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Santa Monica matamata la hora que tu it's your brother your hair Brahim with another dudes dudes number four of our daily Pepsi juice a day. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the energy to complete it. We begin juicing number four, which is near the middle, near the middle end of salty, salty earlier Emraan which is the third chapter of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala begins in this section by speaking about the oldest place of worship in that way of eating orderliness, the first house that was dedicated as a place in a sanctuary of worship lillahi Baca, which is in that valley of Mecca, or Mohammed Salalah, while he was selling a lot continues by saying, hold on to the rope

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of Allah while those who will be handling law and holding on to it the rope of Allah is the whole and meaning revelation, belief in that there is a communication from the Almighty, to those of us on this earth to make us and instill in us good. We are the best of nations, Quantum hydrometallurgical in PNAS, if we were to maintain our faith, enjoying what's good and forbid what's evil, and in that shows us the importance of being a person who tries to bring good not just to yourself, but to broader elements in society. A love then warns about treachery and hypocrisy. Well, yeah, you I love you know, men who lead who belong to men do and be careful with those who tried to segment you and

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not obey leadership and those who tried to divide you apart. That this is one of the underpinnings of treachery in society and brings about a defeatist spirit. A lot, also, some kind of went to begin speaking in detail about the Battle of code, which is the second greatest Battle of Islam. And the law speaks about the consequence of disobeying a law of disobeying His Messenger. So I sell them, especially in directives and orders that should make sense to us. But we do what our heart desires and searching for the dounia searching for that, that the contentment of the worldly life rather than the alcohol. And the law speaks about humiliation as being directly sourced from deviance and

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disobedience to Revelation. A love then also speaks about the characteristics of piety to offset that, that those who are going to bring success with Sadie or Elon Musk Philippine, those who will chase and run and be foremost in seeking the forgiveness of their Lord have particular traits. They are those are identical, Matata in Allah the name for whom fsri, right they give in from charity, whether they are wealthy or whether they're in austere measures. They are Calvin mean ally, they restrict their anger, they hold it within themselves, when I feed it nice and they're capable of pushing it completely out of their heart in their forgiveness and pardon of others will love your

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husband. masini surely Allah loves those who do righteousness amongst others, a lot. Also Subhana Allah speaks about having that defeatist self imposed prison, of lack of success, where a person assumes that they will never be successful when as well as No, don't ever think you won't be successful don't have that. So what end to will end Ireland, you will ascend if you believe in yourself, and you remain committed to faith, in quantum Meaning, if you have that faithfulness a lot, a love then speaks about the greatest struggle, which is a struggle with you against yourself. And that that is a pretext of being able to struggle in the path of God to free those who are

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oppressed, and finding themselves in difficulty. And that's one of the greatest lessons that is learned in the Battle of God, that it wasn't about standing in the struggle against the oppressors and and the unbelievers, but it was struggling against themselves and when those will have failed some of them to stay on the mountain as discussed by Allah subhanho, tan and the prophets, I sell them as an order to them, they of course, lost the dunya and after I

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lost a share of their dunya even though they gained the Alfredo with a loss of Hannah with to Allah, on account of their love for the Prophet Mohammed Salalah, what he was sending him, the surah then speaks about how to recover and that Allah subhanaw taala must be the center, center of our affection and love and target of our prayers. And Allah says in the last 10 verses of the surah, from one to 190 to 200, which is the ending of the surah he begins to describe in nephew calculus Mr. To art in the creation of the heavens and the earth. And the alternations of the night and day are signs to those who have faith and think about Allah. You have good on aloha qiyamah mahalo.

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Don't want a legend obey Him. They're committed to God and thinking of him in all moments of their life standing, sitting and laying down. Yet the math halaqa our law you haven't created this for not there's something that you seek of me and I will fulfill it. These last 10 verses were recited by the prophets, I send them in the depth of the night, and whenever he woke up from his sleep sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tried to make it as soon as in your life, I love them begins the next chapter of the whole on which is sort of a nice that the fourth chapter of the whole and it's one of the two wild along soldiers of the Quran, and immediately Allah begins to address oppression and a

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lot begins to chastise those who

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Do oppression and that he will give victory to those who are oppressed and the oppressed or those who are weak unto themselves, those who are abused those who were abused as orphans, those who were widowed and those who were women who were abused, in particular, banned from being able to make a trade off to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then Allah gives an example of real life conditions which his inheritance, were at that time, women were completely annexed, and they themselves were inherited by future consecutive governors, and a lot changes all this and puts an end to that oppression, and gives women a share in inheritance. And that inheritance is

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determined by him, and not selected by us who we like and who we don't like. And that removes family feuds and oppression that we may cause to each other, a lot also begins to give women and that's the title of this order and miss out, and emancipation and entitlement to own property to buy to sell to choose who they marry, and so on, and so forth. And that was revolutionary in that moment in history. Finally, at the end of the sort of, at the end of this Jews in sort of

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a Nyssa. And there's a whole entire Jews before this sort of comes to an end, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the importance of

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Manhattan, who you're allowed and who you're not allowed to marry.

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Let the who and these are a list of people that you should not marry, totally not equal. These people are hot on Omaha to come webinar to come at, you know, your your, your mothers and so on a whole list of people who are untouchable in that sense, and clarifies all of that detail and issues that will relate to paternity moving forward. That is chapter four. The Jews in number four, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses us with insightful reading of the Quran. Also Lila Mozilla Mozilla Vedic Allah said no Mohammed, see your brother your hyper Rahim with the Jews a day in our daily Tafseer that was the fourth Jews. I hope you join me for future ones with said Mr. ecomondo Allah