The One Deed That Destroyed You

Hatem al-Haj


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One of our greatest problems is our insensitivity to our, to our crimes, or insensitivity to our crimes. Because it could be one thing that you do that earns you salvation. And it could be one thing that you do that earns you domination, like,

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you know, remember 15 years ago when you

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do you remember 15 years ago when you yelled in your mother's face, it could have been the destructive one. And you just moved on you You were so insensitive, but allow me to have been watching this. And then you know,

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like an avalanche avalanche of destruction may have before you your event See, but I have made the, you know, decisions about it, you know, the things were decreed from that time on that you will be bewildered and confused for the rest of your life. Did you see what Ben esrf did when they refuse to walk with Moosa cross Syrah into the Holy Land? And then they'll just for 40 years and generation was wiped out people died in Sinai, you know, a good portion of them died and Sinai and we were never able to make it because of one act of rebellion against the loss of pinata, do you think you have not been through you have not done any of this stuff? You really haven't done anything that

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would be

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a reason for our last ferrata to series throw you a confusion.

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And so as then you think that you will be able to move beyond that to get out of it, you know, release yourself from its captivity without his help. Never. Because you think you may think that you're a guy that but you are so misguided. You may think that you are doing well, having a vehicle but absolutely no matter the anomalous ion forehead donia when we accept, no, we

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should not tell you of the ones with the worst deeds of accidental nada, and levina babyliss I own those whose whose

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salary or their work in this dunya was all misguided. While thinking that they are doing when they were they were confident that they were doing well.

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And those are enough sorry, now Malik. So motala Gina is basically to be sensitive to your own DNA, be sensitive to your own crimes. And that is why we will talk about this when we talk about them What are covered, we talk about the Maha Sabha self reckoning, it is being sensitive to your own Jeannette and remember your jenaya that you may have committed for the or 50 years ago because it may have been the one that destroyed you it may have been the one that keeps you away from Allah subhanaw taala unless you repent and unless you seek a lot of help to repent, and if you don't remember them that a total armor that needs to be really sincere, though but armor which is the

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general tober you know, to return to Allah subhanaw taala with complete repentance from all of your DNA.

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Can you hear me? Okay?

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Toba mystery penta Allah Spano, tala from all of your denial those that you remember. And those that you do not remember. In shall light when it will read you have the generic but if it is in CFL, but if it is turban or Suharto, or sincere