Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 12

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Daily Reminder Day 12 – Etiquette And Adab Of Du’a,
Du’a (supplication) is more likely to be accepted by Allah swt if the correct adab (manner) and etiquette is used and to have Trust in Allah Yaqeen ( certainty ) that it will be answered.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as he would come in to another episode of Ramadan, 2017 day 12. So we still live in with this name and trying to implement this beautiful name of a light our lives, the name of Allah, Allah Mooji. And we talked about the, you know, the profits and,

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and how,

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you know, how they made that call to action and how he answered the call. And we said that Allah has he loves to be called subhana wa Tada. But there are certain etiquettes You know, when you make it too hard on the Prophet Mohammed, as I said, and when he says, would allow, and two more can only be each other. When you make a call when you make it too hard, make the hat and and have no doubt that Allah says he will answer your call. Because if you make it up again, and then in your heart, you're having doubts, that Allah will answer your call, or will not answer your call that may, Allah will not answer that call. So you should not have no doubts in sha Allah, Allah have that yaqeen in your

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heart, in sha Allah making that and this in this hair in it, if this cave in it, Allah would answer it, you know? Because here's what happens when you make it too hard. Three things could happen. Allah would answer that call on the spot, Allah would answer it somehow, well, Allah will ward off an evil that was meant to happen to you, he didn't even know about it. But Allah warded off to the drugs with Allah, or Allah will store that in the Hereafter, you know, when you go in the agenda, and the men will see all these mountains of high yapi How did I get all this? You know, a lot of say you have made these two and that did not answer them. I have replaced it with this. And then we'll

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see I don't be I wish you did not answer any of them later on. What he sees what Allah has replaced, you know, that would engender. But anyways, when you make it, it always have your heart, you know, focus or

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focus in your heart and sometimes will make the heart again.

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Look, yeah, you have that, that sincerely that yaqeen you know, in your heart that Allah subhanho wa Taala will answer, you know, you make it or how and then your heart is oblivious. You make it to her and then you're concentrating here and there and you're looking around, but that's not what you know, it's mostly of control things that are other than that, and also there are certain etiquettes You know, when you make the house the Prophet Mohammed also showed us you know, to start with with the etiquette the adapt Bismillah Alhamdulillah it will start with praising Allah start with you know,

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praising him glorifying him and then always you have to make a lot of profit and then it is disrespectful to make it the art without starting with the the solid upon profit and extending your salutations of our profit and ending would send these adaptations upon profit, or a salon. So sometimes, again, you know, we make the hat, but we don't know how to make it, or we make to have something that would say, you know, I'm doing fine, you know, financially but I'm not doing fine health wise. So I'm making I'm making the wrong choice. You know, sometimes people do make the wrong choice. And also, you know, face the people that are which is also it's a it's an etiquette, it's a

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Sunday in fact, you know, to face the people that when you make it through is your hands when you make into, you know, as the Prophet Mohammed It is so nice to do. And to repeat the three times, like I said, have no doubt and also pick the best times on making that. What are these base times? We'll talk more about them in short loads in our next episode, until then, until then, we say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.