, or it's something that's, you know, coming into their mind in that sense. It's not just simply saying out to the last minute shaytani r rajim. And asking a lot to push it away. But it is to maybe investigate how to deal with

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compulsive this disorder, because this kind of sounds somewhat like it. And it's probably that this manifestation is happening in other places as well. And it could be that some people are making will do repetitively they're always making widow, or they're always being careful. And they're always thinking, am I still a Muslim? And is my model right? Has my prayer been? Did I make a mistake in my Asana, and I'm going to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. And of course, these are things that we can get clinical help with, and spiritual help with it. And there isn't enough time to kind of address that question in the short space that we have. So I do recommend taking both avenues, the

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spiritual Avenue, which is always asking the loss of panel data for guidance and the daiya, maintaining our prayers, keeping within our will door getting our answers,

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answers to questions that we have answered by those who are qualified to answer them. And if we have received an answer that just didn't sit well with us to ask others and ask others until it's clear. And then secondly, and thereafter, to certainly investigate if there are clinical issues, that perhaps with little routine changes, dealing with other aspects of our daily stresses in life, that we can bring an end to this whether it's in a state of dreams that we see or in our in

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wakeful state will love to add. So we were speaking at hamdulillah about the importance of giving the importance of charity, the love that we share with each other, and the love that we share with our communities, Mashallah. And we said that charity is something that is seen as an act of sacrifice. It's an act of truth. You believe in the truthfulness of a laws promise that if you do good by others, good will be done by you. And if you share with others, others will share with you by the bounty and the virtue of your kindness. And if you are giving a lot will give unto you and if you are from the first Allah will be the first to assist you and you will be from those who are

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acerbic food, may Allah make you and I have them along with me. And

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one of the important aspects as it relates to this concept of South Africa and giving is that it has important requirements. And some of the things that I think a lot of people have always asked about, are how much do I give? And who can know about what I've given? And how do we reconcile between those Hadeeth where the profits are SLM says that the one who gives in secret that their right hand is given charity with such secrecy that the left doesn't even know that they will be from those who are shaded by Allah. On the day of judgment, when everybody will seek he will be seeking shade and protection from their inequity and sins in the torment of that day. How do we reconcile that with

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the other Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he would invite people to come forward publicly and given charity? And that's one of the reasons we honor some of the greats will have we honor Earth manically I found right the Allahu Allah Allah, because he was so generous. She fulfilled his covenant to Allah, through his acts of worship, in particular, through his charitable Miss in the way and in the path of God. And in supportive isn't that VSI? seldom, we know that Abu Bakr is the one radi Allahu anhu, who spent of his wealth to free the likes of Bilal, could you imagine giving the charity that gives a man their life and removes enslavement from them? And

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could you imagine the reward of that in that man is actually beloved with your barbed wire? And who, who goes on to leave the other hand for the profits? Excellent. who's one of the dearest and closest friends of our Navy, as I said, one of the elite of the Sahaba? How do we know that it's a boba crew gate, because it's not a secret Act of, of devotion, it was something that was meant to be plain and in sight, and it's celebrated. So here is the condition that I think is important for us to understand. If a person gives charity, one thing, other people to acknowledge them for the good that they have done, then this removes some of the reward of what it is that they're doing, even though

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they are seeking a lot, if the motivating factor of the charity, if that which is in the heart that which is in the behavior is that I'm doing this because I deserve to be recognized. Nobody else did this. This is by my doing that I'm the one who built this budget, this must bear my, you know, my hallmark, and everybody must know, not not that it is for other than a lot. But it's a source of pride and a source of arrogant pride, not justify righteous pride. That is something that would remove some of the great rewards. The second condition that's important is that if a person is doing a public act of good in particular charity, but their intention is for other people to follow suit

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with it like arithmetic, an iPhone, like a robocall with your loved one,

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you know, to give in that act so that other people will do the same other people will free other slaves, other people will support them to VSI sell them, then this is a phenomenal act of worship, that actually earns more than the reward of the act itself. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, the one who does a good deed

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and others weakness in the weakness is or that they have been called by them to do similar to what they've done, can level at Miss Lou agilely fair at then they receive the reward similar to the one who followed them in that righteous deed. And therefore you know, it is such a virtue to be able to be blessed with wealth that you know you given the path of Allah and that people seek to follow you in that example. And the authentic hadith narrated by Muslim the prophets I seldom says very similar words. We'll come to that Hadith after we hear our caller said I'm on ECAM caller How can I help

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it's good to hear

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From you once again My dear

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brother, I have two questions. The first question is about

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English Are you born

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initially born again and internet I do one more

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between the

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second portion so my brother is talking about

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we want to know

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when when

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not to

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be aware that we have to do things

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good intention and maybe

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the person will

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just to remind our brothers about you know, sometimes people

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come in after that, you know, maybe there's

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a lot of great reward. I mean, just like a lot enough

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Allahu Vedic you know people so to deal with Mashallah, these two wonderful questions that may Allah subhanaw taala protect our brother and his family and give them an increase in their wealth and in their health and in the roost and make us and then from those who are forgiving Allah I mean, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he receives in sort of Surat, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says that the shape on yen's xevil he is one who seeds sedition or rebellion between the hearts of the believers and this is actually one of the phenomenon at Nepal and where Allah subhana wa tada gives us warning that there are devilish influences that can affect people who are normally Masha Allah,

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normally equitable in their treatment to each other Justin fair in their treatment to each other, and out of the wickedness of the unseen demonic forces and all the living demonic bores a boy forces of humanity, there can be this separation of good and this area took me to Island man there on both understandings. Allah tells us in the Quran, that there are sheltering and ins with Gene there are shale team that are from humanity, and there are shale team from the unseen world, the gene. Now those who are from humanity are just like you and I have had a lot, but they have taken on the traits of the shape on what does this mean? The word shape on it comes from shelter, which means to

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go beyond a demarcated area, and to know that this is where I should stop, but to willfully go beyond it in arrogance and pride and in rebellion against what is the norm and the rule that others follow. And therefore, you know, even in the vernacular of, you know, Arabs, they say shopping at bomb, you know, the food shop, meaning it's no longer edible, it's been overcooked, that it's been burned. So anything that goes so far, that it it, it's lost its inner core, its inner goodness, that it's no longer recognizable. It's had this devilish this, this downturn into demolition is and that's what we mean by shaitan. One who has chosen evil when they were in good, one who goes to the

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evil head long when they were in a place of protection and good. And therefore this is in their shaytani ends, there will be no harm there. shavon can cause addition. And it could be as you're sitting there, you get a phone call from a brother, and you get a phone call from that sister, who tells you you know what this person did, then that and then and all of a sudden, your inner workings, your inner love for each other gets mixed up and gets flipped over. So that's one effect of a shape, panic behavior. And therefore LIBOR, when they're NEMA are things that are condemned, mumble and sinful. The second are the way for wayward thoughts that at times are in our self, that

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the shaytaan then amplifies so Subhanallah, one of the brothers he entered in the room he said said I'm on a club everyone and he spoke to this person, this person and overlooked you and spoke to that person. And as you're sitting there, your mind sets upon Allah, the brother said to them to everyone, but he didn't, you know, he acknowledged everyone but not me.

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And at that moment, your neffs felt an injury of pride here the unseen demonic forces, they come against the heart, and they begin to whisper within us. Oh, it's because you know, this and this, maybe this person said this and all of a sudden what was in you naturally

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A thought the shaper now explodes it within you to make it more than it should. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us to say our the belemnite shaytaan regime when we feel anger, the prophet asks us to do these spiritual actions when we feel a change in our demeanor that has a natural human element. But now it's being exaggerated by the shape on with regards to the second wonderful comment as well as question our brother says, if we can remind our ourselves of the importance of of the third trait, which is where I was coming to the third trait, and when we give charity is that we do not have an mendon one other is that we do not make the person who we have

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been have shown Alhamdulillah by a laws favor upon us that we have shown them that generosity that they have received their promise that we belittle them or demean them, hold it against them, make them feel inferior, or that we are the ones who are above because we are giving, in fact in our Islamic philosophy and our D ideals as Muslims, is that the one who is giving is only giving because Allah gave them and the opportunity for you to give is because Allah opened your heart. But if you choose to give after Allah has opened your heart and then you rebel against Allah, by assuming it's you, and not the generosity of Allah upon you that made you fit to prove for perform that or to

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pursue that act of righteousness, then this is a lonely act and considered one that is unbecoming. The thought process of a true believer to turn away from others in that sense is sinful. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us and to grant us all good. Please, if you have your calls calling in Sharla we're going to take a short break and we'll resume again shortly. Your brother your hair was set up on equal water from Abdullah he wabarakatuh See you soon.