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AI: Summary © The title "IT" in the Bible relates to certain concepts and financial troubles. The discussion touches on the importance of understanding concepts in order to determine one's actions and actions in the world. The segment emphasizes the Hara and its importance in context of Islam, and encourages individuals to practice it to avoid confusion and chaos.
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In Alhamdulillah, NAMA Naramata who want to cesternino who want to steal the Pharaoh? When are we let him in surely and fusina women say here RTR Marlena, Maria de la HuFa la medulla. One minute little fella had yella wa Chateau a la ilaha illallah Hua who la sharika wa Chateau Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh another ad. We'll see C'mon FC beta koala foccacia Amaran Allah Jota Allah He Cadabby hidden Karim Berta our auto bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku. Hola Hola, Paulo colon Salida. You slept loco mama Hola, como Villa Coombs and overcome Well, mejor de la hora Sula, who forgot the Pfizer frozen Aldi, muscle mama bag.

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In CRR, lamb and novella, one of the giant volumetric books, that book that talks about the stories of the greats of the past. It's a it's a book that has over 60 volumes. If you put it in a shelf, no IKEA bookshelf is going to, you know, one shelf is going to be enough, you're probably going to need three shelves to just cover the length of that volume. In Sierra 11 novella, there's a story that is mentioned. And the story is about this person

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who died in 1868, or actually who was in charge of Egypt and Syria in 1868, by the name of Ibn coloane.

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Those of you that are in Egypt, his grave is there in Egypt, you can go and see his grave even though alone, and it's in a courtyard of a masjid. The Masjid was built after there was a person a che, who would be sitting and who would be reciting Quran on the grave of EBO alone. The person who's narrating the story, he says that, from every day, my commute, work, home home work, I would have to cross this graveyard. And when I would cross the graveyard i would see the CHE sitting on the grave of even though alone and reciting Quran.

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But then all of a sudden, the chef disappeared. There's no more recitation of the Quran on the grave, nothing is happening. What happened.

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Many days later, he runs into that old man the shade again and he grabs him and he says die. I have a question for you. I used to see you recite on the grave of this leader even though alone Quran.

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Well, first off, and I saw you and you stopped. What happened?

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He said, even though alone, who was the ruler at that time of Syria and Egypt before he passed away, God Isley father, he was a person who was nice to me, he did good things to me as a ruler. So I wished that what do I do? I'm a poor man who I don't have anything. So I said Why don't I go and recite some Quran? In this hopes that Allah subhanaw taala you will coffee for Ali Hill hijab, that Allah will reduce his Uddhav on him.

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Then the person asked, then why did you stop? I mean, if that was the cause, then why did you stop? He said for in Neeraj. I told my mom I saw in one night a dream. For Johnny even though alone in the dream, even though alone came to me.

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And he said, Stop reciting Quran

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for every time you come across a verse that you recite kilometer cry, Leigh Hill, Quran you cry.

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Every time you recite a verse, the angels come, and they recite that same verse to me that you're reciting and say, That's not harder. Did you not hear this verse? Did you not hear this verse? Did you not hear this verse? So for every recitation of the Quran you're doing and use, I am being asked in the grave. So please stop.

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In the next few hook buzz

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that I have prepared, and the interactions that I've had within the community conversations,

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I came to this realization that there are certain concepts that need to need a reframe, ification you have to reframe them. We need to correct some of the concepts we have in terms of our like, belief systems, whether it is related to

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Certain things that we hold very dearly to ourselves, some things might be held out of cultural practices, those concepts if not corrected, we cannot move forward as a community.

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And many of these concepts are something we may hold dearly, because that's how we've only seen things done. Or these concepts may be, you know, just lack of sheer knowledge. We don't know that what's the right way to believe on it. And I saw my friend doing it. And I just followed a simple aspect of that. I'll give you an example. Something I witnessed today. Right? There's a brother in the audience who entered and he was there before me in the masjid. And he saw the two brothers who are cleaning the two black brothers who are cleaning the masjid. And the brother went up to him and say, Are you guys muslim?

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One of the brothers said, No, I'm not Muslim. Well, let me tell you what Islam is about. And the other goes on toss tells them and within in the in the in that four year the cleaner who's been cleaning Masjid since like two weeks before Ramadan, he takes shahada in front of me.

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The person who gave dower to him is not a scholar.

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He has the right concept of Dawa.

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That my job is to convey La ilaha illallah in whatever way I can from my heart. And if it's from the heart, it will connect the heart

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and I walk in and his brother was like this brother is taking shahada you gotta go take a shower. And like all of this is how I'm like Subhan Allah

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and the person is just an average person just like you and I, but the concept of Dawa is correct.

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Oh, let me go take some training and said no, you know, La ilaha illAllah La ilaha illallah and we move forward

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long list here

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Allahumma salli wa sallam on the lawn was that it was it

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So, the next few concepts, the next few code bases are going to be on correcting concepts.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala throughout the Quran is correcting concepts for us. For example, Allah subhanaw taala. When the Quran starts off, you will see that Allah subhanaw taala is saying, Well, I'm not even I'm Abdullah who?

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For other it he does Kochava or a be Han. Allah is like, when we test a person what he does when we withhold the money, he's like, Oh, Allah has deserted me. What's What's the i right after that?

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God Allah concept is wrong.

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That when you have a financial trouble, it doesn't mean that Allah has deserted to

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was walking and he saw a bunch of young you know, mashallah, sometimes when you walk out in the corridor, you see these young teenagers, they're like bulking and they're like, Oh, I'm putting this much protein and this much in this match. And you know, and they're walking with their chests up high. Right? He saw some of these kids are walking around. So rasool Allah grabs them and says, Do you know who's a wrestler?

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These these young kids are lucky I know who a wrestler is. A wrestler is the one who can pick up a person and pin them down. Rasul Allah is like lace haha. That's not a wrestler.

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A wrestler, a true wrestler is a person who is able to control his anger

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at the time, when he can take revenge. That's a true wrestler.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with the Sahaba he said, identity Emmanuel mirthless. Do you know who is a poor person? The Sahaba as he said era surah Allah Mullah Muhammad Allah who was

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the most place amongst us is the one who has no money no dollars, got no job, no house no car.

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Rasul Allah is like law. I will mostly sue

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a poor person is one yet to my little piano. That person is going to come to the Day of Judgment with so many good deeds. We'll call the shutdown Maha he backed by this person while Dada bajada and hit the car of this person will

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AlFalah Ha Ha Ha he did all of these things for you. huzzle Minh has an IP all of his good deeds are going to be taken for your thought and I thought it will be given to another or other person while I'm yet Carla who che and when he will have nothing for your woman say

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the bad deeds of the other person will be taken and dumped upon that person had them willfulness. This is a poor person. So throughout our history, throughout Sierra, you're going to find that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was correcting concepts.

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The Sierra is filled with that Quran is filled with it.

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Another example Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sees a dead goat.

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He's a dead goat. And that goat had already defected, had a torn air. It had a broken tail that it was already defective.

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So rasool Allah goes and grabs the hear of ear of that goat. My yesterday her the bidet

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who was going to buy this for a Durham, for $1, the tradesman the business people there he said, Ya rasool Allah in Canada yet and if it was alive, we would not have bought it for $1 Let alone dead.

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Then what did he say Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said very early

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in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala dunya is more belittle than this in your eyes?

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rectifying concepts, so if you read entire Sierra of Rasul Allah, you read the Sahaba, you read all the time, concepts were rectified. Why is it so important? Because in psychology,

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when we say your concepts are the drivers of your conduct,

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your concepts are the driver of your conduct,

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the subtle rofa

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So we'll write to what G who does a robot, your Tessa will write how you envision something, your concept of something to what G who drives you a letter robot towards conduct.

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So if your concept of gold, a five year old doesn't understand the concept of gold,

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he can take the gold ring from his mom's finger,

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he doesn't understand that gold, he doesn't understand that diamond, he's going to grab that run off with it, because he doesn't understand the concept of gold. So since he lacks the understanding of what gold is and how to interact with gold,

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his sunroof his conduct with that gold ring is completely different than a person who understands the value of gold. Because then that person says, Oh, I see gold. Two things. If I'm a practicing Muslim, I'll find the rightful owner.

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But if you're living in America, you find gold, what do you do you go to a pawn shop and sell it.

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You make quick cash, they understand gold is valuable. So the problem that we're facing as a community, not this in general, is that we've got concepts that are not in the right places.

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So the list that are you know, I have is around eight to nine so far, there are essential concepts for our Felicity in Akira for our fruition our success in Africa.

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And if those concepts get rectified, insha Allah and they are pegged to the teachings of nothing but Quran and Sunnah.

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Then Inshallah, there is a lot of hope for us that you know, we're able to, to move forward in the right directions, and we're able to change our Tessa roof. We're able to change our conduct

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from within without anybody forcing us.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And I end with the story in sha Allah in from next week, we will start our first concept, which is going to be the baraka of Quran. The concept of baraka of the Quran. Will we'll touch that inshallah in detail next week. But today, I end with the story. And this is important for us, because sometimes our concepts

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may be built on absolute ignorance, no basis to it. There was a zahavi new Muslim you convert

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It's relevant to the story of the brother who converted that brother. I'm not even sure if he's here with us. He was, you know, we asked him to go take a shower. He's not he should come back in sha Allah. But so there's a Sahabi who converted. And he was on an expedition with the sahaba.

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In that expedition was Abu Bakr Omar, the rest of the sahaba.

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Now Abu Bakr Omar and the more knowledgeable Sahabas, were busy planning something. And this person he got up in Fajr. He got up in Fajr, and he had to take a shower.

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He had to take a shower.

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So he went to the camp where this Sahabas work. And these were Sahabas, who required rectification of certain concepts because they were also new Muslims, they had just, you know, become Muslim two, three years ago, they were still learning. They were not like Abu Bakr and Omar who were there in the trial periods of Makkah and understood these concepts. So they said to him, you can pray Fudger like this.

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You got to take a shower.

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But he's like, but I'm sick. If I take a shower, I'll die. It's a cold night in the desert. I can't take a shower. Can I do anything else? He said no luck. There is no way for you except shower.

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Nah, I like illusory. You only can do shower our Sharia has no exemptions for Tara.

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So the brother he decided and he said to clay. I will go and make a brother that's a hobby. He did the hustle. As soon as he come out of the woods came out of the hustle and came out out of the sheer cold before Fajr Salah he got so cold that he started shivering and the sahabi passed away.

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They did the Janaza on him.

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Abu Bakr and Omar Radi Allahu, and we're quite sad, upset. Why didn't you come talk to us? Then I'll show him the expedition took place and they all went back to Medina. Now when they arrived in Medina Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam obviously would greet the expeditions back and on the way back when he was greeting the expedition, the story was told to him.

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This happened, this happened, this happened. And then there's a hobby he took a shower and he passed away.

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Notice how angry Rasul Allah becomes.

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This is the most harshest statement, Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has ever reported being said towards Muslims. You don't have any statements like this of, of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam towards a Muslim, except when their concepts were deviated. Or they were based on lack of knowledge.

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Rasul Allah looked at them and he said, who were the ones that gave him this matura sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. They said, Heather, these are the ones rasool Allah says. Cthulhu you guys became the cause of his death you killed him. God Allah Kuma Allah, may Allah kill you.

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Or Jeep

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this is say you will Hulk Rama to lie the mean.

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And he is like you killed him. bathala Kumala May Allah kill you. Why? Because the concept of the had this understanding that the Hara is an essential part, but they didn't understand the exemptions of them, Dean. So my, I implore every single one of us that is here, that what you're going to hear in the next few, seven or eight hotbars are going to be concepts that are very dear to some of us, we may hold them very, very dearly to us. But I want you to listen to them with an open ear. And everything that we're going to state is going to be based on a Hadees or a Quran IRA. So we will bring all of those references, listen to them with an open heart so that you can walk away with a

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better understanding. Even if you beg to disagree. There are nothing that I'm going to be presenting that is anyways of disagreement between the folk Aha, but anything that will be presented in the next few eight to seven, eight to nine COBUS will be predicated on the fact that we want to be able to look at these concepts that we have. And hopefully with a new reframing of that concept, we're able to change our conduct as a community towards myself first, then my family, then hopefully, within the community at large Insha Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala that he grants us the TOEFL to practice and that which we learn and let this learning of ours be be not a Hoja against us on the

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Day of Judgment.

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rather be a Hoja for us, so that we may enter Jannah with this opodo ohada was stuck for Hola Hola, como discipleland Muslimeen first of farofa in the whole world of Rahim.

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Lahu it he was LM Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira. Today is a day of Friday, a reminder for sorbitol calf for those who haven't recited and for those that are a reminder the second reminder is that today is the day of salutations on W Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ma who NACA of the Rubicon there is no better vicar on this day than the vicar of sending salutations of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and remembering his virtues and his greatness. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada that he accepts from us the love of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and grants us the true love and eliminates

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all other forms of loves from our hearts other than the love of Samuel Hamad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask that you know by Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy and the Rama that we're able to truly understand our deen the way Allah intended it and his W Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam intended it. And we ask that Allah subhanaw taala gives every single one of us that which we desire in this dunya if it is good for us, and Allah keeps it away from us if it's not good for our iman, we ask that Allah subhanaw taala grants us the ability to connect with the message of the Quran that Allah of the Quran and truly understand and live through the message of the Quran in every single moment

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of our lives. We asked it for those of us who truly want to practice Quran, but we all fall and slip that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the tofield to do true Toba to Allah subhana wa Tada and we returned back to him and we not be arrogant for for with our sins, and we humble ourselves towards the Majesty of Allah subhanaw taala we ask that Allah protects the Imam of every single one of us here, and every single one of our children and our children's children, Eli Yan will teach them that our emotions are protected. Our our iman and our honors are protected. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala rectifies the state of our Shabaab, our youth, and protects our sisters from any fitting that

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may be out there for them. We ask that Allah grants our sisters, the Iman and steadfastness to wear the hijab and the banner of this Islam and to be the forefront runners because they take the brunt of the heat for you and I So may Allah give them a stick Alma Shabbat hedaya. So they're able to truly stretch this fat that this path with all the difficulties and Allah gives them pleasure for every difficulty that they share. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala that are as brothers that we become those who truly spread the message of Allah subhanaw taala and the message of Islam to every person that we do like the brother set an example for us, he enters the masjid sees a person who is

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not a Muslim, talk to him about Islam. You never know when that person is close to Islam, the one accepted the other didn't Allahu Akbar, this is Allah as well. So we ask Allah that we become the torchbearers of Islam, torchbearers of Quran. Apolo only had our cell for Allah howdy welcome Melissa Elin. Muslimeen first of all, but in the who who will refer or Rahim or abdomen Salah insalata 10 has an infection among cardiopathy Adel comme la la Conterra karoun.

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Long Walk Run a long walk club, I should know Allah, Allah Allah Allah Hola, eyeshadow, Mohammad Rasool Allah Hi yah la sala.