Is Saying Sadaqa Allah al-‘Azeem After Recitation Of Quran An Innovation – Shaykh Omar

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is saying Southern hola hola Arlene after a recitation of an innovation

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so it's not from the Sunnah of the Prophet size have to say that after every recitation, nor is it from the practice of the companions. However, if it is an essentially, it is essentially an affirmation of what a last pass I mentioned that this is a truthful word that has been spoken. And it represents the phonology or it's a practice to say that we have finished the recitation on it and it is an affirmation indeed, of what Allah mentions of sunblock Allah, then there is no harm minutes. The point is, is that it should not be done every single time to where a person takes it to be a sin. And nor should it be condemned to some blameworthy innovation just because a person does

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it. So it's one of those things that's affirmed in the portal and that it is indeed the truthful word of Allah subhana wa Tada. And it has become a practice of law and you don't find scholars,

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you know, reprimanding people for reciting it as it arose centuries ago. But again, a person should not take it as a sin and do it every single time or think that they have to do it, nor should they obliged to their students to do it. As a matter of taking it as a student of the profits online.

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