Shameless Conor Mcgregor on Whooping Jesus

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I recently came across a video which was a historical video of Conor McGregor,

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who shall hitherto

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henceforth be referred to as MC stretcher

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based on his failed prediction

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that doesn't poori a would be taken off in a stretcher after there bout McGregor poria three and actually he was taken off on a stretcher. So he shall he the to be referred to as MC stretcher. When we stretch up was speaking about Jesus Christ, a prophet of course, we believe in as Muslims,

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as who is the Messiah, not just a prophet, a messenger and one of the mightiest men who have ever stepped foot on this earth, the son of Mary

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and he has the audacity to speak about him. In the following way. Let's take a look are we asked to say how would you you versus Jesus in the octagon? How would that how would you fare? I'd still Uber's

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How dare you make stretcher? How dare you?

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How dare you speak of a man like Jesus Christ in such a manner, a man who undoubtedly is one of the most influential people of all of history. A man who had impeccable virtue,

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who was a product of miraculous and immaculate conception,

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who did miracles, cured the blind with God's permission, killed the leper, with God's permission, raised the dead with God's permission. How dare you speak of a man who has mentioned no less than 25 times in the Quran?

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And who his mother's mentioned no less than 32 times in the Quran.

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And who is also mentioned 17 times in the New Testament, and who

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is one of the biggest inspirations of two world major world religions flippantly nonchalantly and disrespectfully. pejoratively derogatorily mentioned you would whip him

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who can you up? Tell me who have you been able to? Do you think is Donald cowboy Sironi?

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You think Jesus Christ is Donald cowboys? Ronnie?

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How dare you speak in that manner?

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How do you speak in that manner? Were you cranked into submission by khabib nurmagomedov. After standing in arrogating, in the manner that you did.

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As he said in his recent interview, why don't you just why don't you just go to sleep? If this was such a war, why did you bring yourself to submit in the manner that you did? In such a high stakes bout?

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You submitted to the will of a Muslim?

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Think about that for a second, a practicing Muslim, you try to embarrass and now you try and disrespect you try and disrespect a figure like Jesus Christ. mk stretcher. You're an arrogant man. And you will be dealt the decisive blow. And I'm not talking about the one that you've already been dealt many times over. In your career. I'm talking about the decisive blow

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in the hereafter.

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When you are judged.

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On the Day of Judgment

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Day, will you be resurrected?

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And you were all over the place.

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In that video saying Jesus is dead? Is he alive? Jesus is alive, he's been ascended.

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And this doctrine of ascension is a doctrine concurrent in both the Christian and the religion. Obviously the Christian religion and the religion of Islam. Both Muslims and Christians believe in the ascension of Jesus Christ, and that both religions believe that Jesus Christ is a life actually at the moment. So what on earth? are you even talking about you ignoramus?

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We believe that Jesus Christ is alive now and that he will be coming back. Yes, just like Christians who believe a second coming. All of those things we believe, as Muslims as well.

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This is a lesson

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and a piece of information for all of those within and outside of the Muslim community. We don't just take offense when the Prophet Muhammad

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So a lot while he was selling the final prophet who came up to Jesus, and who is actually mentioned in the Bible, yes, in the book of Isaiah, chapter 42, verse 11,

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were explicitly mentioned that our prophet will come to the people of Qaeda, which in the book of Genesis, tells us, those the Arab people,

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and in the mountains of Salah, which are the mountains of Medina,

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we believe not just that you cannot insult will that we will take offense to the insult of, I should say,

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the prophet Mohammed. Well, but we believe

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that if you insult any of the prophets, including Jesus, and Abraham and Moses,

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that we will take equal offense to that.

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So make stretch, come to the truth

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or be humiliated in this world as you already have been,

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and in the Hereafter, as you will be was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.