Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 201D Tafsir Al-Qasas 57-67

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the myth of Islam and its supposed harm to people, including the use of alcohol and the "any harm" to people if they use it. It also touches on the history of Islam, including its use of punishment and the use of language in people's minds. The segment concludes with a discussion of the "any harm" to people if they use it, and the potential consequences of actions like the Day of Judgment.
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Now what is it that prevents people from accepting

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will call you and they say in if Netta beer we follow alHuda the guidance. They say that if we were to follow guidance maraka with you what will happen to us

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know the hot path men are Lena.

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We would be swept from our land. If we were to follow alHuda we would know the hot path men are gonna know the hot path from hot fall. And hot is to snag something away quickly, swiftly.

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So we would be snatched away min arlena from our land, meaning people would come and attack us. Right? And they would kill us they would evict us from Makkah. In other words, we would no longer be able to stay here in Makkah, our lives would be in danger. Our entire economy would collapse. We will be attacked, we wouldn't be safe. This is such a lie. Because Allah says our alumno makin did wha and lamb not? Did we not already know Makela home? We established for them No Makin from McCanna establish firmly, did we not establish for them? How Rahman a sanctuary that is eminent that is safe in Makkah, what kind of a city is it? It's a city that is a city of Amman, meaning no bloodshed, no

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warfare is allowed in that city. And this is something that was observed by the Arabs at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also before him also, this was something understood that even if you see your father's killer in the Haram, you don't touch him. You follow him around until he leaves the Haram and then you do whatever you want. But as long as he's in the Haram, you cannot touch him. This was the rule.

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So this was such a lie that the machine we're saying that if we accept Islam, then we're going to be attacked, people are going to come and attack us. They're going to kill us. They're going to evict us and we want to be safe over here. Where do you live out of all the places on the earth you live in Makkah it's the safest place in the earth.

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And we you bet huge bear it is brought from the root letters gene by well to collect to accumulate to bring together

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so it is brought in add to it some are our two fruits cliche in of everything.

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How much Allah is providing you in this city, despite your evil actions, despite your schicke that from all over the world. Food is brought to you because from such a long time ago, maca I mean, nothing grows there. Even at the time of the Prophet saw the loss and nothing grew there. Ibrahim on his side when he left his family there. What do I did he make that Oh ALLAH provide them with fruits, because nothing grows here. So as the pilgrims would come from all over the area, they would come what would they bring with them? Things for trade? This is how in Makkah you could find anything, even today. Even today in Makkah, you can find basically anything. I mean, now you have

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Halal fast food chains. I mean, all over the Muslim world. But long time ago, like 1015 years ago, you didn't have a halal version of McDonald's in every Muslim country, by the way. No, I don't think McDonald's was there. But KFC for example. Okay, I grew up in Pakistan and I remember going to Makkah and being shocked like really you can actually have this it's Hello. People criticize that I don't know why they criticize that you have halal food, enjoy it. Why not? It's food that you're accustomed to food that you want to eat? Alhamdulillah eat it. I mean, yes, it's a distraction for people. As long as you're not distracted by it. You went there for a bother you do you worry about

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that. And if in the Quran, Allah has said there is no harm if you engage in a little bit of commerce when you're at Hudson, who are we to criticize this? You know, this is a human need a human need. Right? So, YouTuber, la he thought Murata Konishi, Allah is providing you with so much in the city, even though you are doing shit. What do you think about Allah, that if you were to worship only Him, if you were to believe and follow in His Messenger, He will not provide you anymore. What do you think about Allah? This is his Camila Dona provision from us. Allah is the provider. The city is not the provider, the visitors who come they're not the providers. Allah is the provider, one that can

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throw him layer on the moon but most of them do not know. So what's the lesson over here? That if you feel that because

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of Islam, you're going to suffer in the worldly sense, then this is basically a fear that you have, which might have some truth to it. But at the end of the day, it's not the people of the world. It's not the things of the world that provide for you. Who is your true provider? Who is your real provider?

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Who is your real provider? Allah subhanaw taala. You know, many times we hesitate, leaving something wrong, out of this fear that if we leave it, then what are we going to do.

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But when you see the truth, and you accept it, then you're not going to be deprived. Allah will give you something.

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Allah will give you something better. And so many people's lives are a testimony to this, that when they make a change in their lives, like for example, switching jobs, it might be a very difficult choice to make

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a very difficult, very risky choice to make. But when you do it with the Wakil in Allah subhanaw taala, then perhaps Allah will give you something much better.

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Much, much better. So, over here, the Mushrikeen of maca, their excuse is being refuted that this is not a good enough reason to reject Islam. What come Alekna and Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran foliar will do rub the hurdle bait they should worship the Lord of this house Allah de uttama hum enduring What am an element called the One who has fed them at times of hunger and he has protected them in times of fear will come with a lacuna and if you want to cling to this dunya if you want to prefer this over Allah and His Messenger, then look at the past. What come alakina And how many we destroyed. Many Arya 10 or off a city. Battery rot it was insolent with regards to Marie shatta Ha,

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its way of living its livelihood, badly rot from the letters Bell top or bottom, we have done this word earlier also, butter is basically to be ungrateful. Okay. And this ingratitude could be in different forms. Okay. Basically, battle is when a person is, you know, he's got a blessing, and he forgets to be grateful to Allah subhanaw throne, he forgets to thank the monitor. I'm the one who has favored him. Okay. Like, for example, you give a gift to a child. Okay? They take the gift, and then just open it up and start playing with it. And you're like, What do you say?

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So somebody has to remind the child say thank you. Alright, so the child basically forgot to thank the monitoring. And sometimes we behave like children also worse than them, that we enjoy so many blessings and we get so lost in those blessings and we forget to thank Allah subhanaw taala. We're in love with those blessings. We're in love with those things that we forget to thank Allah. Then another form of butter is that a person begins to feel pride. And because of what he's been given,

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right pride because of what he's been given. Or he's using what he's been given in a wrong way. Okay, because he's got it. He's so in love with it. He doesn't care about the rules. He just does whatever he wants whatever he pleases. Alright, this is another form of butter. So it's used for pride, boastfulness, even butter is used for looking down on a blessing

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that a person is given something as like, oh, it's not good enough. I want something better.

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This doesn't fit me I deserve something better. So what can I lack now I'm in Korea tin Buckley, Otto Marisha Taha, how many cities were destroyed before they were arrogant, they were insolent in their way of living.

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The Orisha is a means of livelihood, meaning their lifestyle, their wealth, their business or commerce, their economy, whatever it was, they were so arrogant about it, that they basically worshipped it. And in that they forgot the giver of those blessings.

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Allah says Fatima Sakeena home. So these are their homes Moroccan floral of masculine, go look at their homes. They're still standing today. Learn to scan they were not inhabited from second to live. They were not inhabited minbar the hem after them. Illa kalila except very little meaning because of their disbelief because of their ingratitude what happened? The very blessings because of which they were so proud. Those blessings were taken away from them. Look at their homes, they still stand today but the people are gone. They were eradicated finished will come national worthy thing and it is we who are the inheritors meaning there was nobody left to eat

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inherit from them. The entire civilization was wiped out homes building Stan today but the people are gone. Look at the example of the people of odd so most people have had our own so much they were given, but when they were arrogant, last in those blessings forgetting Allah, did these blessings help them? That these things help them know why Mr. Khanna wama and not Kana he was robbed Buka your Lord, moodily Cal pura one who would destroy the cities for our plural of Korea. Your Lord would never destroy the cities had there until Yaba he would raise he would send fee only her in its mother and also law a messenger. What does it mean by the mother of the cities? The Central City,

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the main city?

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That if ever a civilization a city of people were destroyed.

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It wasn't just like that. No, it was after Allah had sent a prophet to the central city. Take the example of fit our own. Wasn't Musar listen, I'm sent as a prophet. He was right. And it was after Musar Lisanna was sent the frown and his people were destroyed. Yet through I lay him i attina And that messenger what would he do? He would recite on them Our Verses wanna kill Nam only kill Quran and we would never ever destroy the city's Illa except what Aloha while its people were Lolly Moon wrongdoers, meaning Allah would only destroy people when they were volume when they were doing good. Now one thing we see over here is that Allah subhanaw taala sent messengers to central towns, Mother

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towns, own towns. Why? Because the own towns they are the heart of the population.

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Right? I mean, think about it. We live in the Greater Toronto Area. What's the heart of it all?

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Downtown Toronto. Alright, who's not familiar with it? A person lives in a topic or they live in Brampton. They live in whatever area they know about downtown, isn't it? So If any thing happens in downtown, like for example, if there's a game, there's a parade, all right, or anything like that the news? It spreads everywhere, doesn't it? The population is the most dense, if you think about it, which is why driving is impossible. Their population is the most dense. And secondly, whatever happens over there spreads everywhere. So when Allah sent messengers, he didn't just send them to small villages, small populations don't He sent the prophets to the main central towns the message

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with spread and this is why the prophets Allah sunnah, was sent to Makkah. Wama ot tome, Allah says warmer and whatever ot term you have been given min, che and of anything, anything that you have been given, think about what you've been given.

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Think about what you've been given your family, your food that you've eaten, the breakfast that you had today, or maybe you didn't have anything today, and you're thinking about eating something, now after class, whatever it is that you've been given, car, home, your clothes, jackets, shoes, linens, whatever it is that you've been given, Allah says it is from a TA O, it is enjoyment of Al hieratic. Dunya of the worldly life was enough to her. And it is it's a dormant, meaning it's just something that is matar here, meaning it's something of use here, you use it here. And it's irrelevant, completely irrelevant. The moment you die.

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The moment you leave this world, no matter what you have in this world becomes irrelevant. It's not a matter of for you anymore.

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You know, for example, a person who's alive they're wearing jewelry. Is that a source of beautification for them? Is it a source of material for them, of course, they're using it, they're enjoying it, but a dead person, what happens? Whatever jewelry they're wearing, it's taken off?

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It's taken off because it doesn't make sense to leave it on them.

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Right? So from atoll higher to dunya was in Ottawa. It's just something that you enjoy while you are alive here, because they're good to necessities of this life short lived, and they're adornment for the days of this life. Woman in the law, he and that which is with Allah, it is hired on it is much better. How is it much better because it's not short lived? It's eternal. It's not for a little while. It is forever. It's not a little quantity. It's endless quantity.

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It's not something that you're going to run out of No, it's something that will always be there warmer in the LA he Chiron it is much much better. And it is whatever call and it is about more lasting from the call but to remain and above all

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Have more remaining more lasting everlasting, meaning it'll never finish. And the things of this world what happens to them, you have to replace them

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or you have to be replaced.

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You have to replace those things because they're no good anymore. So you have to get something else in their place, you have to get rid of what you have and get another in its place, or the thing is still useful, but you're no longer there. So you have to be replaced.

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Right we die.

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And then somebody else becomes the owner. Right?

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When are in the law? Hi, Ron, whatever call I Falletta pillow loon. Do you not then reason Will you not then understand?

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Why is this I mentioned over here, what prevents people from accepting guidance from living Islam from following Allah's orders. That's the Estonia the things of this dunya honor of this dunya enjoyment of this dunya. And this one is enough to destroy the pleasures of this world. That whatever you have, it's going to finish. It's not going to last forever. It's very, very short lived temporary. But what Allah has in store for you, if you were to believe and obey Him, that's everlasting. So use some common sense, use some reason over here and do not prefer the things of this world over Allah. Then a comparison is given FM and is then who Why are the now who we have

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promised him? Meaning one is a person whom we have promised wiser than Hassan and a good promise? What is that good promise of paradise? He has believed Allah promises him Jana, for one happy so he is surely one who will meet it lucky one to do Lika one to meet, meaning for sure he's going to obtain this because Allah does not fail in fulfilling his promise. Right? So this is a person whom Allah has promised Jana because of his Iman. And for sure, this promise will be fulfilled this person can he be like come on, like the one who McDonough who we have benefited him metalhead to dunya had the benefit of this worldly life. So then who are he Young? Well piano on the day of

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judgment, He is Minalima budding amongst those who are presented more learning from how bla bla to be present. So those who are presented, presented for what for punishment,

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were in *.

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All the worldly enjoyment disappeared them.

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These two people are they the same. One is living for Jana, striving for Allah's promise. And at the end, Allah will fulfill his promise he will get what his height and what I would call the other is a person who's living for metalhead to dunya Xena Taha, he's enjoying it, whatever little bit of it.

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And on the Day of Judgment, he is minute mark badeen Those who will be presented for punishment and * are these two the same? Which one do you want to be? What end do you want for yourself? Choose wisely? Think about what you're doing? While you're Wilma and on the day when you're gonna de Him He will call them Allah Who will call all people file guru, then he will say, a in a show aka II Where are my partners, chlorella sherek, Alladhina content has removed those whom you used to claim, Allah will ask the polytheists those who worshipped beings other than Allah, that were those whom you used to associate with me where they now and show a cat refers to anyone who was associated with Allah,

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he was given what Allah alone is deserving off, whether it is a rock or it is a person or does the shaitan or a leader, whoever it may be, Allah will say where are they called, he will say, who will respond a Lavina those who have Carly him, it was justified on them, it was made incumbent on them, I'll tell you the word which word, the word of punishment, the word of punishment will have come into effect against them, meaning their guilt is established. If Allah asked somebody, where are those whom you used to worship? What does it mean then for that person? Where's he going?

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Is there any way that he will be forgiven? Because Allah has said the one who does shelf Allah has made gender haram on him.

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So when a person is asked about those whom we used to worship besides Allah, the man means the word of punishment is justified against him. It's established against him. So what will they say? Just a pathetic attempt to get out of that situation? They will say Robina or our Lord, how will I eat these are a Lavina those people who are aware

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enough we lead astray

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a Wayna we lead them astray. Okay. So over here AlLadhina hochkar Allah he will call, they are those who were associated with Allah.

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Call AlLadhina hochkar Allah he will call Who are these people?

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Those who were associated with Allah. So for example, leaders,

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leaders who are blindly followed,

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okay? They will say, Oh our Lord, these are people whom we lead astray. Meaning if they blindly followed us it's because we lead them astray. away now when we lead them astray come away now just as we were last ourselves, but now Ebola, na e, Lake, Ebola now we dissociate ileka to you, meaning we dissociate from these people before you, meaning we've got nothing to do with them.

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We're no longer friends Tamala G Lake MacConnell. A yearner. Yabu dune. Man not can do they were Iyana ser boo, don't they worship? They didn't use to worship us. We weren't their gods. We were just their leaders who are speaking over here. The leaders who were followed, right? The people who lead others astray. What are they clarifying over here that Oh, Allah, these people didn't worship us. They just followed us. Why are they saying this? Because in the previous saya we learned Allah will ask where are those whom you used to worship besides Allah? Where are they? Let's deal with them. Let's punish them. This is the whole issue, right? So those who were associated with Allah,

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they will try to defend themselves. They will say we didn't order them to worship us. They just followed us.

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And they followed us in the wrong that we were doing because we were lost ourselves Makana Jana Yabu. Basically what we see over here is that these people would be afraid of being called Shoraka,

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Shoraka of Allah. Because on the Day of Judgment, who alone will have authority? Allah Maliki OMA Deen. So

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those who were associated with Allah, what do we learn? Such people will be Hassan who Jahannam for sure there will be the fuel of *. So they will try to get out of that. And they will say, You know what, they didn't really worship us. We were just the leaders. This followed us, they didn't really worship us. So they're trying to come to a lesser degree off the crime that they've committed because they're afraid of Allah azza wa jal on that day. What killer and it will be said oder Osaka accom, call upon your partners for their own home, so they will call upon them, those of us to worship others besides Allah, they will be told Call upon your idols. And when they will do fellow

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Mr. G. Bula, whom they will not respond to them. There is no answer. Why? Because they weren't really gods, they won't even hear the call. And even if they hear the call, why would they respond who would dare to claim that day that they are Allah's co equal?

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Who could make such a claim that day, follow me yesterday Bula home everyone will be frightened, no answer that day, what I will either and they will see the punishment, low unknown, can we have the dune if only they were rightly guided, highlight this, this is the main thing, that on the Day of Judgment, they will wish that they were guided, they will wish that they had accepted guidance.

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So today, you know, one is blindly following the other the other is very happy with the leadership or the power that he has. And because of that he's deluded and other is deluded because of this dunya that he has, everything will fizzle away on the Day of Judgment when the reality will come to light. When Allah's power will be manifest, each person will be terrified. I mean, think about what excuses people come up with today. I will say this to Allah, I will say that to Allah, I will give this answer I will ask this question. What do we learn from all of these verses who will dare to speak who will dare to justify themselves? Nobody will be able to ya Oh my god him then on the day

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that he will call them for your call. He will say Mother adoptable, more saline. How did you answer the messengers? Messengers after messengers were sent to you? What was your response? What will happen for me yet so it will become blind. I lay him on them and bear all the news. Meaning all the information they had before they

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will become blind to it. It will be as if they know nothing. They will be so shocked that they have been asked this question. They won't be able to express themselves. You see her me I lay he is when the matter is unclear to somebody so doubtful that they don't know what is right, what is wrong.

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And generally what happens when you're put on the spot and you're asked a question that you weren't expecting? Then what happens? Even if you know the old story, are you able to give an answer? You're just sitting there stunned, shocked. So for me as I lay him will embed it and on that day, they will be confused, their minds will go blank, they will not be able to come up with any explanation for home so they lay it aside alone, they won't even ask each other, meaning they won't be able to even discuss amongst themselves to come up with an answer.

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Because what was their response to the messengers? How is it that they responded to the prophets of Allah? Did they respond positively? No, they didn't. For Imam and turba. This is the main idea for Amma then as for men taba the one who repented what Armineh and he believed what amela sila Han and he does righteous deeds for us.

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He akuna minal morpholine. Then it is such that who will be of those who are successful, who will be successful on the Day of Judgment, the one who has dabba dabba meaning he's left the wrong that he was upon, repented from whatever wrong that he was in. Secondly, I'm in a believed and thirdly, Amina Saleh and observing the duties enjoined upon him than such people shall be successful. They shall be kept in peace and security on the Day of Judgment, Allah Masha Allah Minh home, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them because the prophets of Allah said I'm warned that the one who will be interrogated that day, then he is doomed. So over here, examples have been given of people

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who will be interrogated that day. Who is it that will be kept safe, who won't be interrogated? The one who truly repented right now believed and did righteousness no matter how difficult it was, may Allah's puntata make us amongst them? Recitation of these whoa in double hearing muda

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pasman or Molina O Allah Noma

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To colletion is gone

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god Where do you want to marry shatter shaitana 13 comesa Aquino to scan

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bounding in calling workin

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will Naka muka move leakin for

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us we

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are solely at your lane. Tina was

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all in

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Wally moved on

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show you

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Dunia was

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the lawyer for you other

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than has

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Mata on hayati Lunia Gurman

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body well may or Nadeem fireball or a national occupy Levina.

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Room hold on

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bone or Berner.

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am gamma

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D Mac and

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well dealer

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Mr G ball

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oh wow oh my

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to move Sally

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Annika long behind the eyeshadow Allah Illa illa Anta, a stuffy look over to Blue Lake

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